Thor and Loki were called to Surrey, England, to investigate a freak storm located over Privet Drive. When they arrive, they find a little girl with a lightning bolt scar living with abusive relatives. But as Loki looks at her, he discovers that the child has a glamour on and that underneath she is the spitting image of his brother Thor. Upon further questioning, Thor and Loki find that Evelyn Iris Potter is the daughter of Thor's former lover Lily Evans. Thor realizes that this little girl, with the power to control the weather, is in fact his daughter. What happens when Thor takes her away from her relatives to live with him and the Avengers in New York. How will the Wizarding World react to learn that Evelyn Potter isn't a Potter after all?

Ten-year-old Evelyn Iris Potter was in the middle of weeding her Aunt Petunia's garden. It was a hot day in May, and Evie was dying of heat. She wasn't allowed back in the house or any water until her work was finished, so instead, Evie drank from the water hose outside. She stood up and stretched her back, Evie had been gardening since morning, and it was already noon. Evie wiped the sweat from her brow and looked up at the sky; there wasn't a cloud in sight. Evie wished with all her heart that it would rain so that she could cool down and maybe clean herself up. She hadn't had a shower in a while, and her skin was starting to get itchy.

As she went back to work, still wishing for rain, Evie didn't notice that storm clouds began to gather until they blocked out the sun. Droplets of rain began to fall on the little girl's head, she looked up at the sky and smiled. Evie loved storm, she loved hearing the thunder and watching the lightning streak across the sky. As the rain came down harder, Evie began to laugh; she quickly began scrubbing her arms and legs, trying to clean herself as best she could. After a while, it became too hard to weed the garden, so her Aunt Petunia called Evie inside and pushed her into her cupboard soaking wet. She was already in trouble for somehow letting a python out of its enclosure, though Evie didn't understand how she did it.

Evie sat in her cupboard, shivering while the storm raged outside. She grabbed the thin blanket that Evie used to cover herself to dry off as best she could. She wished with all her might that someone would save her from her miserable life. Evie desperately wanted someone to love her. But she knew that that would never happen, Evie was a freak, unnatural, and a burden. At least that's what her relatives told her.

In the privacy of her cupboard, Evie cried out her anguish. What Evie didn't notice was that the harder she cried, the stronger the storm would rage outside. Eventually, her sobs calmed down, and Evie fell asleep. Once she did, the storm slowly dissipated.

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, SHIELD was getting a report about a freak storm that happened over Surrey, England, that came out of nowhere on a clear day. Agent Coulson looked at the report curiously and decided that this was something that Director Fury should know about. Coulson made his way towards Director Fury's office and knocked.

"Come in, Coulson."

"Sir, we got a report of a freak storm over Surrey, England."

"And, how is that SHIELD's concern?"

"Sir, it looks like something that Thor would create. It was only centered around Privet drive."

"Was Thor in the area?"

"I don't believe so, Sir. As far as we know, Thor's at Avenger Tower."

"Could it be a mutant? Professor Xavier knows a mutant that can control the weather," Fury asks.

"It's a possibility," Coulson tells his boss.

Fury thinks for a moment, "Alright, get in touch with Thor and have him go investigate. And tell him to take that brother of his."

"Yes, sir."

It turned out that Loki had been sent back to Midgard by the Allfather as his punishment to make amends for what Loki had done. Odin and Frigga had discovered that Loki was being controlled by the scepter as well. So, Odin couldn't in good conscience severely punish him. Fury wasn't too happy about it, and neither were the Avengers, though Clint was more inclined to believe Thor when he explained that Loki, also, was being controlled. When Clint looked at Loki and saw that his eyes were green instead of blue like he had seen them before, Clint realized that it was true. And so, the Avengers grudgingly accepted Loki into the Tower as long as Thor watched him.

Eventually, Coulson shows up at Avenger's Tower. He goes to the main floor where the Avengers and Loki are sitting around watching a movie. They all turn around and look at Coulson, "Agent! To what do we owe this visit," Tony asks.

"I have business with Thor and Loki," Coulson tells Tony.

Thor and Loki look at each other, "What can we do for you, Son of Coul," Thor asks.

"There seems to be some strange activity in Surrey, England that Director Fury wants you to check out."

"And what does that have to do with us," Loki asks.

"It's a strange weather pattern that is centered on a certain neighborhood, Privet Drive."

"How is that possible," Thor asks.

