6) In Matt Oda We Trust

Part 9

A few days later, Mahora Academy is peaceful and playful, as always. And the news about Matthew Oda's success of apprehending the criminals and Anita has spread out the word very quickly as many students and teachers are reading the newspapers' headlines. What's more exciting for the viewers is that they see Matt's facial picture on the headlines' front pages. The good word about Matt Oda has become popular news all over the academy.

In the English department halls, Negi, Asuna, Ayaka, Makie, and Konoka are leaving the Mystery Club as they head home for the night. While they are walking and heading to the exit doors, they were discussing along the way.

"I'm so glad you, Ayaka, and the rest of the girls are finally in Matt's Mystery Club," Negi said with glee.

"I'm glad we did, my dear professor," Ayaka replied happily. "Matt really is a kind and honest gentleman. I feel like I just have another brother, one who brave and bold to protect me like a knight in shining armor." But then Ayaka quickly hugged Negi. "But Negi! You're always my one true love!" Negi flinched in shock.

"Oh, knock it off, cradle robber," Asuna said in annoyance.

"Yeah, Matt really is totally awesome," Makie followed up. "I really glad he's part of our family."

"You can say that again," Konoka responded.

But when Makie wasn't looking where she was going, she accidentally bumped into someone and falls back to the ground. Makie shook her head to gain back her consciousness and looks up. Makie jolted when she sees the same older students that wore green long-sleeved student uniforms that they bullied and took her lunch money from her the other day.

"Well lookie here, girls," said the girl with the light brown hair. "It's the same pink hair girl that I took her money for bumping into me." The other two girls snickered evilly.

"I-I-I'm really sorry!" Makie said frantically as she stood up, "I didn't mean to bump into you again."

"You're such a wimp, Pinkie. I'll let you slide again if you give me your lunch money again, only this time double."

"What!? You can't do that! I don't have that money, and I really need this. I haven't eaten since this early morning, and I'm hungry after my gymnastics workout."

"Oh, so you want to stand up and fight us this time?" The three rude students glared at Makie, itching for a fight. Negi and the rest of the girls stood beside them, eager to help Makie. Just when Asuna makes a bold move…

"Excuse me!" someone shouted. Everyone turned toward the voice, and it was none other Matthew Oda walking towards with his arms crossed in their sight. Matt got closer to the rude girls with his firm look on them.

"What are you thinking you're doing to my good club member?" Matt said firmly.

"What's it to ya? She owes me for bumping into me." the student girl with brown hair scolded.

"She doesn't owe you anything. You're just bossy because you're bigger taking advantage of her."

The girl with brown hair growled. "What's wrong with you? Aren't you scared of us?"

"I was, but not anymore. Now, why don't you do me a favor and leave quietly now, or else."

"Or else what?"

Matt leans on the girls, "If you don't, I'm going to tell the dean how rude you're doing to my best club members."

"You're lying," she said calmly.

"No, I'm not." Matt put his fists on his hips, "The dean and I are very good friends, and he respects me."

"Just because you're famous around here, doesn't mean you can stop us."

"So you heard about me? But don't be so sure that you can get away with this." Then Matt notices the dean appearing and coming into the scene. "Ah, Dean Konoe, perfect timing." Everyone in the hall sees the dean coming.

"Grandpa," Konoka said.

"Hello there, Matt, Konoka, ladies," the dean said.

"Hey dean," Matt calls to him, "is it true that you and I are good friends and you trust me every word I say. After all, I am an honest gentleman."

"Of course, Oda-san. You're a very good man, and I always relied on you in case of any disasters or problems that appear in my academy. Why'd you ask?"

The older and rude students flinched in fright when heard what the dean said.

Matt points to the mean girls. "Well, these girls are picking on my good member Makie and want to take her money just because she accidentally bumped into them." The rude girls shivered in fright. "I think they're just bullies so they can take advantage of small and weak students and get away with it."

"Is this true?" The dean said with a concerned mood.

The three girls waved their hands in fright. "Uh, uh, uh, No! No! We didn't mean anything like that." said the girl with brown hair. "We were only just teasing her, that's all." The other two girls nodded in agreement.

"Really?" the dean said with his concerned mood still. The three girls nodded in fright.

Matt then walks up to the mean girls and gives them a warning, "If I catch you girls threatening or hurting my members or another student again, you're going to do some detention time. Capeesh?"

"Y-Y-Yes Matthew Oda. We'll be going now. Bye!" The girls scurried off, never to be seen again from Matt Oda.

Matt then walks to Makie, checking on her to see if she's okay. "You're alright?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, Matt-san," Makie replied happily, "thank you so much."

