Little bit of context on Charlie and Alastor's exchange. Yes, Mayzo does understand that she is the princess of Hell, but as Mayzo is from a parallel reality, and never met a parallel to Dabura/Mechikabura/Demigra, whatever a DBZ equivalent of the Devil would be, he is unaware of the thought of an actual Devil, and Charlie doesn't want him to think of her as an abomination. If that makes sense.

After the battle against a strange Majin named Ruuda, and helping get Charlie's hotel fence and grounds repaired, Mayzo sat at Husk's mini bar, with the rest of the Hotel Staff. Angel was absent.

"So, how does it work?" Charlie asked, hands on her face, and elbows on the table, eyes sparkling with intrigue.

"How does what work?" The young Saiyan asked.

"Y'know! How does your hair turn blonde? I was out for like two minutes, so I didn't see it."

"Oh. That." Mayzo took a sip of water from a cup Husk handed him, and almost wretched. It tasted like sweat.

The cat demon raised an eyebrow. "Don't like it? Tough. This is the closest kinda stuff we can get to actual water since we bit the big one. Better to just order booze."

"Noted." He slid the glass away with a disgusted gaze before turning to the princess. "Well, its kind of a long story. Anyway, Saiyans like me have the ability to tap into a wellspring of power called Ki. Its basically one's inner fighting strength."

"Fascinating…" Alastor said, stirring what looked like blood into his coffee. "And how pray tell does one use this power?"

Mayzo frowned at him. "I don't think someone like you can use it."

The Radio Demon folded his arms and gave him a snobby, warped grin. "Because I'm dead?" He asked, static tinging his voice.

Mayzo turned away. "I don't far, the only Ki I've sensed in this Hell is Charlie."

The blonde's eyes widened. "Me?"

"It may be because you're alive. Or everyone but you is in a spirit body.

"But anyway, about my blonde hair thing. After a Saiyan reaches a certain level of power, if they experience, and goes through a great trauma, which would send them into an overpowering rage, they gain the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan."

"Super?" Vaggie asked. "What makes it Super?"

"Because whoever taps into it, for as long as their transformed become fifty times as strong, and fast."

"That does sound strong…" The moth demoness said soberly.

"It does. And that's just the very tip of the iceberg. Two of our brothers of the Seventh Universe actually surpass the Destroyers."

'A mortal...surpassing a god?' Alastor winced mentally without breaking composure. The notion was completely laughable.

"Though if we spend enough time not in the practice, it dulls our ability to transform. Or even fight competently. That's part of the reason why I need to find my way home quickly. Without proper sparring partners, I'll get rusty quick."

"Pffft. Hell has plenty of those, trust me." Husk chuckled.

"Even so. I don't belong here." Mayzo added. "I might not be the strongest in my world, but if we incur an attack like we did that time...we'd need every available hand."

"Well, Blitzo's crew went home, so we'll take you to Imp City in the morning." Charlie said.

"Oh that's right. One of the things I've been meaning to ask. How do you guys tell what time of day it is down here?" Mayzo opened a curtain, scanning the sky. The walls of fire burning in the farthest distance he could see, coupled with the views of a pentagram-spattered moon. As well as a bright, indiscernably shaped light in the sky well beyond that.

"Well...we have something for that kind of thing." Charlie said offhandedly. "The clock tower is actually set to universal time, and we all synchronize our watches and clocks to it. For a...special reason…" She looked over to Alastor, whose shitfaced grin intensified. Husk downed a bottle of gin, while Vaggie looked into her eyes with a wary gaze. She didn't want Mayzo to learn about the purges. If he did, he might try something drastic, judging from what they'd seen from him so far.

"Uh huh. Well, if you'll excuse me, your highness, I'll be turning in for the night." The Saiyan added with a soft smile. Charlie smiled in return, as he rose up and went back toward the corridor with his room in it.

Though Mayzo was a little dense, he wasn't stupid. He could plainly see the expressions on their faces. 'There's something they're not telling me…' He crossed his arms and tapped his foot. 'Then again, I guess it's natural. I'm an outsider. And this is the underworld after all.' As he went into his room, he flicked on the TV, and after it cut off of a rather morbid-looking cartoon, something else adorned the screen.

It was Blitzo, whom he'd seen earlier.

"Hi there, I'm Blitz, the 'O' is silent." The Imp said as he stepped into full view. "And I am the founder of I.M.P. Are you a piece of SHIT who got yourself sent to Hell, or are you an innocent soul who got FUCKED over by someone else?"

