Euphoria was a feeling that Kaguya seldom felt in her life. She could physically count each experience on one hand, so infrequent were they. But basking in the blood of one of childhood tormentors?

It was a feeling she couldn't hope to explain. Euphoric was the only thing that could come close.

Golden, ringed eyes strayed towards the sky, staring at the darkened clouds as crimson raindrops pelted her face. Her snowy hair began to darken with Urashiki's life essence but she cared little for it.

She had done it...

Urashiki had died.

Her sister had been avenged.

Kaguya bowed her head, closing her eyes and allowing a moment of silence to pass for her departed sister. As the crimson raindrops tapered off, the transformed Goddess made her way towards Urashiki's corpse.

The woman's tongue darted passed her lips, eyes flashing with hidden desire as she stared at his body. Her tongue encircled her lips, lapping up the dried blood of her deceased relative.

Kaguya kneeled next to the body, placing her hands atop Urashiki's torso before tearing out a chunk of his flesh with her hands. Her clawed fingers made quick work of his body as she gorged herself with his flesh.

Crimson liquid stained the Goddess's face and hands as she ripped apart the decomposing body, meticulously tearing apart and devouring Urashiki. Bones snapped and cracked as her teeth gnawed against the condensed anatomy. Crimson essence seeped down her mouth, dropping off her chin and splashing against the terrain.

A pleased hum escaped the Goddess's lips as she smacked her lips, ripping apart Urashiki's body with ease. Her hums got increasingly louder the more she ate, tapering off into quiet moans of enjoyment.

For the next several minutes, the Goddess gorged herself with the flesh of another Otsutsuki, uncaring about her surroundings. Her teeth snapped and chomped, breaking down bone and cartilage with little issue until there was nothing left of Urashiki's body.

With a pleased hum, Kaguya proceeded to wipe her face with her forearm, smearing the blood along her face. She slowly, and deliberately, licked each of her finger's clean, making sure to savor the taste of her deceased cousin.

"That was incredibly disturbing..."

Kaguya's head snapped backwards, golden eyes flashing at the voice. Her Chakra flared.


The Earth shook as she physically willed her power to manifest. A golden flash emanated to life behind her, towering over her form like some ethereal God. It's form was indecipherable, flickering in and out of existence as if it didn't truly belong in this world.

The intruder took half a step back, staring at the ethereal... creature with widened eyes. Sasuke's Rinnegan flared in response to his shock, unable to comprehend what exactly he was witnessing.

And then it seemed to just vanish, disappearing into the nether as if never having existed.

Upon noticing who had spoken, Kaguya reigned in her Chakra, subsequently recalling the ethereal being back into her body. With blood painting her face, she spoke calmly, unnerving the man who had snuck up on her.

"Enjoy the show?" She asked in a mocking tone, slowly standing to her feet. "You are looking quite unwell."

Sasuke stared at his best friend's lover for a moment before shaking his head. "I will be fine." He ignored the dull throbbing surrounding his Rinnegan before continuing. "We dealt with the other one."

Those unique Rinnegan she sported flashed with curiosity. "Oh? Do tell." A small smirk painted her crimson stained face. "Did they suffer?"

Kaguya was... different. Whatever happened to her, changed her. Sasuke couldn't even sense her Chakra. It was like she had none. Which didn't make any sense considering she had flared it when he spoke, summoning that... thing.

That's not mentioning the fact that she had quite literally consumed the dead body of whatever Otsutsuki she had fought. Is that how Otsutsuki truly got their power?

Sasuke no longer wished to entertain the issue.

"His name was Isshiki..." He paused for a moment as the woman's golden Rinnegan flared with power. "I take it you knew him."

The transformed Goddess scoffed quietly to herself, staring in a random direction.

No... Not a random direction. She was staring in the direction that Naruto was at.

"Yes..." She dragged the word out for a moment. "My wretched uncle." She paused for a moment before tilting her head. "Is his body still intact?"

Sasuke frowned for a moment before responding. "Yes..."


Sasuke blinked and the woman quite literally vanished before his eyes. His eyes widened at the sheer increase in speed before darting off to follow after her.

The Uchiha had a nagging feeling that something bad was going to happen. Perhaps he was just worrying over nothing but something told him that this transformation was going to cause issues.