"Yeah, you're courageous, Matt, to stand up against those bullies," Asuna complemented to Matt.

"I can see why we all love you so much," Konoka said with glee.

Matt smiled in little embarrassment. "Aw…, thanks," Matt said.

The dean giggled. "I can see great and wonderful outcomes coming from you, Oda-san," he said. "Keep up the good work."

"Thanks, Dean." Matt then turns to his friends. "Well, it's getting late. Let's go home and turn in for the night. I'll see you guys tomorrow after your classes." Matt waved as he left the hallways and heads back to the dorm.

After Negi and the girls waved goodbye, they made concerned looks on their faces.

"Y'know," Konoka speaks, "even though Matt is not afraid of girls anymore and he is part of our family, I still feel a little bit sorry for Matt to live in that lonely club until we arrive."

"I know what you mean, Konoka," Makie responded.

"Yeah," Ayaka sighed, "I wish there was some way, but I guess there's nothing we can do to solve that."

Negi paused a moment and thinks something after that Ayaka's last words.

"Oh well," Asuna mourned a little. She then yawned, knowing she needs a good sleep. "Let's head home. We'll see Matt again tomorrow."

The girls continued to head home, but Negi stayed behind, thinking of a solution for Matt.

The dean noticed Negi's train of thought and speaks up to him. "Hmm? Negi boy, something wrong?" the dean asked.

Negi heard the dean's question and looks at him. "Oh, I was just thinking a way to help Matt Oda from being stuck in that club alone all the time." The dean understands and nodded. Then Negi's mind hit him. "And… I think I know the solution."

"Really, Negi my boy? What is it?"

Negi makes a firm stance and looks at the dean with a firm look. "Dean Konoe, I have a request."

The dean listened to Negi's words that whole late afternoon.

The next day in Class 1-A, every student is present and accounted for as they waited for their young boy teacher to show up. While they are waiting, the students were discussing their upcoming summer vacation.

"I can't believe summer is just around the corner," Misa said with excitement.

"Yeah, we're going to do a lot of fun stuff together," Sakurako said cheerfully.

"Especially with Matt Oda around," said Haruna. "I'll bet he's going to enjoy wonderfully with all of us."

"No doubt about it," Fuka responded.

"Yeah, maybe he can practice ninja techniques with us," Fumika followed.

"I highly doubt that," Chisame disagrees with them. "but I thought I show him how to use a computer or laptop during our summer break, with my great expertise."

"You girls are always talking Matt Oda so much," Sayo noted as she is floating around the group. "It's like he's part of us."

"Well, of course, Sayo," Kazumi said. "He is part of our family."

"Hey, by the way, Kazumi," Chizuru called out to her, "Great job on the news about Matt Oda. I'm sure he really liked it." Kazumi winked and smiled at Chizuru.

"Everyone liked it," said Ayaka as she, along with Asuna, came into the group. "The whole academy got the news of Matt's successful case. He really is a special person."

"Yep," Asuna agrees, "Matt is one incredible guy." The students smile and agree on what Asuna said.

Then the academy's bells rang, knowing classes are now starting. The girls went back to their seating positions and prepared themselves for Negi's arrival. After waiting for a few seconds, the door opened, but it wasn't Negi who stepped inside

Instead, the students were a bit confused when they see two moving men carrying a teacher's desk, a little bit smaller than Negi's, and entered the room. Then came in Negi Springfield as he guides the moving men to place the desk right next to his. Once the desk is placed, Negi thanked the two moving men as they left the room. Negi then went to his desk and makes an announcement.

"Good morning, everyone," Negi greeted. "You're probably wondering why this desk is just brought here. Well, it turns out that starting today, we're going to have a Teacher's Aide."

The girls blinked in surprise when they heard that shocking news. They murmur each other as they wonder who this Teacher's Aide going to be. Could it be someone handsome, cool, geeky, strict, or cute like Negi? The girls continued to talk about the new Teacher's Aide until Negi gets their attention again.

"Please, girls," the professor boy speaks up, "there's no need to fret. He's a very good man, and you all know him." The students were still confused about who this Teacher's Aide Negi's referring.

Standing outside of the classroom's front door is the Teacher's Aide, all dressed in his casual but formal clothes. He has a red collared and short sleeve shirt, and long Khaki pants with a belt. He carries a brown messenger bag on his right side. The Teacher's Aide took a deep as he speaks to himself.

"Okay kid…, you got this," he said to himself. "I know it's your first day, but you know this class very well. And remember, they are your great friends, Negi, and the students."

