To Meet Again

Italics: Lara's voice

Bold Italics: Flashback

5 years later...Smallville High Stadium

"Oh, we are so proud of you!" Martha gushed as she took Clark's picture with Jonathan.

Clark Kent was now 18 years of graduate of Smallville High. Over the passed 5 years, he had learned not only more of his powers but of his home world of Krypton. Clark had decided to go to the University of Kansas for Literature, Language and Writing and minor in Biotechnology.

To know that his father, Jor-El was the top scientist along with his mother, Lara Lor-Van, who was also a General for the Kryptonian army. To say Clark was excited about knowing his biological family heritage would be an understatement. He was proud and grateful for the life he has had as Clark Kent. Growing up with loving adoptive parents, all his friends, even his first love with Lana Lang but there was something within him that longed for more. Having super powers was a incredible gift however, quite difficult trying to keep secret. Deep down he knew there was something more and even felt there was someone out there that could truly understand the way he was feeling.

At times, still, he would dream of a girl. Maybe they had met in a past life? He couldn't see her face nor hear her voice but he believed that if he saw her, he would know it's her. He hoped that now going to college and being on his own, maybe just maybe, she is real and he would meet her.


Princess Diana, now 16 years old, sighed as she was leaning over her balcony looking out into the ocean. She had longed to leave the island, curious of the world of man. From the many horrid tales she was told or overheard, one would think she would heed the warnings. But yet, something or maybe even someone was calling to her. She wanted to explore the outside world for herself.


She turned to see Hippolyta.

"Good afternoon, Mother."

"Hippolyta walked over to her and cupped her cheeks. "What is troubling you, my Dear?"

"Nothing, Mother."

"Diana?" She questioned raising her brow.

Diana sighed and looked down.

"Mother, I want to go with my sisters to man's world."

Hippolyta slowly let go of her, "Diana, we've talked about this."

"No, Mother, you have! Please! I'll be safe with Marsai. I'm sure the outside world has changed. I don't want to hear anymore stories! I want to see it all for myself. Mother I want to have true experience!"

"Diana you must focus on becoming Queen."

"But isn't it for a Queen to know the world to lead in the right path? That's what you did. If I'm to be Queen, I should have my own experiences. I want to know more. I've read every book and scroll in the temple. I know there is so much more. Please, Mother."

Hippolyta remained silent for a moment longer.

There is so much for Diana, Hippolyta.

She sighed. "More time, Diana, but right That's the end of it."

Diana sighed. "Fine..."

2 years later...

Clark Kent, 21 years old, moved to Metropolis and was now an intern for one of the biggest newspapers known, the Daily Planet.

"Here you go, Mr. White," Clark smiled setting his cup of coffee on his desk.

Perry White, editor-in-chief, of the Daily Planet for 25 years.

"Thanks, Kent. Oh, and I read your report. Nice work. You have potential but I'm going to need something bigger if you want a permanent job as a reporter."

"Yes, Sir! I'll do my best, Sir!"

Clark happily walked out of his office. He reached out of his pocket and took out his golden eagle brooch.

"Clark, be sure to keep up with this."

"Of course, Ma. Maybe I'll meet the woman who gave this to me. I want to find them, Ma. The blonde woman and the girl. She should be my age now."

"I'm sure you will, Clark. It may take some more time, but you will."

Clark then accidentally bumped into someone.

"Oh, I'm...I'm sorry."

"Watch where you going, Smallville! What? You need bifocals or something?"

Clark frowned. "I said I was sorry, Lois."

"It's Ms. Lane to you, intern."

Lois Lane, daughter of US Military General Sam Lane. An army brat...emphasis on brat and rapidly rising star reporter for the Planet.

"Weren't you an intern 3 years ago?"

"I'm not now but you are. The one thing you need to get through that thick country boy head of yours."

"No need for insults, Lois." Clark shook his head and walked away. "She's not going to ruin this moment." He thought to himself. "I'm going to find you." He smiled thinking of the blonde woman and her daughter.


18 year old Princess Diana sat on top of the highest cliff staring out into the ocean.


She turned and smiled. "Hey Dessa."

"Don't you have a training match with Aleka?"

Diana sighed. "I'm in no mood for her games."

"I understand. Well...I'll leave you be, Diana." Dessa bowed. "Oh and if your mother asks...although I do not like lying to the Queen, if asked I will let her know-"

"Tell her the truth. I'm sure she already knows we're I am anyway."

"Oh...alright, Diana.

Themyscira Temples: Queen Hippolyta's chambers

Hippolyta leaned against her balcony looking out into the ocean.

"She's officially a woman now, Lara. You'd be so proud of her. I know it's time but I just...I don't want to let her go. Though, I know it is her wish. Please, guide me."

Suddenly, she saw something that looked to be an aircraft heading toward shore. She gasped.

"Is he...back?!"

Diana watched in shock as the aircraft crashed on shore. She could see someone trapped inside.

"Oh no...!"

She quickly jumped from the cliff and flew off to shore.

"My Queen! Are we being attacked?!" Sheka asked.

"No, but stay on guard."

Diana lifted the wing and gasped.