Naruto huffed quietly, sweat dripping down his face as he stared at the corpse of the Otsutsuki he and Sasuke had killed. A quiet sigh escaped his lips as he wiped the bottom of his lip, tasting copper as he did so.

What an annoying fight. The Otsutsuki had possessed the ability to shrink anything and quickly restore it to it's original size. A rather simple ability at first glance but the man had used it to his advantage with lethal precision.

His cerulean orbs strayed towards his abdomen, spotting the now-healed injury to his stomach. During their bout, he had felt a tiny prick on his stomach. The second he blinked, his stomach had quite literally ruptured, being speared through by a large rod of Chakra similar to his Gudodama.

He had been caught off guard multiple times due to this ability and it had nearly cost Sasuke his Rinnegan. It was only due to his usage of the Hiraishin that had saved Sasuke from losing his eye.

The fact that Isshiki could react to the Hiraishin was another annoying part of the fight. Naruto was not a prideful individual. He was very powerful he knew, but for someone to be purely blessed with power they didn't earn and match him and be able to overwhelm him to a certain degree, left a sour taste in his mouth.

"There is always someone stronger out there, Naruto."

Naruto's lip curled in annoyance as he stared at the corpse of the Otsutsuki. "I know Kurama. Doesn't change the fact that it's annoying. I struggled for this power."

"The world doesn't care about your struggles, partner."

Naruto acquiesced to his Bijuu's words. Still didn't change the fact that it left him bitter.

He sensed her before she even appeared. Cerulean orbs snapped to the left, spotting his...

Naruto stared at his newly transformed wife with wide eyes. His eyes roamed up and down her body, taking in all the changes. His mouth slowly opened before closing in the same motion, admiring her new look.

"Hime?" He furrowed his brows as the pale skinned woman glanced his way with a smirk. "You look... different. In a good way, of course."

Golden Rinnegan stared back at him as the woman offered a glance to the dead body a few feet away from her husband.

"Did he suffer?" Kaguya asked with a smile, slowly making her way towards her blond lover. Her hips swayed in an exaggerated manner and she relished the look in her husband's eyes.

Naruto glanced at the dead Otsutsuki for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and leaning his head against the rock he sat in front of.

"I hope so." His eyes trailed back towards her, eyeing the copious amount of blood on her body. "Are you hurt?"

The woman's smile was all teeth as she stopped a foot away from her lover. "It does not belong to me."

Naruto acknowledged how different his wife was acting but chalked it up to the odd transformation she had gone through. Unlike Sasuke, Naruto was aware of the many transformations that the Otsutsuki could go through when consuming each other and or the Shinju.

He felt a weight settle on his lap and opened his eyes to see his wife taking residence on his pelvis. He raised a curious brow, staring into those unique Rinnegan of hers.

"Need something, Hime?"

A sinful grin split across her features as she placed her claw-like fingers atop Naruto's shoulders. "I need you." The woman's blood stained lips grazed his own as she growled huskily. "Why don't you relieve yourself of these garments, hmm?"

Naruto's hands gripped the woman's waist, preventing her from rolling her hips. "Where did my meek wife go? Just the other week you were blushing at the thought of doing something in the open." A cheeky grin followed his statement as his wife made displeased noises.

"Do not test my patience, beloved." With strength that took Naruto by surprise, Kaguya swiped away his hands, freeing herself with ease. Her long tresses of hair slowly uncurled, moving on their own before ensnaring Naruto's wrists, trapping him like he had done to her.

"Kinky." Naruto muttered with a large grin, trying and failing, at breaking the hold his wife had on him. "What'cha gonna do to me, Hime?"

Kaguya's tongue snaked through her lips, trailing along her husband's cheek as she leaned over him, grinding her pelvis against his. "Whatever I desire."

"Your breath smells like blood." Naruto noted quietly, ignoring the pleasure emanating from his wife's ministrations.

"Cease thy complaints, beloved." Her lips grazed his own, teeth nipping his bottom lip as she stroked his chest with her claws. "A little blood only makes it better, no?" Her claws accentuated her statement, biting into his skin and drawing a small amount of blood.

The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki flexed his muscles, actually trying to break the restraints but failing to do so. His eyebrows furrowed at the increase in strength from his wife. "Geez, you're alot stronger now." A particularly slow roll of her hips caused him to release a low groan.