He opens the door slightly, making a thin crack to see only Negi inside the room. The Teacher's Aide sees Negi looking at his class until Negi spots him peeking through the door's gap. Negi nods to his aide, signaling him to come in. The aide sees Negi and responds with a nod. He then opens the door as all the students looked to see who the Teacher's Aide is.

All the girls heard the door opening, and they all got a glimpse. The moment the aide stepped inside the classroom, the whole class flinched in a big surprise. They watched as the aide walks across the room, puts his bag on his new desk, and writes his name on the board. After he wrote his name, he puts the chalk down and then slowly turns around toward the students. He smiled at everyone as the board says…

Teacher's Aide, Matthew Oda.

Matt begins to speak, "Hello, and good morning ladies." The class is speechless. "I know you know me well, but just to refresh and do these standard introductions, I'm Matthew Oda. And I'm going to be this class and Negi's Teacher's Aide for the rest of your academic years. I'll be responsible for collecting assignments and homework. And If you need any tutoring, just let me know. I hope we get along well and become very good friends."

After Matt's introductions, everyone was quiet. Matt got a little worried and wonders if he said something wrong. Nobody spoke, until…

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

The whole class heard someone's applause, and it is Konoka, standing and applauding for Matt. When they watched Konoka applaud, Asuna stood up next and applauds for Matt too. Then next stood up is Makie, then Yue, the twins, and Eva. Soon every girl in the class stood up and applauds to Matt Oda with great joy and happiness. Matt smiled as he watches his best friends and students praising him.

"Thank you so much, Oda-san," said Negi happily. Matt kept standing in front as Negi makes a request to his class. "And now students, I know you already introduced Matt, but since he's going to be with us for rest of our high school years, why don't you introduced yourselves again and tell a little bit about yourselves."

"With pleasure, dear professor," the class representative said happily and calmly.

The students begin their introductions by their seat numbers, starting with Sayo the ghost girl.

"Hi there. I'm student No. 1, Sayo Aisaka. As you know, I'm a ghost, but I'm a friendly ghost. So I hope we get to become great friends."

"Hey-O Matt, I'm student No. 2, Yuna Akashi. I love playing basketball. I hope you play b-ball with me one day."

"Hey there! Student No. 3, Kazumi Asakura. Taking pictures and finding good scoops is all about me. And if you love a good mystery, then I can find the latest mystery story for you, Matt."

"Nice to meet you again, Matthew-san. I'm student No. 4, Yue Ayase. I don't like studying a lot, but I'm very interested in magic, and of course, your mysteries."

"Greetings, I'm student No. 5, Ako Izumi. I'm an expert in nursing, and I'm the manager of the soccer team, although I'm good at soccer too."

"Hello, I'm student No. 6, Akira Okochi. Swimming is my specialty. Maybe you can swim with me one day."

"Hi Matt! Student No. 7, Misa Kakizaki. If you need a good set of clothes, then call on me because I'm the fashion queen. Plus, I love to shop."

"What's up, Matt? Student No. 8, Asuna Kagurazaka. I may not be smart, but I have good will power, and I'll always back you up, Matt."

"Salutations, I'm Student No. 9, Misora Kasuga. If ever a moment you're cursed, then as a nun, I can gladly bring holy protection for you. Also, I'm in the running club."

"Nice to meet you, Oda-san. Student No. 10, Chachamaru Karakuri. I may be a robot, but I do have a compassionate heart like everyone here. It's grateful to have you in our class." She then bowed at Matt.

"What up? I'm student No. 11, Madoka Kugimiya. Rockin and Rollin music is all me, and I love to sing. I'm also in the cheerleading club."

"Hiya Matt! I'm student No. 12, Fei Ku! My martial arts skills are incredible. So if you need any training or fighting help, let me know."

"It's an honor to have you here in class. I'm student No. 13, Konoka Konoe. I come from a rich family, and I'm a happy and cheerful girl to everyone, including you, Matt-san."

"Yo Matt! Student No. 14, Haruna Saotome. My artistic skills in Manga are well detailed. If you like to draw, I can teach you."

"A very good day to you, Matt-san. Student No. 15, Setsuna Sakurazaki. I vow to protect not just Miss Konoka, but everyone I care with my katana, especially you, Matt-sama."

"Hi! I'm student No. 16, Makie Sasaki. Gymnastics are my specialties, and twirling a ribbon is one of my favorites."

"Three cheers for you, Matt! I'm student No. 17, Sakurako Shiina. I'm from the cheerleading team too. And if you need a boost of confidence, I'm here to cheer you on."

