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Warning: This is a male Slash so if you do not like it, then please don't read it. There will also be Male Pregnancy and graphic sex. Thankyou.

Summary: Draco is part Veela and they look for their mate at the age of 16, guess who Draco's mate is. Harry Potter of course. Read what problems they face and will Harry ever accept Draco?

Pairings: Draco/Harry so far, there will be more pairs soon.

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Harry was screaming for Draco to stop, he was punching the daylights out of Chevy. Harry knew Chevy was right about him killing Cedric because he did, he knows he did, if only he didn't tell Cedric to take the cup with him.

Harry was thinking about running over to pull Draco off, before he could he felt hands gripping his upper arms. Harry spun around to be faced to face with the person that he had dumped, for a reason mind you. Cho smiled at Harry and moved towards Harry and kissed him before he could react, surprise was the first thing he felt, to surprised to back away. At that point Draco turned around to find Cho kissing Harry and he was furious.

Harry turned to see Draco looking at Cho with fury, quickly Harry pushed Cho away and turned to Draco who had got off Chevy and walking towards Cho, Harry quickly got in between them and tried to push Draco back, but he didn't budge. At the point where Draco was ready to attack, a swirl of black coats distracted him and he turned to be faced with Professor Snape, the one person that had trusted and believed in him.

"Professor, it wasn't my fault" Draco said quickly but Severus only shook his head and mentioned Harry and Draco to follow him. Draco walked with his eyes to the ground knowing how stupid he had been. Harry would probably not talk to him again after what he did, Draco snuck a glance at Harry, his face was blank and Draco couldn't read it.

"Harry, I'm sorry" Draco whispered and Harry looked at Draco and smiled. Draco was quite surprised but could only smile back.

"I know it's your right to protect your mate and I'm sorry that I yelled at you the night you told me, I was just surprised and you told me at a bad time" Harry explained and Draco nodded his head in understanding.

"Why was it a bad time?" Draco asked curiously.

"ummm….." before Harry could answer, Severus interrupted "Enough talking will you?" he snapped.

Finally they got down to Severus's office and walked in. Severus mentioned them to sit down in the two seats that were in front of his desk and they did as they were told. Severus watched them carefully for a while before speaking.

"Explain what happened!" he ordered softly. This had surprised Harry, to him Snape was never nice, he had always be mean and never once wanted to hear what he had to say. And here now Professor Severus Snape was asking him, then Harry stopped in mid thoughts, when Draco started explaining.

/of course he wasn't talking to you, you idiot, he was talking to Draco/

~I hate you~ Harry groaned at his Second Voice

/I mean who would want to talk to you, you a piece of shit/

~Hey! This is not right, in all the books I read second voices were supposed to help not go against~

/Well I'm different hey?/

~not fair~

/shut up/

~I'm supposed to say that~

/stop being a whiner/

~Stop being an ass~

/stop being an idiot/

~stop being an stalker~

/How can I be a stalker?/

~Whenever I think, you're there~

/listen, let's stop fighting and think of something we can agree on/

~Like what smart ass?~

/well, Draco is looking hot today/

~I never really noticed~


~I am not~

/Are so/



Harry shook his head he was really getting sick and tired of this second voice and it is pissing him off. When Harry looked up he saw both Snape and Draco looking at him. Draco had a look of worry on his pale features and Snape was just looking at him curiously. Harry thought about what his second voice had said about Draco looking nice. Harry had a chance to look him and down and that is what Harry did exactly that.

Draco had changed since fifth year. /Well he would have to because he came into his heritage/ the annoying voice cut in, Harry just ignored it. Draco had grown about 5 inches and he, along with Harry, had become one of the tallest people in the school. He had grown a six pack, Harry could see from how tight the shirt was, /Yummy/, and his eyes have strangely turned silver from blue. His shoulders had broadened and his jaw seemed tightened, /I wonder what it would be like to kiss him/. His lips had filled out more and become a bright pink instead of the pale pink he used to have.


Draco had finished telling Severus and he had immediately understood at the fact of a Veela protecting his mate, Draco knew he would understand. After he finished explaining, Draco looked at Harry who looked like he was in a deep train of thoughts, Draco turned to look at Severus, he too was watching Harry carefully. Draco turned back to look at Harry, who's face had turned to frustration, he looked at Harry with concern.

% What could Harry be thinking about %

# Probably thinking about your relationship #

% Do you think Harry could love me? %

# Draco, Do you? Remember have faith in yourself #

% Wait a minute, who are you? %

# The Veela in you, and I must say when Harry is thinking, he is se-xy #

% Thank you for telling me something I already know %


% What? %

# Harry's checking you out #

Draco quickly came out of his thought and looked at Harry, he was indeed checking Draco out. Draco turned to Severus who was smirking at seeing this as well. Harry looked in Draco's eyes and blushed.

# Probably because he got caught checking you out #

Draco laughed and the other two looked at him, Draco bit his lip trying to hold back the laugh, but it was too hard and he broke out laughing.

