Fateful Beginnings

This story idea came from recently loving the idea of a Mother/Son-in-Law relationship for Hippolyta and Kal. I also wanted to make a connection with Lara, Kal's birth mother as well. I loved new52 version of Lara being a general and scientist giving her character much more needed depth.

Note: Minor age alterations for Kal and Diana

Planet Krypton, a scientific and cultural utopia. It's nation built of the high intelligent beings, even from infancy, known as Kryptonians.

After 500 years, this planet is now on the brink of destruction.

"How could I have let this happen?" Jor-El, Krypton's leading scientist, said as chaos unfolds before his eyes. "They wouldn't listen. But I should've done more."

"Beloved, we must go!" His wife and memeber of Krypton's military, Lara Lor-Van. "This is not your fault. I will not let you wallow. They've made their choices." She looked down at her 3 year old baby boy, Kal-El, she cradled in her arms. "We must make ours right now."

The entire planet began to to shake violently

Jor-El nodded. "The ship is ready."

They raced to his lab. There, Jor-El had created a spaceship ready for this impeding day of devastation. The moment he felt there was nothing further he could do to convince his colleagues of this day. He and Lara has come to the decision to save their young son.

Kal-El was a special child of Krypton. He was the first child to naturally conceived and birthed in over 100 years. Jor-El knew from the moment he saw his son, Kal-El would grow into be a man of great endeavors.

Lara kissed Kal-El's forehead trying to hold back her tears. She had to stay strong wanting her son's last memory of her to be one of happiness.

"Coordinates are set to Earth," Jor-El informed her.

"Earth? Why there?"

Jor-El looked down and smiled at Kal. "Earth is one of the most magnificent planets in the universe with its inhabitants. I believe that Kal-El will learn a great deal and the earthlings will learn from him."

"This is what you do, Jor-El? Run from your mistakes?!" Came a very raspy disgruntled voice.

Jor-El and Lara looked up to a large man with a cloak and mask.

"Who are you?!"

"This is a new low even for you!"

"I won't ask again. Who are you?!"

The man took off his mask.

Jor-El and Lara gasped. "Dir'An!" They said in unison.

"I'm surprised you recognized me."

Dir'An was one of Jor-El's closest colleagues and best friend. 5 years ago, on an excursion to another planet, uninhabited, Jor-El and Dir'An made a discovery of a rare planet said to have been used for cures, however if not properly formulated, it could have a fatal effect.

Even though Jor-El had his reservations, Dir'An had volunteered to test the formula and by an accidental miscalculation, caused his skin to burn as if he was set on fire. A little over 50% of his body damaged. Distraught, embarrassed, and ashamed, Dir'An unreasonably blamed and resented Jor-El. Jor-El tried to find a way to reverse the effect but no luck. Dir'An has decided to go into hiding, never to have been heard from again until now.

"I'm taking the ship."


"You deserve to burn, Jor-El. I'll take your place. Lara, you will finally be mine and raise Kal-El together."

"You're insane!" Lara yelled. "I'm not going anywhere with you.

"If I can't have the ship, then no one is going anywhere."

"I'm sorry for what happened to you, Dir'An. But that wasn't my fault. I tried to help but you ran away!"

"You didn't want to truly help me. You knew I would one day surpass you so you sabotaged me!"

Jor-El shook his head. "You don't know what your saying. I-"

"And now because of you, Krypton is moments away from becoming no more."


The planet shook violently again.

"Jor-El! We have to launch the ship now!" Lara dashed at Dir'An and punched him in the face. "I will not let you harm my son!"

As she was about to punch him again, Dir'An took a dagger from his sleeve, stabbing Lara in her arm.

She winced and jumped back from him. He smirked.

"So you will not fight with honor? At least have some dignity." Lara yanked the dagger out of her arm, throwing it to the floor.

She dashed toward him again. He tried to block her but even wounded, Lara was still too fast. She punched him as hard she could knocking him unconscious.

Every explosion was much louder, much bigger, and closer.


Jor-El quickly grabbed Lara by her waist pulling her to the ship.

"Jor-El? What are you doing?!"

"Lara, you have to go with Kal-El!"

"What?! No! I won't leave you! I-"

Jor-El kissed her passionately, pouring all his love for her in this one last kiss.

"I'm sorry. I love you. We will meet again in the afterlife."