Kaguya purred lowly, nipping at the man's neck. "How does it feel beloved? To be the weak one now?" One of her hands stroked down his chest, passing his abdomen before resting against his waist.

Cerulean eyes flicked downward, watching the woman's claw-like fingers dance on the hem of his pants. "Oddly satisfying." A cheeky smile painted his features as his wife's hand dove beneath his pants. A low grunt escaped his lips as she began to slowly stroke him, making pleased hums as she licked and nipped at his neck.

"You two have no shame." Sasuke's voice interrupted, making himself known.

Kaguya released an annoyed growl before flicking her absent hand towards Sasuke's direction, conjuring a portal beneath him and forcing him through it. "Annoying pest."

Naruto released a guffaw of laughter at his wife's actions, only to then release a quiet hiss of pleasure as she continued to stroke him.

"Come now, beloved." She spoke huskily, golden eyes staring down into his. "Let us make love..." She learned her head down, lips grazing his ear lobe as she whispered. "Fill me with your seed... I wish to bear your child."

Naruto needn't be convinced further.

Cerulean orbs stared down at the stack of folders and documents with a bored tint. Meaningless dribble and overly complicated text covered the entire stack of papers.

Why use such ridiculous words to describe such simple things? Who even wrote this?! He was a Shinobi! Not a damn thesaurus! Words didn't need to be longer than four syllables.

Naruto was convinced that Sasuke was behind it. That annoying prick would do just about anything to cause a headache these days. It's not his fault the one eyed fuck didn't look good at 40. He himself was blessed with the genetics of the Uzumaki. Even at 60 years old he'd not look a day over 35. He couldn't wait to rub it in his old friend's face when that time came.

"You're not doing your work." A lazy drawl spoke from his side. "Stop being lazy."

The distinct smell of cigarettes entered his nostrils and Naruto restrained himself from launching a Futon jutsu at the man.

"Shika." Naruto spoke lazily, eyes tracing but not really reading the document in front of him. "Put that cigarette out or I'm going to send you through the window."

He'd do it too. It wouldn't be the first time he had done so. Temari approved of his actions so all the more reason to continue doing so.

The Nara muttered beneath his breath but eventually acquiesced to his leader's demand. The bastard had sent him through the window several times before and Shikamaru didn't necessarily fancy being sent half way across the village today.

Maybe another day. But not today.

"If you actually did your work then I wouldn't feel the need to pop a smoke." Shikamaru rolled his eyes lazily, leaning against the window of the office. "We've been here three hours longer than necessary. What's keeping ya?"

Naruto blinked at his old friend's words, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. "What? What do you mean?" He turned his head towards Shikamaru, eyes widening as he noticed how dark it was outside. "Oh shit!"

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow with a smirk. "Kaguya's gonna kill you."

With a speed that Shikamaru had long since grown accustomed to, Naruto blazed through the paperwork. Documents, folders, papers, stamps of approval... They were filled out, correctly and precisely with little issue.

The Nara shook his head with a rueful grin, watching as Naruto began to tidy up his office to return home. "Ya know, if you just took your work seriously then you wouldn't be constantly put in this position."

Naruto grunted in annoyance, swiping up various documents and placing them in different cabinet drawers. "Give me a break, Shika. I've quite literally saved the world atleast six times now."

"Heros don't get a day off." The Nara quipped with a small smile.

"Don't call me that." Naruto warned with a roll of the eyes. "I'm not 17 anymore. I'm past my prime at this point."

Shikamaru rolled his eyes, reaching into his jacket and pulling out a carton of cigarettes. He placed one of the nicotine sticks in his mouth but refrained from lighting it. "Keep telling yourself that. We both know it isn't true."

The Hokage finally finished his work, placing all the documents where they needed to be before replying to his trusted advisor. "Oh, I know. I just like to be humble."

"Humble is certainly a word." Shikamaru replied easily. "I wouldn't particularly use that to describe you but that's my own personal opinion."

"Guywho'sabouttobethrownthroughthewindowsaywhat?" The blond Shinobi questioned in a rapid tone.

"What?" Shikamaru questioned impulsively. It took only a single second for the question to actually register. "Oh, fu-!"

