Saraphina quickly drowned her fifth cup of herbal tea and tossed the cup into the fabrics of reality. She stepped closer to the open door and grit her teeth. The imprint room was open. Only heirs and their lieutenants were allowed access to that room.

She stormed in and cast an illumination spell and the room lit up. Two teens were hovering over a spellbook. Because of the glowing glyphs in the air, she could tell they already cast a successful spell. Their heads shot up and two pairs of identical brown eyes widened.

They belonged to the twins Amanda and Natasha. Both wonderful prodigies with the potential to get out of this hellhole.

"L-Lady Saraphina," one of them stuttered. It was impossible to distinguish who was who. The spellbook dropped to the ground and the glyphs immediately began to fade.

"Miss Amanda, Miss Natasha," she ground out through gritted teeth. They had the same stick straight shoulder-length brown hair and olive complexions. "What are you doing? You know that this room is off-limits."

"We were j-just trying to see the extent of our craft," the other one spoke. Like hell they were. Was she supposed to believe they just happened to mess with an imprinting book? This could go well, or it could go down in hell. "We should get to class, our teacher is expecting us."

As they made their way toward the door Sara waved her hand and the door slammed shut. She turned to them and saw fear in their eyes, but their faces an unreadable mask. Yes, they would definitely make wonderful witches. But she pushed those thoughts aside and focused on the problem she would have to fix.

"What did you cast?" She spoke softly but they still flinched. When they looked to the ground and said nothing she spoke louder and sharper, "What did you cast?"

"An imprint spell," one of them spoke hurriedly.

"On a Black member that didn't have an imprint," the other continued.

A member of the Black family tree, werewolves in La Push. She remembered warning them about what would happen if their line failed to remain alpha. That young one, "Jacob Black?"

The words tumbled out of her mouth before she could stop them. That was confidential, he was paying the price for refusing the alpha position: no imprint.

"What else?" She growled. Her day had gone from yay to grey in about two minutes. She stalked over to them and picked up the spellbook. Her eyes widened. "The next person thy lays thy eyes on shall become thy imprint! What were you thinking!"

"We didn't think it would be that big of a deal," Amanda and Natasha said in unison.

"Go to your next class," She sighed. They wouldn't understand.

"Lady Saraphina," they bowed as a sign of respect before dashing out as quickly as possible.

"The next person thy lays thy eyes on shall become thy imprint!" She mumbled to herself. She walked to an enchanted mirror on the wall and saw her weary reflection.

Golden eyes were a sign of her pureblood and her tan face was framed by black hair. She curled her red lips into a smile but immediately dropped it, hating the way her face creased and eyes squinted.

She decided she had spent enough time ogling at her face and touched the mirror, watching it ripple like water.

She swept her finger through it as she signed her name and whispered, "Show me Jacob Black."

Alas, there he was; kneeling on the floor like a weakling in front of a baby girl in the arms of a blonde vampire. Her eyes widened despite her usual caution to compose her facial features. Her jaw dropped a couple inches. "Holy crap."

She quickly dipped her finger into the enchanted mirror and whispered, "What is Jacob Black's imprint?"

The image of Jacob imprinting was washed away and was replaced by a sheet of white. Black ink appeared on the mirror spelling out words.

Her name is Renesmee Cullen. Half-vampire, half-mortal.

Damn. Vampires were werewolves mortal enemy, and to be imprinted to one would just be brutal, even if she was only half and the cutest thing on earth. She had a lot to clean up. The last time the witch was in La Push was 50 years ago.

She bit the inside of her cheek. Getting permission to fix this would be easy, but actually fixing it was the hard part. Oh well, might as well get the easiest part over with.


"I'm telling you it was a mistake with good intentions." Sara's voice rang clear in front of the council. She was dressed to impress with a black dress with a front and back that dipped dangerously low and a golden tiara atop her oh-so-precious head that all kinds of creatures would want to rip apart.

Not only did it display her status as Full Grown Witch, it showed them that she may be an heir but she has the most power of all of them. Of all three heirs, she came out on top.

"Why, Lady Saraphina, would you choose to defend these two witchlings?" One of the witches said. They sat on chairs so high she couldn't even tell who said it. Her gaze was drawn to the twins, Amanda and Natasha.

"I see greatness in them," she locked eyes with each witch. At least, she hoped she did. "It would be a waste to rid the world of such rare, raw talent."

What can she say? She knew how to get what she wants, even if it's laying down a whole lot of praise. She could see Amanda and Natasha straighten from the corner of her eye.

There was a moment of silence and the same witch spoke again. "We have decided to trust that you will fix this and have granted you full responsibility of ridding this wolf of his wrongly created imprint."

She curtsied so low her knees touched the ground. As she made her way out, the witch spoke again.

"We will warn you now, that Jacob Black's punishment might break." She nodded without turning around and before she slipped out the door and paused.

"I understand."

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