Rangers: 25 R.R.

Episode 5: It's Morphin Time

"Why are there so many of them?" Rachele asked, still whispering. "Do you think we tripped a silent alarm or something?"

"No!" Spike said quickly, darting his eyes back and forth "I mean, no."

"Spike, Rachele, can you hear me?" Joseph's voice was coming through their helmets.

"Yeah, we hear you." Rachele responded "Where are you?"

"We're just outside the hanger," Joseph replied "how much time is left on your bomb?"

"Less than nine minutes" Spike responded in a panicked whispered voice. "and there's a Monster in here…"

"What?" Shelton asked" Did he say monster? Like, an actual monster?"

"Worry about that later." Joseph directed "Jennifer, time?"

"3, 2, 1…" Jennifer counted down.

BOOOOOM! There, was an enormous explosion across the runway, completely consuming the brick building Joseph, Shelton and Jennifer had planted their Detonator. Inside, the monster and putties immediately knew something had happened and emptied out of the ship, into the hanger and out onto the runway, making a B-line for the building in flames. Joseph and the others went unnoticed, standing firmly against the building on either side of the door as the putties and bird like monster ran out, then quickly ran inside to find their friends. They didn't have to go far, Rachele and Spike met them almost just inside the door.

"You guys ok?" Joseph asked his team mates.

"Yeah, we're fine." Rachele replied.

"The giant bird…?" Shelton began.

"OOH, you saw it?" Spike asked, excitedly "Where did that thing even come from?"

"Might I suggest we talk about this later?" Jennifer cut in "Some place that isn't about to explode?"

"She's right," Rachele declared "we've got five minutes at best."

"Alright let's get…" Joseph was cut off by the appearance of another putty patrol.

"Oh, come on, what is this? Left overs?" Shelton complained, looking around at the putties that now surrounded them."

"Guys, their blocking the way out!" Spike pointed out, in a high-pitched voice.

"Stay calm guys, we knew this would happen eventually." Joseph attempted to rally his Ranger team "We've beaten these things before, we'll do again. Remember how easy they crumbled back in town?"

"He's right," Rachele chimed in "we want out, we'll have to fight our way out."

Every one nodded in agreement and braced themselves for their first fight as Power Rangers.

"LET DO THIS!" Joseph shouted, and the team charged the putties that stood between them and the way out.

The rangers were out-numbered 2:1 and took several hits from their opponent's but the material of their stealth suits seemed to absorb much of the impact from the putties blows. This allowed the ranger to focus more on throwing more of their own punches rather than worry about the punches they were taking. None of the rangers were trained fighters, not even spike, with his love of the arena, so each ranger simply brawled as though this were a street fight, throwing kicks and punches at anything they could hit. The putties proved to be even more frail than the Rangers realized, after taking enough hits, they simply crumbled where they stood. Unable to do any damage to the rangers and having no real resilience of their own, the Putties were soon dust on the floor and the Ranger stood, having just won their first fight against the Forces of Rita Repulsa.

"Oh my God!" Spike was about to lose all composure "We just did that… THAT WAS AWSOME!"

"GUYS, LESS THAN A MINUTE!" Rachele yelled to the others and the team bolted for the door.

"The exited the hanger bay and were suddenly stopped in their tracks by the wood pecker monster they had seen earlier.

"So…" the Monster spoke in a high-pitched voice that sounded appropriate for a bird. "What do we have here?"

"That thing talks?" Shelton asked aloud.

"I do more than talk" the monster spoke back to him "I'm called "The Peckster" and it's been a long time since I've had any real fun."

"Oh, no fun to be had here," Spike chuckled, nervously "we're just a bunch of boring people in black rubber suits."

"Boring huh?" Peckster responded "I can help with that" The monster opened his mouth wide and small, sharp needles came flying out, striking the ground around the rangers and causing small combustions. The rangers were forced back inside the hanger.

"GUYS, THIS IS NOT WHERE WE WANT TO BE!" Rachele reminded them, with fear in her voice.

Joseph looked around the hanger, hoping an answer would present itself. He reached down on his waist and suddenly remembered that they hadn't morphed yet.

"Guys, grab your morphers!" he directed

"Zordon said we should only morph in an emergency..." Spike pointed out nervously.

"This isn't an emergency?" Shelton asked spike directly with shock in his voice.

"Just don't want to get fired on my first day is all" Spiked mumbled as he reached for his morpher.

"You did fix the spandex, right?" Shelton asked Jennifer.

"NOT THE TIME SHELTON!" Rachele yelled at him, pointing at her wrist.