"A man..." she said to herself. "But not..."

He had blood all over his face from the glass and glass in his blonde hair.

She shook her head. "It's not him."


She gasped again when he started to move. He looked up at her.


He fell unconscious.

Diana quickly pulled him out of the wreckage dragging him a few feet away.

"Diana?! Diana!"


"It's a man! Princess, get away from him!" Sheka said

"It's fine. He's unconscious. Injuries don't seem so severe. Mother, what do we do?"

"It's not him," Hippolyta said in a low tone.


Hippolyta shook her head. "Hurry. Take him to Renee."

"But...Hippolyta?" Verna questioned.

"Do not question me."

"I'll take him."

"Diana, no. You come with me."

She frowned.

"Go, now."

"Yes, Queen."

Diana watched as they carried him off.

"He can be saved, Mother."

"They won't kill him, Diana. Renee will do the best she can." Hippolyta raised her brow. "You've been hiding on top of the cliff for most of the day again, haven't you?"

"I wasn't hiding..." Diana kneeled picking up a broken piece of the place. "U.S.A...air...force." Diana looked at Hippolyta. "He is from America."

"It seems so." Hippolyta shook her head. "No."

Diana scuffed. "I didn't say anything."

"You were thinking it. We will give him time to recover and Amara will fix this. Then, he will be on his way."

"Mother, you know it's not that simple."

"It will be. We will be sure of that."

2 weeks later...

Diana had been trying to see the man but Hippolyta had him guarded in a room. She had to find a way.

She peeked around the corner and the guards were gone for the moment. Only Melanie, taking a tray of food.

"Melanie?" She called.

She frowned and turned around. "Princess!? Diana, what are you doing here?"

"I want to speak with him."

"What? No. I can't let you do that."

"Why not?"

"Your mother..."

"Mother won't know. Even if she does, it's on me not you. Please."

Melanie sighed. "Diana..."


She sighed again. "Oh," She handed Diana the tray.

"Thank you." Diana took the tray with a smile.

"I'll stand watch. Just hurry up."

"Okay," Diana nodded.

Diana took a deep breath before opening the door. The man was laying on the bed, throwing something into the air.

"What is that?"

He turned his head and then did a double take.


He sat up with his mouth open.

"You're the one I saw before I went out like a light. I'm really not dead?"

Diana frowned. "No." She walked over the bed and put the tray down. "I asked what is that?"

"'s my dog tags. I'm Steve. Colonel Steve Rockwell Trevor."

"You are from America?"

"Yeah. What's your name?"

"Diana, Princess of Themyscira."

"Them..ys..cir..a. Okay. And Themyscira is where?"

"Themyscira is a secluded island, also known as Paradise Island in the Mediterranean."

"Paradise? I like the sound of that! You are the first to have even this much of a conversation. An angel that saved me." Steve smiled wider staring at Diana. "I'm sorry but I got to say you are so hot!"

Diana frowned and touched her neck. ", my body temperature is as normal as it should be."

Steve shook his head. "That's not...nevermind."

"My mother said that you will be leaving to go back to America soon. Repairs to your aircraft is almost complete. I would like to accompany you."

"I uh...wait is that some kind of marriage proposal?!" he joked.

Diana frowned.

"I'm just joking..."

"I want to see what man's world is like."

"Well, Princess ain't Paradise."

"I've been told and heard tales. I want to see for myself."

Steve shrugged. "I'd much rather stay here."

"You are not allowed to stay here, Steve Rockwell Trevor. Men are forbidden."

"Wait...what? Why? Then why help me?"

"It was my mother's choice. But it's best not to question her."

"Oh..." Steve pondered for a moment. "You don't have to call me by my full name. Steve is fine. I like the way you say it."

"You will take me with you to man's world, Steve?"

"Sure, Princess," he smirked. "I couldn't say no to you. Once the boys back home see you and I tell them this wild story of being here-"

"No! You must not tell anyone about Themyscira!"

"Okay!" He put his hands up defensive. "Okay...fine. Whatever you say then. Whatever gets me back home."

Diana nodded. "Thank you." Diana turned to leave.


She turned back. "Yes, Steve?"


Diana nodded slightly and left out.

When Steve heard the door close he let out a relieved sigh. He then smirked throwing a grape up into the air and catching it in his mouth.

"Yeah...the guys will be paying up big time."

Hours later

"Yes, Hippolyta. He will be able to leave by tomorrow night if not by the next morning."

"That's fine. Thank you, Amara."

"It is my duty, my Queen. May I ask you something?"


"When you first saw the air craft, did you think of the boy?"

Hippolyta was hesitant. "I did."

"Hippolyta, none of us would've been too keen on giving the care the boy needed. You made the right decision."

"Part of me wants to believe that. But I'm not so sure. If there was some way of knowing if the boy survived..."

"I believe you will have your answer, Hippolyta. Maybe it will take more time but you will know."

"Good evening, Amara, Mother."

Hippolyta jumped slightly and turned. "Diana? Are you well, child?"

"Yes, Mother. Though, I have something to say. Could we speak privately?"

"Yes, of course. Amara, we will continue of conversation at a later time."

