Fallen Gods

Bold- Flashback: Lara's POV

Hippolyta stood over Lara, watching her for a moment. It's been 3 days since she and her child crash landed on the island. Hippoliyta was so anxious to speak with the woman, every hour praying to the Gods for her recovery.

"I predict just a few more days," Renee said.

"I suspected the healing ray would've helped along quicker?"

"Yes, it's helped a bit. However, the wound on her arm is taking time. She was stabbed and burned."

"I wish to know what happened to her."

"In due time, my Queen."

"I've noticed, with her son, he seems to have special abilities..."


"The boy eats of the Nemean lion. He is quite intelligent for his young of age in his attempt of communication, speaking only in their native tongue. And he wields the strength stronger than a mortal man. He lifted the statue of Demeter."

"Oh, really?" Renee looked to Lara. "Are they fallen Gods?"


"They are not from man's world. They are from beyond the stars. Another realm possibly?"


"Has the boy came into contact with Diana?"

"No. Why?"

"There are now two children on the island. Curious of the interactions."

"This is only temporary. Although the boy seems innocent, I can not take that chance just yet putting my daughter in harms way."


"I will be back later."

"Yes, My Queen," Renee bowed.

Hippolyta sighed as she walked out of the room. She couldn't deny within herself, she was curious as well as to how the boy and Diana would react to each other. For 3 days of watching over this boy, looking into his eyes, he was so innocent, so sweet, happy and playful. His precious little smile made her smile.

"He is just an innocent child," she said to herself.

Her heart wouldn't let her think otherwise, even thinking of him growing into a man of dishonor and destruction was impossible.

Hippolyta gasped as she opened the door and saw the Amazon gaurds, Emona and Jade, looking and reaching up.

"My Queen! The boy can fly?!"

He was giggling and noticing Hippolyta made him much happier. He flew to her and hugged her. Emona and Jade speechless. Hippolyta was quite surprised as well.

"Queen Hippolyta?" Emona questioned with her hand on her sword.

"Do not!" Hippolyta warned.

"QUEEN HIPPOLYTA?!" Wyonna, a gaurd for Diana called rushing in.

"What is wrong?!"

"The Princess...she will not stop crying."

Hippolyta nodded slightly. "Hold on to the boy." She said to Wyonna.

"My Queen...I-"

"Do as I say."

"Yes, My Queen."

Hippolyta rushed to the other room to hear very loud wailing.

"My dear Diana! Please, no more." She picked up Diana and rubbed her back soothingly but Diana wouldn't stop crying.

"She is not ill, she has eaten and even slept."

"What is wrong, my child?" Hippolyta asked her sitting on the bed.

She picked up Diana's favorite handmade doll only for Diana to throw it down and crying more.

Hippolyta frowned then raised her brow. "Now, now. That will not be tolerated."

All of a sudden Diana immediately stopped crying and laughed. Confused, Hippolyta looked to the door to see Emona and Jade trying to pull the boy back but he was flying upside down towards Hippolyta and Diana. Hippolyta instinctively held on tighter to Diana.

"Apologies, My Queen. The boy is remarkably strong."

"I will take Diana," Wyonna said.

Hippolyta looked do to see Diana still laughing. The boy, too laughing. Her heart fluttered to their sound.

"No. Leave me with the children."

"Queen Hippolyta?"

"Do not question me."

"Yes, Queen Hippolyta," they all said in unison.

Emona and Jade let him go and quickly left out with Wyonna.

Hippolyta placed Diana to sit on the floor. She then walked over to the boy turning him up right and sat him next to Diana.

Hippolyta couldn't stop smiling and her heart continued to flutter seeing their interaction. Diana grabbed her doll trying to talk and show it to him.

Even if this is to be temporary. Moments of having her daughter happy and to hear her laughter is all she wanted. And this boy...and his mother being still such a mystery, Hippolyta had the belief that maybe this was fate at its work and she could not question it.

Another 3 days passed. The woman still has not awaken but her wounds seemed to have completely healed.

Hippolyta was becoming more comfortable with the boy being around Diana. He would fly above her making her laugh. She took them down to the shore, both fascinated by finding seashells.

Diana reached up for him and to Hippolyta's amazement, Diana stood up but quickly fell back down. Diana frowned trying to stand back up. Hippolyta gasped watching her daughter take her first steps. She dropped back down. The boy flew down closer to her and took her hands. He pulled her up. Diana giggled as she was taking steps.

Hippolyta quickly wiped her face and looked at her hand. Tears? She smiled. Tears of joy.

The next day made a week since the fateful day of Lara and Kal landing on Themyscira.

With this new atmosphere as well as still not have healed from her wounds, Lara felt her body losing strength and light headedness. Her arm was in excruciating burning pain. However, she still tried to keep consciousness to find shelter.

She walked as far as she could which was only a few feet before complete exhaustion had taken over her. She collapse to the ground.


She can hear him crying.


She lost consciousness but it seemed as only for a moment as she heard foot steps and voices though she couldn't understand what was being said.

She heard footsteps coming closer. She had to move. She had to open her eyes.

Her vision a bit blurred, though she could see a women kneeling over her. She was beautiful with long golden hair. She was holding a child. Her child.

"Kal-El? Please...take...Kal..." she whispered.

Lara saw the woman frown not understanding her.

She groaned in pain and tried moving her arm. She reached up for only a moment pointing at Kal before falling unconscious again.

Now finally, Lara was awakening.

Her eyes fluttered then shot open. She gasped and sat up abruptly heavily breathing.

She felt hands on her shoulders and the same voice she heard before falling unconscious.

"Please, be calm. It's alright now."

Lara focused to see the woman with long golden hair sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Where am I?"

The woman frowned still not able to understand her. Lara looked around and saw a bookshelf.