"Ok guys, here it goes…" Joseph said as he and his fellow Rangers held their morphers up into the air "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"

The hanger was engulfed in flames, Peckster watched as fire roared into the sky and debris fell back down to earth. There was no sign, as of yet, that the Rangers managed to escaped before the explosion. Peckster turned around to behold the burning building across the runway, which had exploded just moments before the hanger and was being investigated by several groups of putties.

"Wow, that wasn't half as much fun as I hoped it would be." Peckster complained to himself. "Well, whoever they were, there's probably nothing left… He hu ha HA HA HAAAA!"

Peckster was about to walk away, seeing no reason to linger with this small band of terrorists having already been incinerated. Just has he turned to leave However, he was suddenly struck by an energy blast in his right shoulder. The blast brought Peckster to one knee, mostly due to the sheer surprise he felt upon being struck.

"Hey, where did that come from?" Peckster yelled out loud "Who's the wise guy?"

Peckster darted his head back and forth, trying to spot the person responsible for blasting him. Suddenly, something caught his eye near the fire where the hanger once stood. As he looked closer, he was able to make out five emerging silhouettes, with the figure in the center appearing to be holding hand gun of some kind.

"What?" Peckster was in disbelief "that's not possible!"

The five figures emerged from the roaring fire to reveal not the black suited individuals that had retreated back into the hanger, but five multi-colored suits with slightly larger and more detailed helmets. These new suits were drastically different from what pecker had seen earlier, each wore matching boots and gloves with colored diamonds across the wrists and ankles. The legs resemble militaristic cargo trousers that were solid colored and tucked into the boots and bore a white belt at the waist with a large belt buckle at the center. The upper torso appeared to be form fitting and matched the color of the trousers, each with a white diamond pattern across the chest and a gold emblem showcasing some sort of animal. What individualized each of these new suites (apart from their distinct colors) was the unique over coat each wore. On the far right was the one in black, who wore a long-sleeved open trench coat that almost reached the ground. On the far left was pink, also in a trench coat but looser and only coming down to just behind the knees. Left of center was yellow, wearing what looked like a yellow jean jacket that stopped at the waist. Right of center was blue, also wearing a long coat but sleeveless, exposing the blue form fitting sleeves of the inner torso top and stopping behind the calves of their legs. Finally, standing in center and still holding the blaster that struck Peckster, was Red, sporting what resembled a red leather Jacket with a biker like collar.

"Who…?" Peckster was struggling to pick a question "What are you?"

"We" Joseph Declared for the first time "are The Power Rangers."

There was another large explosion from with-in the burning hanger bay behind the Rangers, probably another ship that hadn't blown yet. The Rangers didn't flinch at this explosion but rather remained motionless and continued to stared Peckster down.

"I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE" Peckster yelled as he stood up "I'm going to peck you full of holes!" and he opened his mouth wide again fired the small needle like spikes.

Several spikes struck the ground around the rangers as before, causing small combustions around them but this time, several of them also struck the Rangers, causing them to be thrust to the ground from the force.

"Uh, that didn't feel good" Spike said, clutching his abdomen.

"No" Shelton agreed "No it didn't."

"The pain is already going away though" Rachele observed.

"That's the suit doing its job" Jennifer explained. "it protects us from damage and speeds up our recovery after we've been hit."

"Let's not take that as a free pass to just take hits guys" Joseph directed "Let's try keeping our distance first, Blasters Ready!"

The other four rangers drew their blaster pistols and took aim. The weapons were all red with a white barrel and red tipped muzzle. They had what looked like the head of a small dinosaur and its teeth at the top of the slide and another set of three long teeth running along the side the barrel about a quarter of its length. The bottom of the handle and the back of the slide had three jagged teeth pointing out and down. The teeth were chrome.

"Fire!" Joseph commanded and all the Rangers pulled their triggers.

Peckster was blasted multiple times by multicolored beams forcing him to take several steps back. The Rangers ceased fire to inspect the damage they had done. Peckster was laughing…

"Ha ha haaa" Peckster cackled "is that the best you can do Power Rangers?"

"Are you kidding me?" Shelton said out loud "we just blasted him with freaking lasers and he laughs at us…?"

"Ok, distance isn't going to do it" Joseph said, thinking quickly "switch to saber mode, we'll try getting in close."

The rangers Pulled the slides of their pistols out and folded the handles up so that the teeth on both ends joined together and locked into place. Then a blade popped out from under the barrel and protruded from the muzzle about six inches. Each Ranger was now armed with a dagger like weapon.

"Why don't I come to you!?" Peckster open his large blue wings took flight, charging the Rangers at Mach speed and striking them with his talons in the blink of an eye, knocking them down once again.