"Of course, Queen Hippolyta," Amara bowed.

Hippolyta followed Diana to the temple of Hippolyta's sculptures.

"Why are we here, Diana?"

"Mother, you've told me of your adventures, the people you've crossed paths with. I want the same. I want to have my own adventures and to meet others. Others that could be like me, with these abilities. Why was I gifted with such things if I am not to use them?"

"Diana, we've discussed this and-"

"I spoke with Steve Trevor. He has already agreed that I can accompany him back to man's world."

"Diana! What were you thinking?! I told you not to go near him!"

"I wasn't harmed. Mother, please, let me go."

Hippolyta's heart skipped a beat. Let her go. In all the ways of the meaning of that statement.

Hippolyta looked into Diana's eyes. She saw such determination.

One day...they will meet again.

"Mother, there's something beyond this island for me. I know it. I can feel it."

"You have made up your mind no matter what I say." Hippolyta embraced Diana as tight as she could. "One year."

Diana gasped pulling back. "Really, Mother?!"

Hippolyta cupped her face. "My dear...all I've wanted is for you to be protected. I've wanted nothing but the utmost best for you. Though, I understand your desires. But Diana, I want you to be careful. Come back home."

"I will, Mother. I promise." Diana embraced her. "Thank you."

2 days later...

Steve Trevor was awestruck at his plane. "It looks even better than before!"

"We are precise with our science and technology, Steve Trevor."

"Damn...I wish I could've had the chance to really enjoy this instead of being isolated and locked in a damn room for 3 weeks."

"Men believe they have the luxury to any and everything. We are sure to confute that," Fawn said.

"I um..." Steve then did a double take seeing Diana. He smiled. "Ready, Angel?"

Diana frowned. "Who's Angel?"


Hippolyta frowned. "Steve Trevor?"

"Uh..yeah...I mean..." he bowed. "You're highness?"

"If I get word that you've laid one finger on my daughter, I will have your head."

Steve gulped and nodded.

Diana giggled and shook her head. "Mother..."

Hippolyta embraced Diana as tight as should could one last time.

"I love you, my dear daughter. Be safe."

"I will and I love you."

"You have everything you need. Don't forget to wear this everyday."

Hippolyta put Lara's necklace around Diana's neck.

"The sky Goddess's necklace."

"She will protect you as well."

"Thank you, Mother."

Hippolyta held back her tears as she watched Diana get on the aircraft.

Diana smiled and waved. Hippolyta waved back and kept waving even when they had flown off and she could no longer see the air craft.

"She will be fine, my Queen," Amara said.

Hippolyta took a deep breath. "She has the Gods and Lara watching over her."

Metropolis: Clark Kent's apartment

Clark leaned forward at his computer screen.

"Where are you, kid?"

He had been following a story of a presumed runaway. His mother had been sick and his father was an alcoholic abuser. The boy was the nephew of one of the Metropolis councilmen. The councilmen was unaware of the horrors behind closed doors. He was only worried for his sister. He had thought the boy was well taken care of by his father.

"My nephew, Isaiah, is only 9 years old. His mother, my sister, is very ill and it's taking more of a toll on her. Please if there is anyone with any information, maybe saw him somewhere or know where he is, please contact the local authorities. Thank you."

"Councilmen Walsh? Councilmen? Is the father still in police custody?"

"Yes. That's all I'm going to say in that matter."

Clark sighed and sat back, looking over the reports. Then reading closely...


Isaiah's dad had been doing shady business deals in Gotham. There was a raid at a warehouse a couple of days ago.

He suddenly stood up. "I've got to check them."

Using his super speed he changed into his brown boots, blue jeans, blue T-shirt, and his red blanket with the S symbol, he had younger now as his cape. This had been his third mission. First was outing a corrupt businessman and politician. Having them hanging over the balcony wasn't his best idea but he was still proud of getting exposed. His second was rescuing people from a massive pile up.

He feared he would be too close and be recognized but thankfully he wasn't. Wearing a mask wasn't an option for him either. He wanted a more friendly trusting approach for civilians especially children.


Clark flew out of his apartment window heading to Gotham.

Gotham City, Abandoned warehouse

"Oh yeah! This is it boys! The biggest drop and we will be set for life!" Decko, one of the newer drug dealers in Gotham, said.

It seems Gotham had been where lots of deals and trades were being made.

"Ay, what do we do with the kid? Will Walsh pay up?"

"The kid stays with us. We will have the councilmen under our control."

Suddenly there was a loud crash with construction beams falling.

"What the hell happened?!"

"Go check it out."

"Venny, you take left."


As venny was slowly walking toward the beams he head something move behind him and quickly turned.

"Zoe? Zoe, man where you at. It's not funny. You joking but I'm going to bea-"

His mouth was covered but a gloved hand. He started breathing heavily and tried moving to get free but whoever had a tight grip on his arms. The gloved hand moved to his nose suffocating him until he was unconscious.

"Venny, you see anything? Venny?" Zoe frowned walking over to where he should've been. "Ay, Venny?!"

He then too had his mouth and nose covered and suffocated until unconscious.