Mayzo watched the screen in interest, before his eyes widened as it quickly took a dark tone, involving a testimony from a "guy who hired" I.M.P. The commercial detailed an assassination service in which Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie used their summoning book to whisk themselves to Earth for hits.

"What the hell...They don't need to have shit like that lying around for people like them-!" The ad's jingle highlighted some of their work. He shut the TV off, before reclining on the bed. "I think I might give them a piece of my mind tomorrow." Then he thought back to the stories his master told him of the times he fought alongside an assassin for the sake of their universe. "Hmm...maybe I'm not really one to talk."

As he attempted to sleep, he rolled around in the bed. It was indeed uncomfortable, but his Saiyan physiology would've helped him sleep on spikes.

The person next door was playing very loud, upbeat music. As he knew full well Angel Dust was their only client, he knew it had to be him.

Mayzo sighed. 'Here we go…' Angel was odd to him. His strange feminine figure, as well as his behavior was something that made him hard to understand.

He rose up, before exiting the room, and going to the hallway. He knocked on Angel's door, but there was no answer. "Hey! Angel! Can I talk to you a minute?"

No answer, but he could see the door was unlocked. Without warning, Mayzo opened the door, and as soon as he did, he froze.

The room seemed much larger than it's dimensions should allow, and while it seemed a little scummy, with random garbage strewn here and there, it was clear that the center of the room was fashioned into a magnificent stage, adorned with a single stripper pole.

At the very top was Angel, striking an intensely sexual pose, wearing a pink miniskirt with a heart design, and matching boots. He panted for a moment, before setting his different color eyes on Mayzo.

The spider demon smiled eagerly before spinning around the pole until reaching the bottom, making high leg steps as he approached. Angel threw himself down onto the stage, with his legs raised high, and a hand on his chin, casting a sultry gaze into the Saiyan's eyes.

"I don't tend to give private shows, but I think I can make an exception for you, hunk~."

"Not needed." Mayzo said, uncomfortable. "I didn't come here for I'm over in the next room trying to sleep."

Angel dumped a pitcher of the foul tasting water over himself. "That right?" He asked, using his free hands to playfully fluff his fur-bosom.

Mayzo winced at the sight of it, almost as if he couldn't look away. "So uh...what are you doing with a umm...pole anyway?"

"A workin' boy's gotta stay in shape!" Angel smirked. "Hey, have you ever thought about tryin' it out?"

"What? N-no!" Mayzo spurted incredulously. "I just said-"

"Come on~. I think any man or woman would go crazy down here with a body like that! Hey!~ Do the blonde hair thing for me. I think you'd look great!"

"That's not what it's for, Angel. It's a battle form, not hair dye."

"Oh, boo on you." The Spider Demon stuck his tongue out.

"Besides, aren't you checked in here for a hope at redemption? I thought that was the whole point of the Hotel."

"Pffft! You really think that's gonna work? Let me tell you something, corn cake! We lived. We sinned. We died, and we're in the burnin' dump! There are no second goes around, no magic stairways."

"Look, Angel, I feel sorry for you. Really, I do. But you still exist. Its never too late to try and change that existence for the better." Mayzo turned away, walking back for the door, before lowering his head.

"At still...exist…"

"Umm...Corn Cake?" Angel piped up, coming down of the stage, now with a somewhat remorseful face. He approached the Saiyan, with an outstretched hand as he started trembling uncontrollably. "Whoa! What's up, am I givin' ya a contact high!?"

It happened again-the trauma from remembering the feeling he had on that accursed day. Before nothingness.

He turned back to Angel, who shot back in fright at Mayzo's widened, terrified eyes.

The young man shook his head. "Just do me a favor and keep the music down, okay?" He walked out and shut the door behind him.

"Hmph." Angel huffed before shutting the speakers off and retreiving a piece of chewing gum. "What's his deal?" He asked, sitting on the edge of his bed, taking out his phone and checking his messages.

His eyes widened at one number listed under "Big V." The spider demon opened the message up, which read:

Angel Cakes…

I know what you did…

He typed a response.

Why Val, what ever could you mean?

A moment later, he responded.

Don't give me that bullshit. You and Bombertits in my club the other night.

Club, what club? We went bowlin' that night!

I know when you're lying to me. I'll see to it that that bitch bleeds for it.

Angel didn't bother responding, instead frantically throwing down the phone in shock. "Shit! Cherri!"

Mayzo wandered back outside for a breath of air before hearing what sounded like explosions in the distance.

"Huh...let's see what that's all about. I need a little more exercise anyway."

