The new family was taken to the Med unit for Xya and Enzo to be examined.

Throttle latched his right arm around Carbine's waist, then said, "That was one wild wedding. But, did you see how well, Vinnie interacted with Enzo? In a few seconds, he's changed into a father. His days as the 'Sleeping with a different girl everyday' mouse is over."

"He doesn't want the same life he had for his son, Throttle," Carbine said, leaning into his large frame. "They are going to be great parents."

"Like we are going to be, hopefully sooner, rather than later," Throttle said.

"You need to marry me, first. Lover boy," Carbine said.

"Then, let me fix that," Throttle said and stepped away from her, facing her. "Carbine, I love you. Being apart from you, while I was on Earth, hurt like hell. I missed you more and more each day. I don't want to be apart from you, any longer." He fell onto his right knee, looked up into her eyes, then asked, "Carbine, will you marry me?"

Carbine rested her weight on her haunches, crossed her arms over her chest, and said, "What makes you think, I'll marry you, after you have been away from me, for so long, soldier?" Her eyes however, gave her true emotions away, that she was happier than she's ever been.

Throttle rose to his feet, looked down at her, then swept her into his arms for a searing kiss.

She kissed him back, almost tearing the uniform from his body, so she could feel those hard muscles on his back.

Throttle pulled back, just enough so she could feel his breath, then answered, "You and I belong together, Carbine. You are the missing piece in my life, just as I am yours."

She reached down between his legs, grabbing ahold of his dick, then said, "I hope you remember how to use this, Throttle. Cause, tonight; when we get home, I plan on having you fuck me, until I can't walk. And that's an order!"

He smiled at her, then asked, "I guess, that's a yes?"

She removed her hand from him, leaving him, wanting her, then said, "What do you think?" And slinked away from him, swaying her hips and tail, nice and sensually.

Throttle watched her slink away from him, especially her firm ass in the dress she was wearing. And after she slipped around a corner, he said, "What am I marrying?" He then saw her right hand, slip back around the corner, holding what appeared to be a pair of very lacy panties, tempting him to join her. He gulped, then ran after her.

Modo and Iris were riding back to his home, on the back of Lil' Hoss. She was sitting, side saddle, with her legs off to the right, her right leg folded over her left.

Modo couldn't help to look at her legs, as the strips of fabric flapped in the breeze, exposing more and more of her long legs.

"Keep your eye on the road, Modo," she said, pressing her chest further into his back.

He did make it back to his home, without too many mice, making very lewd comments about Iris' body. He stopped the bike in the driveway and shut off the impressive machine. He turned his body to the right, circling his large hands around her waist, lifting her, quite easily into his lap.

Iris wrapped her arms around his neck, then said, "You have me in a very interesting position, Modo."

"That I do, my wonderful fiancée," he said, before kissing her.

She kissed him back, resting the palms of her hands against his chest.

"Iris, you've made me a very happy mouse. I love you," he said, resuming their kiss again.

Iris pulled back and lifted herself from his lap. She took a few steps away from him, then said, "We need to have a talk, inside, Modo." And walked back into his home.

Modo followed her into the home and as he closed the door, he turned to face the mouse he loved, trembling in front of him. "Iris, is this about what happened at the wedding?" He asked.

"I haven't been totally honest with you, Modo, and if you want to break up with me, after you hear what I have to tell you, I completely understand."

Modo took a couple of steps towards her, only to hear her yell, "STOP! I need to keep my head clear in order to tell you the truth, and I can't do that, when the only thing I want to do is hold you!"

Modo stopped where he was and waited for her to explain herself.

"I'm not the mouse you think I am, Modo. My mother was captured before the war started and held in a Prison Camp. One of the guards took a liking to her, and started becoming more suggestive. She turned him down, every time. Until he managed to get her cornered one night, and he.." Tears started falling from Iris' eyes, as she contemplated telling Modo what happened next.

Modo took the last few steps, pulling Iris to him, then said, "You can tell me anything, Iris."

She quickly kissed him, then said, "And that's only one of the reasons, I love you so much." She wiped away the tears, then said, "He raped her that night. He got her pregnant, with me."

