It was a clear night in the Kalos region with the weather nice. Of course, that meant there would be stargazers looking out into the night sky. Serena found herself doing just this in awe at the beauty of them all. Even though she had been traveling with Ash and the gang for a while now she was still always taken aback by the glory of it all.

Ash had gotten his final badge a few weeks ago and the gang was all relaxing as they were heading to the Champion League. Serena was looking to try and confess her love before then but there always seemed to be something stopping her. Serena would often start thinking of Ash when she looked at the stars and she hoped that one day Ash and she could do this together as a couple.

She had been looking for quite a while when she heard footsteps behind her. Turning around to see who it was she was greeted with the young trainer Ash Ketchum he appeared to be in his pajamas at the moment so she figured he had been disturbed from his sleep.

"Hey, Serena how are ya?" Ash asked Serena in his usual upbeat voice that Serena adored.

Serena held back a blush before answering the trainer. "Not much just star gazing, do you want to join me?"

Ash pondered for a moment before sitting down beside Serena. He began to gaze up at the stars looking for any that stood out to him. Serena was now distracted and couldn't focus on looking at the stars with Ash so close to her. She wanted to lean against his body but she didn't want to seem obvious about it. Now instead of focusing on getting to stargaze with her crush, she was busy thinking on how to lean on his shoulder.

Finally, she thought she had a good way of how to do it when suddenly Ash spoke up. "Woah, Serena look at that!" Ash pointed up to a light flying across the sky, a shooting star.

"Wow, that's so amazing," Serena said now focused on the shooting star, she was surprised to see one and with Ash at that.

"Well, Serena what are you gonna wish for?" Ash asked Serena taking her back as she didn't have an answer in mind.

"Hmmm I don't know Ash what are you gonna wish for?" Serena deflected the question back to Ash.

"My wish is to get even better at understanding pokemon?" Ash said in that usual charm of his that won Serena over. He was always confident about what he wanted Serena thought.

"That's a wonderful wish, I guess my wish is to have a good wish." Serena joked causing the two of them to laugh.

However Serena scolded herself, this was a perfect chance to confess her love and here she blew it yet again. Deep down she wished that she and Ash could be together but there was no way she could say that now.

Ash meanwhile laughed at the joke. "Oh man Serena that's a great joke, I do hope you find an actual wish soon." Once again Ash was oblivious to Serena's true feelings.

Serena was beginning to feel drowsy, that was odd she had a relaxing day and she would stay up way later than this so why was she so exhausted suddenly. Looking at Ash she saw him let out a loud yawn. It was obvious he was tired just like Serena.

"Man Serena I'm so sleepy I feel like I'm gonna pass out on this log," Ash spoke as another yawn escaped from him.

While she would usually pass it off as Ash's exaggeration she felt like doing just that as well. Her eyelids grew heavy as the world faded out around her limp body fell against Ash's shoulder and leaned on it. Serena was too tired to even notice this or the fact Ash was also asleep.

One thing both didn't know was that when they would wake up they would not be in their world or even in their bodies.