Limberger was finally defeated and sent back to Mars to be put on trial, as well as the rest of the Plutarkian leadership.

Throttle and Modo left the garage to head back to the Scoreboard to pack up to head back to Mars, leaving Vinnie and Charley to work out their feelings.

He watched his brothers leave, then turned to Charley and saw a tear in her eye. He went over to her, removed his bandanna from around his neck, wiping the tear away, then said, "You can come with us, with me. Back to Mars."

"Vin, I can't go. I have a garage to run, customers to take care of, a life here on earth," she said.

"And what about, us?" He asked, retrying the bandanna around his neck. "I thought we meant something to each other? Something more, than a simple friendship?"

"We do, Vinnie. Can't you stay here, have a life here, on earth, with me?" She asked, almost pleading.

He took her hands in his, looked down into her eyes. He didn't want to leave her, but he knew he had to return to Mars with his brothers. That was his home, where he belonged. "Charley, this is the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. Over the years, I have fallen for you. I may have come on strong, but it was a mask, to hide that I'm really weak. I have been in numbers of relationships, where I stuck around long enough to sleep with them, and when they got attached, I broke it off. You are the first woman, who is making me want something more than just sex. Please, come with me to Mars. I want you to be my one and only. I want you to be the one to give me kids, the one I want to grow old with. Be mine, Charley!"

She answered him by kissing him, deeply. Letting him feel how much she really does care for him.

Vinnie kissed her back, pulling her tighter to his body, with the intention of never letting go. He separated his mouth from hers, whispered, "I love you, Charley Davidson," then simply hugged her for all he was worth.

She closed her eyes, tears began to fall, freely from her eyes, as she pushed him away. "You had to say it! Damn you, Vinnie! You are making, telling you Goodbye, nearly impossible!"

He felt his stomach drop. He looked at her, gulped in nervousness, then asked, "Goodbye? I said I love you, and you are saying, goodbye, as in forever?"

She faced the wall so she didn't have to look at him, when she hurt the man, she loved, "We shouldn't have let ourselves fall in love, Vinnie. It was a mistake. I knew one day, you would leave. I kept hoping that day would never come and you would stay here, forever. Now, that day has come, and I have to make the hardest choice I ever had to make! I do want to go with you, be those things you want me to be. However, I belong, here on earth and you belong on Mars, with your brothers."

He started taking a step towards her, and she yelled, "Stop! Don't make this any harder than it has to be! Leave! Don't look back!"

"Charley," he pleaded.

"Can't you listen?! Leave me, and don't come back!" She screamed.

Vinnie's tail hit the ground and left the garage, for the last time. He got on his bike, looked back at the Garage, and as he slipped his helmet on, he did something he swore he would never do again. He cried, as he rode away from the one woman, he loved more than anything.

Months flew by. Throttle and Modo settled back into their lives on Mars.

Throttle started getting serious with Carbine and actually moved in with her.

Modo reunited with his nephew and niece and found a quite cute girl while he was out with his family. They hit it off and he started dating her.

Night fell and while his brothers were out with their women, Vinnie sat in a open window frame, with his right foot on the frame, looking back at Earth. He's done this for months on end, wondering what Charley was doing. Finally, he had enough. He slipped out of the window, grabbed his helmet and went out to the desert to clear his mind with a reckless bike ride.

Out in the desert, an alarm sounded in a Plutarkian Experimental Facility. A lone female, wearing a short gray skirt an minuscule tank top was running though the halls, desperately trying to escape. Her bare feet, slapped on the tiles as she ran. She wished the hall was larger so she could use her wings to fly, but as of now, she had to be content to run.

"Experiment X001 has escaped! All personnel, find her and bring her back! Un harmed!" The voice over the PA said.

"I have to get out of here!" She said. She turned around a corner and ran smack dab into six guards. "Hi, would you considered letting me go?" She sweetly asked.

"Get her!" One of the guards ordered.

"Shit!" She said as she got into a defensive stance with her arms out. Since she was mutated with Bat DNA, she developed wings like a bat, her ears became more pointed, and her teeth became like a bats, complete with fangs.

As the guards attacked, she used her abilities to take them out, one by one, leaving each one with a bite mark on their necks. She looked at the guards, now in a neat little pile, all knocked out. "Not bad, I guess I learned something for all those fighting classes they made me take." She looked around and found a hall, which at the end were a pair of metal double doors that she hoped lead to the outside. She took off in that direction, running as fast as she could.

