Accidentally on Purpose

Bella is naturally accident prone. She just seems to be more accident prone whenever Rosalie's around. Rosalie wonders why. Everyone else already knows why.

A/N: I accidentally became sucked into the Twilight fandom again. So, naturally I had to write something. Let me know what ya think so far.

Bella's clumsy. Everyone knows that in the Cullen family. It's why they're so careful with her. Treating her like she's made of glass, because despite the flesh and blood she does seem to break like she's made of something more delicate. Delicate features are something she has as well. Big vulnerable open eyes. A small nose, a thin frame made of slender muscle.

Bella is unerringly human, which is why she lacks the grace of her immortal friends. Even by human standards she is a hazard and her mortal friends also keep an eye on her at school when Edward isn't around to catch her to break her fall. Or to push her out of the way of more rampaging cars.

It's this natural clumsiness that makes it hard to discern at first that something else is happening. But when Alice does untangle the webs of her visions of the future, she squeals with joy so loudly she makes Jasper drop the history book he's reading.

"What's wrong?" he is immediately on his feet in concern over some horrifying thing that she has seen. But she turns to him, a smile on her face. "It's Bella!" she announces grandly. "Bella and Rosalie getting along with each other!"

He arches a brow at this, unconvinced. "Are you sure-" she doesn't even let him finish in her excitement.

"I'm so happy! Finally Rosalie will have another female friend beside me, and she won't be rude to Bella anymore. And Bella won't have to be scared of her any longer." Alice wanted to share this news with their adopted parents. Surely it would be cause for celebration. She wasn't going to tell Rosalie of course: that would have the desired effect of the ice queen shutting down and thus trying very hard to not make it come true, thus rendering the vision faux.

"How do they even become friends?" Jasper asks, curious now. He knows visions of the future can be fickle, so whatever it is that Bella and Rosalie have done, must be leading towards the course of that. Right now, Bella's at their house but he has no idea where. Last he saw she was with Edward, his brother in love with the human and trying to court her into becoming his girlfriend. They had been in the front room, Edward playing the piano for her and wooing her with his mastery of the ivory keys. Jasper now tuned his hearing to hear it was still going but he could not make out any conversing. He often tried to respectfully keep out of others conversations with Bella as this was a small house and the vampires had powerful hearing.

"I'm not sure, but this would be amazing. Then we'd truly be a big happy family. Bella and Edward would get together and then we'd all be couples!" Alice gushed. Her enthusiasm was infectious and Jasper could not stop himself from feeling it. Alice then rushed off to find Esme and Carlisle and tell them about it.

Friends they may be in the future, but currently, Rosalie and Bella were enemies.

Bella's been coming over to the Cullen's household for three months now. She knows Edward likes her and she likes him back, but she's not sure if it's the romantic type of like or the like where she just vibes with him because they're on the same level spiritually. Both pessimistic and loners, too wrapped up in the inner workings of their mind to pay attention to the outside. Except of course, he's eternally handsome and has the grace of a god.

She likes his family too. Carlisle is kind and fatherly to her, always speaking to her with respect and answering her questions about their true nature with truthfulness. Esme is the mother Bella never had and she always goes out of her way to make something for Bella that she knows the teen will like. Alice is full of vim and always trying to do this or that with Bella. If Edward's not with Bella, then Alice is trying to hog all her time with her by going shopping or taking her to expensive locations. Emmett is a good bro; he and Bella talk sports and video games and often she'll challenge him to a game only to lose because his reflexes were faster than hers. Jasper is calm and quiet and just by being next to him, Bella can feel her anxieties melt away.

Rosalie...Rosalie is the exception. Any time she comes near Bella, Bella's heart rate skyrockets. Even just thinking about seeing her, has the same pulse pounding effect and Bella isn't sure why. True, the vampires all have beauty and grace, but Rosalie's seems to surpass that. She's even more beautiful and gracious if that is possible at all. Which is probably why it prompts Bella to do stupid things or say stupid things when around her.

And she knows such behavior will only piss Rosalie off more. Unlike the others, she did not greet Bella's arrival to their house with open arms. She openly called Edward a fool for telling Bella about their vampire nature and it had lead to fights and more until Esme had intervened.

Bella had been hurt by the rudeness but she vowed she'd prove to Rosalie she wasn't some worthless human. Though she had no idea how she'd do that. She just...just wanted to impress her. Despite how nervous she got in Rosalie's presence, she would try.

That was why, every time Bella came to the Cullen's household, she hoped to catch but a glimpse of Rosalie if only so that she could say something witty or funny to make the woman laugh. But it never worked out that way because Bella's tongue got extremely tongue tied when Rosalie grandly walked down the large staircase, like she was modeling the clothes she was wearing. She would scope out the scene, note Bella was there with some disdain in her eyes, before rolling those perfectly golden orb and leaving with a huff.

Bella wanted to be able to talk with her but she could not find an excuse to. Not until her truck broke down. "Shit," she cursed under her breath, as she tried to start the truck and could not. A few students laughed at her as she kicked the truck's tires in the parking lot, only hurting her own foot. "Shit," she cursed at the pain this time.

"Leave the truck. Take the Volvo with me," Edward suggested compassionately, sneaking up behind her in that quiet way of his.

"I can't leave it here. It'll get towed and I'll get fined," Bella said, raking a hand through her hair as she struggled to figure out a way to resolve this issue.

"I'll have Emmett tow it back to our house with his Jeep. Rosalie can fix it for you, for free," Edward assured her, knowing that Bella was only a student and had only so much cash. Bella whirled in on him. "Rosalie knows how to fix trucks?"

