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My life wasn't always what I had envisioned for myself. While I was growing up I was a wallflower in school, had no social life, and was a very anxious person. My mother would complain about my constant fidgeting but I couldn't stifle the urge to move for anything. When I was fifteen years old, I asked to move in with my father, Charlie in the state of Washington.

"You can't be serious." Renee said incredulously when I mentioned it over shepherd's pie.

I nodded as I swallowed my mouthful. "I am serious. I have no friends here, Mom," she started to protest but I quickly continued, "and I have tried! People steer clear of me. I just want a change of scenery. I want a fresh start." My tone was clearly pleading with her by the end and tears sprung into her eyes.

"Oh Baby," she cooed at me as she placed her delicate hand upon mine. "Are you sure moving so far away is going to help anything?" She asked with concern thick in her voice and eyes.

I leveled her with a look. "Did it work for you when you left Dad?"

Mom averted her eyes from me and took her hand away. "You've got a good point." She lifted the fork to her mouth and continued to eat a few more bites before speaking again. "It's so cold there." She complained mildly.

I knew then that she was willing to let me leave.

"Thank you, Mom."

Swiping at a stray tear, she nodded and her voice sounded thick, "You're welcome, baby. Just be sure this is what you want before you commit."

I promised her I would. It was easy to keep that promise too because I already had. Charlie had given me his blessing and I had already begun the process at school. I should have told Mom sooner that I wanted to leave but I really thought she'd put up more of a fight so I procrastinated a lot.

It wasn't more than three weeks later that the jet was landing at SeaTac airport in Seattle, Washington. My clothes were rumpled from the long flight and my mouth was sticky as I grabbed my carry-on and headed off the plane to find baggage claim where Charlie would be waiting for me. Mom had insisted I get a cell phone before I left, so I took it out of my hoodie pocket and made use of it, texting her that I'd landed and gave her a short Snapchat video of me searching for baggage claim in the busy airport.

Two heavy bags thunked down the baggage carousel and I recognized them instantly as mine. The bright colors of the Parisian Lights luggage set Mom bought me for the trip circled slowly around the belt until they were within reach for me. As heavy as they were, I was glad they had wheels so I hiked my carry-on bag onto my shoulder and raised the handles on each luggage case before dragging them behind me towards the exit. Charlie's police cruiser was parked in the no parking zone along the Arrivals lane outside and he waved at me with a big grin under his mustache as he pushed himself off his car to meet me. I let go of the luggage and launched myself into his strong embrace with a matching grin of my own, breathing out in relief that I was finally home.

Charlie and I had always been so much alike. We both loved to have our own space to do as we pleased. In my case, that was reading and research but in his case it was television and baseball. Every other weekend, him and his few buddies around town would meet up with a few more of his buddies from the nearby Indian Reservation, La Push. They would go to the local fields where they would play baseball for hours and end up at a bonfire on the beaches afterwards. He kept a clean house and cooked himself his own meals which was a load off of my shoulders because Renee couldn't cook for crap and was always ordering take out unless I insisted on making dinner - which I did more often than not. Another thing we have in common is that neither of us hover. If we're bored, we won't linger around waiting for the other to notice us, a silent hint to get moving or ask what to do that day. Renee was definitely a hoverer.

It took a long four hour drive to Forks from Seattle, but once Charlie pulled the cruiser up to the curb of his quaint white house, I eagerly escaped the confines of the car and ran up to the porch, giddy and excited to go inside and see what I'd missed in the last year. I always spent summers with my dad and it bonded us closely with all the fishing and hiking escapades we would enjoy while I was here. I had almost stopped coming around my twelfth birthday when Lady Red started visiting me but my mother assured me that she would make sure he got all the necessary equipment so that I wouldn't have the embarrassment of asking him to take me to the store.

I would have died.

It was something my mother jokingly called 'the days that shall not be named' when she conferred with Charlie over it.

Charlie huffed a laugh as he dragged my luggage out of the back seat and rolled them up the concrete sidewalk that led to the porch. My carry-on bag was slung over my shoulder and I took the luggage handles from him when he got them onto the porch so he could unlock the door and let us in. Walking inside, I noticed that not much by way of decor had changed, though he had repainted the banister and the living room. I ooed and awed over all the changes he'd made, even making it a point to touch the soft microfiber couch that sat in the living room.

