Lupin, Raditz and Goku We're ready for the final battle against Vegeta.

Lupin: Okay. Now this is going to be epic.

Raditz: Looks like this is going to be ultimate battle.

Goku: Yeah, I can't wait.

Lupin, Raditz and Goku charged at Vegeta and trying to blow a lot of punches and ki blast.

Vegeta: bunch of low-class Warriors think You're hot stuff.

Vegeta grabbed Lupin by his leg and threw him into the ground.

Raditz: The only thing you care about is yourself!!

Vegeta to Raditz: Oh, you're available low class Warrior, I'm going to throw you all to Slammers.

Vegeta throwing a bunch of Kai blasters at Raditz.

Raditz shot his Double Sunday at Vegeta.

Goku punched multiple times Vegeta until he was knocked out into the ground.

However, Goku was going to losing his energy.

Lupin to Goku: Time if we're almost about to be losing..

Goku to Lupin: Actually, there's one move I need to tell you..

Lupin to Goku: Tell us what exactly this move.

Goku to Lupin: Actually, it's called The Spirit Bomb and it's our only last chance..

Lupin to Goku: Okay. Yes, I know but exactly how do I use it?

Goku to Lupin: in order to use it, Gather the energy from all the people and animals and plants.

Lupin put hand to gather the energy to summon the Spirit Bomb.

Lupin: Okay, now I'm really am impressed.

Lupin was trying to aim the Spirit Bomb at Vegeta.

Vegeta: You think that's going to stop me?

Vegeta dodged the Spirit Bomb.

The Spirit Bomb was aiming directly at Raditz.

Goku to Raditz: Throw it back Raditz !.. You have to throw it back!

Raditz throw the Spirit Bomb back as Vegeta.

Vegeta: WAAAAAH!!!

Vegeta gets blasted into the sky with the Spirit Bomb.

Raditz turns the tables on Vegeta, and brings him down hard! But with the

little energy he has left, Vegeta summons his spaceship hoping to make a hasty retreat. His plan, escape Earth, and live to fight another day.

Vegeta: I'll be back... and next time I'll destroy them all...

Raditz to Vegeta: You're not going anywhere, Vegeta. I'll stop you!

Vegeta to Raditz: Let me go! It've over you fool!

Raditz to Vegeta: It's not over yet!

Goku to Raditz: No...wait... Raditz Stop... Please... Let Vegeta go... Look I know this probably sounds crazy... but I want to challenge him again one day. I have to do it... to prove it to myself that I can beat him. So please just let him go... Please.

Vegeta: Consdier yourself lucky this time... But I will be back to destroy you and all of your friends.

Raditz to Goku: Kakarot... When you two meet again... promise me you won't hold back. You've got to use all of your power so that we can be rid of him once and for


Goku to Raditz : Don't worry... I will, Bro...

Vegeta space pod lefted the planet and went to back.

Lupin to Goku: I really hope you're right about this.

An Airship came along with Stephen.

Stephen to towards Lupin and hug him.

Lupin in pain to Stephen: There's no need to hug me like that. I've been brutally hurt.

Stephen to Lupin: *sod* I'm very worried that you were almost about to die.

Lupin to Stephen: Hey, come on now. I'm fine... Except for the few scratches and bruises..

Stephen to them: Will all of you do need to get to the hospital.

Goku: You know, I almost forgot to get some senzu beans...

Raditz: You always forgets brother...

N: to be continued in the Planet Namek Saga, Hope all of you enjoyed this Saga..