Evie carefully gets down from the swing and tells the three men to follow her. Evie's nervous that she's going to get a beating by her Uncle Vernon when she gets home for bringing home three strange men. But Mr. Thor insisted that he would protect her from her uncle and that things were going to get better.

When Evie, Thor, Loki, and Coulson arrived at number 4 Privet Drive, the authorities had already arrived and were waiting for them. The lead detective spotted Agent Coulson and walked over to him, "Agent Coulson, we have Vernon and Petunia Dursley in custody. All we need is a statement from the victim and to get pictures of her injuries."

"We have her right here," Phil said.

Phil looked down at Evie then he kneeled in front of her, "Evie, this is detective Simmons, he's here to help you."

"With what?" Evie asked.

Detective Simmons kneeled, "With the awful things your relatives did to you, Sweetie. They're going to be punished because what they did to you wasn't right."

"It wasn't? Even though I'm a freak?" Evie asked.

Thor was starting to get angry again. Loki had explained to him what freak meant, Thor's blood boils that anyone would call his daughter that. Thor suddenly picked up the little girl, "You are not a freak, Evie, you are a special little girl and very precious."

"Thor's right, Honey, no one has the right to treat you the way you were treated or call you that. Now, do you think you can help, Detective Simmons?" Coulson asked.

Evie thought for a moment, "Yes."

"Could you show us to your room so we can get your things?"

Evie asked Thor to put her down, then took him by the hand and led him into the house. She led the men to the cupboard under the stairs. Coulson and the others looked at each other confused.

"Are your things in there?" Loki asked.

"Yes, sir, this is my room."

It took everything in Thor not to strike the house with lightning and set it ablaze. Detective Simmons opened the door and was assaulted with the smell of blood and urine. He turned to Evie and smiled, "Maybe we can leave your things in there and get you some new clothes."

"I don't need new clothes, Mister," Evie explained, "I don't want to be a burden."

"You are not a burden, Little One. It would be a privilege to get you new clothes," Thor said.

She smiled up at Thor, "Okay, Mr. Thor. I only need to take my blanket."

The blanket she grabbed must have been from when she was a baby; it was small pink with little hearts embroidered in it with her name stitched into it. Evie hugged it to herself, then retook Thor's hand and left the house. The minute they walked out, Detective Simmons called for the forensics team to come in and catalog everything.

While they had been in the house, Petunia and Vernon had been taken away to jail. Dudley was going to be left in foster care until someone could take him, supposedly his Aunt Marge. Detective Simmons informs Coulson that Evie needs to go to the hospital so that they can catalog the abuse she suffered at the hands of the Dursleys. Coulson nods and goes over to explain to Thor and Loki.

"Thor, we need to take Evelyn to the hospital."


"The detectives need to catalog the abuse that she suffered so that they can build a stronger case against her relatives. Child Protective Service will meet us there, and from there, they'll decide what to do with her."

"What do you mean she's my child!" Thor exclaimed.

Luckily Loki had cast a privacy ward around Coulson and Thor so that Evie wouldn't hear what they were talking about; he was talking to the little girl to distract her.

"I know she is, Thor, but the agents need proof before they can hand Evie over to you. You'll have to submit to a paternity test, but considering who you are, they'll more than likely give you custody of her."

Thor frowned, "I will submit to whatever test is needed but have care, Son of Coul, I will have my child no matter what."

Coulson nods, he'll do whatever he had to do to make sure that Thor got custody of Evie. The last thing he needed was to bring the wrath of Asgard down on Earth. Coulson then kneels and begins to explain to Evie what was going to happen now.

"Evie, we need to take you to see the doctor so that he can examine you."

Evie looked at Coulson, confused. Coulson closed his eyes and sighed, "Do you know what a doctor is?"

"Yes, but I've never seen one. Aunt Petunia said that freaks like me don't need to see doctors. She said I had to heal on my own."

Thor and Loki stiffened, from what Loki could tell from his magic, Evie had suffered several severe injuries in her short life. It was unconscionable what these people did to his niece. Thor kneeled and smiled at Evie, "Well, little one, we must take you to a healer so that they can how you fair."

Evie looked nervously at Thor, "Will you stay with me, Mr. Thor?"

Thor smiled widely, "Of course, little one, I will not leave for anything in the Nine Realms."

Evie didn't understand what he meant by the Nine Realms, but she felt better that Thor wasn't going to leave her side, "May I pick you up, Evie?" Thor asked.

Evie's heart leaped, she had never been picked up before and was so happy that someone wanted to that with her. She smiled at Thor and nodded. Thor opened his arms, and Evie walked into them. When Thor stood up, he frowned at how light Evie was. He could tell she was underweight by looking at her, but not this bad.