"Yeah, it was time for an upgrade. The old plaid girl finally lost her springs in the center and I'd end up sitting on the floor. I'm too old to get out of that predicament." He grunted as he nodded his head towards the kitchen. "Go see what I did there."

I must have looked like an excitable puppy because as my feet carried me quickly down the short hallway and I turned left under the archway to the kitchen and my grin widened, I heard Charlie's chuckle. All the cabinets that used to be a pale, stained yellow, now stood bright white with silver hardware. The counter tops were no longer a pale, 1970's blue but a gleaming concrete gray with a matching marble back splash above them. The old linoleum floor with brown diamonds had been replaced with thick stone colored tile and there were even brand new appliances. My eyes got bigger and bigger as I looked around, lovingly touching the stainless steel of the fridge and fingering the racks of the gas stove.

"Holy crow." I said softly with a big smile. "This looks amazing." Twirling to look at his satisfied face, I asked, "You did all this yourself?"

Charlie scoffed at me. "Are you kidding me? No. I had help from the Cullen boys."

I waited for further explanation as I examined the new dining room table. It was wrought iron, thick and heavy with a cedar red top and matching chairs. When Charlie didn't explain who exactly he was talking about, I turned back to him and asked him.

"I never mentioned the Cullens?"

I shook my head in the negative.

"Huh. Thought I did."

And with that, he grabbed a bottle of water from the double door fridge and walked away from me to sit in the living room. I stared at the air where he'd been standing, my brows knitted together as I figured he'd lost his mind.

By the time I unpacked my luggage, refolding clothes neatly before storing them in the dresser that hid in the closet, and lovingly placing my books on the small shelf in the corner, I was thoroughly exhausted. The flight from Phoenix to Seattle was only a little more than three hours but there had been an unexpected layover halfway that resulted in a plane switch. Dad called for subs at the local variety shop and we ate sandwiches for dinner at the beautiful table in the stunning kitchen. It was my new favorite room.

Or at least it was until I'd laid eyes on my transformed bedroom.

Dad had insisted on helping me bring my luggage to my room and followed closely behind me. The first thing I noticed was that my bedroom door was a different color. It gleamed shiny red cedar much like the tabletop downstairs and the knob was a brushed chrome with a keyhole.

A lock! I would have a lock on my bedroom door! That made everything that much better already. I looked back at my dad with a perplexed look on my face but my lips were creeping up into a smile. Charlie's mustache twitched with a small smile as he once again used his head to point me in the direction he wanted me to go. I grasped the cool metal of the handle and turned it, only expecting the dark blue walls and worn wooden floors that I was used to seeing. A gasp left me as I swung the door wide to showcase what else my father had been doing while I was away.

"Oh my!" I twisted around and clutched Charlie hard, making him grunt and try to keep hold of my luggage. I heard it hit the floor with a thud and chuckled as I squeezed him in a hug. His arms came around me and he patted the back of my head.

"I take it you like?"

"Like!? I love it! This couldn't be more perfect!" I exclaimed happily.

Releasing my dad, who was blushing, embarrassed at my overly excitable display of affection, I took in the room with wide eyes. Straight ahead from the door was a brand new dormer window overlooking the driveway, the white vinyl shining in the led fairy lights that had been hung around each door and window frame. The window on the left side of the room had been replaced too. No more creaky, swelling wood! A brand new full size bed sat under the left window with a gray and lavender duvet and sham set that looked ultra soft. I couldn't wait to touch it. As I entered the room, I realized that the old worn out hardwood floors had been refinished and there were plush rugs scattered around. One on either side of my bed in a soft purple to match the bedding, and one, a slate gray braided rug in front of the dresser inside my closet that matched the glossy new paint on the walls. All the trim was as shiny as the vinyl windows making all the old art work I'd hung over the years pop.

"This is so beautiful." I said so soft, I wasn't sure my dad could hear me. Tears burned my eyes and I blinked rapidly, trying to dispel them. I cleared my throat and turned to face my amazing father again. "Thank you." I said reverently.

Charlie gave me a half smile, his eyes pleased with my reaction, as he pulled me into a crushing embrace.

"Welcome home, kiddo."

His words sent a warmth through my blood and a happy sigh leave me as I hugged him back just as hard. Once he went downstairs, I was quick to snap videos for Mom of all the new things Charlie had remodeled.