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The day Steve met his first soulmate he was getting his ass handed to him. It wasn't like he'd planned it that way. It was just that Jonny Binderburg had been pulling Suzie Kinghorn's pigtails all morning and throwing rocks at her. He had to stop him.

But Steve, being the small, runt of an Alpha that he was, immediately got his ass handed to him when he went to defend Suzie. And, just as he was lamenting the fact that he'd have to tell his mom he got into another fight, a boy a grade higher then him came to the rescue.

"Hey! Leave him alone!" shouted the new boy.

Upon being caught Jonny ran away. He didn't want to get into trouble. So, that just left Steve sitting on the ground with a black eye and the new kid.

"You alright there?" asked the new kid as he got closer. Steve looked up at him and was immediately stricken by how blue his eyes were.

"I'm... I'm fine. I had it." Stuttered Steve as he was helped to his feet.

"Didn't look like it. Looked more like you were having your ass handed to you." Smiled the boy. "I'm James Barnes by the way."

When James said that name, it struck a chord with Steve. You see, everyone is born with the name(s) of their soulmate(s) on their wrists. Steve happened to be born with 2 and James Barnes happened to be one of them.

"You're James Barnes! I'm Steven Rogers! I'm your soulmate!" shouted Steve happily. James looked down at his wrist and saw Steve's name there and smiled. The two began hugging each other and laughing.

"Well, I guess we are. But we're both Alphas. I can smell it on you. How can this work?" asked James as he looked at their wrists.

"I guess Anthony Stark must be our Omega, whoever he is." Supplied Steve and James nodded along.

After that moment, the two became almost inseparable. They'd learned that James had recently moved into the apartment down the all from Steve with his parents and two sisters. The two practically sprinted back home to tell their families. Steve's mother was over the moon that her baby boy had found one of his mates.

Growing up got a bit easier after that. Because James and Steve were fated mates, their families often pooled resources to get the things they needed. It was great. Plus, Steve and James got to spend more time together.

Very quickly, James earned the nickname of Bucky. It just felt right. Soon enough everyone was using it. The two did everything together. The went to school together, played in the streets together, pulled each other out of fights. They were an amazing pair. People were envious of the bond they shared. One only hoped that their soul bond was a strong as theirs. But for all the praise given to the two, Bucky and Steve still felt the emptiness of their missing Omega.

"What do you think Anthony will be like when we find him?" asked Steve one afternoon when they were 16 years old. They were off school and just lazing around by the docks.

"I bet he'll be super sweet and shy. A sweet little thing just for us." Smiled Bucky as he looked up at the peach coloured sky.

"You think so?"

"I know so."

"Well, I bet he'll have a little bit of a bit to him. He's gotta to keep up with you, jerk." Joked Steve with a smile.

"Whatever punk." Spoke Bucky, but the words held no malice.

Bucky and Steve officially bonded when they were 18. Sure, the knew they wouldn't age until they bonded with their Anthony now that they were 18 and that bonding with each other was more symbolic of their status as fated mates, but they didn't care. They only really cared about each other.

That night was beautiful. They were all alone in their apartment and could do as they pleased. The night started slow and calm but quickly turned into a tumultuous storm of passion. Clothes were shed and bite marks exchanged. It was beautiful. Neither could take their eyes off of the other. Sure, they had to take a few breaks because of Steve's asthma, but it was worth it. So, so worth it.

What followed were a few years of peace. Bucky got a job working down at the doc while Steve worked for the local paper as an artist after he graduated art school with the money his mother had left him when she died. It wasn't a lot of money but it was enough to do some good. Sure, times were rough and all that, but they were lucky. Ver lucky.

And then the war hit. At first, Bucky and Steve didn't really worry about it. The war was in Europe. Sure, neither liked that people were getting hurt and killed, but they weren't worried about getting pulled into it.

But that mindset didn't last very long. Pearl Harbor got bombed and the USA was pulled into the war. I took little time after that for Bucky to be drafted and for Steve to be left behind. They exchanged letters frequently while Bucky was away at training camp. Neither wanted to be separated from the other. It was rough. Bucky just wanted to go home while Steve wanted to join him and do more.

Steve would get his wish, but not in the way he'd expected.

It all started with a trip he and Bucky took to a science expo on Bucky's last day home before he shipped out. They wanted to have one last memorable night together before all hell broke loose. Bucky spent the night worrying over Steve and Steve spent the whole time already missing Bucky.

There was a moment when Bucky as heading over to talk to someone they knew for a moment, where Steve looked over and saw a mobile army recruiting office. He'd already had more than one failed attempt to join the army, what was one more?

Well, it turned out that this one wasn't much of a fail. Steve met a man named Dr. Erskine who asked him all sorts of questions. Questions that lead to him getting a position in a select platoon with a top-secret agenda. Steve didn't care. He was just happy that he was getting his chance to fight alongside Bucky.

