Chapter 2: I Have Been Waiting For You

Rey watched the pair of suns anxiously, with breathless anticipation, willing them to sink faster, faster still. She begged of the moon to take flight and make this endless day endless night. For tonight, she would see her Ben for the third time since his death.

Another year older already - 23 (or so she had always estimated - Rey had never been entirely sure about her precise age). And now, besides Jedi, she had a new title.

The title of mother.

Seated on her knees in the windswept sands, Rey beamed down with love at the cooing baby in her arms. She had discovered that she had fallen pregnant not too long after Ben had, for the second time since his death, faded away. Her pregnancy had certainly helped her pass most of the time - those first nine months worth. Rey had toiled through the pains of childbearing and labor alone, telling no one - not even her friends, Poe and Finn, still far away on Ajan Kloss and Chandrila or whatever distant star on which they happened to be. The baby boy had come to her, on a night of tears and pain, witnessed only by BB8, and a droid midwife summoned discreetly from distant Anchorhead. To Rey's everlasting joy, her son looked just like Ben, in most places - the deep blue eyes and little tufts of black hair on top of his head. Ben Solo, Jr. was three months old now, and already getting so big.

And in moments, his father and namesake would learn he had a child for the very first time. Rey was wearing Ben's black shirt for the occasion, the fabric hanging limp on her thin frame so that it appeared like a simple dress.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, Rey pressed a kiss on little Ben's face. "Are you ready to meet your father?" she cooed. The baby blessed her with a gummy grin and gurgled in response. Rey trilled out a laugh that quickly morphed into a happy sob.

Tatooine's horizon was now a deep purple, and as Rey watched, the last of the twin suns set. In the distance, there was a flash of green light...

And there, already approaching at a run, was the handsome figure Rey knew to be her Ben. His black hair was windswept, his expression beaming and hopelessly excited. An expression that now, as he drew closer, furrowed into bewildered confusion, than bloomed back into astonished joy, when he saw his beloved Rey, holding their baby in her arms.

Ben came into full view at last. He gave a shout of triumphant joy, picking Rey up and spinning her around, her voice shrieking into melodious peals of giggles. Finally, setting her down, beaming into each other's eyes, Rey and Ben embraced and shared a passionate kiss. When they broke the kiss at last dreamily, the couple looked down with smiles at their baby boy nestled between them. Rey was radiant, bouncing the baby gently.

"I have a surprise for you..." she murmured to both father and son. "Benny... this is your daddy."

She saw real tears glistening in Ben's perfect eyes. "B... Ben?" he croaked, unable to believe his ears.

Rey nodded. "There was no other name," she murmured. Resting a hand on his chest, she crooned, "Ben... this is our son."

Ben slowly ran a hand over his son's forehead, drinking him in with wonder. "Well..." he croaked out through a clogged throat. "The Force may be cruel, but now and again, it has been known to show mercy. Has it not been merciful to us, Rey, in this?"

She nodded, needing to concede this tiny point. "It has," and she beamed down on her son with unabashed love. Taking her husband's hand, she grinned. "Come, my handsome Jedi Knight. The night is young, but it won't be for long. I need you, my husband, to make love to me."

And the little family disappeared into the moisture farm homestead, where but a single night to be together as a family awaited.