Ring Around The Rosie

An ER fan fiction by AbCaLuDa

**The first 8 chapters of this fic have been limited to Abby's first person narrative. The last chapter ended with a bit of a cliff hanger, and Abby seems unable to narrate this chapter…So I'm handing it over to Luka, so we can get a little peek into his head, maybe find out how he feels about what's going on…Hope it's not too confusing for anybody…Hopefully you'll feel it adds to the story to see Luka's POV…Be sur to let me know in review!

Chapter 9

"So what's your story?" she asks. She told me her name is Glenda, like the good witch in The Wizard Of Oz, but she thinks she's more like Dorothy, whatever that means. I've never seen the movie. I just nodded and tried to say 'Uh-huh', 'Sure", or "I see" at the appropriate times during her speech.

The whole time she was talking, my thoughts kept drifting back to Abby, wondering where she is, what she's doing, how she's doing. She said the baby isn't mine, but I don't see how that is even possible. I think she's only saying that to protect me because I know she isn't going to keep it. She's probably had an abortion by now.

I can't blame her. I guess that's why I didn't try to stop her. Even if the baby is mine. Maybe I should have tried to talk to her. I could have tried to convince her to keep the baby and give it a try, but she's afraid. She knows having a child is an awesome responsibility, and she probably isn't ready for it. Especially with al the health risks from her side. She doesn't realize what an awesome joy having a child is, she hasn't experienced it so she can't know it's unlike anything else this world could ever offer.

I should have tried to talk to her.

"Are you going to tell me or make me guess?" Glenda who thinks she is a Dorothy invades my thoughts.

I sigh and push a hand through my hair. "There isn't anything to tell."

"Sure there is. You're not from around here. You could start with that." I only shrug. I've never been comfortable talking about myself. "I mean, you're here. Most men don't come here unless they have a story. You're running away from something, aren't you? Is it your wife? Are you married? It doesn't matter, really. That's it, isn't it? You're married…"

I shake my head. "No, I'm not married." My thumb caresses my ring finger where my wedding band used to be.

"Good." She smiles and runs a finger along my jaw. I feel the resistance of the beginning of my beard. She giggles and leans in to kiss me. I close my eyes and try to lose myself in it, in her, even if it's only a moment.

I pull out of the kiss and put my hands on her shoulders to hold her off. She licks her lips and tries to look sexy.

"I'm sorry," I look into her eyes, and there is nothing there. The eyes are supposed to be the window to the soul, but hers are just dull blue orbs staring back at me. I take a deep breath. "You seem like a really wonderful person, but this really isn't working for me."

"What?" She bats her eyes and tries to look hurt.

I put a hundred dollar bill on the bar in front of her. "Pay for the drinks and keep the change." She doesn't even try to stop me leaving.

I turn the radio up in the car as loud as my ears can take it and speed when I can just for the thrill of it. I don't care if I wreck, and I think about stopping at the liquor store.

Something seems a little off all of a sudden, just a gut feeling, a strange tingly sensation telling me something isn't right. I don't know what, or where, or why I feel it. It's just there. Like a lump in my throat and butterflies in my belly.

Abby. I think of her suddenly, and she appears in the road in front of me. I swerve, but there's nothing there and I know there's nothing there. But it seemed so real, for a split second I really thought she was there, standing in the middle of the road.

I drive by Abby's apartment, and the lights are on. Maybe she's come home. I get out and ring up. She doesn't answer. I try three times before calling her on my cell phone. No answer still.

I hate to do it, and I debate about it for several minutes before I dial Carter's number.

"Abby?" he picks up immediately.

"No. It's Luka."


"Is Abby with you?"

"No. I took her home a few hours ago. She wanted to go home."

I look up at the windows. Her light is definitely on. "I'm here right now. She's not answering the door."

"Maybe she's sleeping."

"I don't think so." My pager starts humming at my waist. I look down at the number. It's the ER. "I have to go. The ER is paging me. Will you check on her?"

"I'm getting the page too," he says. "Do you think…"

"I'll meet you there." I end the call and run back to my car. I don't even want to think about it, about Abby, about what kind of trouble she could be in. I focus on the music from the radio so I won't think about her…

Carter is just climbing out of his jeep when I get to the hospital. He waits for me and we walk in together.

"Where is she?" I demand as soon as we're inside.

Randi is on the hone, but she puts her hand over the receiver. "Trauma One. Susan and Kerry are working on her."

Carter asks what happened, but I don't wait for the answer. I've already started toward the trauma room.

* * * * * * * *

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