Since I'm pretty well addicted to Hazbin Hotel fandom now, I've decided to blend it with DB a bit more.

This fic is set a decade or two after DB Super. I know there's probably difficulties, granted they both have completely different lore, but humor me a bit.

Hell is a chaotic place-Demons battling for territory, excessive tempurature, and overpopulation, coupled with a yearly purge to lower said population.

In this place of misery and despair, it would be inconceivable that a pure heart could exist. But indeed there was one in Charlotte Magne, or as she is known by friends, "Charlie." The young princess was rather naïve, but she believed that deep down, everyone held a small shimmer of light, that could hopefully be brought out. Charlie was quite invested in the wellbeing of the denizens of Hell, despite the fact that a good majority of them were violent, indifferent, or downright hateful and evil.

She saw the angel's extermination as inhumane, and downright cruel. While the sinners had already died, their weapons could destroy their souls, and extinguish even their spiritual life. So in the hopes of redeeming them, she opened the Happy Hotel, a place she believed could make a difference, and maybe see a few souls off to Heaven and end the "cleansing."

So far their only client was an effeminate spider demon named Angel Dust, who actually had little to no interest in redemption, really only milking the Hotel for free habitation.

But today would be different. Charlie stood in front of the mirror, long blond hair bound neatly in a band, and wearing her sharpest tux, her snow white skin glistening in the room's light. She gave her widest smile possible, checking her prominent fangs over. The girl was going to head out with her co-worker and good friend Vaggie, to try and drum up more business for the hotel.

The demon princess gave her reflection a snap of her fingers, eyes turning slitted with red pupils, white irises an red sclera, and sprouting long, straight-pointed horns atop her head with red tips and dots. She turned back to normal with a giggle, before Vaggie knocked on the door. "Charlie?" The girl outside asked.

"Oh!" Charlie opened the door to see her Vaggie, who was a human turned demon, with dull purple skin, an eyepatch over her left eye with a huge X over it, and long white hair, wearing a gothic-lolita dress. "Hey, Vaggie, I'm sorry. I was making sure I looked decent.

"You always look great!" Vaggie smiled. "We ready to go, hon?"

"You bet!"

The two passed by a familiar red figure on their way to the door. "Al? We're going out to try and bring a few people in. Can you hold down the fort?" Charlie asked.

Alastor, a figure feared by the majority of Hell, wearing a blood red suit, a monocle, and carrying a staff tipped with a microphone stood at the side, with his sharp-toothed perma-smile plastered on his face. "Why of course, dear Charlie!" He said, voice carrying radio static. "As your business partner, I have only the hotel's best interests at heart!"

"Hmph. Liar." Vaggie huffed.

"Something wrong?" Alastor leaned down and cocked his head to the side.

"You know full well you aren't interesting in "redeeming" anyone." She elaborated. Two days ago, Alastor joined the Happy Hotel project, blatantly admitting he didn't truly believe in it's cause, and only helped because he craved entertainment by watching people fail.

"Darling, you should really grow a sense of humor." The Radio Demon smirked, giving one of his deer ears a stroke. "Live your afterlife to the fullest, like I do."

"And be a total monster like you? No thanks. C'mon Charlie."

As Charlie opened the door, she looked up at the sky, which bore a moon with a red pentagram on it. "Oh wow, look!" A streak of light soared through the air in the distance, toward a city. "Vaggie, you know what that means?"

"What?" The Moth Demoness asked, walking up behind her, not seeing the meteor-like object. Charlie took hold of her hands and shook with delight.

"New arrival! Come on, let's go meet them." She took off running, dragging the girl along.

"Hey! I can walk, y'know!" Vaggie laughed a bit at the princess' eagerness.


In Pentagram City, few people took notice of falling objects. Most of the time, it was another poor sinner condemned to their eternity.

But this one was no usual lost soul.