He meant to tell Bucky that night what had happened. He meant to, but then Bucky's mouth was on his and his body was so inviting. And then that morning there were tears and telling Bucky was the furthest thing from his mind. He meant to tell Bucky. He just… didn't.

Training camp was one of the hardest things Steve ever did. His chest hurt all the time, he was small and most of the other guys were dicks. Agent Peggy Carter was really the only thing that made that week bearable. She and Dr. Erskine saw Steve as more than a shrimpy Alpha. They saw him as intelligent and capable, even after that whole thing with the dummy grenade. He was NEVER EVER going to let Bucky find out about that.

Steve shouldn't have been surprised that he was selected to receive the serum. He was a good man with a good head on his shoulders. It was here that Steve got to meet Howard Stark. He was a strange man and Steve wondered if he was related to his and Bucky's Anthony. But, before Steve could ask, he was set in the chamber and trying to deal with all the pain happening.

As soon as the pain had started, it had stopped. The chamber opened and Steve stepped out. He felt incredible. He was breathing easily for the first time in his life, he was taller now, and he didn't feel any pain in his joints. It was like being on cloud nine.

But, just as soon as things got better, they got worse. Erskine got shot and Steve took off on a while chase to catch the man responsible. This was when Steve had the displeasure of learning about HYDRA for the first time.

And then things continued to get worse. Steve wanted to go out and fight. He wanted to help. He wanted to fight alongside Bucky and make a difference in the war. But unfortunately, Steve got stuck doing USO shows to get war bonds. Every moment on that stage was like Steve's own personal hell.

He just wanted to do something good.

Meanwhile, Bucky was in absolute hell. He'd known that going to war was going to be rough, he just didn't think that it would be this bad. He missed Steve horribly. He missed having a warm place to sleep. He missed home. He missed not being shot at constantly.

He missed being happy.

The days were long and the nights restless. The only entertainment was the old packs of cards and stories from other men in his squadron. They talk for hours about life back home and what they wanted to do after the war. It gave them something to cling onto while they slept in the mud.

And then life went to shit.

Bucky's squadron was sent to Azzano to fight. Only half made it back. Bucky was among the group captured by this Nazi group calling themselves HYDRA. They were kept in cramped cells with no food and very little water. One by one they'd be dragged away. Nobody knew what happened to the ones dragged away. All they knew was if they took you, nobody would ever see you again. Bucky dreaded the day it would be his turn. He only hoped that there was somebody out there looking for them.

There was someone out there looking for them. The second Steve got word that Bucky had been captured while he was performing in Europe, he went against all orders to bring him and the others back. He enlisted the help of Peggy and Howard and the three stole a plane to get Steve where he needed to be.

Steve dropped into the drop zone and started running the second he hit the ground. He snuck into the facility and instantly went searching for people he could trust. He managed to find everyone who was in the cages and he set them free with instructions on what to do before he took off to find his Bucky.

He found Bucky, all alone and strapped to a chair. There was a long empty IV in his left arm and he had his eyes closed in pain.

"Bucky. Bucky. It's me. It's Steve." Soothed Steve as he unstrapped Bucky and hugged him close.

"Steve." Smiled Bucky as he shakily returned the hug.

"Fuck. I thought you were dead."

"I thought you were… smaller?"

Steve checked Bucky over quickly as the sound of explosions got closer and closer. He took a quick look around the room to gather a bit of information before he helped Bucky get his footing so they could get out of the building.

"What happened to you?" asked Bucky as they started to walk down the hall.

"I joined the army."

They rounded a corner and the explosion noises got louder. Bucky got his footing a little bit better and Steve was able to let go of him so he could ready his weapons.

"Did it hurt?" asked Bucky as he took a second to ogle Steve's new muscles.

"A little."

"Is it permanent?"

"So far."

Steve helped Bucky run down the halls as the explosions got closer. They could only hope that the other men of the 107th had made it out of the complex before things got really bad. After a few turns, the two mates ended up on a catwalk and face to face with the failed experiment known as Red Skull. The leader of HYDRA.

There was some bickering But Bucky was a little too preoccupied with staying on his feet and making sure that Steve didn't get himself killed. The room was exploding around them as Red Skull and his henchman made their escape, leaving Steve and Bucky to fend for themselves.

Steve all but pushed Bucky to the other side of the catwalk as it fell apart. They looked at each other from both sides as the metal railings fell into the growing fires below.

"Go! Run!" shouted Steve as the fires grew larger.

"Not without you."

So, Steve took a leap of faith and jumped over the fires and to Bucky's side. From there it was a mad dash to exit the collapsing building to regroup with everyone else outside. By some miracle, everyone Steve had freed had made it out alive with minimal injuries. Now all they needed to do was head back to base.

