The Negima! Mysteries and Adventures

Inspired by the creator of Mahou Sensei Negima!, Ken Akamastu

I. First Mysteries

Author's Notes

Hello and welcome to the very first part of the series. Let you know I do not own any of the Negima! characters, places, or other stuff. All rights go to the manga story writer Ken Akamastu.

Quick Announcement: This story/book has been reuploaded, and modified into smaller chapters. The first time this book had published, it had multiple chapters under one episode/section. The episodes took a long time to read, and I feel grief for my viewers to read long chapters like that. So, I decided to divide the episodes/arcs into chapters to make readers/viewers easier to read and find their favorite or particular chapter. I hope this helps.

The original (first book) is deleted, and this book is now reuploaded into smaller chapters in this first arc of this Negima fanfic. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Negima! is one of my favorite Animes. I loved the characters, Negi and the girls; they are unique and amazing. Negima! is one of Ken Akamastu's masterpieces.

One of my hobbies is solving puzzles and mystery stories and events, such as exploring new areas or crime-solving tales like Sherlock Holmes. My interest in mysteries gave me the idea of how to continue the Negima! story. The story takes place in their years of high school, after the events of saving the magical world, and way before UQ holder story. There will be many episodes and chapters along the way, all set in separate chapters.

In this first arc of the series, Negi and the girls will now be in the High School District in their first year and semester facing new challenges ahead. Plus, a new character, which is me Matthew Oda (since this is fanfic) will be joining with Negi and the gang as their new and greatest friend in the series.

So, without further ado, enjoy the first episode of the series, thank you.

1. The Missing students


High above in the vast, cloudy, and sunny blue sky is a large airplane flying towards its destination. Inside the plane are many Japanese people and tourists resting and quietly enjoying their flight. In a seat up close to the window is a young Japanese man with short black hair, reading a pamphlet about the exotic places of Japan. After reading it for a few minutes, he put the pamphlet back into the seat's pouch and got out his family album book. He skims the pictures until he sees a photo of him as a little boy with his mother and father standing in front of a wishing shrine. "How I will never forget that moment," the young said as a memory came into his mind.

"Daddy," the little boy speaks, "what is this huge place? How come the girls wear the same clothes?"

"Well, my son, this huge place is called Mahora Academy," the father told his son. "This place is an all-girl school. All these buildings have every educational program a girl needs, from elementary to high school. I worked here part-time as an intern, and this place is where I met your mother. We fell in love and got married."


"You know son, you like mysteries, don't you?"

"Yes, I do dad! I love mysteries; it's like an adventure out there!"

"Well, I heard a lot of rumors that Mahora has a lot of mysteries and adventures. If you're old enough, we may come back here again and see them for yourself."

"Really Dad?!"


The boy and the father looked at the academy for a long time until the mother appeared.

"There you are, my sweetie pies! I'm all done using the restroom. Shall we move on?"

"Right, let's go son."

"Hey Mom, Dad. I hope we come back here again and see those mysteries. I can't wait."

The mother and the father smiled as the family walked away from the academy and got on a tourist bus. On the side, it said, "International Touring Travels." When the bus drove off, the young boy still looks at Mahora Academy from his window and still vows to come back to it. He smiled as the bus drove off into the city streets.

"I'm finally going back, Mom, Dad," said the young man to himself

Just after he closed the album, a pilot calls out to all the passengers.

"May I have your attention please?" the pilot spoke from the speakers. "We will be landing pretty soon, so please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. Thank you so much and will be landing in Tokyo very shortly."

The young man tightens his seatbelt, put his album away, and got prepared. The plane started to descend in the sky. The young man looks out the window and sees the vast land of Japan.

"Mahora Academy, here I come."