"What's taking those idiots so long? Ford, go see what's up."

"Venny? Zoe? Venny? Zo-" Ford froze looking up. "No way!" He turned around. "At, yo! Boss! He's here! Boss! It's Bat-"

A dark figure dropped down on him.

"Oh, shit! It's Batman!"

The rest of the goons took out their guns.

"Shoot him, now!"

"I don't think so."

There was a gust of wind and a streak of blue and red that flew across the goons taking their guns.

"What the hell?!"

"You all won't be needing these anymore."

They all gasped and looked with fear at the man flying over them and his eyes turned red and beams fired melting the guns.

"It's that flying freak from Metropolis!"

"Let's get out of here!"

As they all started to run, Batman shot his grabbing hook which swung and wrapped around their anckles.

Batman grabbed Decko by his jacket.

"Where is the kid?!"

"I'm not saying shit!"

Batman punched him.

"I suggest you tell us where the kid is."

Decko looked up to see the flying man's eyes glowing red.

"Nevermind...I'll find him myself."

He flew off into another part of the warehouse then quickly came back with the boy over his shoulder.

"You had the boy tied and blind folded?!"

"We didn't do nothing. He was fine!"

"He isn't fine!"

Batman punched him again as hard as he could knocking him out.

"Well it looks like you got this handled. I'm going to take the kid to his uncle in metropolis."



"I don't know you. I sure as hell don't trust you."

Clark smirked. "I don't know you either and shouldn't trust you dressing up like a bat. But I've read up from Ms. Vicky Vale of what little she could get about you. We obviously have the same intentions."

"Put the boy down."

"Hmm... I wouldn't have guess it was you under the mask. Makes sense with all the high tech gadgets but getting confirmation you are one of the good guys."

Batman narrowed his eyes. "What?"

"See you next time."

Clark flew out of the warehouse.


As Clark was flying, Isaiah was waking up.


"Sorry kiddo. Not your mom."

He focused and gasped. "You're the flying guy!"

"Yep! I'm taking you to your uncle."

"Uncle Omar! Daddy said I couldn't see him. I had to stay with his friend until he got the greens to pay his friends."

"Well, buddy, you're going to see your uncle anyway."

Isaiah's stomach start to growl.

"I know a spot with the best burgers and fries."

Roy's Burgers and Grill

Clark swooped in and out.

"Keep the change."

"Woah...uh...was that?"

"The guy that's been flying around the city. Cool dude but honestly he doesn't stay long enough to even see much of his face."

Outside on top of a building...

"Like it?"

"It's good! Thank you Mr. Flying guy!"

Clark chuckled. "I'm going to have to get a proper name soon."

"Mr. Flying guy?"

"Yeah, buddy?"

"My mom is sick. Can you help her, too?"

Clark's heart skipped a beat. "Well...buddy..." he gave him a reassuring smile. "I'll do my best. But no matter what, you have to stay strong for her, alright?"


30 minutes later...

Clark was flying above Councilman Walsh's home.

"Evening, gentlemen," he said addressing the security. "Could you let councilman know his nephew is waiting for him."


"come in, Sir! come in! Isaiah has been found and on the premises. I repeat, Isaiah has been found and on the premises!" the security guard said in his walkie talkie.

"You better not be screwing around!"

"Sir, come quick! You won't believe who brought him back!"

Councilman quickly opened the door and ran out.


"Uncle Omar!"

Clark put him down and he ran to the councilman.

"I missed you, kiddo!"

"Uncle the flying guy took me to get a burger and fries! We sat on top of a tall building! I could see all the city lights!"

"That's amazing!" Omar sniffed. Tears ran down his face uncontrollably. "Your mother will be so relieved. We will go see her tomorrow. I'm so glad your home!"

"Don't cry, Uncle. Don't be sad anymore."

"I'm not, kiddo. I'm happy and grateful." He looked up at Clark. "Thank you!"

"I was doing the right thing. But I had some help. Batman in Gotham."

"Batman...the vigilante? I'll be sure to contact Commissioner Gordon."

Clark nodded slightly and was about to fly off.

"Wait? Who are you?"

"To be honest... I'm still working on that. For now I'm just a guy here to help."

Clark then flew off.

Bedford, Massachusetts: Hanscom Air Force Base

Etta Candy, secretary and beloved, trusted friend of Steve Trevor, sat at her desk looking at pictures of her and Steve. When she first came to the base, it seemed there would be doubt not only because she was a woman but a woman of color as well. Though, she exuded so much confidence even being unintentionally intimidating to most of the men and they admired her. Steve was at first her commander but he treated her as his equal and the bond they built over the past 12 years had been quite interesting for her. Spending most of their time together, she didn't really know if it would go anywhere.

But now he was gone without a trace and-

"Hey, Etta! Etta! Your boy, Colonel Trevor is back!"

"Steve?! What?!"

"Yeah! Yeah! Come on!"

Etta quickly hurried out of her office. She saw the plane landing on the runway. It seemed a bit different however.

When she saw him, she was awestrucked.


Steve looked up and smiled. "Etta!" He waved and ran to her, embracing her.

