To the readers: I spend a lot of times making up stories, but this time, I thought I might write one down. I don't have an exact picture of where this is gonna go but I do have some basic idea of where I want the story to end up (devious smile). I don't know how long the story will be, but I'm just going to wing it....
-vickie- PS- just a tip to you all: the story is told from different points of view, in case you get confused, although I don't think u will. Ur all smart people.... oh yeah, chapter one is gonna be kinda long, hope u don't mind.

Chapter One:
Draco sat in his bed early one Saturday morning. It was a cold October day and rain poured heavily against the window. The room was empty, and Draco supposed that everyone had gone to breakfast, as it was just about meal time. Bored, and not really hungry, Draco decided to get dressed and head down to the commonroom... The room was empty and Draco once again was bored. He quickly scanned the room to look for something to entertain him while he procrastinated doing his Divination homework (he hated that damn class. He was convinced that Professor Trawleny had sniffed one to many scented candles and finally lost it.) Finding nothing but a stupid Witch Weekly magazine, Draco gave in. He started back to his room to get his books when he spotted a brown book on the floor. He picked it up. It read: A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. "Who?" Draco asked aloud. He opened the book to the inside cover. Written in very messy handwriting, it said "Property of Samuel Sheffield." Draco snickered to himself. "Damn mugbloods always reading dumn books." He tossed the book to the floor and started to the corridor when a combination of curiosity and laziness (to start his homework) overtook him. Glancing around, as if expecting to see someone spying on him, he took the brown book from the floor. He took it over to the couch and began reading. It only took Draco an hour to get through the story, which was actually a play. "Wow," he said as he closed the book, "That was actually pretty good." He thought about how that spell had made Lysander fall for Helena instead of Hermia. He loved stories where people's emotions were played around with. He wished it could happen in real life....And then an idea occurred to him- It could happen! All he needed to do was to go to the library and find a similar, if not the same spell to the one in the story. He smiled to himself slyly. Without any further contemplation, and with a new surge of energy, Draco jumped of the couch and headed out the door and to the library. He did stop, however, to drop the book on the floor, exactly where he found it (as to not raise any suspicions of him.) To Draco's surprise, he found the library almost full. He then remembered that the Potions' report on illegal potions of the Middle Ages was due on Monday. Luckily, he had finished that a week ago; being that Potions was his favorite class- (Three guesses why. lol) He scanned the shelves for something relevant and found nothing. Most love spells he found would not work because it would only make someone fall in love with you, and that was something Draco did not want at all. Finally, after about and hour of searching, he found a book he might- Most Potent Potions. He flipped through the pages furiously, seeing things like the Illuminations Potions (To go back in time and watch what has happened in the past.), and the Polyjuice Potion (You know what that is...). Then, he saw a page that caught his eye-The Peligrose Love Potion. He read the caption:

"This extraordinary potion can make a person fall in love with either the first person he or she sees. Considered extremely potent and very likely to go wrong, it is not recommended unless as a desperate measure..."

Draco smiled to himself. Could this be any more perfect? This potion was sure to cause much havoc, and whoever gets the brunt of it will be totally screwed. All he had to do was pick who he was going to- His thoughts were abruptly interrupted by a loud voice from the next aisle. "Harry!" exclaimed the voice. It clearly Ron Weasley "Shhh!" whispered another voice, which was Harry's. "Sorry," said Ron in a loud whisper, "I can't believe that you're going to do that." "I have to," Harry whispered back, "If I wait any longer, I might lose the chance to ask her. She is graduating next year." The Harry's and Ron's voices died down to a low whisper that Draco couldn't even hear. "Ugh, Harry!" Draco thought to himself. "What, does he think he's going to ask out a girl? How pathetic. Hope she says no. Can't believe he would ever think a girl other than that Mugblood Granger would even look at him. I can't believe Potter even likes girls. The way him and Weasley hang out together all the time, you'd think they were- Oh my God! I have such a good idea!" Draco closed the book, tucked it under his arm, and headed out of the libtaty.

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