He began levitating, and got about ten feet in the air, before hearing a call to wait.

"Wait! Mayzo, hold up!"

He turned back to see a worried looking Angel Dust. "Whaddya want?" He asked.

"Look, I don't have time to explain much, but a gal pal of mine is in some real shit!" He pulled out his phone as Mayzo floated back down to inspect the photo.

It was of a girl, with wild strawberry blonde hair, with pink and white accents, a ponytail, and wearing a torn red croptop, miniskirt, and ripped black leggings. She had one eye in the center of her face, with a bloodshot sclera, and a pale yellow X-shaped iris.

"What happened?"

"Let's just say I asked her a favor, and now someone big and bad has her in his sights!"

Mayzo frowned. "Then I guess that's what I'm hearing over in the city. I'll just be a minute."

"Just make sure she doesn't get hurt!" Angel called as he flew off to track the explosions. The spider demon glanced from side to side before retreating back inside the hotel.


Cherri Bomb didn't know whether to be livid or ecstatic! So far, she counted at least six demons chasing her down through the backalleys of Pentagram City. Four turned, one Hellhound, and one Imp.

The cyclops girl leapt over a wall, but not before leaving a nice package at the base of the other side. As soon as she hit the ground, she sprinted as the wall collapsed from the explosion. She tucked herself under a pile of trash in the alley, waiting for one of the assailants to cross her path.

It was about a minute until she heard a noise, but it was the strangest noise she'd ever heard. It was a wierd mixture of slipping and zipping, before she heard footsteps.

Whatever demon was coming for her, she was ready. As soon as the footsteps got close enough, she grabbed their muscular legs, and dragged them under the trash heap.

Cherri immediately stuck one of her bombs that she could manifest into the mouth of the figure, before lighting a match to ignite the fuse, but the being thrashed, and broke her grip, as well as ruining both their cover. "Whoa-!?"

She got a good look at the would-be assassin, and gasped at the sight of the muscular, lightly armored man, with sharp, yet wild, jagged raven hair.

"Woah...are you...human?" Cherri asked the stranger.

"No. I'm a Saiyan. Long story. Good thing I found you."

The one-eyed demoness leapt back, before pulling six of the small explosives out, with three in each hand. "Are you with them!?"

"I don't even know who 'they' are. Look, your friend Angel sent me."

"Oh, shit! Angie sent you?" Cherri put a hand on her hip, before looking him up and down, her sharp, lightly curled inward teeth grinning as she did. "I like what I see. So, what, are you one of his old mob buddies with a S & M kink?"

"What? No. I literally just met him two days ago when I dropped down in this pit."

"New arrival, huh? Welcome to Hell." Cherri added. "Hope you can handle yourself in a fight!"

"You have no idea." Mayzo cracked his neck.

The sound of a gunshot echoed, as Mayzo felt the round shatter and disperse against his nigh-impenetrable skin. He whipped around to see a blue and pink-skinned imp woman with snow white hair similar to Moxxie's, carrying a revolver handgun.

"Well!~ I do believe we have a tough one in our midst!~" She said in an elegant voice. "You'll be fun to break!"

Mayzo frowned at the newcomer. "Unlikely." He took up a fighting pose.

Cherri put a hand on her hip. "At least tell me you brought a piece."

"I am the piece."

The busty demoness rolled her singular eye. "You're gonna get fucking destroyed."

"And he's not the only one." Another voice called, as from the shadows, the rest of their pursuers approached. From the side, a brown wolf-like Hellhound, and two scaly-bodied demons approached, with the imp in the center as well as a demon with yellow skin, and blue bolts for hair, wearing a stained green sweater, and black leather pants.

"So, fleshy, whats it gonna be? You wanting to rumble?" The Hellhound said. "Ey, wait a minute...this bloke matches the twat who knocked off Lobbo…"

"Ohh, that cheetah-looking dog guy?" Mayzo cracked his neck, turning around as if he didn't care. "Yeah, that was me. Guy should really have watched who he was swinging at."

The brown wolf-like hellhound bared his fangs. "Heh! As if I'd let myself be knocked about by some fleshy newcomer!" He growled, baring his claws and lunging.

The Saiyan was ready, grabbing his arm in a flash and laying into his chest with a good two punches and throwing him into the bedrock earth.

The canine demon gasped loudly as he brought himself to his feet. His ribs throbbed inside his torso as he shook his head. " you're tough...Cirrus!"

Mayzo turned to the yellow demon, who whipped his arms and loosed crackling green lightning bolts from his fingers. Cherri took a step back, and her eye widened to the size of a dinner plate, watching him take the attack.