"We don't know, that's why Fury wants you to look and find out what's causing it. If it's a mutant, we'll let Professor Xavier handle it. If not, we need you to fix it," Coulson tells Thor.

"Why do I have to go along," Loki asks.

"Isn't it obvious Reindeer Games, Thor is your handler. Wherever he goes, you go," Tony tells Loki.

Loki scowls at Tony.

"Calm yourself, brother, Tony is correct; you must accompany me on this adventure. When do we leave Son of Coul?"

"Whenever you and Loki are ready."

"Give us a moment, then," Thor said, then he and Loki left to go to their floor.

When Thor and Loki were ready, they left with Coulson to Surrey. It took them several hours to get to England. When they arrived in Surrey, Coulson had the quinjet land in an empty park. Thor and Loki got out of the Quinjet and looked around. Thor closed his eyes and nods, "Yes, I can feel that the storms that have been happening here lately are not normal."

"Do you think you can find the source of what's been causing these storms, Thor," Coulson asked.

"Yes, I can feel a strong pull coming from this direction," Thor said as he pointed towards a hill on the other side of the park.

Coulson nodded, "Okay, let's go then."

Thor, Loki, and Coulson walked through the park and began climbing the hill. In the distance, there was a broken swing set underneath a large tree with a little girl sitting on it. The little girl looked like she couldn't be more than eight years old. The men stared at the little girl from a distance; she was dressed in boys' clothes far too large for her and torn sneakers. With their excellent eyesight, Thor and Loki could tell that the little girl was no more than meat and bone and that she had a large bruise on her face. The little girl had her dark hair in a braid and had green eyes.

"You think that little girl is causing the storms," Coulson asked.

"I am positive," Thor said as he continued to stare at the little girl. His heart clenched at seeing such a little thing so obviously abused.

Loki was also staring at her but for an entirely different reason. The longer Loki stared at the little girl, the more he noticed that there was a slight shimmer around her. Loki had immediately seen the magic in her, but that's not what had his attention. The longer he stared, the more he was able to see past the glamour that was put on the child until he saw the real her. His eyes widened when he was finally able to see past the glamour. Underneath the dark locks and green eyes was a little girl with blonde hair and eyes so blue that they looked familiar. Loki glanced at Thor and realized where he had seen those eyes before. They were the same eyes as his brother, Loki gasped.

Thor and Coulson looked at Loki, "Brother, is there something wrong?"

"Thor, when was the last time you came to Midgard without father's permission?"

"Eleven years ago, why?"

"Did you take a lover?"

Coulson blushed and walked away.

"Yes, her name was Lily Evans. It was a very brief affair, but I did care for her; she had broken up with her betrothed when I met her. She was also a witch."

That explained the magic that Loki felt coming from the little girl. "Could you have left Lily with a child?" Loki asked.

"I do not believe so; Lily said that she had a magical way to prevent pregnancy."

Loki frowned.

"Brother, why are you asking me all this?"

"Thor, that little girl looks exactly like you."

"No she doesn't, she looks like you."

Loki rolled his eyes and sighed. He took Thor by the arm and pushed some of his magic into him. Even though Thor had some magic, it wasn't nearly as powerful as Loki's. After Loki pushed his magic into Thor, Loki motioned towards the child, "Look again."

Thor's eyes widen when he saw the little girl without the glamour, she was an exact copy of him, except more feminine, "Odin's beard, this cannot be."

"What?" Coulson asked.

"This little girl is my daughter."

"What?!" Coulson exclaimed.

"She's Thor's daughter. That would explain why she can control the weather," Loki said.

"And why I am drawn to her," Thor added.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," both gods said.

"What do you want to do, Thor," Coulson asked.

"Take her with me."

"Whoa, wait, you can't kidnap a kid off a playground."

"I am not kidnapping her; I am taking custody. It is obvious that her mother is mistreating her, and I will not have my child injured."

"Why don't we talk to her first, then decide from there," Coulson suggests.

Thor nods.

The three men made their way towards the swing set where the little girl sat. She was looking at the other children playing on the playground below, where the other children were playing and sighed. Evie wished that she had a friend to play with, but her cousin Dudley had run off anyone that tried to be her friend. So there Evie was all alone on a broken swing set watching the other children having the time of their lives with their parents. That was something else that Evie wished she had, someone that loved her. She knew her relatives would never love her no matter how hard she worked. Evie would always be a freak and a burden to them.