Etta wrapped her arms around him. "Steve."

"You miss me?"

"Of course I did, you ass!" She pushed him. "Where the hell have you been?!"

"In the Mediterranean."


"I don't know. I got caught in a bad storm then got off course." Steve sighed and pulled her back into an embrace, "I'm sorry for making you worry."

"Just don't ever do that again."

"I'm not leaving again...leaving you again anytime soon."

"Better not." Etta then noticed a very tall, long raven haired young woman. "Who is she?"

"Ah! Etta, I'd like you to meet, Diana. She's from the Mediterranean."

"Hello, Etta Candy. Steve Trevor told me a little bit about you. You are a very beautiful intelligent and headstrong woman just like he said."

"Wow...her voice and accent unlike any I've heard. So exotic." Etta raised her eye brows. "And you said that?"

"Well uh..." Steve rubbed the back of his head and laughed nervously. "We should get going to Julia's. I thought Diana could stay with her and Vanessa."

"Steve, wait a you just brought her here?"

"No, she wanted to."

Etta gave him a questionable look.

"I swear. Look, I'll explain everything on the way to Julia's."

Metropolis: Daily Planet

Clark Kent was scribbling on his notepad trying to figure out a name for himself.

"Hey Clark, did you hear the councilmen's nephew was found?"

"Yeah I did, Jimmy."

Jimmy Olsen. 2 years younger than Clark, interning with Clark as a photographer.

"They are looking for the flying dude. Councilmen wants some kind of honor ceremony for everything the guys been doing."


"Yeah! If I was him, I would be showing off to all the ladies."

Clark chuckled and shook his head.

"Seriously, CK. Think about it. Jimmy Olsen, the coolest Super-powered dude in Metropolis!"

"That's it, Jimmy!" Lois said.

"Huh? Loi-Ms. Lane, we're you eavesdropping again?"

"You know you're smart when you want to be."

"What does that mean? And what did I do?" Jimmy questioned.

Lois smiled. "You'll see. But I need to get ready for my exclusive interview with Walsh."

"Can I go?"


"That's not fair! You eavesdropped on me and CK's convo, now you are leaving?"

"Stay in your place, Intern. I might change my mind later. Smallville, you should teach Olsen a thing or two about knowing his place. "

Lois walked off with a smirk.

"You know, sometimes, I don't get her deal."

Clark shrugged. "I'm not even arguing anymore, Jim."

Julia Kapatelis Residence

"So, let me get this straight. She's a Princess from an island of all women?" Etta questioned.

"Yep," Steve said.

"Hmmm..." She gave Steve a skeptical look. "You enjoyed yourself then."

"No! No! It wasn't like that! Hell, I was basically like a prisoner. Men are apparently banned. I'm lucky enough Diana's mother had my plane fixed and let me go. But the stipulation to that was Diana tagging along and for her not to get into any danger."

"I can take care of myself, Steve Trevor. My mother is very protective of me but I have to do things on my own."

"Oh, I love her sassiness already!" Etta laughed.

"It's not funny."

Etta laughed again. "Ok...ok...No, it's hilarious!"

"Ha...ha..."Steve said sarcastically.

"Oh, don't be like that. Paradise wasn't the paradise you or any other man would've thought."

"This is very true, Etta Candy. Paradise Island is not for the luxury of men. It is a safe haven for women. For centuries, women have been abused and disrespected."

"That's the truth."

"Ok...before this gets awkward let's go, Ladies."

Etta and Diana walked up to the porch as Steve got Diana's luggage.

"Don't worry, Diana. Julia is very nice and her daughter, Vanessa is a doll!" Etta said as she rung the doorbell.

Suddenly the door open and a young girl, with wild red curly hair answered the door with a huge grin.

"Etta!" She hugged.

"Hey there, Vanessa!"

"Oh you must be Diana! Wow! You're so pretty and tall!"

Diana smiled. "And you are quite lovely, Vanessa Kapatelis!"

"Oh my..."

Diana looked up to see Julia.

Julia Kapatelis, professor at Boston and Harvard Universities.

"Hello, Julia Kapatelis. I am Diana of Themyscira. It's a pleasure to meet you and thank you for welcoming me into your home."

"When Steven was telling me about really aren't what I expected," Julia smiled. "Χαίρομαι που σε γνωρίζω επίσης, Πριγκίπισσα Ντιάνα (Nice to meet you too, Princess Diana.)."

Diana gasped and looked at her shocked that Julia spoke in her native language.

"I have lots to tell you later on. I've been to the island of Paradise before, long ago."

"Really?!" Diana was taken aback.

"We will talk about it once you get settled and over dinner."

"Come on, Diana! I'll show you to your room!" Vanessa grabbed her hand pulling her to follow her upstairs.

"Life seems to come full circle."

"Why didn't you mention going to Themyscira before? And how? It's not even on a map."

"Steve, some things are best kept, especially something like this. An island of Amazonian warrior women with connection to magic...gods and goddesses."

"Uh? What? Seriously?"

"Steve, it was a miracle you survived that plane crash. But also, I believe it was by fate."

He frowned. "You mean some kind of God made my plane crash?"


