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Nine Months, White and Black, and this story are post-Jinchuu arc material, so if you haven't read it over at www.maigo-chan.org/ruroken.html , some of my material might not make sense. Go read up on the Jinchuu arc already, and get to know one of the handsomest and most enigmatic villains ever created. ^^

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Meiji 15

Article from a Tokyo newspaper:

"Doctors from the national hospital have allowed their miracle patient to be discharged yesterday morning with a clean bill of health. He is currently residing at a hotel near the hospital, until he could resume contact with any relatives. The young man's case continues to baffle both Western-trained and traditionally-trained doctors, as one that has broken all current medical knowledge.

"The young man was first brought to the national hospital a month ago, more dead than alive from severe loss of blood. He had suffered massive blows to the head and showed signs of prolonged asphyxiation. It is assumed that he was beaten in a ship then thrown overboard to drown in Tokyo Bay, where he was first found by fishermen. Doctors gave him only a week to live at most in that condition. Instead, the man not only rallied, but even recovered completely from his injuries.

"However, while the man has completely regained his physical capabilities, he continues to suffer from a mental gap. He has full use of language and movement, but he cannot seem to remember anything about his past. Doctors speculate that this is because of blows to parts of the brain affecting memory and recall. For now, all they can do is wait and see if his condition will improve or deteriorate.

"The young man is known only as Shinichi, and aged approximately 25 to 30 years. He is described by hospital representatives as tall, and of medium build, with no birthmarks. He is most recognized by his snow-white hair. Police have warned that this characteristic is also found in a man reputed to be in the government's wanted list, but the hospital administration has refused to comment until the man can speak for himself.

"Any information useful to this young man's case is to be given to the national hospital or to this newspaper."


Spring was quickly making way for summer. The light hues of the cherry blossoms and new life were quietly changing into more lively colors. It was a wonderful time to be alive.

Just a month ago, old friends from various places had met. The Himuras prepared a spread near the forest, just for all of them. Yahiko tagged his Tsubame along-yes, Tsubame was HIS, and all of Tokyo dared not touch the young woman if they wanted to stay alive. Sanosuke favored them with one of his rare letters, reporting that he was in Mongolia, and soon on his way back to Japan. Megumi made a special trip from Aizu just to be with them. So did Aoshi and Misao from Kyoto.

No, they were not married.

Promises had been made. Aoshi had no plans to break them, and Enishi had all plans to keep them.

Roughly a year had already passed since a weapons smuggling ring in Kyoto had been rounded up, thanks to Shinomori Aoshi, Makimachi Misao, Seta Soujirou, and Yukishiro Enishi. Upon the request of the government, and in exchange for continuous liberty, Yukishiro agreed to help eliminate at least his former section of the mafia for good. By all intelligence reports, he had already succeeded, and was only completing its destruction.

But the last report from Yukishiro himself was received in Kyoto four months ago. Misao no longer had any idea where he was, and what he was doing. Consequently, Yukishiro's brother-in-law knew even less. Both were getting quite worried.


In the front yard of a dojo, a little redhaired boy was tossing a paper ball to the summer sky. He was three years old, but already quite an active little fellow. He ran happily around the yard, trying to catch the paper ball as it fell back to the ground. Most of the time he didn't, but that did not worry him any bit. He just tossed the ball up in the air again and ran to catch it.

The little boy made a running toss as he neared the front gate, and waited for his paper ball to fall back to earth. Funny, it was not coming down. He looked up, and saw that it had caught in the small roofing above the wooden gate. He jumped up to get it, but he was far too small. He tried shouting for it to come down, but it would not obey him. So he did the only thing he could. He bawled for all he was worth.

He cried thus for what to him was a very long time, but to his mother would be two minutes.

He eventually noticed a big patch of white in front of him, patting his head. Now, that was not something Uncle Yahiko would do. Uncle Yahiko would rumple his hair and tickle him until he cried. So, who was this new person?

Whoever this new person was, he smiled at him, then reached up to the roofing, and retrieved his paper ball. He then gave it to the little boy, still wondering who this nice man was. The nice man was wearing something like those things he saw on policemen-pants, his mommy taught him, and a hat that covered his hair. And he was tall, taller than his daddy, certainly.

Aside from getting his ball back, there was something the little boy liked about the tall nice man. Maybe it was because he was so different from his daddy. His daddy was always being sweet and polite and cheerful, to the point of being annoying. And his daddy was always obeying his mommy, which he did not think was right, in his little-boy way. The tall nice man had a look to him that he knew even his mommy would obey. He got his way when he wanted it, and the little boy liked that.

As a token of friendship, the little redhead tossed his paper ball at the tall nice man. The man smirked slightly and tossed it back to him. He jumped up and down happily and tossed the ball again at him.

This continued five more times, then the boy got bored and ran off to find his mommy.

He found her in the kitchen, chopping up some carrots. He tugged at her kimono and begged her to follow him. He wanted her to meet the nice man who got his paper ball back. She eventually finished chopping and followed his lead.

She seemed rather surprised to see the man already inside the dojo gates without a care in the world.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Does a certain Himura live here?" the man got straight to the point, unlike most of Mommy's visitors who said a lot of things first.

" 'mura! 'mura!" the little boy chimed. That was his last name!

"More than one," his mommy smiled at the man and at him. "This little tyke happens to be Himura Kenji, and I am his mother. Are you here to inquire about kendo lessons?"

The man shook his head. "When could I speak to him?"

"I could call for him; he's at the back of the house doing the laundry," she replied. "May I know who is asking?"

"Eni-chan! Eni-chan!" the little boy chimed up again, answering for his new tall friend.

Mommy laughed. "Maybe you mean 'o-nii-chan', my sweet?"

"Eni-chan! Eni-chan!" he repeated.

The man answered his mommy, as he took off his hat to reveal a white head. "I could only remember that I used to know a Himura, and someone directed me here. They call me Shinichi now."

But his mommy did not hear a word. She was only looking at his snow-white head.

"You're back..........you're finally back.........Eni......Eni............KENSHIN!!" she suddenly yelled.

Her scream sent the little boy's daddy rushing to the front gate. "What has happened, Kaoru-dono? Is Kenji alright?"

"Eni-chan! Eni-chan!" the boy tugged at his daddy and pointed at their visitor.

Daddy looked at the tall nice man from head to foot. "So it is, Kenji-kun, so it is!" he declared happily, as he shook his hand. "You gave Misao and me quite a scare! We have not heard from you for such a long time! I trust that your mission is complete?"

"I am sorry," the man withdrew his hand, "but do I know you?"

Daddy paled considerably.

"My name is Shinichi.......Shiroyuki Shinichi, I think," the man explained. "I recall that I used to know a Himura. Could you lead me to him?"

"Shinichi?" his daddy asked. "Masaka.........you are..........."

"The Shinichi from the hospital? Yes."

"Oh..........no..........." his mommy muttered. "What do we do, anata?"

"Shall we talk about it over tea?" was his daddy's only reply, as he escorted the nice man and his mommy inside the house.

Little Kenji smiled.

Eni-chan was here to stay!


o-nii-san/chan-older brother

anata-sweet term for a spouse, usually wife to husband

masaka-Oh, no

I didn't use "chichi" and "haha" for daddy and mommy, because the English equivalents get the point across better. ^^

For some odd reason, I like calling Enishi "Eni-chan", unlike most fanfic writers who use Eni-kun. "Shinichi" is taken from Kudo Shinichi, otherwise known as Edogawa Conan of Detective Conan. White and Black readers know the story behind this name. I will re-explain it eventually for this story. I hope you liked it!