"Beloved..." She couldn't hold back her tears any longer.

"Please, go. You are needed just a bit longer."

Lara nodded and kissed him once more before stepping into the ship.

"I love you, too," she said as the ship closed.

Jor-El set the launch. Upon the ship taking off, Jor-El and Lara never took their eyes off each other.

"This can not be!" Dir'An yelled as he attacked Jor-El from behind.

"No! Jor-El! Jor-El!" Lara yelled.

She knew there was nothing she could do. Her heart shattering. Her home. Her love. Gone.

She looked to her son and gently rubbed his forehead. For he now needs her...just a little longer.

Emotionally drained and her wound now more painful than she realized, Lara began to lose consciousness. She didn't know where she and Kal-El would soon end up, but she had the faith of Rao that they would be protected.

Earth: Bermuda Triangle

Themyscira also known as Paradise Island is regarded as a highly advanced scientific and magical utopia. A secret and hidden island on Earth inhabited by the Amazons of Grecian myth. Themyscira possesses the magical ability to teleport to any location or time period its inhabitants desire.

The Amazons are the reincarnated souls of women slain throughout history by men. They were given new lives by five Olympian goddesses, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, and Aphrodite, granting immortality, great physical strength, highly acute senses, beauty, and wisdom.

Hippolyta, once a pregnant cavewoman slain circa 32,000 BCE, was the first reincarnated Amazon, thus she was titled as Queen. Hippolyta began to ache for something unknown. The yearning she felt was for her unborn child. After centuries, she bore her daughter, Diana, from a secret love affair with Zeus, the King of the Gods.

Queen Hippolyta stood on her balcony cradling her 1 year old daughter, watching as the sun set. She smiled and looked down at her.

"My beautiful Diana."

She glanced up to see something glimmering then a double take, seeing as the object was coming closer and much bigger. Frozen with shock, she watched as it went over the temples and crashed into the forest, making the whole island tremble.

"My Queen!"

"I'm aware already, Tanya. Meesa?"

"Yes, my Queen?"

"Watch over, Diana."

"But, you are to stay to be protected."

"I am Queen and it is my duty to protect this island."

Meesa nodded slightly. "Understood."

Hippolyta and ten other Amazons hurried into the forest, their weapons ready if this is an attack.

They could not hear or see anyone.

"Show yourselves! You now back down from a battle?!"

"Silence," Hippolyta warned.

"I hear something..."Ari said. "Here! Queen Hippolyta! An aircraft unlike those of man's world."

"Wait, Ari! Don't get too close!"

"There's a child crying!"

Hippolyta's heart immediately skipped a beat. She hurried to the aircraft and gasped shocked and amazed.

"It is...male..." Verna said with a bit of disgust.

Hippolyta reaches for the toddler.

"My Queen, no!"

Hippolyta looked at her with a raised brow. Verna immediately stepped back.

"Calm, little one," Hippolyta said picking him up.

Although she was a bit hesitate, it was something speaking within her heart, telling her it was okay.

The child was so precious with his curly jet black hair and his eyes as blue as the ocean.

The child stopped crying and laid his head on her shoulder.

"Someone else is here! Foot prints!"

The Amazons quickly followed to find only a few feet away was an unconscious woman.

"Stay back," Hippolyta commanded.

She slowly stepped closer to the woman. Kneeling to her, the child reached for her and started crying again. Upon realizing the woman was his mother, Hippolyta rubbed his back soothingly.

"There, there...she will be alright."

"Please...take...Kal..." she whispered.

Hippolyta frowned not understanding the woman as she was speaking an unknown language.

The woman groaned in pain and tried moving her arm. She reached up for only a moment pointing at her child before falling unconscious again.

Hippolyta nodded slightly then understanding.

"Ari, Leah, Gianna, Cori, and Isla. Search the area a bit farther. Rylee and Ximena, carefully take this woman to Renee. Her wounds need immediate attention."

"What about him?"

"I will see after him until she is well."

"What?! My Queen, with all do respect, I don't think tha-"

"I said what I said. This boy will not be harmed. If you dare even think to defy me..."

"No, of course not."

"Once she has recovered, she will inform us with the makings of this aircraft. We will assist with any repairs and they will be on their way without any confrontation. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Queen Hippolyta," the Amazons said in unison bowing to her.