Steve scuffed and shook his head. "Julia, you have to slow down for me. I'm already trying to still wrap my head around the island and bringing back a Princess."

"There are extraordinary things happening."

"Yeah, like the guy in Metropolis that's supposedly flying around, Batman in Gotham? I even saw some weird headline of some guy talking to fish."

"Don't forget the conspiracy going around about that famous magician? I think his name was Zatara?" Etta said.

"Yes, exactly. All extraordinary in different ways."

"I don't know, Julia. I've seen some wild things being in the army but this is crazy weird."

"I have a feelings this is just the beginning. Are you two staying for dinner?"

"No, have to get back to base. I need to get things back in track missing nearly a month and Diana needs registration."

"Oh don't worry about that. I have that already covered. Diana will have a valid ID and starting next Monday she will be not only a student at the University but my assistant."

"Thanks, Julia, you're the best! But still have lots of catching up to do. Etta and I will grab a bite later. Right, Etta?"

"As long as you paying. Of course!"

"Diana really likes her room! Vanessa said coming back downstairs with Diana.

"It's very lovely. Thank you. Thank you very much Steve and Etta for your hospitality as well," Diana smiled and bowed.

Steve grinned. "You have my number, Diana."

"And Etta's as well, yes."

Steve shoulders slumped slightly. "Yeah...right."

Etta laughed and nudged him. "Smooth...real smooth."

Metropolis: Clark Kent's Apartment

Clark was sitting slouched on the coach listening to Councilmen Walsh's interview with Lois.

"Councilmen Walsh, I've met the flying man with the cape on 2 or 3 occasions. He seems trusting enough."

"He brought back my nephew. He's been doing a lot of good around here in Metropolis."

"He is quite Super. A super man I should say."

"Yes, Miss Lane, Superman. That's exactly what we should call him."

Clark sat up and quirked his brow pausing the TV.

"Superman...? Hm. Well, Lois, this is the first and most likely the last time, you'll be helpful."

Clark stood up and looked over to his cape.

"It may be time to go visit home."

A week later...

Diana was quickly getting used to her morning routine. She was loving this change of scenery and life learning so much already from Julia and Vanessa.

"Oh my God!" He is on TV! he is so handsome!"

"Who are you talking about now, Nessie?" Julia laughed.

"Superman! He just saved a car from going off the bridge."

Diana tilted her head confused. The symbol on on his shirt and cape looked oddly familiar but she just couldn't recall.

"Look, Diana! Isn't he dreamy?!"

Diana was staring at the TV. "He flies?"

"Yeah and super strong, too!"


"What's wrong?"

" nothing."

"I would love to meet him one day!" Vanessa squealed.

Diana was still staring, watching him.

It couldn't be...could it? Could it be him, the boy in her dreams that flies.

The Arctic

"Clark, now that you're really getting to exploring you're powers, it might be time for this," Martha said handing in a crystal.

"What is it?"

"Well when you were a toddler, only you can open the box. This I kept out. Seems to be a key to something. From the hologram, it unlocks something in the Arctic."

"Thanks, Ma, Pa for your support. Thanks Ma, for the shirt. It's perfect."

"We are so proud of you, Son," Jonathan said.

Clark kneeled and placed the crystal into the ground.

Suddenly the ground started to tremble then shake violently. Clark flew up quickly and watched in amazement as giant crystals started to shoot out the ground forming something.

He flew down slowly once it was done to see two enormous doors. When he touched the doors, his hand started to glow underneath as if it was scanning. Then the doors rumbled and started to slide open.

He slowly walked in and his jaw dropped. The outside look is definitely deceiving to the high tech yet cozy inside. Two enormous statues were front and center.

"They must be real parents."

"Welcome Kal-El of Krypton to the Fortress of Solitude. I have been waiting for you."

"Who's there?"

A flying robot appeared.

"I am Kelex, intelligence creation for the duty of service by Jor-El."

"So a robot butler?"

"Servant robot. I was to serve Jor-El for all his life. Now that his life has tragically ended. I am to serve you, his son, as he intended."

"Alright, then. Well, I want to know any and everything about my parents, my powers, and all of krypton."

"Yes, Kal-El as you wish. Is the fortress to you're liking? If not, I shall reconstruct to your desire."

"We'll work on it."

"Woof! Woof!"

Clark turned around to see a large snow white direwolf hound growling at him.

" did you get in here?"

Before Clark could react, the hound ran fast and jumped on him knocking him to the ground. The hound was much stronger than him.

"Kelex! Help me!"

"It is you're responsibility Kal-El to train the Kryptonian canine as you would an Earth canine."

"Kryptonian? Sit boy! Down now!"

The hound still growling sniffed him. Then licked his face and wagged his tail happily.

"No! No! Oh, come on! Get off me!"

The hound jumped off him and started to whimper.

Clark sat up and noticed the hound had a collar with the House of El symbol.

"This is"

"His name is Krypto. You were only an infant. So it may be a bit difficult to remember."

Clark stared at Krypto for a moment then he closed his eyes as flashes of memories started to run rapid in his mind.

