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You can have Tsunade get hurt very badly, and because she is dying have the Yamanaka use a forbidden technique to transfer her mind to the body of the clone after they confirm that the clone was braindead, and because she now looks the same age as Naruto, she can't become the Hokage anymore, so Kakashi took the position while she began her second young days.

The other option is that the clone was not braindead, but her memories only have the information up to the point where Orochimaru took the samples from Tsunade. You can have the clone have the same age as Naruto, and the original Tsunade, seeing how the clone is about to make the same mistakes that she did in the past, becomes her guide to prevent her from making the same mistakes that she did.

In both cases there is a necessary and good reason for Tsunade's clone to stay close to Naruto. I was thinking maybe that Naruto has a special power that is necessary to keep the clone body in good health, or she is placed in Naruto's team to replace Sasuke (never liked Sai).

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It had been a full year since Naruto trusted the girls with his secrets, and ever since then they had become closer. Focusing on their training they began to develop a new sense of confidence that was reflected in many aspects of their lives. Each one in their own way, but at the same time there was no doubt that they had become stronger.

The one who had changed the most in the last year was Hinata. Thanks to the presence of her mother, the support of her friends, but more than anything the guidance of Naruto, she had gained the confidence to show her true capabilities.

In addition, with that confidence she had made a new choice to grow her hair long and change her clothes.

How the once shy Hinata came to that decision is something simple. With their mother fully recovered, Hinata and Hanabi had begun to train with her; the fact that their mother was alive and well was a great source of happiness for them. Moreover, both sisters were proud of her because she was strong, kind, and beautiful.

That is when Hinata had the idea that if she looked like her mother, maybe she could attract more attention from her blond love interest.

But she needed help with this because she knew that she would need more than just growing her hair, so one day she asked for help from the only person she knew she could ask.

"Mom, could you help me choose a new hair style and clothes?" asked Hinata as she shyly poked her fingers together.

When Akane heard her daughter's request, she turned her head so quickly that for a moment Hinata thought that she may have said something wrong, but that idea ended when she saw the big smile on her mother's face.

"Hinata, my dear, I have waited for so long to hear that question from you!" said Akane as she took Hinata's hand as they ran towards Konoha's shopping district.

Of course, Akane knew why Hinata wanted a makeover, and of course that she wanted to help her. Besides, what mother doesn't enjoy choosing clothes for her child?

Moreover, that makeover had a big impact on the boys of the academy; with her new attitude and looks she began to attract the attention of many of the boys, but she was not interested in any of them. However, when Naruto told her that she looked nice, it was one of best days of her life, and that gave her a boost in her self-confidence.

Today she was heading towards Naruto's home. She and the others agreed to gather there to make plans for tomorrow's field trip that would be the last exercise before they had to take the graduation test.

She was praying to Kami that she would be placed on the same team as Naruto, hoping to spend more time with him as they do missions together.

She was around halfway into the forest when she heard a voice.

"Look who we have here?!" said a boy. There were another two boys at his sides and behind him there was a Genin.

Hinata knew who they were; they were the gang of bullies who had attacked her the day that she met Naruto. She had seen them in the academy, but they were in different groups. In all this time they never tried to do anything against her or her friends because Hinata knew that they were afraid of Naruto. It seemed that they chose to try their luck now that they saw her alone.

"Aren´t you too old for this? We are about to graduate, and you still act like kindergarten bullies," said Hinata as he got into her ready position.

"Shut up! Don't think that you are better than us just because of your clan!" said the leader.

"When have I ever said that I was better than anyone?" asked Hinata in a matter of fact tone.

"It's that superior attitude of yours that bothers us, and today we are going to put an end to it!"

"You haven't answered my question, but I guess that is to be expected, because you are only looking for an excuse to act this way, and to be honest that is pathetic."

"Silence little princess! This time you are alone and my big brother who's a Genin came to teach you a lesson."

"You mean that you were afraid to be beaten again so you brought help?" said Hinata.

"We will see how this ends, especially since your boyfriend isn't around!" said the leader hoping to make fun of her.

When Hinata heard these words she began to blush and poke her fingers together.