"See ya tomorrow, Shika!" Naruto yelled, waving towards the direction he had threw Shikamaru in. His eyes roamed along the now broken window in his office before ultimately shrugging. "I'll fix it tomorrow."

The Hokage proceeded to then disappear from the office, vanishing in a golden flash.

Naruto reappeared in front of the door to his home. He took a calming breath before placing his palm on the object. He pulsed his Chakra, unlocking the door and stepping through it.

A delicious aroma immediately assaulted him, causing his eyebrows to furrow as he traveled further into the house.

That was odd. He was late. Kaguya was meticulous when it came to home life. She prepared dinner at the same time everyday, without fault. The fact he could smell, what seemed like fresh food, surprised him.

He stretched his senses out into the house, locking onto two signatures within his home. A small smile blossomed on his face as he slowly, and quietly, traversed his way towards the kitchen. As he inched closer to the kitchen he heard two distinct voices, both with feminine undertones.

Peeking his head into the room, Naruto's smile softened at the scene. His beautiful wife, who's transformation had been permanent, was kneeling, speaking softly to a young child.

"Be mindful of the instrument you wield, Satsu-chan." Kaguya spoke softly with a smile. "It is not the weapon that is dangerous..." She pointed towards the pale skinned child, pressing her fingertip against the little girl's chest. "It is the one who wields it that is dangerous."

The pale skinned girl known as Satsu, nodded her head. "I understand, mama."

Naruto's eyes softened as he stared at Satsushiki. Kaguya had chosen her name, all but demanding that she be named after her younger sister who had long since perished. Naruto hadn't bothered putting up a fight with the woman. How could he? So long as his wife was happy then he was happy.

Little Satsushiki was practically a carbon copy of Kaguya before her original consumption of the Shinju. She held little of his actual features, save for the whisker marks on her cheeks and her slanted eyes. The girl's long hair was the same snowy white as his wife's. Her hair fell down her back, nearly kissing the floor with it's length. She possessed tiny bangs that fell beneath her chin, similar in manner to the bangs that his own father had possessed. Atop her head was a tiny pair of horns that lacked a distinctive trait to them.

Satsushiki wore a similar ceremonial robe to the one that Kaguya had originally worn before her new transformation. The only difference was the choice of color that she had chosen for it.

The kicker? It was a burnt orange color, similar to the colors he had worn when he was 16 years old. Kaguya had thrown many a fits about their daughter's choice of color but Naruto was incredibly proud.

Satsushiki may be the spitting image of his wife but she took after him when it came to her personality. She wasn't a particularly calm child nor was she a patient one. She wasn't loud like he was but she was certainly brash and impulsive.

"Mama?" Satsushiki questioned quietly, placing her foot against the wall and climbing up it with ease to reach the counter. "When is papa coming home?"

Kaguya glanced at her child, making sure that the girl had successfully made it to the counter before replying. "Your father is a very busy man, Satsu-chan."

Their daughter was to young to catch it but Naruto could easily sense the agitation and frustration in her tone. He grimaced at his wife's words, sighing quietly to himself.

Satsushiki frowned at her mother's words, falling to her knees and scraping the knife in her hands on the cutting board that Kaguya was using. "Papa is always busy... Why is he never home? He must hate us!"

His daughter's words stabbed into his heart, causing his face to twist painfully.

Kaguya immediately reprimanded her daughter. "Do not speak ill of your father, Satsushiki." She demanded harshly, staring into the girl's snowy eyes. She dropped the knife in her hand, firmly gripping her daughters chin to make sure the girl was listening. "Your father would sacrifice the very world itself if it meant that you were safe and sound. Do not sully his name where he can hear you."

Kaguya's eyes snapped towards Naruto's direction for a moment, spotting his twisted expression. She pursed her lips for a moment before returning her gaze to their daughter. "Naruto adores you more than life itself, Satsushiki."

Tears coalesced in the little girl's eyes as she sniffled. When she spoke, her voice was low and soft. "Sometimes... It doesn't feel like it..."

Kaguya's eyes softened at the girl's words. She released her hold upon the girl's chin, gingerly stroking her daughter's cheeks. "Then why do remain silent? He cannot read your mind, daughter. Your father would do everything in his power to make you happy."