She hit the doors with her left arm as hard as she could, making them crash open, revealing nothing but daylight on the other side. She was falling. She screamed in terror for a brief second, before opening her arms, letting the air catch her wings, and flying away. "See you, never! Fuckers!" She said.

An hour later, she found a small cave out in the middle of the desert. She landed and examined the area. In the distance, she heard the sounds of a stream flowing, which meant water and food was near. She entered the cave and found some natural shelving on the left, she could use for storage, a large slab which could be used for a bed in front of her, and to her right, a large area which could be used for preparing her meals. "Not bad, not bad at all. Could use a little sprucing up, but I like it."

She settled herself down on the slab, draped her right wing over her body, using her left arm as a pillow, and started to drift off.

Vinnie rode through the desert, kicking up the sand with his bike. He was riding as fast as he could. He rode over a natural ramp, launching him into the air, screaming, "Awwo!" As he flew through the air.

His screaming, woke her up. She lifted her wing from her body, rubbed the sleep from her eyes, then said, "So much for tranquility." She stood up, straightened her skirt since it rode up, showing off her curvy backside, and the scraps of fabric that barely covered her womanly parts. "Now, to go and discourage the idiot who disturbed my sleep." She took off and flew out of the cave.

She found a white mouse, riding a racing-styled bike, riding like a mad man, performing all sorts of stunts and making a large amount of noise. She took notice of how well his mostly naked upper body looked and admired, from what she could see, firm backside encased in those tight jeans he was wearing. "Not a bad specimen of what a man should look like. Nice and well-built. Wonder if his package is as impressive as his ass?" She asked herself. She descended and flew just above the ground, picking up a few small stones to gain the biker's attention, and flew backup in the air.

Vinnie almost felt normal again. The harder he rode, the more he seemed to forget about Charley. That was until he looked up in the sky and caught a glimpse of the Earth. His former home looked so small in the distance. That was when he remembered what it felt like to be riding like he was, with Charley behind him. The way she smiled, laughed, and the way her body molded against his. He brought his bike to a skidding stop, put his feet on the ground, then folded his arms over the tank, rested his head against them, and bawled his eyes out.

She was about to throw one of the stones to gain the attention of the white mouse, until she saw him skid to a stop, and apparently very upset about something. She dropped the rocks to the ground, landed to his left, and as she gently placed her right hand on his left shoulder, she asked, "Hey, are you ok?"

Vinnie felt a gentle touch on his shoulder and lifted his head from his arms. That was when he saw one of the most interesting women he has ever seen. Between her chest length raven black hair, streaked with violet, dark brown fur, perfect chest, curvy waist, long legs, poking out of a very short gray skirt, and then, there were her eyes. They were this light silver color, like he had never seen. "Who.. who are you?" He asked in return.

She took her hand back, and as she ran the fingers through her hair, she answered, "Me? I'm no one."

He looked up further and saw her pointed ears and her wings. "I don't think you are no one. A babe like you, must be someone?"

Her eyes went a little wider with that comment. Never, ever has someone complimented her. She was always called an abomination, mutated disaster, or simply, a failure. "You must be talking about someone else."

He gently took her hands in his, being careful of her wings, and as he stroked the back of her hands, he said, "No, I'm definitely talking about, you. Do you have a name, or do I have to call you, Flying Fox?"

She laughed, which is something she hasn't done in a very long time. 'What is it about this guy? He shows up out of nowhere and he makes me laugh? Whatever it is, I kind of like it!' She thought, before she answered, "I really don't have a name." She took her hands back, looked back over her right shoulder in the direction she flew from, then said, "From what I was told, I am one of the Plutarkian experiments, gone wrong. I was made, not born. As you can see, I'm half mouse, half bat. I guess, I was the first, of many, I only have an identifier, not a name. They called me X001."

Vinnie got off of his bike, went over to her, and as he wrapped his hands around her waist, he said, "I sort of know what you went through. My brothers and I were captured during the war, and experimented on. Throttle, our leader, and one of my best friends, lost his eye sight. My other best friend, Modo, lost his arm. Those so-called doctors replaced it with a mechanical one and they gave Throttle artificial eyes, which never worked right. If it wasn't for the special specs, Coach gave him, he'd be blind. Me, I lost half of my face in an explosion, but doesn't the mask look cool?"

She ran the palm of her hand over the mask. She felt the cool, smooth steel, then she let her hand slip lower to his jaw, feeling the soft fur of his face, the heat of his body, warming her hand. She liked that feeling, a lot.

Vinnie felt her hand on his cheek, then did something he hasn't done in a very long time. He brought her hand to his mouth, and kissed it.