"We really aren't like that, at least not yet," said Hinata in a low voice. "I mean Naruto-kun is a great boy; funny, intelligent and hardworking…" and so she began to talk about the good points of Naruto, completely ignoring the current situation.

But the group of bullies didn't, and after a few moments of listening to her they lost their patience.

"Get her!" said the leader.

In that moment, the two other bullies jumped at her while the leader and his brother were looking from behind.

"Take this!" said one of them as he tried to strike her face only to see her disappear. "What the… EHUUU!" was all that he could say after Hinata not only avoided his attack, but also punched him hard in the stomach.

"Naruto is really kind and over the years we have become even better friends, but he is also kind to others, so I am not sure," continued Hinata, who after delivering that devastating attack continued talking like nothing happened.

"YOU!" said the second bully as he tried to kick her from behind.

But Hinata raised her foot, blocking his kick and with a bicycle kind of frontal kick, landed her attack on his face.

"The other day we had ramen together and that was so nice, but I know that if the other girls and my sister would have been available, they would have been happy to join us, and I am happy that he has more friends, but it was nice to have some time alone together. Oh my, what I am saying, this is so embarrassing," Hinata continued in a dreamy tone, her face starting to redden.

It was a big contrast seeing her act like a shy girl talking about the boy that she liked while the two bullies were down on the ground crying from the pain.

"That is what I was expecting from a Hyūga," said the older brother of the leader.

"Big brother?" asked the leader of the group.

"Do you really believe that I care for your reasons? You are just a disgrace who bullies others. I only came here to test myself against a Hyūga, but if she was so weak as to lose against your pathetic friends that would have meant this would have been a waste of my time, but this one looks strong," said the Genin as he got ready.

"What should I do? I am running late for my meeting with Naruto-kun," continued Hinata, ignoring the Genin.

"I see that you are not taking me seriously, let's see if I can change that."

After saying that he jumped and began to attack her, but Hinata kept avoiding him as she talked about her love life.

"I really hope that Naruto and I end up on the same team. That would be great as we could go on missions together for days, sleeping under the stars, being together all the time. It would be like a dream come true,"

The Genin for his part was getting mad at seeing that an academy student was looking down on his attacks. Then after losing his cool, he began to make some hand signs.

"Let's see what you do about this!"

Before he could finish his signs, Hinata in the blink of an eye was right in from of him and grabbing his fingers as she squeezed them hard.


"I was playing nice because they are idiots and you just said that you wanted a challenge, but this is too much. By the way, using hand signs in a Taijutsu match is a bad idea because that leaves your defense wide open. Next time try to put a little more distance between you and your enemy before you try to use any jutsu, and take this as a reminder."

After Hinata said that she kneed him in the pit of the stomach, making him fall over onto his back right in front of his little brother the leader of the bullies.

When the bully saw what happened to his friends and brother, he did what all bullies do when the odds turn against them; he turned away and tried to escape, but when he turned around Hinata was already in front of him.

He was scared, this is not how it should have ended; he was sure that with his brother here she would not have a chance, but now she was looking at him while smiling in a way that was scarring him.

"I hope that this is the last time that we meet under these circumstances; after all we will be Genin soon and this is not the way that Konoha Genin should act toward one another," said Hinata in a sweet voice that scared him even more so that he could only nod.

"By the way I want to ask you one more thing," said Hinata. "Do you think that Naruto-kun and I look like a good couple?"

The bully was confused but saw this as an opportunity to escape this without harm.

"Yes, you look like you are meant to be together," said the boy trying to disguise his fear.

"Really? Thank you and I also have something for you," said Hinata as she kicked him in the family jewels.

"This is my gift, a reminder that being a bully is a bad idea. Now if you'll excuse me, I am running late for my appointment with Naruto-kun," after she said that she turned around and left, not caring about the boy who was now in pain and regretting the idea of trying to bully her.

"That girl is fierce; whoever the boy is that ends with her will be a lucky son of a bitch," said the Genin who was still on the ground recovering.

What they didn't know was that the whole thing was observed by a group of ANBU. Ever since the Hokage and council learned that Naruto had the Mokuton, they made sure that he would be protected and this time he made sure that the ANBU did their jobs.