Satsushiki sniffed once, tiny hands coming up to her face to wipe away the tears. "I do not wish to bother him..." She mumbled quietly, eyes falling to the cutting board below her. "Everyone says that Papa is a busy man... The other kids even make fun of me for it! It isn't fair! Why does Papa have to be the Hokage?! Tell someone else to be the leader!"

Kaguya sighed quietly as she stroked her daughter's cheeks. "It is not that simple, daughter."

Little Satsu balled her fists in anger. Her Chakra surged dangerously, shaking the foundation of the home. Golden specks of Chakra wafted off her body as she responded.

"That's what everyone says! Who cares about that stupid hat?! I just want my Papa! It isn't fair that everyone else gets to spend time with their Papa's but won't let me spend time with mine! I hate it!" Tears of frustration and anger fell from his daughter's face, splashing against the countertop. "Why does the village come first, Mama...?"

A sad smile graced Kaguya's features as she allowed Satsushiki to express her anger and frustration. "It was your father's dream to lead this village when he was your age. I cannot hope to understand why your father does what he does. It is not my place, Satsushiki, nor is it yours. These are things we must accept."

Satsushiki sniffled once more as she replied quietly. "I don't like it..."

Kaguya shook her head with a soft sigh, pulling the girl towards her bosom while ignoring the tiny horns on her head. "It is fine to dislike it. I cannot control the emotions you possess but you must accept it. Your father is a gentle man. He is not like us. You cannot condemn him for the same things your peers condemn you for."

The Rabbit Goddess paused for a moment, stroking her daughter's hair. "Let this be a lesson to you, the first of many. There will be times in life that are trying, arduous and painful. But, you must never give into them. You must continue forward, never stopping whilst maintaining strength. It is only when you have stood in the pits of despair that you can witness the beauty of the sun, my dear daughter."

Little Satsushiki wiped the tears from her face with a quiet sniffle. "I understand, Mama."

Kaguya smiled as she stroked her daughter's head once more. She turned her gaze back towards Naruto, frowning upon noticing his absence. A tired sigh escaped her lips as she returned her gaze back to her daughter.

She tucked the emotions back into her chest, composing herself with ease before speaking. "Come, Satsu-chan. Let us finish preparations. Your father will be returning from work soon."

Despite the girl's reddened eyes, she perked up at the mention of her father. "Hai, Mama."

The Goddess pulled away from the girl, eyes returning to the spot that Naruto had disappeared from. She stared at the area for a moment before shaking her head with a sad sigh.

Kaguya hoped that Naruto would take this experience as a lesson as well. She did not fault the man for his feelings regarding Konoha and the Elemental Nations. Naruto was his own man who truly owed her no obligations.

Yes, they were husband and wife but she knew Naruto. His first love would always be to the Village he grew up in. The very same village that had spited him from birth.

But Naruto would, one day, have to choose between his family and the village. He sired a daughter, of flesh and blood. He now possessed an obligation that could not be ignored. Satsushiki deserved his love just as much as this village did, if not even more so.

Kaguya would not idly stand by and allow his ambition and dreams to overshadow the child he created.

Dinner was a silent affair. Naruto entered with a strained smile, greeting her with love in his eyes. When his eyes set on his daughter, his expression twisted.

Not of resentment or dislike but of regret and sadness.

Kaguya was easily able to decipher his emotions. Naruto had always worn his emotions on his sleeve. He was an open book that could not be closed. Their daughter, as young as she was, did not notice the look and was just happy that her father was here.

Naruto usually spoke enough for the both of them but tonight? It was quiet. Satsushiki hadn't really noticed, being the oblivious child that she was.

When dinner had finished, Kaguya took their daughter aside, taking her to the bathroom to clean her up and prepare her for bed. The little girl had complained, wishing to spend more time with her father.

The Goddess took one look at Naruto, who's eyes stared down at his half-finished dinner with disgust and frustration. She shook her head before forcing Satsushiki out of the room, coercing her with the knowledge that Naruto would lay her down to sleep.

It took less than an hour to get Satsushiki ready for bed. Her eyes had glowed with joy and happiness as Naruto slinked his way through her room, offering her a short story of his past before bidding her goodnight with a soft kiss.

Kaguya's eyes remained closed as she sensed Naruto bounding his way down the stairs. Her hands scrubbed at the dirty plates from dinner, meticulously scrubbing them clean.