She took her hand back, and asked, "Why.. why did you kiss my hand? I don't even know your name, and you kiss me?"

"Its Vincent, go by Vinnie, and as for why I kissed your hand? Your touch felt, very nice. I haven't been touched like that, in a very long time. Mind if I kiss you, again?"

She didn't know why, but she wrapped her arms around his neck, then said, "I don't mind at all."

They brought their mouths together for their first real kiss. Even though she had almost no experience with kissing another, she let herself go and let him take the lead.

Vinnie wrapped his hands around her waist, pulling her tighter into his own body, as he tapped her lips with his tongue, asking permission to taste her for the first time.

She complied, opening her mouth, letting him inside.

Vinnie slipped his tongue into her mouth, tasing the sweetness of her. Something he wanted to do, every day, as long as she would let him. But as he kissed her, his body reacted on its own, blood pumping into his lower half, and she felt it, pressing into her, hard.

She pulled back, looked down at the straining bulge in his pants, then said, "Why don't we head back to my place, and we can take care of this, big problem, before it gets any bigger."

"I like the way you think, X001," he said. "Lead on, I'll follow you anywhere, sweetheart."

"Its not that far from here," she said as she flapped her wings, lifting her off the ground, just enough so her feet weren't touching.

Vinnie walked briskly back to his bike, or as fast as he could, with his body aroused the way it was. He threw his right leg over the bike, sank down in the seat, and started the engine.

She took off into the sky, looking back at him, to make sure he was ready, then said, "Its over in those caves, do try to keep up." She leaned forward and flew away.

"Oh, I can keep up with you," he said, revving the engine, before tapping his left foot on the gear shifter, following right behind her. After a few minutes, he looked up at her. His eyes wandered up her legs, and quickly discovered, her butt was barely covered. "Oh mama, I love a girl who knows how to dress to impress!" He said through a smirk. He continued following her, but he couldn't keep his eyes on the trail in front of him, they constantly lifted up to her shapely butt.

She felt his eyes on her and decided a little bit of fun was in order. She performed a flip, flying upside down, ending up behind him, then, flew straight at him, at full force. She tackled him to the ground, landing on him, with him flat on his back, her straddling his waist. "Like what you saw, Vinnie?" She sultry asked, grinding herself against his crotch.

His answer was to pull her down onto him, kiss her, and thrust up into her. He moaned, feeling her wetness, soaking his jeans, then said, "If we don't stop now, I'm going to take you, right here in the sand.

She reached under her skirt, tore her panties from her body, then undid his belt. "Maybe, I don't want to stop," she answered, undoing his pants, reaching inside to feel his hardness directly.

He lifted his hips, letting her pull them down, freeing his erection, then lowering herself onto his cock. She moaned, as the tip slipped into her, throwing her head back and closing her eyes, letting the pleasure of being stretched take over. Since her hymen was ripped, during her training, there was no pain, only pleasure as she filled herself with him.

"By the goddess of Mars, you're tight!" He said as she rode him. "Keep fucking me, babe," he grunted, then said, "I'm almost there."

She felt a bundle of nerves, tightening up inside her as well, she didn't know what it meant, but she loved how it felt. After a few more strokes, they came undone. "Agh!" She yelled, lowering her upper body to his as she came for the first time in her life.

He roared a second later, filling her womb with so much cum, it spilled out of her, coating both of their fur. He placed his left arm around her, holding her to his chest, kissed her between her antenna, then said, "That was wonderful, Xya."

As she played with the fur on his chest, she asked, "Why did you call me Xya, Vin?"

"I can't call the woman who rocked my world, X001, can I?"

She rested her head against his chest, then said, "No, I guess you can't. I like it, and you. Care to keep your girl, warm for the rest of the night, and tomorrow, we can do this again, without the sand?"

He gently lifted her head, kissed her, then answered, "I love that idea. Which cave is yours?"

She pointed to the cave entrance about thirty feet from them, and said, "That one."

He looked at her wing and how the membrane captured the moonlight, and admitted, he was hooked. Part of his heart would always belong to Charley. But for some reason, he could see himself, giving his heart to Xya. He picked her up in his arms as he rose from the ground, discarded the rest of his pants, and carried her into the cave. He gently laid her down on the slab, then laid himself down to her left. He extended his right arm for her to rest her head on, but instead, she rested her head on his chest, cuddled up nice and tight with him, bringing her right arm and wing over them both. She proceeded to fall into a deep sleep soon after.

Vinnie listened to her breathing as she slept in his arms. "I can very easily fall in love with you, Xya." He soon fell asleep soon after.

End of Chapter