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"Fools! You gave him the wrong gem! I said, Emerald! Not the Green diamond that looks pretty! You even put it in the wrong place! Useless all of you!" The Deity yelled at its subordinates as they watched the long-haired man pick up their young charge on the screen.

"Uuhm—A-actually... b-boss ih-its a... not a-a green diamond... a-according to t-the... uhm R-Reaper Mors ih-its actually t-the resur-surrection st-stone... which i-is a Bih- bl-black Diamon... uh ma'am." One of the braver subordinates of the enraged Deity corrected... which didn't end well for them.

The Deity in question wasn't fond of being corrected, so as punishment turned the being into a cockroach all the while watching the screen.

The man held their charge at an arm's length examining him with a curious gaze, his eyes land on a glinting object hidden by his fringe of black hair, that was revealed to be a green gem none too dissimilar to the one the other child in his companion's arms. Only it was shaped like an upside-down kite.

"So who's this little fella?" The man asked his companions as he held the babe up at eye level then his eyes widened as they caught sight of a stone embedded in his skin beneath a fringe of untamed black hair. Like Steven, he thought.

"Uuuh... Hey, um Pearl I thought Steven was the only half-gem..." he didn't get to say more as babe started to cry causing all of them to look at him. Their eyes widened too when they saw his gem.

"H-he is or was the only one we knew of. We weren't aware of any other gems on the planet." The pale woman said as she stared at the boy in confusion handing the other boy off to a taller woman that had reddish-brown skin and a box-like hairstyle.

"Let me see the boy Greg," she demanded of the man holding out her hands for the babe who had stopped crying to look at her.

"Uh, s-sure here you go Pearl." The now-named Greg acquiesced reluctantly handing the boy over to her gently.

Pearl smiled down at the boy, to which he returned with a gummy one of his own. Not taking her eyes off him she asked Greg where he found him.

Greg scratched the back of his head as he recalled his findings of the child. "Actually I think he found me he was in a basket outside my Van... Oh right! there was a note with him too. Haven't read it yet but here," he said as he reached into the glove box in his van pulling out a letter. He then proceeded to hand it over to Pearl.

The woman readjusted the boy in her arms as she opened the letter reading it aloud for her companions to hear. "Ahem,

To whom it may concern

I leave to you my most prized possession, my son Hydrus Adamas. I do this because I don't have long in this world and shall be moving on shortly after this note is finished. I am sure by now you may have noticed the strange gem embedded in his skin, do not worry about it, it is a normal thing for a hybrid to have. Yes, Hybrid, Hydrus is only half-human his mother was a beautiful woman with the same strange gem centred on her forehead she had come from the stars, I loved her with all my heart. She gave up her physical form to have our child, sadly because of my condition I cannot be there for him so I leave him with you and pray that you will take good care of him and love him if he were your own, my only wish is that he knows I love him and that if I could I would have raised him myself,

Goodbye, my sweet child, your papa loves you..." She said her fingers going limp letting the paper to fall silently to the ground, her eyes were teary as she looked down at the boy promising herself that she would do anything for these two boys. Garnet and Amethyst having similar thoughts on the adorable babes.

Greg had a weary smile on his face he was still new to this whole parent thing. "Well, then it looks like your stuck with us, little guy." He said as he looked at the babies that were currently being smothered in affection by the Crystal Gems.

Several years later

On the sandy shore of Beach city, two children roughly the same age could be seen running away from their caretakers and guardians. They were both boys and had huge smiles on their faces as they crisscrossed their paths making it difficult for their pursuers to catch them. The taller one out of the two had wild black gravity-defying hair and dark green eyes, while the shorter had fluffy brown hair and light pink eyes that shone with mirth as he shared a look with the other boy.

Shouts of "STEVEN!" and "HYDRUS!" could be heard from behind them. The black-haired boy looked back for a brief second before he suddenly tackled the other boy to the ground just as a purple blur flew overhead.

The smaller chubbier boy sat up and pouted at the black-haired one rubbing the back of his head in pain. "You could've warned me, Hydrus, " Steven complained as he pulled himself to his feet.

Hydrus' rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly "Sorry Steven didn't have time. Amethyst would've surely caught us if I didn't. Speaking of... if we're quick we could..." But he was cut off by the sound of their friend Pearls sharp voice.

"What were you thinking?! Running off like that? You were both supposed to be in the temple..."

"But Peeeaarl... There's nothing to do in the temple we were so bored, can't we visit dad or something? Pleeease?" The boys pleaded with puppy-dog eyes.

Pearl looked to Garnet in desperation unable to look at the boy's adorable faces. Garnet shrugged. "We could see Greg then go to the amusement park afterwards..." She said with her arms folded over her chest looking in the direction of the of Beach City.

After their visit to their dad's carwash, they had run off again down the beach and around the rocks at the bottom of the cliff that the temple was carved into. The pair had stumbled into a hole that turned out to be some kind of glowworm cave. That lead them to their current situation.

Steven stared at the giant dog that was squishing his brother and lolling his tongue out the side of his equally largemouth trying desperately not to laugh. He bit his lip in a valiant attempt to not laugh at his brother's predicament... though he still failed miserably.

His brother, after he had convinced the behemoth of a dog to get off of him, had named it Snuffles. Much to the dog's displeasure, Hydrus said it was payback for sitting on him, his actual name was Sirius for the dog star to go with his brother's own name that had also derived from the stars though it was the constellation Hydrus aka the male water snake.

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