"It's all still so scrambled."

Krypto licked Clark cheek.

"'ll take me more time. But I'll get there. You'll help me, right?"

"Woof! Woof!" Krypto barked excitedly.

8 months later...

Kal-El was adjusting to his now duel identity as Superman, the hero and Clark Kent, the reporter, he was learning more and more of his Kryptonian heritage and powers.

Diana Prince was a student at Boston university majoring in International Relations/International Affairs as well as assisting Julia and now training at the Air Force base with Steve and Etta, learning of her own powers.

A week ago, while Diana was at the park with Vanessa there was an attack by underground cave-dwellers that resemble moles. On instinct, she took them all on in hand combat. Doesn't wasn't quite paying any attention to the bystanders who were recording her from their cellphones.

Luckily, she was moving so fast, no one caught the image of her face to be recognized. Steve was still not too thrilled about it.

"She can fly?!"

"And block bullets..."

"Hell, she can take them too! She bulletproof and can lift a damn tank!" Steve looked at Diana in disbelief. "Why didn't you say anything, Diana? Do you know how dangerous this is?!"

"Steve, you sound like my Mother. Of course I know the dangers and that's why I train. But I am only using my abilities when absolutely necessary. I don't need you telling me what to do!"

As Diana was just about to storm off, Steve grabbed her arm.

"Diana, wait a minute!"

Diana looked at him with a raise brow. He quickly let her go.

"I'm sorry. I'm just...not used to this. It's unreal. Your are fascinating...beautiful...a bit of a wild card. I like that about you. But in this world, it's not that easy, Diana. You can't go around showing off your powers. It's too dangerous."

"Steve, I came to this world to learn things on my own, no matter the difficulty. I am one not to hide my gifts especially if needed to help."

Yeah, that's all well and good, Diana, but I won't allow you to become some vigilante like the others that's been popping up."

"Maybe the others are who I need to contact because you are not listening nor trying to understand."

Before Steve could say anything else, Diana flew off.

"Diana! Diana come back!" He kicked the ground. "Dammit!"

A day later..

"How about this?" Diana asked Vanessa stepping out of the bathroom wearing a red, white and blue color scheme sleeveless tunic with blazing red gladiator sandals, and her Amazonian silver bracelets.

"Oh my god, Diana! It's so beautiful! You kind of look like a ballerina."

Diana smiled. "Well I think if I change into this if something happens."

"Great! Look fashionable while kicking bad guy a-"


"Bad guy butt...?"

Julia raised her brow. "Anyway... Diana, that is quite fitting. I still want you to be careful."

"Of course, Julia, thank you!"

2 months later...Daily Planet

"CK! CK! Did you hear?!" Jimmy said.

"Hear what, Jim?"

"Look her up now! They are calling her Wonder Woman. She seems to be like Superman, sort of the same powers and all. Apparently, she's been around for a couple of months in Boston. Like Superman, no one really knows who she is. Remember Cassandra Arnold?"

"Yeah, she was a reporter in Boston. She went missing or something a year or so ago."

"Well she's resurfaced and turned into some kind of green skinned monster thing. She and her weirdo boyfriend calling himself White Magician. But anyway, watch the whole thing! Wonder Woman kicked both their asses! She's so hot!"

Clark stared at the monitor.

She was incredibly beautiful and to have the same powers as him was amazing. But it was also something more about her. Something more familiar.

It would be awkward for him to just go up to her, so maybe one day they would meet at the right time.

2 more months passed...Themyscira

Diana smiled as she saw her home island.

"I'm home."

She landed in front of the guards.

"Princess Diana!" They gasped.

"Hello, Senna, Vita!"

"Oh we've missed you so much, especially the Queen."

"I've missed you all, too. Where is she? I would like to surprise her."

"I believe in the stables."

Diana nodded with a smile and flew off.

Themyscira Stables

Hippolyta sighed as she rubbed her horse's muzzle.

"By this time, Diana and I would be spending the evening on a stroll on the beach. I miss her so much, Eminessence."

"And she misses you just as much..."

Hippolyta gasped and turned around.


"Hello, Mother."

"Oh, Diana!" Hippolyta ran to her and embraced her as tightly as she could. "My dear daughter, you are home!"

"As promised, Mother."

Hippolyta kissed her forehead and cupped her face. "I want you to tell me everything."

"I'm learning so much! I'm staying with a mother and daughter. Julia and Vanessa Kapatelis."

"Interesting. I knew of a Julia once before."

"Her unwedded name is Deneiros. You know her mother? She said she knew of Themyscira when she was a child."

"Yes, I do. She was rescued from drowning by the goddess Thetis. Thetis would rescue mortal female children she deemed "special" and safely transport them to the shores of Themyscira's Island of Healing," Hippolyta smiled. "I prayed to the Gods to guide you to a safe place. Fate guided you to her."

"Man's world is beautiful yet has it's jarring ways. But I'm happy, Mother. Finally, I can see everything I've read in all those books. I've even saved citizens and faught monsters. I am known to them as Wonder Woman. Mother, there is so much in Man's World for me to do. I can teach some of our ways as well. I've seen others like me. There's a man that has the ability to fly."

