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Chapter 2

"Weasel, get up here!"

"Aye, sir!"

"Do you know what that is down there?"

"It looks like an old Correllian Frigate, sir."

"Very good, you're exactly right. Do you know the interior of that ship?"

"Yes Admiral, I do. I toured on one when I was in the Navy."

"Good, you're going down as the leader of the boarding party, 1st Lieutenant Weasel."

"Aye, sir, thank you sir for the promotion."

"You earned it. Now get down to the hanger."

"Yes Sir!"

I was advancing fast. Due to my extensive experience in the Confederate Navy, I was a valuable asset to the crew of The Darkstar, the pirate vessel I was now serving on. It wasn't so bad. The Navy considered me KIA. I didn't exist anymore. And I got paid considerably more on this ship. As of now, I was just Intelligence/Boarding Leader 1st Lt. Pat da'Weasel. But things change. I currently hold the highest rankings on our flight and combat simulators. And if we score big on this frigate, I'll get the credit. After we get back, there'll be another promotion ceremony, and I'll formally get a Lt.'s Cross on my collar. But for now, I made my way to the hanger.

"Damn sir, another promotion?" the pilot asked.

"Just fly this hunk of junk, Corporal."

"Aye, sir."

I was somewhat of a novelty to the crew of the ship. I'd only been onboard for a few months and I'd gone from a prisoner to a Lieutenant. Six ranks: Prisoner, Ensign, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, and now Lieutenant. And soon I'll be a Commander.

"Where do you want us to dock sir?"

"Just park her over by the bridge, lets see if she'll crank her ass up."

"Aye Aye Lt."

And so we settled by her bridge, donned our combat suits, primed our lasguns, and started cuttin' through the hull.

To Be Continued…