How long has it been since I last sat here? Watching over you as you sat across from me, pondering things I couldn't even begin to imagine.

Have you counted the minutes since then? Have you counted the seconds? I have not. My clock ran out of time before we even began.

After all this time, I see not a single speck of dust. The pigment is just as worn as the day I left.

I'm impressed.

Though, I would expect no less from you. You have always been better than me at everything.

"You think so?" you ask? Oh, my friend, I know so. I dare say I knew from the moment we first met. We were worlds apart to begin with.


That is what we are now, is it not?


I wish you were here. I wish you sat opposite from me, looking at me with those cautious eyes and that deceptive smile, as you did in the past.

I have yearned for your presence again, but you seem to not wish for mine.

And yet, look at what lies before us, still in the same condition it was when we began?

Look at what has happened since we lost each other.

Our game has not ended.

Our game has not been abandoned.

Though I have not been here for a long time, my memory is still just as clear as when I left.

You've made a move.

A very interesting move.

A move that has certainly surprised me.

I know what it is that led you to that move, but I know not why you have made it.

What do you hope to gain? Do you believe it worth the risk?

I cannot judge that.

But your move signifies something.

After all this time... wish to continue.

And I am not the type of person to turn down an invitation such as that.

I accept.

I know you cannot hear me, nor can you see me, but I shall let you know that I accept.

We may continue our game.

It will be my turn.

I will make my move, and you shall see it when next you arrive.

Then you will know for certain that this game still continues.

Just remember, my friend.

This is not your game.

It is mine.

I will think about my move carefully.

And once I go...

You're on the clock.

Nothing happens to me when I run out of time.

But you?

That's a whole other story.


Welcome to my story. I'd like to take this opportunity to lay out some groundwork for the future. Author notes will not be present in most chapters.

- This is not a Nuzlocke. Despite this, there will still be instances of minor graphic pain and violence.
- There will be some mature topics discussed in this story, but I strongly believe they do not warrant anything higher than a "T" rating.
- Typical cussing and vulgar language is not uncommon. If words such as "s**t" and "f**k" make you uncomfortable when uncensored, then I advise not reading this story. Exceptionally and racial slurs are not present.
- This story will encompass both the original Black and White, as well as Black 2 and White 2. How? Stay tuned and read to find out.
- This story is a part of a collection of other stories from other authors. Titles involved include Plegian Gengar's The Rose That Was Always Red, Maycontestdrew's The Iron Knight, Vexan's A Dream or Reality, and Fuzzyboy's The Courtship of the Heavenly Plates. Please consider reading them alongside this story.
- I am not a fast writer. The publishing schedule of chapters will be inconsistent. I expect to post one or two chapters per month. If things go well, I will do more. Please bear with me.

- With all that in mind, I thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy When The Pawn Turns King.