Using her hands, she motioned as if opening a book.

"May I see one of your books?" She pointed. "A book?"

The woman looked and pointed as well to the shelf.

Lara nodded. "Yes."

She quickly went over to the shelf and chose a book.

Lara smiled and nodded again. "Thank you."

She quickly went through book in it's entirety under a minute. The woman just stared at her shocked.

"Beautiful poetry from Ancient Greece." Lara looked up at the woman and smiled. "Hello, I am Lara Lor-Van of Krypton. I hope you can understand me now?"

Still shocked the woman nodded. "I am Hippolyta. Queen of Themyscira, Lara Lor-Van."

"Themyscira? I was unaware of such a city?"

"Themyscira is the island of the Amazons. Secluded, unknown to many outsiders."

"The Amazons? You are an Amazon?"

"Yes I am."

"I was aware of a few of the Grecian tales. However, assumed to just be part of the myths."

"Yes. It has been for our own protection."


"The outside world. Man's world. We have faced and witnessed years of cruelties."

Is this what her beloved Jor-El meant? Kal-El to grow to help this world.

"How did you do that? Able to speak in my native tongue?"

"It's a natural ability of a Kryptonian. Advanced intelligence to retain an abundance of information and figure out various of things. From this book alone, I've learned the alphabet, how to write and speak in the Grecian language."

"Astonishing! Are you a fallen Goddess?"

"A goddess?" Lara laughed slightly. "No. Kal-El an-" Lara gasped. "Kal-El, my son? Where is he?"

"He is with my daughter and both are being looked after by Renee, our healer."

"Has he been any trouble?"

"No. Not at all. Though, a few of my fellow Amazons had questioned the intension of having him here."

"Has he displayed some of our other abilities? He is not dangerous."

"The ability of flight? Quite amazing to watch. But...males aren't allowed on this island. As I mentioned, we have faced cruelties."

"The cruelties of male earthlings?"


"Kal-El will never cause harm."

Hippolyta smiled. "I know. That is why I have made the decision that you and Kal-El are honored guests."

"You are very kind, Queen Hippolyta."

"How are you feeling? Would you like to see the children now? Later, I will show you more of the island."

"I'm fine, now. Thank you. Yes, I would like to see the children."

Lara slowly got up from the bed. "How long have I been unconscious?"

"7 days."

"Apologies for any inconveniences."

"No, no inconveniences. Though, your aircraft? Not quite sure if it is damaged. We will help with repairs if necessary."

"Thank you, Queen Hippolyta."

"Just Hippolyta."

Lara smiled and nodded slightly. "Hippolyta."

As Hippolyta and Lara walked through the halls, Hippolyta introduced the Amazon guards.

They were just as amazed at her as Lara was at them.

"Welcome to Themyscira," they each said as they bowed.

Lara slid her hand over the walls to feel then Grecian texts engraved into the marble.

She was fascinated by the statues of the Grecian Goddesses.

"Here they are," Hippolyta said as a guard opened the door.

Lara smiled and tears welling up in her eyes.


He looked up and grinned. He flew into her arms.

"See moon and stars!"

"Moon and stars?"

"Diana, my daughter." Hippolyta picked up the little girl. "I call her my moon and stars."

"She's beautiful!" Lara smiled gently carassing Diana cheek as Diana grinned at her.

Kal then reached for Diana taking her hand. "Moon and stars!" he laughed.

"They have become quite close in such a short period of time?"

"Yes...well there are no other children here so it's quite a change for us all." Hippolyta smiled. "Would you like to see more of Themyscira?"

Lara nodded. "That would be lovely."

"We'll take the children," Wyonna and Renee offered.

"No, the children come with us," Hippolyta said.

"As you wish, Queen Hippolyta," they bowed.

From the throne room, palace Gardens, amphitheater observatory and weaponryto the culture and science complexes and living quarters, docks, landing field, and so much more to be seen on this this extraordinarily vast island.

"Hippolyta, this is magnificent!" Lara said staring in awe at the tall statue of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. "My husband, Jor-El..." Lara shook her head. "Nevermind..."

Hippolyta frowned. "What troubles you, Lara?"

"Jor-El would be fascinated by all of this. I understand he would not be allowed however, telling him...I just wish I could speak with him again."

"What happened? Why have you left your home?"

"My home is gone, Hippolyta. Jor-El tried to warn them all but no one believed him. He built the ship for Kal. Though he told me to go with him. He said he needed me for a little longer." Tears welled up in her eyes. "I watched the massive explosion as Kal and I fled."

Hippolyta embraced Lara. "You are safe now. And you are where you are meant to be."

"I assure we won't be here long to overstay our welcome but-"

Hippolyta shook her head and placed her hand on her shoulder. "Stay as long as you need."

Lara smiled. "Thank you."

"I believe it's time to take the children down to shore before they become restless. We will take a look at your air craft tomorrow. Also, I would like to know more about your practices as a warrior of Krypton."

"We would like to know as well. Better yet, how about you show us all?"

Hippolyta smirked turning to see Verna. "Is that a challenge?"

"Yes, my Queen. We challenge Lara Lor-Van to a friendly duel."

Hippolyta looked to Lara.

"I accept your challenge."

Somewhere in a far sector of space: Planet Zaxudine


"Ready to speak?" The planet ruler, Boric questioned.

"Where am I?"

"What is your name?"


"Your name?"

"I...I...am Dir'An."


"Where am I? Why am I chained?"


"Why am I chained?"

"Precaution. Are you a threat? Why are you here?"

"My home planet, Krypton, was destroyed. I don't remember anything except..."

Boric narrowed his eyes. "Go on..."

"My wife and son. I need to find them. I need to find Lara and Kal."