Anger filled Modo, as he thought of the wonder of a mouse, her mother is, and how she accepted him, despite him being a Battle-worn soldier. His eye glowed red, then he said, "Lilly is such a treasure, she shouldn't have had to go through that! I love her, almost as much as I love you, and if I ever find that mouse.." "Rat," she interrupted.

"Rat? Your mother was raped by a rat?" He nervously asked.

Iris nodded, then said, "My biological father, is a rat, Modo. Hence why I have these long nails, that are not like any other mouse's. Now, you know who, and what I am, do you still want to marry me?"

Modo held her tighter, not even waiting to think of an answer. Cause, he already knew what he had to say. "I do, Iris. I still want to marry you, have as many kids with you, as you will give me, spend the rest of my life, with you."

"I want those things, as well. Only with you, my handsome, wonderful mouse," Iris said, right before she kissed him.

Modo kissed her back, letting her feel how much he loved her, how his body craved hers, how hard he was, for her alone.

Iris felt his erection, poking her stomach. She pulled back from their kiss, then said, "I want you, buried deep inside me, Modo."

"As the lady wishes," he said, picking her up in his arms and carrying her, bridal style into the bedroom.

He gently set her back on her feet and resumed kissing her, letting his large hands freely roam her body.

Iris' hands weren't idle either. She grabbed ahold of his shirt, using her nails to shred the material from Modo's body, leaving him topless. The palms of her hands, rested on his chest, feeling his rapid heart beating.

Modo took the opportunity to undo the hooks that held her dress around her neck, letting it fall from her upper body. He then looked at the goddess before him, before lifting her so he could take her left nipple in his mouth.

Iris moaned in pleasure as Modo's lips and tongue danced across her sensitive flesh. Her legs wrapped around his waist while her nails dug into his back, in attempt to get even closer to him.

Modo shifted his attention from her left breast to the right one, this time, lightly bitting the nipple.

Iris saw stars when he did that, almost having an orgasm. However, the dampness between her legs was soaking the front of his pants. She knew, she had to do something about that. Reluctantly, she withdrew her breast from his mouth and loosened her legs, letting gravity take over, sliding down his body until she was on her knees in front of him.

He looked down at her, wondering what she had planned. But, his silent question was soon answered, as iris leaned forward, licking his erection through his pants. "Oh mama," he said through a moan.

She made quick work of the button and zipper holding his pants together. Letting them slide down his legs, leaving him only clad in a pair of tight black boxer-briefs, which she had chosen for him. She marveled the sight in front of her. Between his large, powerful legs, the eight-pack of abs, wide chest, arms, made to hold her, and the very large bulge in the front of his underwear, she swore she was admiring the Goddess' husband himself. She came forward, continuing licking and teasing him through the thin-tight material.

Modo's fists were clenched tightly, as not to grab her head and accidentally hurting her.

Iris stopped, pulling back to look at her fiancé's contorted face. "Oh, my galant, Modo. I'm not glass, I'm not going to break. Let me take care of you." She said, just before she reached out, slipping her fingers into the waist band of his underwear, pulling them down his legs. But, she was far from done. Her mouth found the tip of his erection, pulling it into her mouth.

It was now Modo's turn to be brought to the edge of Nirvana. Making Love between the two of them was always with him on top of her, thrusting in and out of her body, concentrating on bringing her pleasure, ignoring his own needs. Now, iris has turned the tables on him, performing sexual acts, he's only heard from Vinnie. He wanted to let her finish. However, his father taught him, it was more important to pat attention to the woman's needs and wants, more than your own. "Iris, can I take care of you?" He asked, in between labored breaths.

Iris did stop, long enough for her to say, "You can take care of your fiancée, after I take care of you! Modo, you have always made sure I had an orgasm, before you took any pleasure when we made love. Even the day I became pregnant with our child, you held back, focusing on my needs. For once in your life, be like your brother, Vinnie and let yourself go!" She took him back in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down his length, adding a bit of suction when she reached the tip.

Modo couldn't hold back any longer. He grasped her head, holding her still, while he exploded in her mouth. "Grah!" He grunted as his orgasm rocked his body.

Iris could barely keep up with the volume of sperm flowing from out of Modo's cock. It was akin to drinking from a hose that was turned on fully. Despite all her efforts to swallow it all, some of it leaked out of the corners of her mouth, landing on the floor, or Iris' bare legs.