Her husband slowly made his way towards her, wordlessly standing beside her and aiding her in cleaning the dirty dishes. No words were spoken for the first few minutes, just the idle noise of the faucet running and water splashing.

Kaguya side eyed her husband, taking note of his distant expression. She sighed quietly before turning the faucet off and speaking.

"She loves you. You understand this, yes?"

The blond man blinked at the question, glancing towards his wife as he leaned against the counter. "Yeah... Yeah I know."

Kaguya wiped her hands dry with a spare towel, crossing her arms against her breasts. "Then what avails you? You will not sulk before me, I shall not allow it."

Naruto sighed quietly to himself, clashing his hands together. "Her words hurt, Hime. She's entitled to her feelings, no matter how small they might seem or how trivial. It just... It really puts into perspective how I'm seen."

A delicate eyebrow rose at his words. "Do explain, husband."

"I can weather anything thrown at me." He explained slowly, staring down at his hands. "Toxic words from strangers, vitriolic hate from old friends and comrades about my decision to wed you... It wouldn't affect me. I didn't care about anything they had to say about my decisions regarding you, the Elemental Nations or any other matter regarding maintaining peace amongst the Big Five."

He paused for a moment, blankly staring into the sink. "But to hear my own daughter's words on how she feels about me..." He shook his head with a ragged sigh. "I couldn't... I couldn't just ignore them. They hurt... They hurt even more so because of how true they were."

Kaguya saddled up beside her husband, molding her body against his and speaking. "Satsushiki is but a child, husband. Her words hold no true rancor to them. She has yet to mature and grow."

Naruto shook his head at his wife's words. "Satsushiki isn't a pure blood Otsutsuki, Hime. You can't treat her like one. She has the same emotions that all humans possess. They will always be there, ingrained into her very core." A low sigh escaped his lips as he continued. "Raising her like an Otsutsuki will only damage her psyche... She is a child, yes but she is not like you, Hime. You cannot force her to mature with only words. She will need to form her own opinions and beliefs and be able to express her desires and dislikes without fear of being reprimanded."

Kaguya's eyes narrowed at the man's words whilst her right hand snaked through his arms. She stroked his hands, leaning her head atop his shoulders. "Someone has to reprimand her actions and we both know it won't be you, beloved. You cannot hope to punish her. You are much to soft on her, husband."

Naruto allowed a small smile to paint his face at her words. "I don't want her to grow up resenting me just because she feels a certain way about something... I never had a father, or a parent for that matter, to guide me growing up. I don't... I don't really understand what's right and wrong and what not to do..." He sighed quietly as he squeezed his wife's hand.

Kaguya pursed her lips for a moment before deciding to be as blunt as possible. "What you are doing wrong, husband, is putting the village before your daughter." Her golden eyes hardened as the man turned his head towards her. "You are a gentle man, kind to a fault. You love deeply, husband. That love spreads even to those you don't personally know. But you truly owe these people nothing. However, you have an obligation to Satsushiki. I will never come between your dream and ambition, it is not my place to do so, but you will not shoulder our child to accomplish these goals."

"I would sooner take our daughter and leave this planet." Her golden eyes flashed as she stared into Naruto's eyes. "You owe me nothing, Naruto. But Satsushiki? She deserves everything." The woman's lips grazed his cheek, offering a chaste kiss before pulling away swiftly.

"You will have to choose one day, beloved. I merely pray that you choose correctly. I will not tolerate the same actions that your father did unto you." Saying her peace, the woman strutted out the kitchen, leaving Naruto to his thoughts.

His eyes slowly rose to the moon, staring at the large mass of earth. The man shook his head quietly before disappearing in a golden flash.

"Okay class, settle down!" A masked Shinobi ordered to the class before him. "Today's lesson will be on the importance of..."

Satsushiki zoned her teacher's words out after that. These mandatory lessons weren't necessary to her but required if she wished to graduate the Shinobi Academy. She was the youngest individual in this particular classroom having skipped several grades. Father had at first protested but soon acquiesced when Mother explained that she was far too advanced and skilled to remain with those younger and less experienced.

The six year old leaned her head against her palm, pale orbs staring out the window of the classroom. She was already Chunin level, if not on the cusp of being an outright Jonin. The only things she was lacking was experience and maturity.

