The 9th Ringwraith - Rewrite.

Chapter 1

"Lord Elrond, I must speak with you.

"The One Ring has been found." An aging man walked into Lord Elrond of Rivendell's room.

"The One Ring? But... what of the one that carries it? Is he hurt?" Elrond replied, looking worried. It fell to him, as it had on many previous times, to rescue the saviour of Middle-Earth.

"He has been stabbed by a Morgul blade. He needs your help, Father." Arwen Undomiel, daughter to Lord Elrond said, following Gandalf into her father's room.

"Take me to him." Elrond told Arwen, and followed his daughter out of his room.


In the medical ward, it amazed Elrond just how pale a young (to elves' eyes, anyway,) boy could be. The young hobbit's face was pale, streaked with mud and his own blood. His curly hair was matted to his forehead by sweat.

"He's not going to last. Get me Athelas, Merking, Birina and Sephilia." Elrond barked to an attendant. "Quickly now, we haven't got all day!"

"Frodo, hold on. Hold on." Gandalf whispered to the unconscious hobbit.


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