This particular group was just relieved after their shift was over and were on their way to the village from the Uzumaki Mask Temple that now served as Naruto's home.

"That was an interesting show," said one of them.

"That girl is beginning to act more like Akane-sama as time goes on," said her partner.

"Yes, don't remind me; I wonder what will happen in the future now that she has begun to act more like her mother?"

"Don't know, but I will make sure to stay on her good side."

"Yeah, me too."

A little later Hinata arrived at Naruto's home. She was the first one to arrive because they all had things to do, but they all agreed to come here to begin their preparation not only for the final test that would be the following week, but also for their final field trip that would be tomorrow.

On another road, Hanabi was also heading towards Naruto's home. Normally she would go with her sister, but today she had something very important to buy. When Hinata heard this she offered to go with her, but Hanabi told her that wasn't necessary, that she could go to see Naruto first, something that she did.

It is not that she doesn't want to spend time with her sister; on any other day she would be very happy to do just that, but not today. After all, today was a very special day for her.

Today she was going to pick up the new volume of the Icha Icha series, and she'd already reserved her copy. How could an academy student reserve a copy of that book? Suffice it to say that her Henge technique was very good for her age.

It had been a year since she found those books and since then, a wonderful world was opened before her eyes. More importantly her innocent mind now believed that she may have a chance to be with Naruto and her sister forever.

When she began to read the book that night she was confused; after all she was expecting a book about jutsu, techniques, battle tactics, or shinobi philosophy. Instead she found a story, but not just any story; one that talked about how two sisters fell in love with the same man and after many challenges and dangers they decided that instead of forcing him to choose one and make the other unhappy, they would share him and live like a big happy family. That was only the first volume; the second one told the adventures they faced, how they overcame the difficulties from the people who did not approve of their choice. Also, how other girls ended up joining their family.

For Hanabi it was like seeing what was happening in her life in that moment; maybe that was way she was so fond of these books.

Of course, she also became a fan of those kinds of books, but her favorites are still the ones of Jiraiya, and that was the reason she was a little late today.

Those books also gave her hope that maybe, somehow she will manage to convince her sister to share Naruto, because even if they aren't in an official relationship she had seen how her sister turned from her sweet and kind demeanor to someone frightening when some others girls tried to get close to him. They were probably girls trying to get close to him on the orders of their parents on the council, but they never got past her sister.

That was something good for her goals, but now she needed to think of a plan to make it happen; after all it wasn't like she could come out and ask 'Onē-sama, do you want to share your boyfriend with me?'

That alone was an issue, but the real problem was that she couldn't talk with anyone about this; they would simply tell her that she needed to move on and find a good boy on her own, but that was impossible. Finding another boy like Naruto who had all the elements she could only find in a romance book such as the tragic past, the hard working personality and so being so handsome, that was never going to happen.

That is why she needed to persevere; she would be like the younger sister from the two-moon sister story from Jiraiya-sama's book.

She only needed to find a way to make that story happen in reality.

For now, all that she wanted was to spend the day with her sister and Naruto. Speeding the last part of the way she could see them already talking in front of Naruto's home.

With a big smile, she greeted them.

"Naruto, Onē-sama!"

"Hello Hanabi," said Naruto with Hinata smiling at her direction.

When Hanabi got closer, she could see what they were doing.

"Oh, my goodness, this tea table is so pretty," said Hanabi as she took a better look.

"It is a gift for Akane-sama, for all that she has done for me," said Naruto.

Naruto still remembered how Akane told him that night that he could earn money by using his Mokuton to create furniture. He wasn't sure at first, but he gave it a try; using a Henge to look like an older man, he sold a table he created after seeing a similar one in a magazine gifted to him by Akane.

The wooden furniture made by the Mokuton seemed to be of an excellent quality; they were well received and thus Naruto was well paid, and that allowed him to get good things of his own, like equipment, ninja tools and scrolls, especially advanced ones like the ones used to learn Fūinjutsu.

"I am sure mother will love it," said Hinata.