Papa had explained to her that Jonins were typically emotionally mature, regardless of their age. He had explained that she was rather... lacking in that specific material.

Which was most likely true. She was, after all, only six years old. She had heard of plenty of Shinobi that had graduated at a young age. Those ones were typically drafted into the ANBU Organization and were usually never seen again.

Satsushiki highly doubted that Father would allow such a thing to happen. Mother had always said that she would stand out too much for something like the ANBU. She didn't quite understand what Mother had been alluding to but as she grew older and listened to the words spoken around her, she had begun to slowly piece together the puzzle.

The older generation thought they were slick with their words but Satsushiki was different from the rest of the children her age. She had known from a young age that she wasn't normal.

After all, no other child looked as she did. The only individual that even slightly resembled her was Mother. And the village had plenty to say about her. Mostly negative with the various odd compliment. Those were rare but they did occasionally happen.

She had learned, through word of mouth, that Mother wasn't of this world. That she was a 'Heralder of death and despair'. Some kind of Harbinger that only seeked famine and destruction.

She had not understood their words at first, not comprehending why they viewed her mother in such a negative light. She had questioned Auntie Ino about it but the woman had remained tight lipped, simply saying 'It isn't my place to say.'

Satsushiki had always been a curious child, to a detrimental degree even. That curiosity would net her with toxic words and hate. It had been the first time she experienced anger.

Those very same individuals that spewed toxicity towards her mother had met her own wrath and it only served to further the bridge that she and her mother experienced on a daily basis. These people disliked her for something her mother had done.

Satsushiki didn't like it. She couldn't accept it, rather. Why should she suffer for the actions of her mother? Regardless of whatever atrocities her mother had done, she herself did not deserve to be treated so harshly.

Father had explained to her that humans were beings guided by their emotions. They would act on them, follow them and even betray them if pushed hard enough.

She hadn't much understood his words until faced with the same prejudice that he had gone through, though she knew not of it.

Unlike her own father, who would push back against these people and decide to make them respect him, Satsushiki would resent them. Why should she care for those who did not like her?

The only individuals she wished to please were those she considered family... Like Shikadai and Sarada-chan. They never judged her and even respected her. They didn't treat her like some useless child or a pest. It was a shame that they themselves were already Jonin.

She was stuck here! In this dumb, boring classroom with people she didn't really know or care about. She wanted to go on missions with Sarada and beat bad guys up. This school life was horrendously boring.


The horned child was brought out of her thoughts as the teacher spoke her name. She turned her gaze unto the teacher, raising a delicate eyebrow at his masked face.

"Can you tell me why you weren't paying attention?" He asked politely, pocketing one of his hands and leaning against the chalkboard.

The demi-Otsutsuki blinked at the question before shifting her gaze back out the window. "This class is boring, Sensei."

The silver haired teacher chuckled quietly at the girl's words. "I'm aware, little one. However, it is required for everyone, regardless of how talented you may be to pass this class. You cannot graduate without paying attention and passing. Your father mandated it."

The ease and familiarity that this man spoke in regards to her father caused her to pause. She turned her gaze back unto the man, staring at the scar that ran through his face and eye. "You speak about Father so loosely... Did you know him?"

"He's a Shinobi, short stack. Of course he knows the Hokage." A random kid scoffed in annoyance.

Satsushiki's eyes snapped towards the child, lip curling in annoyance. Channeling her inner Otsutsuki, she scoffed in a condescending tone. "I did not realize that I was speaking to you, Iwabani. Last I checked, I was conversing with the teacher of the class. Know when to be silent, pest. Your betters are currently speaking."

The boy grit his teeth and anger and nearly screamed at the girl before being silenced with a single stare from the teacher.

"Mah mah, children. Save the fighting for the playground." The retired Jonin offered a small smile as his eyes drifted towards the Hokage's child. "Did I know your father, you ask?" When the horned girl nodded her head, the silver haired man chuckled quietly. "I didn't just know your father... I trained the man."

Satsushiki's little eyebrows furrowed at the man's statement before her eyes widened. "You're... Hatake Kakashi?"

The older man merely bowed, raising his hands in a manner as if to say 'I guess so'. "What gave it away? Hair color? Scar? The mask?"