In fact, where most of the damned were given a warped or twisted body(sometimes referencing how they died), this fellow was indistinguishable from a human. He wore a strange wardrobe, consisting of a red breechcloth, and matching shirt. He wore an unusual and minimal armor, white plate covering his chest and jock, held up by two yellow straps. On his feet were a pair of blue shoes. He also had unkempt raven hair that ran down between his shoulderblades, and a scar over his left eye, but not putting it out. A burlap bag hung from what looked like a belt. Lastly, he appeared young, only seeming to be in his mid-twenties. Around his left hand was some kind of black apparatus, that looked similar to a glove.

The man had fallen from the sky, and landed in an alley on top of a closed dumpster.

"Agggh…" He wheezed in a weary voice. The stranger rolled over his side, falling off the trash receptacle, and onto the bedrock ground. "Owww!" He rose up weakly, and looked around, being shocked at his surroundings.

In the distance he could tell he was far from home, from the blood red skies, and fires burning near the horizon. He walked out of the alley to meet the dystopia outside, a colorful crowd of creatures all around. Some seeming unassuming, and others downright wicked.

"Wh...Where am I?" He asked himself quitely as he looked around for any sign of a place he could get his bearings properly. In his current state, he was vulnerable, cuts and bruises, and much to the surprise of anyone that might've been normal, scorch marks riddling his body, and a firm coat of dust on his clothes.

The oddly-dressed individual tapped on the shoulder of an oddly built being with a huge, hulking upper body and long arms, with short, stubby legs. "Hey, could you by chance tell me where I am?"

The creature turned around, a human-like face, but sharp fangs, and a single horn on his forhead greeting him.

He smirked, and began to chuckle to himself before walking off.

'Rude…' The armored fellow thought to himself as he approached what looked like a bus stop.

At the street corner nearby stood a rather famous demon. He was far more humanoid in shape than that one, but still bizzare, bearing a feminine, and cartoonishly slender figure. His torso was shaped like a woman's bust. His eyes were mismatched, and pink, but the sclera of his left was black. His hair was messy, and he had six splotches under his eyes, resembling the eyes of a spider. He also had four slender, and spindly arms, each hand wearing a striped glove. On his feet were a pair of stylish boots.

Angel Dust stood nearby, minding his own business, as he enjoyed a cigarette, but the minute he saw the stranger, he dropped his oral fixation, and ashed it with his foot. He got a smirk at his subtle manly figure, and the bag at his waist. He fluffed his bosom, and began his approach.

"Hey there, big man!~ Didn't know there were some that kept their upstairs look!" The bruised man turned to see the colorful former human strutting up.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked in confusion, eyeballing the demon from head to toe.

"You mind if I take a seat?"

"Uh...sure, there's enough room."

The Spider in the Kinky Boots chuckled. "I wasn't talkin' about the bench." He said, shimmying down and sitting in his lap. The man cringed, turning red in the face. "They call me Angel. Angel Dust. What's your name, handsome, so I know what to call you?"

"Mayzo." The armored man replied. "My name is Mayzo."

"'Mayzo?'" Angel repeated. "Sounds fancy!~ So, Mister Mayzo, you come around this side of town often?" He asked, stroking the stranger's face. "I like your kinky little getup. But doesn't it feel wierd wearing clothes over your S&M gear?"

The scarred man's eyes widened. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"This little gladiator bra you got goin'!" The multi-armed being chuckled, giving him a slap in the chest. "You musta came from one wild party!~"

"I'm glad you raised that point. Can you uhh...Stand up?"

"Oh, where are my manners?" Angel stood up and off of him. Mayzo removed the bag from his pocket, digging around in it. Immediately, the spider peered over in it. "Ooh, what'cha got there? Fun stuff?"

"Go away." Mayzo demanded, turning around, only for Angel Dust to twirl around him and yank it out of his hand. "Hey!"

"You gotta learn how to keep a proper grip on things, buddy!" The spider demon grinned, digging into the bag and revealing a small green bean. "! I like that!" He swallowed a few of them, but looked disappointed when nothing happened. "Huh...Didn't do nothin'."

"Give me those!" Mayzo swiped the bag from his hands. "I need them!"