Thor, Loki, and Coulson walked to the SUV that was waiting for them to take Evie to the hospital. Coulson sat in the front seat while Evie sat between Thor and Loki. They strapped her in, and the driver left to the hospital. When they arrived, a pediatrician and a female nurse were waiting for them at the entrance with a wheelchair along with an agent from Child Protective Services. Thor gets out of the SUV and helps Evie out; he then picks her up. The doctor and nurse walk over to Thor, immediately recognizing him from the attack on New York.

"Mr. Odinson, I'm Dr. Stone, the pediatrician on call, and this is my nurse, Lisa. We'll be taking Evelyn upstairs to examine and document her injuries. This is Mrs. Anderson; she'll be Evelyn's caseworker."

Thor smiled, "It is a pleasure to meet you all. I shall be accompanying young Evie while she is being examined." Thor said as he held Evie close.

The doctor and nurse looked at each other. That wasn't what they had in mind, but seeing how the little girl was clinging to Thor and the look on Thor's face. Thor may have been smiling, but his eyes crackled with power leaving no room for discussion.

Dr. Stone nodded, "That's fine, Mr. Odinson. If you could put Evie in the wheelchair, we'll take her in the hospital."

Thor put the little girl into the wheelchair then followed beside Evie as they made their way into the hospital. While this was going on, Coulson was talking to the social worker explaining that there was a high probability that Thor was Evie's biological father.

"Mr. Odinson will have to submit to a paternity test, and once the results are back, if he is her father, we'll give him custody of Evie."

"I explained that to Thor, and he's willing to submit to whatever test is necessary."

Mrs. Anderson nods. She, Coulson and Loki follow behind Thor and the others to the examining room. Thor picks up Evie and deposits her in the bed and covers her up. He smiles down at her and gently squeezes her hand, Evie returns the smile. Once she's settled into the bed, the nurse begins to take her vitals, her temp and blood pressure, pulse, and pulse ox. She'll get Evie's weight later.

After that, Dr. Stone takes over and examines Evie. He checks her heart and lungs, then does a physical exam on her; he doctor document every scrape, bruise scar, and whip mark on the little girl. While he's doing that, the nurse is taking pictures of Evie's tiny body. She's nothing but skin and bone.

As the exam continues, the doctor starts asking her about any injuries she may have had. At first, Evie doesn't say anything, but one look at Thor's face, and she has the courage to answer all the doctor's question. She tells him of all the injuries she's had about her Aunt Petunia hitting her in the head with a frying pan for ruining breakfast.

Mrs. Anderson is writing all of this down while the doctor is writing down what test he needs to have done. Dr. Stone order blood work down to see how malnourished Evie is. And while he was doing that, he would also order a DNA test. Dr. Stone ordered X-Rays and a CT scan of Evie's head to see if there was any brain damage. The doctor smiled at Evie and told her that he needed to talk to Mrs. Anderson and Agent Coulson. In the meantime, Thor and Loki sat with Evie to keep her company.

"Evelyn has suffered a great deal of abuse and neglect. I need to see how malnourished she is and see what's been has been broken and see if it healed properly. I also ordered a DNA test."

"Will you need a blood sample from Thor, normal needles can't pierce his skin."

"No, a cheek swab is enough for him."

"Thor already said that he'd agree to whatever test was necessary," Coulson tells the doctor.

"Good, then let's get started. I'll have the nurse do the swab while Evie is taken to X-rays."

By the time they had finished their conversation, the nurse had drawn the blood necessary to run the tests. Evie didn't flinch; she was so busy being entertained by Thor and Loki that she wasn't paying attention. The nurse hooked up an IV to Evie and explained to her that she needs the liquid that she was a little dehydrated, that she should move her left arm too much.

"Okay, Lisa, I won't."

A little while later, the X-ray tech comes in with the X-ray machine to take the X-rays. He took X-rays of Evie from head to toes when he was finished; another tech came in to take Evie to get her CT-scan. As soon as Evie left, Lisa explained to Thor that she needs to swab the inside of his cheek to collect DNA to prove he was Evie's father.

"I'll put a rush on this; we should have the results in an hour."

Thor gives the nurse a dazzling smile, "Thank you, my lady."

Lisa blushed and left the hospital room.

Several minutes later, the radiology tech wheeled Evie back into the room. Thor and Loki smiled at her, and Loki helped Evie back into bed. A short time later, Doctor Stone stone got the results of the lab work and radiology. He looked them over and frowned. The tests showed that Evie was acutely malnourished and dehydrated. She had several old fractures, some that didn't heal properly, and that she had a fracture in her wrist and ankle. Doctor Stone decided that Evie would need to be hospitalized for malnutrition and dehydration and cast her wrist and give her a boot for her ankle. He informed Mrs. Anderson, and she made a note of it to add additional charges against the Durselys.