"Really? I hope so. By the way, if you ever want specific furniture just tell me and it will be my pleasure to make it for you."

"Then one day I will take you up on that," answered Hanabi.

"What are you doing?" they heard a voice from behind them, when they turned they saw Ino and Yakumo greeting them.

"Nothing, just talking about the present that Naruto's said he will give us," said Hanabi.

"Really?" said both Ino and Yakumo.

Over the last year, just like Hinata and Hanabi, Ino and Yakumo had changed for the better.

In Yakumo's case, the once sickly girl who was about to abandon her dream of becoming a shinobi now had a strong body which allowed her to be one of the best students the academy had seen in a long time, especially for her desire to always push her limits.

Ino on her part also changed, and not only her personality. She moved from being a fan girl to a girl who was working to be a real shinobi, but her body also changed. Before she was a skinny girl who dieted to attract the attention of a boy, but after Naruto told them that they were ready for the serious training, she and the others ended up attacking the food when they finished the day of training.

She could still remember how she and Hinata ended up in a little battle to see who could eat more ramen; it was something spontaneous and even if she lost, she was determined to win eventually. She never had this much fun before because her other two friends, Shikamaru and Chōji, would remain sitting under a tree eating potato chips while they looked at the clouds if they could, and that was fine once in a while, but not every single day.

Sakura, she preferred to not think about her anymore.

As a consequence of her new training and eating properly, she had developed some good muscles that highlighted her body, the same as Hinata, Hanabi and Yakumo, but because she was the skinniest the changes were more evident.

"By the way, here are the seeds that you wanted," said Ino as she handed Naruto a small package.

"Thanks a lot, Ino-chan," said Naruto as he received them never seeing the small blush on Ino's face.

They were just seeds, but they were from exceedingly rare plants and trees that Naruto could made grow with his Mokuton. Thanks to her family's business she could easily get those seeds.

"With this I will be able to make more stuff and get more money," said Naruto.

"You know, with the money that you are earning with the furniture that you create, you could live an easy life if you wanted to," said Yakumo.

"But where is the fun in that?" answered Naruto. "By the way, are you ready for tomorrow's field trip?"

All the girls replied by showing him their left hands where he could see a small mark that looked like a small mole.

"Always have a set of your equipment ready in case of an emergency," said the girls at the same time, like it was something that they had heard a lot.

"I see that you have improved your use of fūinjutsu," said Naruto.

"Yes, even my dad was impressed when he saw me get my gear ready in my room. He said that only Chūnin begin to learn about fūinjutsu, and even then few are actually any good at it," said Ino.

"Our parents felt the same way," said Hinata and Hanabi.

"Mine too. That makes me wonder how you got so good at Fūinjutsu?" asked Yakumo.

"Do not forget the Kage Bunshin," added Ino.

Ever since they began to train seriously with him after the night he told them his secrets, Naruto had proven to be an excellent teacher. The speed and level they were learning with him was much better than that of the academy.

Naruto even taught them how to use the Kage Bunshin and now each girl could do two of them. When Naruto told them the little trick behind that jutsu and how it could be used the girls were surprised because they could have their clones learning different things while they trained their real bodies, and of course one of the things that Naruto had taught them about was Fūinjutsu and Iryō Ninjutsu.

"I am just giving you pointers; you are the ones who are fast learners," was Naruto's reply. "Anyway, I just hope that we get in the same group."

With that said they began to prepare for the training field trip that will mark the end of their academy days, with the final exam a couple days after.

The next day.

"Now everyone listen to me," said Iruka as he stopped in front of a group of Chūnin. We will divide the class into groups of five people who will be under the guidance of a Chūnin. The teams have already been selected, as well as your team leaders. Now each one of you will be leaving as soon as you hear your team.

With that all the students began to be called until there were only ten people in the room, on one side Naruto and the girls, and on the other side Sasuke, Sakura and three random Uchiha boys.

Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other's with cold eyes, it was no secret that they didn't like each other. Naruto at least tried to be polite because he respected both Itachi and Mikoto, but Sasuke had a big attitude problem and he didn't like him.

