DISCLAIMER: I don't own space, space ships, pirates, the Dune Series, or the game Escape Velocity.

Chapter 1

"Squad Leader to Central, we got a problem down here!"

"Well what is it dammit!"

"There's a whole hell of lot of resistance down here"

"Deal with it Captain."

"Sir yes sir!"

And that's how it started. That's how I got into the biggest shit hole of my life. I'm a Squad Leader for a division of the Elite Corps on the Kestrel Class Carrier S.S. Firefox. I'm one of the Elites. We do it all. Fly, shoot, yell, spit, and shoot some more when we land. I'm Captain Pat da'Weasel. My fighter is the Weasel XV. For now. Maybe I should change the name. Fourteen ships I've pulled the escape pod lever on. Anyway, we were doing a routine land and secure maneuver when we were ambushed. See, they knew we were coming, and they waited, those bastards. Pirates! And now I'm one of 'em. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The Firefox was dropping off a load of mélange spice on the planet Athena. Gonna get a bonus for that one too. Spice brings a lot these days. So anyway, my squad was supposed to fly over, shoot some, land, and secure the star port. And we did. And right before the Kestrel was entering orbit we were hit. Hard. Three of our five ship squad burst into flames, sending us for cover. That shit was orchestrated. Then they put restraining lifts on the other two ships. They caught the other four of us that weren't in the three that blew up and made us join them. Said they needed us. So I went from a Captain of the Elites to an prisoner of the pirate ship The Darkstar. They stripped our two Confed Attack Ships and put me in their brig.

To Be Continued…