"He actually fly's!?" Spike said with shock. "I though those wings were just for show."

"They showed you Power puce" Pekster responded, mockingly.

"Back on your feet guys," Joseph called out "we'll charge him together, GO!"

"The Rangers charged Peckster all at once with their sabers out, attacking him in pairs. Joseph reached Peckster first, swinging and slashing with his saber but peckster blocked all Joseph's attacks with his talons and then struck Joseph hard in the torso, sending him rolling on the ground. Jennifer and Shelton were next, trying to confuse Peckster by attacking from two sides but he spread his wings and spun his body in place, sending the two rangers hurling to the ground in different directions. Finally, Spike and Rachele leapt into the air together with their sabers reared back, ready to strike but Peckster reached up to grab both of them and slung them hard to the ground.

"Come on Power punks!" Peckster mocked them "Can't you do any better than that?" and he took off into the air again then touched back down some distance from the Rangers.

"You haven't beaten us yet ya big wood pecker!" Joseph yelled at Peckster as the five Rangers re-grouped.

"Oh no?" Peckster began as he spread his wigs once again "Then let's see you hold up against this…"

Peckster began flapping his wings hard and fast, he wasn't taking off for flight, rather he was creating a powerful gust of wind that began to blow the Rangers backward uncontrollably. They were nearly blown back into the roaring fire that was once the hanger bay but the strength of the wind faded as the Rangers were blown farther from peckster. The Rangers Regained their footing and tried to come up with a new strategy.

"What do we do?" Shelton asked "he either claws us to pieces or blows us away."

"He hasn't seen our primary weapons yet," Jennifer suggested "let's break them out."

"What good will that do?" Rachele asked "We'd still need to get in close and that hasn't worked out so well."

"Why don't we try both at the same time? Joseph suggested "long distance and close combat together."

"What?" Shelton asked, confused.

"Trust me guys," Joseph reassured "everyone follows my lead, sabers out. Spike, you hang back, when you see the opening, take the shot, got it?"

"Got ya" spike replied, placing his hand over his morpher.

"Ok guys, GO!"

Joseph lead the other three rangers in a charge directly at Peckster, their saber brought to bear.

"Come and get me Powerless Rangers." Peckster continued to mock them.

Just as the ranger were within striking distance, they leapt into the air one after the other and sailed clear over Peckster's head, landing directly behind him. Peckster only saw the black ranger, still in front of him and at a distance and aiming what looked like a large black rifle at him.

"Hey Pecker Head!" Spike yelled and he pulled the trigger, Blasting Peckster backwards and knocking him on the ground.

"Good shot Spike!" Joseph yelled to his fellow Ranger "Weapons out guys, time to clip this bird brain's wings"

All the Rangers drew their weapons in flashes of multi colored light, Shelton drew a pair of twin Daggers with yellow handles. Rachel, a bow and Arrow, the bow was mostly white with pink detailing on either side of the grip. Jennifer drew a long double-bladed lance; the blades were in trident formation on either side of the long, blue staff. Spike was already holding his Power Axe, the handle was 18 inches long and had a rifle muzzle at the end, black with evenly space yellow rings. The base of axe blade was black with a yellow stripe down the middle and the axe blade was yellow along the edge. The weapon doubled as a Blaster Rifle. Joseph drew his Long sword; the handle was black with a red tipped end and the hilt was red with a Gold coin imbedded in the middle. The coin had the image of a Tyrannosaurus pressed in it. The blade of the sword was twenty-seven inches long and razor sharp. The Rangers attacked Peckster with full force, Jennifer swung mercilessly with her Double ended lance, then dodging to the side as Shelton leapt in with his twin daggers, slashing at peckster's Knees and elbows. He also dodged to one side so Spike and Rachele could take turns blasting Peckster their Power axe and Bow & arrow. Finally, Joseph sprinted toward Peckster at full speed, his Power sword in hand and slashed Peckster devastatingly across the torso, sending him hurling backwards and rolling to the ground.

"Is that..." Peckster began, breathing heavily "the best you've got?"

"Not quite Bird brain." Joseph declared, holding up his sword "Rangers, Bring them together!"

Spike took center, holding out his axe in blaster position followed by Rachele, who placed her bow on top of his axe, creating the look of a crossbow. Next, Shelton stepped up, placing his daggers on either side of the bow with the handles facing forward. Then, Jennifer detached her lance at the center and placed both ends on either side of the bow, also with handles facing forward. Finally, Joseph stepped forward and placed his sword in the center of this new weapon with the blade facing forward.

"You wanted the best we've got…" Joseph called out to peckster "Here it is!"