Sasuke for his part wanted nothing more than to show the village and the family that ignored him that he was superior to that moron, and even if he managed to take away one of his friends and made her one of his followers, he wasn't happy that it was that stupid fan girl.

"Ok, now Sasuke, Sakura, Kai, Shin and Sano you are with me, the rest of you will go with Mizuki," said Iruka.

The reason for this choice was simple, with Sasuke being the younger brother of the next Hokage it was only natural that the lead teacher would be in charge of his group, and because it was evident that neither Naruto or Sasuke liked each other it would be for the best if they aren't in the same group. Considering that no one outside the council was informed about Naruto's new power, that choice was evident.

With that said Iruka left the classroom, followed by the students he had called.

Sasuke give a final dark look at Naruto before leaving the room.

"What is that idiot's problem?" asked Ino. Ever since her experience with him she began to see him for what he really was.

"Just ignore him," said Yakumo.

"You don't have to worry about this, by the way where is your equipment?" asked Mizuki in a friendly way.

"We have them in some Fūinjutsu, that way it's easier to carry them," answered Hanabi.

"Really? You really are the best students of the class, now I will tell you that in order to avoid unnecessary intervention from others each team was assigned to a different area," said Mizuki. "We are going to a field that is close to a training area; it is a little apart from the others, but that ensures us that we won't be bothered by anyone."

With that Mizuki left the room with Naruto and the girls following him towards their destination.

It was a long walk that took them to the border of the security perimeter of the village. When Mizuki gave the order to make camp and assigned the tasks to pitch the tents, look for food and water, as if it was a normal camp. Naruto could have provided a cabin without trouble, but he didn't want to reveal his Mokuton.

Naruto and the girls did the tasks they were assigned, and soon all the work was done and the camp was ready; all this happened while Mizuki supervised and assessed them.

Later that night, they were sitting in front of the campfire talking about many things, but then Naruto felt a change in the air, and he stand up looking at the far side of the field.

"It's about damn time," said Mizuki as he stood up as well.

"What is going on?" asked Hinata as she stood up as well along with the other girls.

"There are many people, shinobi by their chakra signature, heading this way," said Naruto as he turned to Mizuki remembering what he just said. "You know them?"

"Of course I know them; after all, I was the one who told them that we would be here,"

"Sensei?" asked Hanabi.

"Stop calling me that! Do you know how much I hate being with stupid brats like you all day for all this time?! Now you are my ticket to the winner's circle! Once Orochimaru-sama sees that I gave him such fine specimens for his experiments he will made me his second in command!"

"You are a traitor!" said Yakumo as she pointed her kunai toward him.

"How can I be a traitor if I was never on your side?"

In that moment two ANBU jumped in between Mizuki and the kids.

"I knew that you have some guards; after all, the Mokuton is too valuable for this village," – Mizuki.

"How do you know about that!?" asked an ANBU with purple hair and a katana.

"That doesn't matter; besides, you have others things to worry about," – Mizuki.

At that moment around 50 shinobi began to walk from the shadows of the trees; they were heavy outnumbered.

"Don't think that we will make things easy for you; once the battle begins all the shinobi in the area will come here," said the purple haired ANBU.

"About that…"-Mizuki.


They could hear a big explosion in the distance.

"That explosion just happened in the other side of the village, and now all the shinobi in the area are heading toward that direction." Said Mizuki with a dark smile.

"Why are you doing this?" finally asked Naruto. To be honest he never liked that teacher, but he had to respect his position in the academy.

"Because I hate you and this village, and nothing will made me happier than destroying this village and its people!" – Mizuki.

"Then why involve them if you want me?" –Naruto.

"They are a bonus; two Hyūga, a Yamanaka and the special power of that Kurama clan girl! Oh, I can already imagine their screams of pain when Orochimaru-sama begins to cut them up to study their bodies!"

"You are a sick monster!" Said Naruto.

"One monster recognizes another; by the way girls do you want to know a little secret?" – Mizuki.

"If you are talking about the Kyūbi save your breath; we have known for a long time and we do not care." – Hinata.

"Naruto-kun is right, you are the only monster here!" – Hanabi.