He nodded his head shortly. "She does. She knows a lot about cars, actually."

That was unexpected. For someone who looked so put together, one wouldn't think Rosalie was into cars. But more into painting her nails or going to spas. "And she'll fix my truck, for me?" Bella wasn't sure about that part. Rosalie didn't like her. The blonde had made it clear from day one.

While Edward couldn't read her mind, he could read the expression she was making as clear as if he'd read her mind. "Rosalie doesn't actually hate you Bella. She'll do it if I ask her to. She'll just grumble about it a bit."

"Okay," Bella said, not entirely sure. She followed Edward into his Volvo. True enough, Emmett towed Bella's car to their house and after Edward exchanged some words with Rosalie, the truck was put in the spacious garage and Rosalie went to work on it. Bella had to go see it with her own eyes to believe it.

As quietly as she could she snuck up on Rosalie, peering in through the crack of the slightly ajar garage door. Through the narrow slit she could make out Rosalie bent over the truck's hood, arms up to the elbows covered in grease and digging through the old wiring.

"I can hear you," Rosalie said all of a sudden, startling Bella and nearly making her fall through the door.

Figuring there was no reason to hide and that this might be a perfect opportunity to talk to Rosalie, she pushed the door timidly open. "Uh, I was curious."

Rosalie snorted, still not turning around to look at Bella. The brunette was now able to look at Rosalie fully. The woman's hair was up in a bun to prevent it from getting dirty, a few messy strands hanging around her face. She was wearing overalls, one shoulder strap hanging off to reveal a white shirt underneath. She had Doc Martins on, the pants legs of her overalls rolled up, one higher than the other. And grease stains everywhere. Bella had never seen her so messy.

It made Rosalie feel more approachable.

"Couldn't believe that I actually know something about cars?" Rosalie poised none too kindly, this time turning around and placing a sassy hand on her hip, giving Bella a measured glare. Bella's heart began to pound but she didn't rush out of the room or blush.

"No. Just surprised. I don't know a lot about you, so it was nice to learn something new," Bella answered to which Rosalie just continued staring at her, long enough to make the back of Bella's neck prick, before going back to work.

"This truck is a disaster. I'm surprised it's lasted as long as it did," Rosalie tightened some things inside it. "I've made some adjustments so it should be fine now. But it would be best if you got a new vehicle entirely."

"Oh, it's done already?" Bella asked, a bit disappointed. She had been hoping to spend more time with Rosalie, trying to get closer to her.

Rosalie arched a brow at this, grabbing a nearby rag and wiping her hands on it. Bella watched the motion with sharp eyes. The slender fingers. Delicate but holding so much strength in them. "Would you have rathered the truck wasn't fixed at all?"

"No, that's not what I meant. I just meant that I was hoping to ask you about how it works. The parts, and you know, that kind of stuff. In case it breaks down again this time I can know what the problem is."

Rosalie scoffed. "Just google it."

"But you're the expert," Bella burst out. Her heart was pounding even harder now, because she didn't want Rosalie to leave yet. The woman made her nervous but in this space, in this garage, Bella had been able to see the first glimpse of how more humanizing the vampire could be. Rosalie normally was frosty. At least that was what Bella saw at school. What Rosalie exhumed and put up a front of. Rosalie normally avoided being with the family if Bella was with them, so Bella only saw snatches of how Rosalie softened a bit when she talked to them.

But in this space, she wasn't commanding. Not in the bitchy 'get out of my way or I'll eat you' way, but in the 'I know what I'm doing and I'm enthusiastic about it' way. And Bella wanted to make the most of this softened shell.

"I...I um thought maybe you could teach me some things and we could start getting along better," Bella added softly and Rosalie scoffed again at Bella's hesitantly voiced desires.

"Are you stupid or something? I thought I made it clear I didn't like you."

The words cut like a knife.

"And why?" Bella whispers out, hurting on the inside. She clenches her hands into fists to diffuse the pain.

"Because," at this Rosalie takes a step closer and closer, her golden eyes turning darker. "You're endangering our family. Edward exposed us all to you and you could blab your mouth and get us killed. Or worse yet, the Volturi can find out that you know and then kill us, you, and your family and friends. And it wouldn't be the worse thing they could do," she growled out and Bella had to back up from her so that they could get some space.

Bella ended up backing up into a tool table, bumping into it and unsettling an object lying on top of it. She reached out to grab it before it smashed into the ground but she shouldn't have worried. A cool wind denoted Rosalie was next to her, grabbing it before Bella's human reflexes could. Rosalie set it down with a thunk, not looking at Bella.

"Just go," she said with a forceful whisper. Bella deliberated not leaving, just because it wasn't fair for Rosalie to hate her over this when the rest of the family didn't. they had accepted Edward's rash behaviors if only because they were happy for him and how he felt for Bella. She walked off, converse slapping heavily on the concrete floor.

She couldn't resist. "You know," she said, turning dramatically, her anger at Rosalie insulting her making her nervousness disappear. "The rest of your family doesn't have a problem with me. Only you do. At first I had thought I did something wrong to upset you. But clearly, it's not me. It's you with the problem."

Rosalie was so still she was a statue. Bella didn't think the blonde would reply, so she left. Softly, but not too soft that Bella couldn't hear it- almost as if Rosalie wasn't sure she wanted Bella to hear this rejoinder- Rosalie spoke. "You have no idea what my real problem is."

The door closed, cutting them off.