"Were *Laugh* you  *laugh*  checking me *Laugh* out?" Draco asked between laughs and immediately Harry turned red as a tomato. His eyes widened and his mouth hung open. Severus laughed and Harry spun fast around to look at him.

% It seems Harry had never seen Severus laugh %

"I…um…you…no" Harry stuttered and Draco laughed again. Draco walked over next to Harry and took Harry's chin in his fingers. He smiled as he carcessed the bronze skin. Harry froze and moved into the touch. Draco loved touching Harry like this, it was calming and refreshed his mind.

"Oh god the Chimer's personality is starting to kick in," Harry whispered. Draco looked at him with a confused expression, as did Severus who had heard what Harry said.

"Harry what are you talking about?" Harry turned to look at Draco and smiled. He moved away from Draco's hand that was still on his face and laughed.

"I'm a Chimer" Harry said easily, but he then sighed at seeing Draco and Severus's confused faces. He thought out of all people, Severus would have known. "I'm a chimer, are you telling me that you don't know what a Chimer is Professor Snape?"


"Oh god" Harry sat down on a chair, and ran a hand through his hair. "on my 15th birthday, Professor Dumbledore told me that I had come into my inheritance of my Chimer Abilities. At first I didn't understand him and then he explained everything to me. I guess you want me to explain what a Chimer is" at two nods he continued " A Chimer is very like a Veela, I can attract people but unlike a Veela, A chimer changes form to beauty whereas a Veela is beautiful by their real looks."

"When a Chimer first come into inheritance they can't control their ability to attract people, so Professor Dumbledore said he would help me learn to control my magic. A Chimer is always gets with a Veela. So I knew I would get with a Veela when I'm 16 except…well I didn't expect it to be you."

When Harry finished explaining both Draco and Severus were in shock. They, especially Draco didn't expect this.

"Well that explains a lot," Draco laughed as he sat down next to Harry.

Harry laughed as well.

"Can we see the form of beautiful?" Draco asked.

"Only if you promise not to make a move"

"Promise" Draco said with his hand in the air like he was in court.

"Ok" Harry laughed as he turned his back to Draco.

Harry closed his eyes to concentrate, after a couple of minutes he felt his body starting to change. His hair turned green, his pupils in his eyes were not round anymore, but he had a fire shape, his skin became paler and his lips more cherry colour. When Harry heard two gasps he turned to look at the two men that were now looking at him.

"Do you know how Veela's evolved from Sheelas?(A/N: I said this in the first chapter)" two dreamy nods "well Chimers evolved from Sheelans, they were Sheela's mates, Professor Lupin said we are going to learn about Sheelas, Sheelans, Veelas and Chimers at the next Defence Against the Dark Arts class, Hagrid is going to be there to help and Remus asked me to demonstrate"

 Draco shook his head, his mind was swirling and all he could see was white, his mind was fuzzy and his mouth was watering. He didn't know if Chimers did it to people or a Veela does it when they want their mate more than anything. To him Harry was totally beautiful, too much for him.

"Please change back" Draco moaned, he heard a agreeing moan next to him and sure enough Snape was drooling too.

Harry laughed and in a click of his fingers he was normal.

"What was that?" Severus asked and Harry smiled.

"Chimer form" was the answer he got, along with a chuckle.

"I think we should go" Draco said as he looked at his watch "is that alright Sev?"

Severus was still watching Harry and he slowly, dreamily nod. He had a dreamy smile on his face as well, something Draco didn't like. Harry gave a last smile at his professor before walking out with Draco.


On the way Draco was deep in thought and Harry was curious. Draco had never once looked at Harry or gave acknowledgement that Harry was there.

"What are you thinking?" Harry questioned, as he fiddled with his fingers. Draco looked up and smiled. He thought it was cute when Harry fiddled. But his face went to sadness.

"Harry? Is this going to turn out as anything?" Draco asked worriedly.

"is what?"

"well us" Draco sighed. He had been thinking about this for so long, ever since he had got into Snape's room, or even before that. Harry looked at Draco, studying him carefully.

"Draco, first you must know how difficult this is too me" Harry started but was interrupted by Draco with a "I do". "I mean I got just told last night, and you can't just expect me, to be with you and especially in love with you. Because it's just like I met you"

"I understand" Draco nodded his head.

"But…I want to be friends. And maybe more later" Harry smiled and that made Draco smile.

"thank you" Draco mumbled.

As they kept walking, they kept looking at each other, Harry blushing and looking away, while Draco chuckled.

"Harry Potter?" a voice spoke behind them, they turned to be faced with a beautiful woman.

"Yes, who's asking?" Harry asked.

The women smiled. She was a very pretty person, she had short black hair and blue eyes. She had rosy red lips and was about Harry's height, he is pretty tall. As she smiled Harry and Draco could see a silver tongue ring.

"I'm Jacintha Potter, your aunt" The woman said.


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