- This "Fanfiction" is my tale about my playthrough of Pokémon Shield, the playthrough isn't finished in the time I'm writing this but allow me to refresh your mind about the Nuzlock Challenge.


-If a pokémon faint, then he's considered dead and not reusable.

-The player can only capture the first pokémon he meets per zone, if the player flew or accidentally kill it, then he won't get a second chance. Exceptions can be made for some games where the pokéballs are not already gained at the first wild encounter.

For this run, I'll make up two new rules or precision toward the challenge, because of Sword and Shield differences:

-For the sake of convenience and logic, I will consider that when a new zone area text appears, I will consider it a new spot for a new pokémon.

-Another pokémon can be catched in the Wild Area after each victory against a gym leader.


Get ready to enter the world of Pokémons !

In a town, located in the Galaar Region, a young boy with navy blue hair was running to his friend house, to announce that's his brother, the unbeatable, the one and only, Tarlak; Was gonna drop in town.

In the house that the young boy was running to was sleeping our protagonist, oblivious of the big turn his life is gonna take in, 3, 2...1

"BeeB !" Screamed the young boy as he rushed into his friend bedroom where he was laying, motionless, menacingly.

"wOAH! Godammit Nabil I-"

"YO, BeeB, there's my bro coming down my town, the one and ONLY Tarlak !"

"Tarlak ?" Said our protagonist, previously terrified by his navy blue haired friend, Nabil.

"Yeah ! Come on now, let's go search him ! :3333", and on these words, our dear friend left to head to...Oops...

'Welp, I wonder what's gonna happen now' Though our Protagonist but, what is the name of the Protagonist ?

A̶r̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶a̶ ̶b̶o̶y̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶a̶ ̶g̶i̶r̶l̶ ̶?̶

Yeah no, we're gonna start with the basics =w='

What will your name be ?



Wha-, why Be-


I'm a male trainer that's hyp and cool ;).

Ok...So, BeeB !

Prepare yourself to enter the world of Pokémons !

A thousands of adventures and mysteries are waiting just you !

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

Oh, would you look at that. Your Digimon is hungry.

Our protagonist is BeeB, a young boy that just settled down at Galaar, moving from Kalos. In a small town named Townwick. He quickly befriended his next door neighbor, Nabil. After getting along, Nabil started expressing himself about wanting to become the next best "hottest" Pokémon trainer, like his brother Tarlak. 'Hmm, I wonder if it's gonna be about that', though our Oblivious hero.

"Come on now ! My brother is waiting !"

BeeB could hear Nabil going on about his brother through the window, he waited ?

That's nice of him, let's not keep him waiting. BeeB go put on some clothes, a blue baggy jean, a white vest with a Gero Blaster pin attached to it.

'I never took it off ever since there was that name change. It might look like a casual accessory but it should cost thousands !', Yeah, tell that to yourself BeeB.

And off he goes to...Oops.

Nabil was outside but not waiting, he was paying attention to a Wooloo that was trying to bust open the fence that lead...To the Slumbering Weald.


"What ? That's not scary enough for you ?" Said Nabil surprised to the Wooloo. Before actually noticing BeeB was there for a good 30 seconds.

"Oh BeeB ! There you are, how about it BeeB ? Let's race ! I bet I can make it to my house first, what with you lugging about that big ol' bag !"

"Hey ! My Kalos bag is the best in town, maybe because it's the only one ;-;." But Nabil was already off, starting first with his Wooloo of his rolling down the path.

"Huff, dangit !" Mumbled to himself our protagonist, while walking down the path to Nabil's house.


"Mum! Is he here ?!" Asked Nabil to his mother, calmly.

"Oh there you are Nabil, and oh you brought BeeB along. Hello dear."

"Hello there." Said BeeB to Nabil's Mothe-

"Yeah, yeah but where's Tarlak ?"

"Oh, he's not here from the hundredth time, honestly Nabil, gotta learn some patience ! He's probably arriving at the train station with his thousands of fans around him."

"Thousands ? OwO'"

"Then that's where I'm going, you know Tarlak is hopeless with directions."

"Oh will you ? Yes that's probably for the best..."

Nabil turned to BeeB that was standing right next to him, "You've got to come with, BeeB. You've still never meet my big bro, right ? I'll be waiting for you on the route !"

And off he goes, BeeB quickly followed up in hope to not lose him.

"Huff, Huff Huff" Our young protagonist, was sprinting to Wedgehurst where a ton of people was scattered around, the one and only, the unbeatable...

"Tarlak ! It's the unbeatable champion !" A young girl exclamed in the crowd while it was cheering the arrival of the one and only, the unbeatable..."Tarlak."

"Oh look at that ! It's my biggest fan !" Exclaimed Tarlak just when he noticed Nabil's arrival.

"How are you doing Nabil, I reckon you've grown...exactly an inch and a quarter since last time I saw you !"

"Bingo, that's the sort of sharp eye that's kept you undefeated for so long, eh, Tarlak ?" Said overwhelming happy Nabil.

"And what's those bright eyes right beside you ?" Asked Tarlak to his little bro that is so overwhelmed, it's like he heard him from another dimension. "Hm, I focuse that you're Nabil pal, BeeB aren't ch'a ?"

"...That's me." Our protagonist answer, kinda stucked.

"Come with me, you and Nabil of course ! Bet I can beat the two of you at a race !" Said Tarlak with a challenging look.

"But you suck at ra-" Nabil could barely finish his sentence before his brother run off. To the opposite side of the house.

"Nnnnnnnnnn-" He's gone, he ran off.

"Oh no, BRO Come back !" And off the two goes, leaving BeeB behind with a sparkling crowd, observing as their unbeatable challenger, run off to some new aventures.

Well, that went better then I though it would for a first chapter, yeah it ends kinda weird eh ?

But every great tale start with a totally oblivious hero, look at Anakin Skywalker ;).

I'll update the story frequently from this point now, thanks for reading and hope I'll see you for next chapter !

This is NounaLune...Going Digital :3 !