"That all you got?" Mayzo asked as the bolts crackled and rippled against his body to no ill effect. "How's about you try this on for size?" He chucked a ki blast at him, prompting him to duck out of the way, but Mayzo allowed himself a smirk as he flicked his arm again, and the blast swept his blue-haired demonic foe to the ground.

The imp woman was at a loss. This seeming human seemed to be effortlessly picking them apart. She holstered her weapon and stepped back until Cherri sauntered up. Her cat-like sharp teeth glistened as the cyclopean girl splayed her fingers, a small explosive in each gap. She flung her hand out and sent the tiny bombs flying at the white-haired demoness. She managed to perform a combat roll, and evade the explosions, and drew her handgun once again, but Mayzo appeared in front of her in an instant, plugging the barrel with a finger.

"I'll be taking that." With that one motion, he plucked it out of her hands and crushed it like a soda can.

"I-it's okay, mister muscles…" The terrified imp waved her hands in a surrendering fashion, watching his cold black eyes pierce into her. She took off running without a second thought.

Mayzo allowed himself a chuckle before two large reptillain figures tried to hit him from either side. As both of them swung their fists, they were met with what felt like an invisible wall. He glanced back and forth at both demons.

The Saiyan crossed his arms with the palms facing them, and loosed invisible ki waves to send them flying.

The lightning-bodied demon leapted up again, and swung for him only for Mayzo to twirl and kick him in his side.

Cherri Bomb stood in shock, arms swinging at her sides. "He's pickin' 'em apart! Like they're nothing!"

Mayzo clapped his hands together, satisfied in his work, before turning to Cherri. "That all of 'em?"

"No...there was one more!" She cried as the ground started to shake. His heightened senses picked up on the vibrations and in a split second exploded from where he was to grab her by the shoulders and rocket into the air. "Woooahhh-!" She wailed, before covering her mouth, as Cherri had let her accent slip, though the warrior hadn't payed any attention.

Beneath them was a mid-sized demon, with a mole like face, that had come up through the ground. His eight large claws extended.

"What the heck!? How are you flying without wings!?" Cherri asked as Mayzo let her stand back down on the ground.

"Again. Long story. Hold on a minute." Mayzo said before rushing up at breakneck speed, blowing the demoness' hair back.

The demon made a swipe with one of his four clawed fingers, only for the Saiyan to duck and sock him in the chest. As he skidded back, he grabbed one of his claws, spun around, and released him, claw snapping off.

Mayzo winced as the demon crashed through a wall. "Well, I think that's-" He began before a pair of furred, burly arms wrapped around his head. "-All of 'em."

"Now I'm gonna pop ya head off, monkey boy!"

"Do you see a tail?" Mayzo retorted.

"Wiseass!" The hellhound insulted. Before he could've made the motion, he felt something hit his back. He looked down to see a ticking time bomb before looking up to Cherri, who was smiling evilly and waving. "You first!"

He leapt away from Mayzo in an attempt to slash her throat with his claws. The Saiyan wasn't going to let that happen. He lunged into action, clutching a ki blast in his hand, cutting the hellhound off. "Hold this for me!"

"What in the-HOO-OMPH!" The demon bellowed as he was shot back and the energy ball exploded.

Not wanting to wait for the smoke to clear to learn his fate, Mayzo turned to Cherri Bomb. "Can I get you to trust me?"

The one eyed former human didn't know what to think. Was he just another demon in disguise trying to fool her so he could try and waste her? But at the same time, his wild, simple eyes seemed to convey his true feelings.

"Sure. Besides. Any friend of Angie's is a friend of mine!"

"Grab hold of me."

"My. That's pretty forward of you." She joked, chuckling as she took him by the arm. He pulled her in close to his chest.

"Huh?" He raised an eyebrow. She gave him a strange look with her large X-shaped pupil, before shaking her head.

"Never mind. So where are we going?" She asked as he started off into the air.

"Somewhere safe. Hopefully." He replied, on his way back to the Happy Hotel with her in tow.

The gun-toting Imp woman shivered as she surveyed the damage that was dealt to the strike force. Suddenly, she felt a buzzing in her pocket and her heart sank in her chest.

It was him.

She answered the call shakily. "H-hello V-v-v-Valentino…" She replied.