Modo's orgasm started to ebb. He let go of her, panting heavily. "That.. that was amazing. No one else has ever done that to me before."

Iris swallowed the last of his cum, and as she stood back up, she said, "Then, its their loss. You have to let me do that again, Modo. You taste divine."

Modo watched as the rest of her dress fell to the floor. He admired her beauty, and being pregnant with his child, even made her more beautiful in his eyes. "My turn." Was all he said, as he picked her up in his arms and gently laid her down o the bed, with her legs hanging over the side.

"What are you planning, Modo?" She asked.

He silently fell to his knees, parted her legs, and buried his muzzle between them, licking and kissing her womanly folds.

Unlike Modo, Iris didn't hold back with letting him know how well he was doing, bringing her pleasure as no other man has ever done before. With each swipe of his tongue, she gasped in pre-orgasmic bliss and when he inserted one of his large fingers inside of her, she almost few off of the bed.

Modo gently held her in place with his left hand, while he finished giving her some of the best Oral Sex in her life. He looked up at her with his eyes only, making sure Iris was indeed on the rink of an explosive orgasm, then he sent her over the edge, by lightly nibbling on her clit.

That was iris' demise. She threw her head back against the bed, screamed his name, as her legs wrapped around his head, holding him to her quivering core.

Modo lifted his head from between her legs, then asked, "Did you like the way I took care of you, Iris?"

Iris rolled up, grabbed his heard firmly in her hands, then said, "If you don't fuck me in the next thirty seconds, I'm going to rip your balls off!"

"Your wish is my command," he said as he crawled up the bed, leveling his face with hers, and kissed her.

She kissed him back, wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him towards her.

He felt her hot core, weeping against the tip of his cock. He kissed her deeply, sliding home into her body.

"Ooo, that's the spot. Nice and deep," she said.

Modo lifted his hips, sliding out of her, just enough to make her want more. Then, slid back, inserting himself even deeper than before. He started kissing the right side of her neck, as he thrusted in and out of her, slowly bringing her to another explosive orgasm.

They continued on like this for twenty minutes straight. Sweat poured off of both of their bodies, matting their fur to their skin.

"Modo, I'm going to cum again," Iris stated, wrapping her legs tighter around his waist, pulling him deeper into her.

"So am I," Modo said, changing the angle of his thrusts, to bring her to the point of breaking, even faster.

Iris screamed as her body clamped around him, pulling his sperm from his body.

That triggered Modo's own orgasm, filling her so much, it leaked out, coating them both.

As they both recovered, they tenderly kissed. But Modo held himself inside of her.

"I love you, Modo. With every fiber of my being, I love you," Iris said.

"I love you too, Iris," he replied, feeling himself slipping out of her.

She flipped him onto his back and rested her head on his chest. "I can't wait to have our kids. We are going to be the parents. I didn't have."

"Your mother loves you to death, Iris. I wonder if she, and my mother are going to get along?"

"Our mothers are going to get along like sisters," she said.

"Oh great. They are going to argue over what to name the baby," he said. "Maybe we don't tell them."

Iris lifted her had from his chest, looked into his eye, then asked, "You would really deny your mother, the knowledge of knowing I'm pregnant?"

"Of course not. I love my mother, and she's going to be an awesome grandmother, again," Modo said.

Iris laid her head back on his chest, then said, "Too as many little mice, the Goddess will bless us with."

"As many little mice?"he asked. "How many kids do you want?"

"Hmm. At least three. How many do you want?" She asked.

"My sister has two kids. Primer, my niece, and Rimfire, my nephew. I would do anything for them."

"You didn't answer the question, my mouse," Iris said.

He wrapped his arms around her, as he said, "You're right, I didn't."

"Something tells me, you're thinking of something, dirty," Iris said.

"Not dirty, my lovely fiancée. We're both quite, viral. Let's see how many kids, we can really have," he said.

"I'm guessing, lots of time, with my hunky husband, curled up in bed. I like that idea. I'm sort of worn out, care to hold me, as I fall asleep?" She asked as her eyes fluttered closed.

Modo listened to Iris' steady breathing. He gently kissed her between her antenna, then said, "I'll hold you for the rest of my life, my love." He then fell asleep himself.

End of Chapter