"How are you doing, Matt-san? I'm student No. 18, Mana Tatsumiya. I'm a sharpshooter, so I always got your back with the help of my handguns. Maybe you can learn to wield one of my mine if you're up to it."

"A great hello to you, Matt-san. I'm No. 19, Chao Lingshen. I know a lot about stuff, science, earth, plus magic. If there's anything you need to know, feel free to ask."

"Hello there, Matt-dono. Student No. 20, Kaede Nagase. I am a true-blue ninja. And my skills stealthy and quick, but I always got your back-degozaru."

"A pleasure to meet you. I'm student No. 21, Chizuru Naba. I love the stars in space, and astronomy is my talent. Your star shines brightly to all of us."

"Hi! I'm student No. 22, Fuka Narutaki." "And I'm student No. 23 Fumika Narutaki." "We're twins, playful, and we love pranks. Thank you for being in our class, big brother!"

"Greetings Oda-san. Student No. 24, Satomi Hakase. I love inventing things, and science is my true talent and hobby."

"Hey there, Matt-san. Student No. 25, Chisame Hasegawa. Computers and laptops are my things. If you need any technical help from them, call me."

"Well, hello there, Mr. Matthew Oda. I'm student No. 26, Evangeline A.K. McDowell. I might be a reformed shinso vampire, but I do have a heart for my classmates and you, Matt-san."

"Oh, um, Hi there, Matt-san. I'm student No. 27, Nodoka Miyazaki. I love books, and I like to collect them. I hope you like book reading too, Matt-san."

"Hiya, Matthew-san. I'm student No. 28, Natsumi Murakami. When it comes to acting, I am the star of the stage. I hope you come and watch me perform."

"It is most grateful to have you here in Class 1-A. I am student No. 29, Ayaka Yukihiro. I am the Class Representative for 1-A, and I'm an expert on flowers as well."

"Good to see you, Matt-san. Student No. 30, Satsuki Yotsuba. Cooking great gourmets is my talent, and I hope you try my delicious cuisines."

"I am pleased to meet you. I'm student No. 31, Zazie Rainyday. I may be the quiet one in class, but I do have great acrobatic skills. I also perform magic tricks."

After every students' introductions, they all bowed together and said out loud…,

"Welcome to Class 1-A, Matthew Oda-san."

Matthew looked back at Negi, who is smiling at him. Matt then looked back at the students, all smiling happily for the gentleman. He is one happy young man.


That afternoon, Matt, Negi, and Chamo were outside sitting under a tree discussing to each other.

"You really did that for me?" Matt asked in surprise.

"I couldn't let you live in that club room alone all the time," Negi stated. "So, I asked the dean yesterday to see if you can be part of my class, and that is you becoming my Teacher's Aide."

Matt smiled proudly. "So that explains how the dean offered me the job when called me. I'm delighted you really did that, Negi. Now we can be very close together as one big happy family."

"Wow Matt, aren't you a fortunate guy," Chamo said in excitement. "I'm glad too that your part of the class 1-A family."

Matt makes a strong speech, "With all of us together, we'll come across many adventures and mysteries along the way as our days here in the academy go by. We'll be the perfect team to solve many challenges that come in our way as a big team." Negi and Chamo agreed with Matt as they smiled too.

Then a voice called out. "Hey! Negi! Matt!" The two young men and Chamo looked, and they see Makie and other girls in class 1-A waved at them. "Hey! Come play with us, you guys!" Makie shouted.

"We're coming!" Negi replied. "Let's go, Matthew!" Negi dashed off to play with his best students.

Matt stood and looked at Negi and the girls for a second. Then he looks up in the sky and says to himself, "Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting me come here to Mahora Academy… and finding me a new family." After that, Matt dashes off and plays with his class friends.

Somewhere not far from Negi, Matt, and the girls are Dean Konoe, Prof. Takahata, and Nurse Minamoto, watching the class 1-A residents play. The three smiled as they watched Matt Oda play with his friends.

"Looks like Matt has finally opened up his heart and shines to everyone," Prof. Takahata stated.

"Indeed," Nurse Minamoto responded, "For a young man who has no magical powers, he really is a special person. He has great potential to overcome many obstacles in his path of life. What do you think, Dean?"

"I completely agree with you," Dean Konoe replied happily. "I sense great magical events coming. Negi, Matt, and the class 1-A are going to face many adventures and mysteries yet to be solved."

The three continued to watch Matt as he plays with Negi and the girls. He is getting along with the class, just fine. Matthew Oda smiles happily to be with his class 1-A family.

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Author's Note

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