"You must have a wierd taste in produce, pal. Would'a thought you'd be carryin' coke, or weed." He leaned in and put one of his many hands on his chin. "Or maybe me!"

Mayzo took one of the beans and ate it. Immediately after swallowing, his bruises and cuts vanished, surprising his rather chummy acquaintance. "Whoa...It's not a drug?"

"They're called Senzu. They're for healing." The man corrected him. "And for restoring energy."

"Heh...boring. So, whaddya say we go somewhere and you can restore my energy, hot stuff?" Angel asked. Mayzo immediately gave him a glare. "Soooo...not into the extra arms, huh?"

"Look, buddy, if you're that way, good for you. I mean it." Mayzo said, hand on the spider demon's shoulder. "But right now I need to find a way home."

"Lose your ride?"

"Actually it looks like I'm a long way from home. Am I on another planet or something?"

"Another planet?" Angel raised his eyebrow. "Whaddya think this is, a sci-fi convention? Wake up and smell the flames, adonis, this is Hell! As in fire and brimstone, "abandon all hope", "do not pass go" Hell!. Capische? You been bumped off!"

"I'm not dead. At least I don't think so." The black-haired young man countered. "If I were, why would I have still had bruises?"

"I dunno, bar fight? This is kinda a bad neighborhood."

"You said it yourself, it's Hell, right?"

"That it is, freshman!" A sinister voice replied from nearby. The two of them turned around.

"Uh oh. I recognize that voice!" Angel Dust said as he and Mayzo backed up against each other.

A snake-like demon, with dark grey scales, yellow eyes, and a hat with a face on it slithered up from behind him.

"A new arrival, eh? And it looks like they're in human form?" The snake, who many knew to be an up and coming demon called Sir Pentious, slithered at the duo. Mayzo narrowed his eyes at him as an entorouge of living eggs with limbs, and faces bearing fanged mouths. "What exactly do you think you're looking at, newbie? If you knew what was good for you, you'd be on your knees pledging yourself to my service!"

Mayzo smirked as Angel strode up next to him. "I was just thinking that you and your hardboiled buddies here might taste good."

Pentious seemed to take offense as Angel strode up next to Mayzo. "I wouldn't think so. Trust me, I know when things taste good, and this low-life bottom definitely don't taste good!" He grinned, gold fang shining amidst his many sharp natural ones.

"You'll pay for such insolence! I've been waiting to get back at you and that cyclops bitch since the other day!" Pentious snarled. "Egg bois! Scramble them!"

The "Egg Bois" as he called them closed in, brandishing laser guns, crowbars and mallets.

"Hey, pal, I know we just met, but watch out. This might get a little messy." Angel said, two extra arms sprouting from under his four others. "You got a weapon?" He asked, pulling out what looked like a pair of loaded tommy guns from behind himself.

Mayzo raised his fists. "These." He declared.

Angel scoffed. "Fat lot'o good those'll do ya. Fighting down here's rougher than it is up there!"

"Trust me. I'm a Saiyan." Mayzo rubbed his nose. "Fighting is my religion."

Not knowing what a "Saiyan" was, Angel shrugged, before firing on the Egg Bois with both guns. One of them lunged at Mayzo, who whipped around and gave him a punch, shattering his fragile shell. The lightly armored warrior pulled his arm back, nearly wretching at the thick yellow yolk covering his fist. "Disgusting creatures."

Two more lunged in with a knife and a crowbar. Mayzo ducked, dodging both weapons before grabbing the egg monsters by the wrists and smacking them together and making them burst.

Angel ducked behind an overturned truck, rising up to blast away at the approaching eggs, the bullets flying faster than the ones with laser weapons could shoot.

Pentious bared his fangs. "I won't stand idly by and have my power challenged! Everyone, converge on that whore!" He gestured to Angel Dust, who was busy reloading. The spider demon struggled to fit another magazine into each of his tommy guns, as the Egg Bois approached. One of them shot one of them out of his hands, making Angel spit a curse and wince, carressing his burned hand.