Joseph took the weapon from Spike and stood center as his fellow Rangers took positions at his sides. He raised the newly completed Power Blaster and took aim.

"Oh, come," Peckster began to beg "Give me a pecking chance."

"You had one…" Joseph replied "You blew it."

Joseph Pulled the trigger and blasted Peckster with the full force of the Blaster which was greater than the sum of its parts. Six solid beams of Red, Black, Blue, Pink and Yellow light struck Peckster with Devistating force. Peckster Yelled out in pain upon the blast's impact and then he simply fell to the ground, exploding on the spot. The force of the explosion would lead one to believe that he drank gasoline before a fight.

"Oh my god…" Rachele took a few steps forward "We did it, we actually did it"

"That was the coolest thing anyone has ever done!" Spike couldn't contain his excitement.

"I wonder why he exploded like that" Jennifer pondered "I honestly wasn't expecting that."

"That's one down" Shelton chimed in "a whole lot more to go."

"We'll do it Shelton" Joseph reassured his team mate "we're going to beat them."

Shelton nodded his helmet, then turned to look at the destruction that the rangers had reeked that night. "It's gona get worse before it gets bette.r" He muttered to himself.

"Congratulations Rangers, on a job superbly well done" Zordon complemented the Rangers. "you not only succeeded in completing your mission but also managed to defeat one of Rita's most dangerous Minions in a battle you had no preparation for. I could not be more pleased with the job you have done today."

"Thank you Zordon," Joseph replied "for a while, we were worried."

"You were worried," Alpha 5 asked, surprised "I'm surprised I didn't blow a circuit, I was so nervous."

"Zordon, what was that thing?" Rachele sked.

"Peckster" Zordon explained "was one of many creatures at Rita's command. They are created by Finster in his laboratory and always come with an assortment of weapons and powers."

"How many more are there?" Spike asked "Do they all look like wood Peckers?"

"I'm afraid Finster can create and endless supply of Monsters and putties, each unique from the other, this war will not be won by defeating our enemies one by one."

"Then, how do we win?" Shelton asked Zordon directly.

"For now, we will continue to undermine her efforts and seize every opportunity we can" Zordon explained "but in the end, the only way to achieve true victory, will be to defeat Rita and her minions themselves."

"How do we do that?" Joseph asked.

"Do not burden yourselves with that now Rangers," Zordon tried to settle the team "for now, celebrate the moment and return to your homes, tomorrow the battle begins again."

"Alpha," Jenifer turned to the friendly robot "How did we know what we were doing out there? Our weapons, how to use them, how to fight like that… How did we do it?"

"It's all in your morphers" Alpha answered "when you morph, all the knowledge of your powers in instilled into you, as well as amplifying your natural strength, speed, stamina and fighting ability."

"That's incredible" Jennifer was getting excited again "how does it work?"

"Hey Jen," Shelton interrupted her excitement "nice job on the suits."

"Yeah?" Jennifer smiled "You really liked them?"

"Are you kidding?" Spike asked in his high pitched, enthusiastic voice "I never thought I could so cool!"

All the rangers nodded in agreement as they formed a circle at the center of the Power chamber.

"So, this is who we are now." Joseph addressed his team "Students by day, super heroes by night."

"Not just Super heroes…" Shelton chimed in "Power Rangers."

Shelton held out his fist in the center of the circle, everyone looked around at one another, unsure of what to make of Shelton's gesture. Then, Rachele reached out her hand and placed it on top of Shelton's fist. Spike followed suit, placing his hand on Rachele's. He was followed by Jennifer, placing her hand on his. Joseph stood in awe of his friends, feeling touched by the comradery now being shown buy his friends.

"Come on leader man, you gona get in here or what?" Shelton asked his friend.

Joseph smiled, shaking his head as he reached out and placing his hand on the hands of his fellow Rangers hands.

"On three guys?" He asked his friends.

They all nodded.

"Ok…" Joseph began… "One, two…"

The alarm suddenly went off and everyone was looking around, confused.

"Alpha, what's going on?" Joseph asked with urgency.

"Rita has sent another of her monsters into a highly populated area and it's harassing the citizens," Alpha replied in a panic "my guess is she's actively trying to find he ones responsible for the destruction of her war ship facility."

"Looks like we pissed her off" Shelton snickered.

"Ok guys, looks like the night isn't quit over yet." Joseph motioned to his team mates.

"Are you sure you're up for another battle Rangers?" Zordon asked with concern.

"We'll be ok Zordon" Joseph reassured him "Besides, we can't let that thing hurt anyone."

"Very well then" Zordon conceded "Good luck Rangers and may the Power protect you."

"Let's do it Guys" Joseph said as he reached for his morpher "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"