"Evening…" The lust demon replied. "Did you hit the cyclops like I asked?~"

The blue-skinned demoness' legs shook like branches in the wind. " have no idea...we found her, but...but there was this...this freak...I don't know what kind of demon he is, or if he even IS one, but-"

"Tsk, tsk-tsk. My dear Acadia...I demand results...not excuses…" Valentino's voice purred over the phone. "If you couldn't take care of my star's little problem...Then I'll just have to take a few of my boys and see to the matter for you…

"Why don't you swing by of business?" His voice took on an extra laviscous tone. "I won't take no for an answer. Best not to keep an Overlord waiting."

Acadia's face turned pale as she knew what the implication meant. She dropped the hell phone and backed up against a wall before running off, but not before making sure she had a steady grip on her weapon.


Mayzo stepped into the Happy Hotel, with Cherri in tow. The one-eyed woman eyeballed her surroundings, unimpressed by the semi-derilect state of the building. "You gotta be kidding me...THIS is where he's staying?" She recalled his habits and his addictions, and instead found it entirely likely. He'd stayed in scummier places.

"It's livable. I've been here for two days now. But I'm still trying to figure out why I'm down in Hell."

"Well y'know what they say." Cherri Bomb threw herself on a lobby couch. "God doesn't make mistakes."

Mayzo paused for a minute as Charlie and Vaggie approached. He hoped that their "God" was nothing like the Zenos.

"There you are, Mayzo. We were worried." Charlie said.

"Charlie was worried anyway." Vaggie crossed her arms absentmindedly.

"Angel's been acting a bit wierd, and when we heard you took off, I thought something happened between you."

Mayzo's face ran red. "N-no, there was nothing happening. He was just playing his music too loudly when I was trying to sleep. Then when-"

Vaggie leaned around to look at the woman on the couch, and saw Cherri sitting there and filing her nails. The busty cyclopean girl raised her head and gave a devillish smile and a wave.

"What is SHE doing here!?" Vaggie accusedly pointed at her.

"Her? What's the problem?" Mayzo asked until the moth demoness strutted up and smacked him in the arm. "Yow!" He yelped.

"She is one of Angel's bad influences! She and that idiot made our hotel into a laughing stock! She regularly takes place in TURF WARS! So what are you thinking, bringing her here, you musclebound-"

"Calm down, Vaggie. I'm sure he has a perfectly rational explanation." Charlie said, hands on her shoulders before looking to the Saiyan nervously. " have one, right?"

"Yeah. Angel told me she was in trouble and I heard a ruckus. I followed the sounds of explosions and it led me right to her. She was being chased by like six others. I took care of 'em almost effortlessly though."

"Well...I'm glad you're both okay, but I don't know about keeping those two close together…" Charlie replied.

"What? Don't trust me?" Cherri cast a teasing glance at her. "I can behave myself for a few days."

"By the way...It strikes me as odd that Angel knew you were gonna be attacked…" Mayzo pondered. "Do you have any clue who it could be?"

Cherri Bomb folded her arms. "Matter-o fact, I do. He's a real sicko that has a big hold on Angel named Valentino." Charlie winced at his name as Vaggie gave a disgusted glance.

"Really? You know him?"

"Big guy. Taller than Angel. Greenish blue. Wears the tackiest playboy shit. You can't miss 'im. I'm sure a tough guy like you could really mess him up."

"I'm not gonna go around picking unneccesary fights." Mayzo yawned. "Unless they're really strong. Then I might get excited enough."

Charlie looked to the side. "Valentino has a lot of leverage in Hell. He's one of the Overlords, like Alastor."

"I bumped into some guy with a tv-screen head a while back. He called himself an overlord. What is that?"

"An Overlord is an extremely powerful demon. Even capable of warping reality to a certain degree."

The Saiyan smirked. "Then if he shows up, I'll just show him how extremely powerful I can be."

Charlie smiled. "Just don't make a mess in my hotel!" She said, giving him a pat on the back.

Vaggie held back a frown as the group dispersed, leaving her alone with Cherri, who reclined on the couch.

"Soooo. Got any booze in this place?" The cyclopean asked. The Moth Demoness groaned before leading her to the hotel bar.

Outside, high in the infernal sky, globs of a strange purple matter were coalescing together, building themselves into a large form before turning blue and molding into a humanoid shape.

Having finally regenerated himself, Ruuda leered down at the Happy Hotel, itching to blow it sky high, and the Saiyan that dispersed him along with it.

As he raised his arm and began to gather his energy, he felt a hand grab his arm.

Ruuda's angry violet eyes glared at the interloper, a pale-faced man, with red eyes, and dark flowing hair, wearing a fancy open blue and yellow jacket.

"Not now, Ruuda. The master is not yet ready for his death. After all.

"We need his energy."