Mayzo ran up and delivered a sharp kick to one of the living eggs, knocking him into the next one, each of them falling in a line like dominos.

"You should watch who you pick a fight with. Or you'll be the one scrambled!" He joked.

"Oh, you think you're funny, warm blood?" Pentious hissed as he slithered up to him.

"Hilarious." Mayzo retorted.

Nearby, Charlie and Vaggie came upon the scrap, with the latter sighing and shaking her head. "Looks like we've got another turf war on our hands. Dammit Angel!" She looked over to Charlie, seeing the blond smiling at the human-like guy staring Sir Pentious down. "Charlie? What's up?"


"Looks like it. But then again, everyone down here besides you, your dad and his old posse were too when they were alive."

Having never seen a human before, as Mayzo appeared to her, she got closer, until Vaggie halted her approach. "Charie, they're shooting out there! You can't just waltz up and meet him in the middle of a fight!"

As the spider re-engaged the Egg Bois in their gun battle, the naga-like demon jabbed one of his claws into Mayzo's armored chest. "You think you're so special because you got to keep your good human looks, huh? Well I'll have you know that since I died, I haven't ONCE missed my old self!"

"Yeah. The thing about that is, I ain't dead." Mayzo said with a frown. "And while I don't have anything against them, I'm not human either."


"Yeah. And you should be more careful who you make mad, snake breath. Because when I get angry, people can get hurt, and I DO mean badly!"

"You must be joking. Everyone down here is dead, save for the king and his family! Besides...what do you do to these 'people'?" Pentious scoffed.

Mayzo held his hand up to Pentious' cobra-like hood. The serpent felt the area heat up even more as some force seemed to radiate from his arm. His slitted eyes widened. "What are you-?"

"This!" Mayzo whipped his arm to the side, and casually discharged some bolt of energy from his palm, to the surprise of Pentious. He watched the blast fly through the air, past Angel, and taking a few of the Egg Bois with it.

Angel Dust rose up, angry that he'd almost been hit. "'Ey! Watch where you're-" He was silenced as an explosion rippled through the air behind him. He turned around to see the mushroom cloud and large pieces of bedrock flying about, putting out windows. The spider demon's eyes widened as he backed away.

Pentious slithered back. "Y...You can't be human...You can't have ever been human! Only Overlords have that kind of power-!"

"Get lost!" Mayzo demanded.

The cobra demon nodded and waved his hand. "Y-Yes, just please don't hurt me!" The remaining Egg Bois huddled around their master in mutual fright. "Retreat!" He screamed, as he fleed.

Angel went up to Mayzo. "H...How...did you do that?"

The guy smirked. "Want me to show you how? It's real easy when you get the hang of it." The humanoid spider put up all six of his hands.

"Uhh, no. I'm good, I'm good." He answered, retracting two of his arms.

Mayzo chuckled and gave him a pat on the shoulder before turning to see the two girls approaching.

His eyes immediately settled on the tux-wearing blond with red cheeks, who approached him with a wide-eyed grin. He could see the fangs in her mouth, but she seemed non-threatening.

Vaggie immediately gave Angel Dust a whack on the chest. "Hey!"

"We told you, no. more. violence!"

"Don't blame me, doll!" The white-bodied demon gave a point of two of his index fingers to Mayzo. "It was this newbie who showed up and that snake clown."

"But you decided to fight! How are you supposed to get redeemed if you keep relapsing!"

Angel yawned, pissing her off. Charlie saw the opportunity to speak up. "We saw you fall. And I just wanted to welcome you, as princess of Hell!"

"Princess? Didn't know they had royalty in a wild place like this." Mayzo said, taking note of her soft, honey-like voice.

"Well, yeah. It's a long story." Charlie smiled. She found herself almost bound to his bold, black eyes. They seemed to be a bizarre mix of both savage and innocent.

Vaggie watched the two of them just stand there for a moment, before she got between them. "So!" She began. "Since you're new to Hell, I just thought I should let you know, there's no way out of here."