"Oh?" Hippolyta's heart jumped. "Could it be?" She thought to herself.

"He reminds me of the son of the fallen goddess, though..." Diana paused.

Hippolyta sighed relieved. "Lara, your son...if it is to be him. He is well," she said within her thoughts.

Diana frowned and titled her head. "Are you alright, Mother?"

Hippolyta smiled. "Of course, Dear. As long you are happy. That is my only wish. And now, it is decided that you will be the Champion of Themyscira. You will continue on with your journey."

Diana gasped. "Oh thank you, Mother! Thank you!" She embraced her. "I promise to continue to make you and all sisters proud."

"Well, you will need a few very important items to take back with you."

2 years passed... Boston Park Plaza: Coalition for Education Funding - Annual Conference

Diana Prince wearing a captivating hunter green hue dress with a one shoulder neckline, an asymmetrical shoulder strap, princess seams and waist cut outs. Slim fit bodice leading to a floor length wrap asymmetrical silhouette and composed of a lined crepe fabric with a form hugging fit, stood quietly observing everyone. Educators and students, billionaires with their wives or date for the evening and a reporters. Julia was one of the speakers for the evening.

Diana adored Julia, learning so much from her. She could see herself in about another year are two being a speaker and even moving up to becoming a professor at the University as well.

She had been working so hard establishing herself professionally as a student, educator, and a hero, a social life wasn't exactly a priority for her.

It was perplexing for her some of her classmates to understand that and even Steve.

Steve had been trying to make a move on Diana but she wasn't interested and besides. She knew he secretly had his eyes on someone else. Now, she didn't understand that of why he wouldn't be truthful with his feelings. The romantic aspect of a relationship between men and women overall was so intriguing to her.

Throughout the night, however, there was a man, tall and very well built with jet black hair, chiseled jaw, wearing glasses and writing on a small notepad. He was obviously a reporter but to Diana it was something about him. He looked quite familiar. The look in his eyes she couldn't quite describe. They had locked eyes a few times from across the room but had not spoken. She wanted to know who he really was.

"Excuse me?"

"Actually excuse us?"

Diana turned to see two men glaring at each other.


"I'm Oliver Queen and who might you be?"

"Bruce Wayne."

"Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne...nice to meet you both. I'm Diana Prince. Are you two Professors as well?"

"Uh...? No." Oliver scuffed. "CEO of the multibillion-dollar company known as Queen Industries."

"Wayne Enterprises. Oliver, I believe I saw the lovely lady you came in with at the refreshment table."

"Brucie boy, you should go find your...escorts. Seems Luther might be taking them for himself."

"Gentlemen, thank you for donating to the foundation. It seems you have matters to address amongst yourselves and I must get back to Mrs. Kapatelis."

Diana gave a slight smile before walking away leaving the men dumbfounded.

"Dammit, Wayne! I could've took home with a sweet and sexy exotic hottie."

"With that kind of talk, you've been hanging around Jordan for far too long."

"Leave, Hal out of this. You've been in competition with me for years. Just give up. You'll never be me."

"You are not even a factor in my subconscious, Queen," Bruce scuffed and walked off.

"Diana? Where are you going?" Steve asked grabbing her hand. "You aren't leaving right? I can go with you?"

Diana glanced to see Etta talking to the Mayor. She was relieved that she was distracted.

Diana pulled her hand away from Steve.

"No, I'm not leaving. I just need some air is all."

"I'll go with you."

"No!" She said quickly and with a slightly elevated tone. "I mean...I just need to be alone for a few minutes."

"Oh..." Steve sighed. "Alright."

Diana nodded slightly and walked away to the doors. She was walking a bit fast not wanting to be stopped by anyone else.

When she was turning the corner, she bumped into someone and was about to fall backwards.

"Woah, I got you," the man said as he grabbed her waist pulling her forward to his chest.

As Diana focused on his face, she felt a sensation run through her body feeling his hard muscular chest and arms.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"I am."

He smiled. She had such a lovely, alluring exotic voice. Her skin, soft, smooth and sun kissed. Her eyes pierced his. Such a gorgeous cerulean blue.

It was him. The man with glasses. Though, at the moment he didn't have them on and she could see the fascinating color of his eyes, reminding her of the ocean back home. He was godly handsome.

"Oh...uh...Sorry." He slowly let her go.

"No...I'm the one that should apologize. I was so in a rush to leave."

"I can understand that. I saw the way a few back there were trying to talk to you. You shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable."

"You seem distraught?"

"Yeah..." he rubbed the back of his head and sighed. "I got snuffed out of my exclusive interview by my colleague for the fourth time."

"I'm sorry."

He shook his head. "I take it as I'll get a better story next time."

"Yes, that is a much better way to see it." Diana bent down and picked up his glasses for him handing them to him.

He smiled again. "Thanks." He put them on and held out his hand for her to shack. "I hadn't properly introduced myself. I'm Clark Kent."

Diana smiled and shook his hand. "I'm Diana Prince."

They both felt a spark when their hands touched and for some reason they couldn't let go. They just smiled and stared at each other.