The Hokage's daughter narrowed her eyes as her classmates muttered to themselves quietly, not understanding what the big deal was.

Imbeciles, the lot of them. They sat in the presence of greatness and didn't even realize it. They were being taught by the Hatake Kakashi!

"Mother speaks highly of you, Rokudaime-sama." Satsushiki bows her head politely, offering her own respect to the man that had managed to garner even Mother's respect.

There was several gasps of shock as the children reacted to the title reserved for the leaders of the Village. Several exclamations reigned aloud in the classroom that had Kakashi rolling his eyes.

After a minute or so of allowing the children to remain rowdy, Kakashi raised his hand to silence the room. His charcoal eyes found Satsushiki's as he spoke. "I'm honored that the famous Kaguya thinks so highly of me."

The pale skinned girl nodded her head as she continued. "She says without you, that father would have been a bumbling idiot, grasping for straws to breathe through muddied water."

Kakashi chuckled lightly at the girl's words. "That certainly sounds like something she would say."

Before the demi-Otsutsuki could respond, a familiar voice resounded out in the room. "Now, that's just rude. Speaking behind my back, Kakai-sensei?"

Satsushiki's eyes widened at the sound of her father's voice. Her head twisted behind her, spotting the man directly behind her, sporting a cheeky smile.

The classroom erupted into chaos as the children jumped for joy for the Hokage, spouting how amazing and cool it was that two Hokages were in the same room.

After a few minutes of chaos, one that Kakashi and Naruto allowed freely, the masked man finally responded to his former student.

"Dread the thought of speaking about you, Naruto."

Naruto rolled his eyes playfully, scoffing to himself. "Oh, I'm suuuuuure." He ignored his Sensei's chuckling before glancing down at his daughter. "How are you, Satsu-chan?"

Satsushiki was silent for several seconds before a giant grin split across her feature. "Papa!" She all but launched herself into his arms, spearing into him and causing him to take a step back.

The blond father released a hearty chuckle as he held the girl up, returning her boisterous greeting. "Ahh, come on Satsu-chan!" He playfully teased. "I've got an image to uphold. I can't be seen being hugged to death."

The little girl shook her head fiercely, uncaring of how she was acting. "Don't care!"

Naruto's eyes softened at his daughter's words. He wordlessly adjusted the girl, pulling her closer and gently stroking her back. His eyes narrowed for a moment as he looked towards Kakashi. A silent conversation was had as both men nodded their heads.

"Come on, Satsu-chan. I'm taking today off."

"Really?!" She exclaimed loudly.

The sheer amount of enjoyment and excitement in her eyes made the regret in Naruto's heart only grow. How had he been so blind to this before?

"Of course, my little snuggle-bug." He teased lightly, chuckling at the embarrassed expression on her face.

"Father...!" She mumbled quietly, face squirming against his chest at the embarrassing nickname.

"Awww, don't like your nickname anymore? It's okay. You'll always be Papa's little snuggle-bug."

"Father!" She all but screamed in embarrassment, face flaming at the nickname.

Naruto released a hearty chuckle at his daughter's embarrassment before disappearing in a golden flash with the girl attached to his chest.

As he spent the entirety of the day with his daughter, his thoughts would always drift to the words spoken by his wife. Seeing the sheer joy in her eyes as they did mundane things around the village truly put into perspective what he had been doing.

Satsushiki... She was his life now. He had sired the girl. She was a piece of him, given life and independent thought.

The love and joy that came with knowing that a piece of you would always exist in this world... He just couldn't explain it.

Kaguya had been right. He would tear this world asunder just to protect her. He'd move mountains, fall entire armies and villages, and exterminate anyone who so much as thought of harming her.

When his wife had told him that one day he'd have to choose between Satsushiki and the village... He hadn't thought it would take such a short time to come to a conclusion.

His entire life and dream had been about becoming Hokage. It then extended into bringing his old Sensei's dream to fruition.

To make peace in the Elemental Nations.

He had accomplished both of these dreams and had done so much to maintain them. But as he stared at this little girl, with hair as white as snow and eyes full of joy and excitement...

He'd choose her over the Elemental Nations any day.

"I will love you always, Satsushiki."

AN : Badda Boom! This is likely the conclusion of this story. You all finally got a look at Kaguya and Naruto's child.