"That's right, baby! You're stuck with us!" Angel interrupted, snapping all of his fingers at him with a grin.

"But we hope there can be one way out." Charlie added. "By changing your attitude, and living your afterlife with peaceful and good-natured intent! Maybe you can find your way up to Heaven!"

Mayzo sighed. "You two weren't around to hear it, but like I told uhh…" He gestured at the spider amongst the trio.

"Angel Dust." He said flatly.

"Right. I'm not dead."

Charlie and Vaggie both his words with shock and disbelief. "But...if you're alive...Why are you down here?"

"That's what I wanna know. The last I remember, I was going to meet up with someone important to me, but something hit me. Really hard. I knew it wasn't fatal, but I blacked out anyway. Next thing I knew, I fell on top of a dumpster, covered in scrapes and bruises."

The two demon girls exchanged a glance. "I've never heard of anyone coming to Hell alive…" Charlie said. "And I was born down here. When you die, your soul is put in a new you shouldn't retain any scars from the old one…"

"Right…" Vaggie said. "And he looks human to me. None of us kept our human bodies. I guess I just got lucky enough to look more like a human."

"I'm not human either." Mayzo informed them, "and my name's Mayzo."

"Mayzo...I'm Charlie. This is my friend Vaggie." The Blond continued. "Wh...Where are you from?"

"I'm from Sadala."

" that a place on Earth?"

"Sadala is the planet I'm from."

"Another planet!?" Charlie and Vaggie gasped in unison. "Y-you're an alien!?"

"Heh! The guy's higher than I usually am by this time!" Angel guffawed at the suggestion, making Charlie frown and Vaggie scowl at his disrespect. He groaned. "Oh come on! You're not really believing this schtick are ya? 'Not human', 'Sadala', yadda yadda yadda. Just some fever dream he had when he was in a bad trip."

"I'll have you know I've never used drugs." Mayzo stated, offended by his suggestion.

"Oh lighten up, big boy. We ALL use drugs. Especially in Hell."

The young man turned to Charlie and Vaggie. "Do you two know anywhere I can go to rest for a minute?" He asked. "Maybe someplace away from him?"

"What? Am I too much for ya?" Angel bit one of his pinky fingers lustfully.

"You're making me very uncomfortable!" Mayzo yelled.

"Angel, please! This man is very disoriented, and he needs to clear his head." Charlie said, showing concern. "Besides, we don't want any demons with actual influence finding him." He took Mayzo's hands. "Come with us. We'll give you a free room at our hotel."

Mayzo smiled. He didn't like the idea of being a deadbeat, but he DID like the sound of "free."

"Lead the way, Ms. Charlie!" The girl giggled at him, and pulled him along. Vaggie put her hands on her hips, watching them go.

"What? Jealous?" Angel Dust teased.

"Of banana breath?" She asked. "In your dreams." She huffed. 'I just don't like the thought of any random guy being around my Charlie.'

"Heh. You're totes jealous!" Angel snickered, two of his hands folded behind his head.



A twenty-minute walk later, the group of them returned to the Happy Hotel, a dark and imposing building, with a neon sign. Mayzo smirked. "I didn't think they had hotels down here in Hell."

"It's a bit more Earth-like than you're led to believe." Vaggie said.

"I can see that. But I don't really want to impose."

"Nonsense!" Charlie said with an elbow nudge. "If you're not supposed to be here, then you deserve a place to rest your head while we work to find a way to send you home! Now follow me! I'll get you checked in!"

The lot of them walked inside. Immediately, Mayzo made note of the minibar in the lobby, and the grumpy cat-like demon.

"That's Husk." She added. "He likes to keep to himself."

"I can see that." The Saiyan said, seeing "Husk" down a bottle of booze, before stopping at the front desk. He recoiled slightly at the sight of the tall, redheaded human-like demon before him.

Alastor's already wide grin intensified. "My my! What do we have here? You're a sight for sore eyes!" He said with his old radio-like voice as he leaned in to investigate. Why I haven't seen such a flawlessly human-like sinner since I left New Orleans!"