Evie was so lost in thought that she didn't notice the three men approaching until they were standing right next to her. When she looked up, Evie finally saw the three men. The was one balding man who was wearing a blue suit; he had a smile on his face and kind eyes. The other man had black hair and green eyes almost like her own; he was wearing a nicer black suit. The man had a smile on his face as well, but you could see his eyes twinkled with mischief. The third man was huge and had long blonde hair and a beard. He had the most beautiful blue eyes that Evie had ever seen and a broad smile on his face. Of the three men, Evie likes the blonde the most.

The blonde man kneeled in front of Evie, "Hello, little one. Why are you up here all alone?"

"Hello, sir, I'm not allowed to play with the other kids, or I'll get in trouble," Evie told him.

Thor frowned, "Why would you get in trouble?"

"Because of my cousin will tell my aunt and I'll be punished. Freaks like me don't deserve friends."

Coulson and Loki frown. Coulson wondered why the little girl wasn't afraid to talk to them. Hadn't anyone ever told her not to talk to strangers? So he decided to ask, "Has anyone ever told you that you're not supposed to talk to strangers?" Coulson asked.

"They told me at school but, my aunt doesn't care if I do."

"Well, we can't have you talking to strangers. I am Thor Odinson, this is my brother Loki, and this is Son of Coul."

"Phil, Phil Coulson," Agent Coulson corrected.

Evie smiled, "I'm Evelyn Iris Potter, but you can call me Evie."

"It is nice to meet you, Evie," Thor said, holding out his hand. Evie took it, and Thor kissed her hand, causing Evie to blush.

Loki kneeled beside Thor and looked at his niece, "Tell me, Evie, do you live with your aunt and cousin?"

"And my Uncle Vernon."

"Where are your parents, Little One?"

Evie gave Loki a sad look, "They died in a car crash when I was a baby. My Aunt Petunia told me they were both drunk when they crashed."

Loki stared at the little girl. Being Loki Silver Tongue, he could tell that what her Aunt had told Evie wasn't true. He wondered what happened to Evie's parents. Deciding not to dwell on it, for now, Loki decided to ask Evie a few more questions.

"How old are you, Evie?"


Loki looked at Thor and Coulson; both men were thinking the same thing. Evie was far too small for a ten-year-old. Loki asked one more question.

"Do you know your parent's name?"

Evie nodded, "Lily and James Potter."

Thor inhaled sharply, and he remembered that the Lily he knew was once going to marry a man named James Potter. This couldn't be a coincidence. Thor was even more convinced that this child was his. She was the right age for it, and underneath the glamour, Evie looked just like him. Thor looked at Loki and nodded. That was all Loki needed. Loki reached out and was about to touch Evie when Coulson grabbed his hand.

"What are you doing?"

"I am removing the glamour; it is as I thought she is his."

"No, Loki, you can't remove it just like that. You'll traumatize her. And we need to make arrangements to get custody. We need to talk to the relatives."

"Alright, let us talk to these relatives."

Evie looked between the two men confused. She didn't know what a glamour was, but apparently, she had one, and Mr. Loki could remove it. Evie wondered briefly if it was something dangerous.

Thor looked at Evie with a concerned look, he tilted her face to the side and saw the palm-shaped bruise, "How did you get this, Evie?"

"I fell."

Thor, of course, knew that wasn't true, "Are you sure? You know Evie, if something or someone is bothering you, you can tell me," Thor said in his most caring voice.

Evie didn't know what came over her, but suddenly she threw herself in Thor's arms and started crying into his chest. She had been burdened with her secrets for so long that Evie had to tell someone. She began to tell Thor everything that she had gone through since she was a baby and how terrible her relatives were to her. The more Thor heard, the angrier he got. The sky darkened, and thunder could be heard in the distance. Slowly it started getting louder and louder. Lightning flashed across the sky.

"Calm yourself, Brother," Loki said, "We will deal with this momentarily."

Coulson was already on the phone calling the authorities and arranging for child protective services to give custody over to Thor. A DNA test would have to be done, but he knew it would come back in their favor.

"Right, we'll meet you there," Coulson said into his phone and hung up. He looked at Thor and Loki, "Gentlemen, I think it's time for Evie to take us to meet her relatives."

Evie's eyes widen, "No, Mr. Coulson, sir, if they found out I was talking to you, I'll be punished."

Thor stood up and offered his hand to the little girl, "I promise you, Evie, no one will ever hurt you again."

Evie looked up at Thor; for some reason, she believed his words. "Okay, Mr. Thor, I'll take you to my relatives."