When the DNA results came back and indeed showed that Thor was Evie's father, Dr. Stone decided that he could disclose his treatment plan for his daughter to him. Mrs. Anderson took a copy of the DNA results with her to file the proper custody forms. Dr. Stone walks back into the room with Coulson and asks Thor to step out into the hallway with him for a minute. Evie panics for a minute, but Loki smiles down at her.

"Fear not, little one; Thor will be right back. He only needs to talk to the healer. In the meantime, I can show you a bit of magic."

Evie frowns, "Mr. Loki, magic isn't real."

Loki smiles, "I beg to differ, Niesen min (my niece.) Magic is genuine."

Loki waved his hand, and sparkling lights appeared overhead. They slowly transformed into little animals chasing each other. Evie looked on in fascination and wonder. While this was going on, Dr. Stone was outside informing Thor and Coulson of the test results.

"We have the test results back. There's good news and bad."

"What's the good news," Coulson asked.

"According to the DNA results, Thor is indeed Evelyn's father."

Thor beamed at the news, "I knew it. I can feel the connection between us."

Coulson patted Thor on the shoulder, "Congratulations, Thor."

"Thank you, Son, of Coul, but tell me, doctor, what is the bad news?"

"The bad news is that Evelyn needs to be hospitalized for malnutrition and dehydration. She may be here for several days, and while she's here, we'll start her on a special diet to help combat malnutrition. She also had several old fractures that didn't heal properly, and right now; she has a fractured wrist and ankle."

"That would explain why she's slightly limping," Coulson said.

"Yes, the fracture isn't too severe, we'll give her a boot for it, but her wrist needs to be put in a cast."

After hearing everything that the doctor had said, his anger slowly started building, but he took a deep breath to calm down. After the doctor finished going over his plan with Thor and Coulson, they went back into the room. They found Loki telling Evie a story that Frigga had told him and Thor when they were little. They both looked up when the door opened, Evie beamed when she saw Thor. Dr. Stone sat down in the chair close to Evie and smiled at her.

"Well, Evie, we have your results, and it turns out you're a little sick, and you're going to have to stay with us for a while." Dr. Stone informs her.

Evie frowns, "How long?"

"A few days, a week at the most. After that, you're going to be going home with your father."

"But, my daddy's dead."

"No, honey, we did a test to see who your real father is, and it turns out that Mr. Odinson is your real father."

Evie's eyes widen, and she slowly turns to look up at Thor. He smiles down at her, "You're my real daddy, Mr. Thor?"

Thor kneeled and looked Evie in the eyes and placed a large hand on her head, "Yes, little one, I am your father, and from now on I am going to take care of you."

Evie grinned at Thor, "I have a daddy," Then she looked at Loki, "Does that mean you're my Uncle, Mr. Loki?"

"Yes, little dove, I am."

Evie started to tear up, "I never thought I'd have a good uncle."

"I will be the best uncle you could ever have, Niesen min, (My niece.)"

Thor, seeing that Evie was about to burst into tears, carefully brought her into his arms and hugged her. She began to cry into his shoulder; Thor kissed the top of her head, "Do not cry, little one. Everything will be alright."

Evie pulled back and sniffled, "I know, I'm only so happy that someone loves me now," She suddenly looked at Thor apprehensively, "You do love me, don't you Mr. Thor?"

Thor's heart ached, and he hugged Evie again, "With all my heart."

"Can, can I call you, Daddy?"

"Of course, little one, you may call me whatever you wish."

Evie leaned her head against Thor's shoulder, "Daddy."

Everyone stayed quiet for a while until Dr. Stone cleared his throat. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but we still need to treat Evie's wrist and ankle."

Thor pulled away, "Of course, Doctor."

Dr. Stone called the nurse so that they could plaster Evie's wrist and get her a boot. After they finished, Lisa wheeled Evie to the Pediatric Ward, where she would have a private room. As they walked, Thor and Loki hung back a little, "Thor, what did the doctor tell you?" Loki asked.

"Evie er akutt underernært og har flere gamle skader. Hun har lidd veldig av å bo sammen med disse menneskene. (Evie is acutely malnourished and has several old injuries. She has suffered greatly from living with those people.)" Thor told Loki in Norwegian.

"Disse menneskene vil betale for det de har gjort mot henne.(Those people will pay for what they have done to her.)"

Thor looked at Loki, who gave him a shark-like grin and nodded.

"Få dem til å lide, bror, men ikke drep dem. (Make them suffer, Brother, but do not kill them.)"

Loki turned to Coulson, "Come, Son of Coul, we have prisoners to visit."

Coulson gave Loki a suspicious look, "What are you planning?"

Loki's green eyes glowed, and he gave Coulson a mischievous smirk, "I only plan to cause a little mischief, I will explain as you take me to where those filthy mortals are being held."

Coulson was going to protest, but he looked at a battered and bruised Evie and slowly agreed, "Let's go."