Mayzo looked nervous, not knowing what to say. "Uhh...Whatever you say, guy…"

"Mayzo, this is Alastor. No matter what you do, don't shake his hand." Vaggie advised as Angel Dust blew a kiss at the man in question, much to his unseen annoyance.

"I'll keep my distance."

"Well there's no need to be a prude!" Alastor said, coming out from behind the desk and letting Charlie in to check their newest guest in. " that Spanish?'

"No, It's Saiyan."

"Never heard of it. I'm Creole myself!"

Mayzo squinted at the deer-ears and horns on Alastor's head, but shook his head, deciding to ignore it. "So, about that room." He asked to Charlie.

The pale girl pulled a red key with a skull on the end. "Here!" She tossed it to him and he caught it with one hand. "Ooh! Nice reflexes."

"Thanks. I had a good mentor."

"A mentor?"

"Well...He's not with as to say…" Charlie, Angel, and Vaggie immediately looked concerned. Alastor merely propped his face up on his hands with interest. "Y'know…"

"Dead?" Husk asked from the corner, before Vaggie scowled at him.

"Yeah...He taught me everything I know. How to fight. How to defend myself. Ever since I was young. He wasn't really that much older than I was."

"Was you?" Charlie asked.

"A Saiyan. Yes. On my planet, our race is one of warriors. Most of us hire ourselves out as peacekeepers. Some as bounty hunters.

"But then this came." Mayzo frowned, and then his frown turned into a scowl. "And wiped out more than half of us...And my master died in the battle."

"That's...horrible." Vaggie said, shocked that someone could be so cruel as to commit a near planetary genocide. Charlie put her arms around her shoulders, equally disturbed. "I...I'm sorry-"

"Don't be." He sighed. "My teacher fell, but it wasn't in vain. Thanks to him I survived...and many others. He died protecting his home."

Angel was about to say something, but decided to keep quiet. His mouth tended to get him into trouble.

Alastor on the other hand was intriuged by the thought of someone so powerful. It would've been amusing to him if they ever met.

Charlie sniffled, before smiling at Mayzo. "I'm sure he went up!"

"Thank you." He held up his room key. "Room 664?"

"It's right down that hall." Charlie took him by the hand and led him to it. On the way, Mayzo made a passing glance, seeing a pair of small, goat-like creatures with spaded tails, each looking up at him with wary interest. He assumed they were another form of demon, but they almost looked too cute to be anything of the sort. "Those are Razzle and Dazzle. My dad gave them to me when I was a kid and brought them to life to help me out."

"Nice guy?" The Saiyan asked.

"Actually, no. He let me have this building, so I could make my dream come true, but he doesn't believe in my cause…"

She looked down, a sullen expression on her face.

"Well...I'd say to Hell with him, but then again…" Mayzo suggested.

"Heh-heh...yeah. Oh, here it is." The two stopped at a door with the number 664 on it, also bearing what looked like a creepy eye drawing on it.

"Okay then. Let's see what we're looking with here." He opened the door with the key, and went inside. It had a window to see the city outside, as well as a minifridge, a television set, a desk, and a bed. The floor's ceiling, as well as the curtains, and the bed's sheets were black, it's walls, and it's carpet were red.

"Looks homey enough."

"Okay then. Call one of us if you need anything." Charlie chimed before leaving, closing the door behind him.

Mayzo sat down in the chair at the room's desk. " did I even end up in this jam...You take one bad spill in a bad scrap, and suddenly you wind up in Hell…

'I'm not even sure this is my universe's Hell...I did meet that one guy that got killed, and he came back thank to those Namekian's wishing orbs. He said it wasn't that bad a place on the surface, but he never said anything about getting a new body. He said everyone either kept a replica of their living body, or they were a disembodied spirit…

'One way or another, I've gotta find my way out of here. Things would really be easier if I had your guidance…

'Master Cabba.'

Back in the lobby, Alastor tapped his foot, his ever present-grin set ear to ear as he brandished his walking stick. "I can tell things are going to get even more...entertaining around here."