The walk was long and muddy. Everyone took turns helping each other as they walked for the next two days. They all slept in shifts and neither Bucky nor Steve left each other's sides the entire time. They couldn't bear to leave each other.

Arriving back at base, Steve was expecting to get punished for what he did. He expected yelling. He expected to be sent home. He expected to be separated from Bucky.

That wasn't what happened.

Steve was pulled aside while everyone else got some much-needed food and medical attention. He was offered a special position working with the SSR. A troop of his own made to take out HYDRA bases. Who was Steve to refuse this offer? So, he accepted and was given a week to help form his team. But for now, Steve was released so he could spend some time with his mate.

When Steve got to the tent he and Bucky were assigned for the night he saw Bucky sitting down on the little cot waiting for him. In seconds the two were hugging and sharing a few sweet kisses. They broke apart after a few minutes and Bucky ran his hands over Steve's new body. His eyes widened as he traced his hands down Steve's arms.

"Fuck Stevie. What happened to that little Alpha of mine?"

"He's still here. I'm still here. I'm just… I'm better now Bucky. No more sickness."

"Steve, you're going to sit down and tell me what the hell happened."

So, Steve did. He told Bucky exactly what had happened with the exception of the fake grenade thing. He told Bucky every last thing he'd been through to get to Bucky. After all was said and done they were both crying and holding each other.

As the week continued on Steve chose who he wanted on his team. It was completely filled with men he'd handpicked from the 107th he'd rescued. They were all outfitted with new uniforms and Steve was given a new shield made completely of vibranium. It was pretty sweet.

Not too long after that the newly christened Howling Commandos were shipped off to their first mission. Very quickly they became a powerhouse. They systematically began wiping HYDRA and Red Skull off the map. Soon, everyone was hearing the tales of Captain America, his soulmate, and the Howling Commandos. They were heroes. It felt… good.

On one of their last missions towards the end of the war, things hit a snag and began to go downhill. Their mission was to board a train and retrieve Dr. Zola and bring him into SSR custody. It was simple in theory. In practice…" Not so much.

"Remember that time I made you ride the Cyclone of Coney Island?" asked Bucky as they looked at the crevasse below them.

"Yeah, and I threw up."

"This isn't payback for that, is it?" asked Bucky and Steve gave him a playful smirk as they finished getting ready.

When the train came into view it was time to get going. They zip lined down and landed on the roof of the train. Breaking in was a piece of cake. It was the ensuing fight that was hard. The train was overrun with HYDRA operatives and weapons. Steve's new shield became an asset to them as it was used as a way to defect hits. At one point Steve had gotten knocked back and Bucky had to use the shield to protect the two of them.

But then the side of the train got blown out and Bucky was grappling for his life.

"Bucky! Grab my hand." Shouted Steve as he inched closer for Bucky to take his outstretched hand.

Bucky strained and tried to move closer. He could feel the metal railing he was holding onto buckle under his weight. His eye's widened as he heard the metal snap. Bucky looked up and Steve and prepared to fall to his death.

The fall never came.

At the last second, Steve was able to grab Bucky's arm and haul him back onto the safety of the train. The two collapsed onto each other and just stayed there on the floor for a moment. Zola had been taken care of and the train was secure. They were allowed this moment to just be. They were just happy to be alive.

A week later the little bit of happiness they'd found in being alive was broken. Zola had given up Red Skull's plans in exchange for his life and Steve and Bucky were tasked with infiltrating his base and taking him out.

With the help of some of the other Commandos, Bucky and Steve were able to break into the base. There was plenty of shooting and explosions. Peggy showed up at one point to help where she could. Red Skull was as good as theirs.

Well, he should have been if he hadn't taken the tesseract and jumped aboard a plane chock-full of bombs bound for the states.

With the help of Peggy and Colonel Philips, Bucky and Steve were able to get onto the plane right before it took off. The two searched through the plane gathering evidence before they found the cockpit and Red Skull. The man had his eyes turned on the two soulmates and instantly a fight broke out. Red Skull was trying to use the cube to his advantage. But the man wasn't entirely sure how the cube worked. In a flurry of light and enough power to break all the windows on the plane, Red Skull was sucked away to parts unknown by the cube, leaving Steve and Bucky in a damaged plane that was going down.

With the plane now severely damaged and with live ammo on board, Steve and Bucky made the hard decision to crash the plane into the frigid waters of the arctic below. Steve radioed back to base ops to let them know what was happening. It allowed him and Bucky to say their goodbye's before they were lost to history.

"I'm with you, Buck. Till the end of the line."

"Till the end of the line."

The two shared one last kiss as they crashed into the ice. Their last thoughts were of each other and the soulmate they were leaving behind. They hoped that their Anthony would be alright without them.

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