"Now that we know you are a traitor, we don't have to pretend to respect you; you are the worst teacher that we've ever had." – Yakumo.

"If you think that we will follow you without a fight you are stupider than you look."- Ino.

"We will see; we have wasted enough time, GET THEM!" –Mizuki

With that all the shinobi charged towards them.

One of the ANBU got ready to fight as he charged toward the enemies while the other stayed to face Mizuki, but before he had the chance to end him another group of enemies came to help him.

"Let's do this, try to support the ANBU as we fight, that is out best option! Battle formation 1A!" said Naruto as he and the girls made the Kage Bunshin hand signs.

While Naruto made around twenty of them, the girls only did two each, but that would be enough for now.

Ino stayed in the center with her two clones at her sides, while the original took her kunai and got ready to the fight her two clones began to make the hand signs for her clan jutsu, when they were ready, they used it.

"Shintenshin no Jutsu!" said both clones as they used their attack while the real body stayed on guard.

Ever since she began to train with Naruto and the others, Ino also began to take her training in her clan arts more seriously, so when she was training in front of Naruto and the others, Naruto asked her what would happen if the enemy managed to attack her real body while she is using her jutsu. Ino told him that she could die, and that is the reason why she depended on her teammates at those times.

After hearing this Naruto told her that while trust in their teammates is something good, she also needed to find a way to defend herself in case the situation become too dangerous. When Ino asked him about what she could do, he offered to teach her the Kage Bunshin, that way she could have the clones do the jutsu while the real one stayed alert.

When the other girls heard that Naruto would teach Ino that jutsu they asked him to teach them as well, something which he did, and each girl adapted the technique to her own use.

One moment after Ino's clones used that technique, two enemy shinobi that were in the backside of the attackers began to throw their kunai at the allies in front of them.

"KURI! YOKO! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" said one of the enemies who managed to avoid the attack.

"You shouldn't be bad guys and attack us," said both shinobi in unison.

From her side Ino saw how her clones executed their plan, and as expected they managed to take them by surprise and kill a few of them.

Ino decided long ago that she would become a great shinobi and would not look back; she would walk forward in the company of her friends as they followed Naruto, who had become their guiding light.

Soon the enemies that her clones controlled were killed by their own companions, and her clones moved to look for other targets.

Yakumo took some storage scrolls and released their contents; it was a painting, but this painting depicted a volcanic land with magma running over the entire landscape.

When she activated her clan skill, the enemies that were heading in their directions stopped when they saw they were about to step over a river of magma. They knew it was an illusion, but before they had the chance to a dispel the illusion a few well-placed kunai ended their lives.

Hinata and Hanabi knew that with their bodies' sizes they would need to get closer to the enemies in order to use their Jūken. Following the advice of Naruto they would use the clones to make an opening, and they would target the head or the heart to make sure that they killed them with a single strike before moving onto the next enemy.

Thanks to the training that they received from their mother and the practice that they had with Naruto when he attacked them with many of his clones, they are somewhat familiar with facing many targets at the same time, but this time the targets are real and are after their lives. They would do what they had been training to do; there was no way that they would allow that their stories to end here in this way.

With their clones providing an opening Hinata and Hanabi began to take down one enemy after another.

Naruto had a couple of clones in position, ready to help the girls in case they needed it. However, so far, they were doing well.

Naruto began to direct his clones using water jutsu, earth jutsu, and some wind jutsu, but mostly using the taijutsu that he had been practicing with the old Chen Rōshi.

So far, it looked like they would make it; they could do this, they could win this battle, but the moment that Naruto thought that something changed in the battle.

"These useless idiots," said an enemy shinobi wearing glasses behind a mask and silver hair. By the looks of things, he seemed to be the leader. "It seems that the plan is not working as expected, but that just goes to show how impressive Naruto and the girls really are. Now the time for games is over," in that moment he began to make hand sings and when he was done, everything changed.

Soon all the enemies stopped as they raised their hands towards their heads and began to scream in pain as dark marks began to cover their bodies and they changed into some kind of dark-skinned monsters.

"What the hell?" said one of the ANBU who until this moment was having an easy time facing Mizuki and his men, but now these monsters were something different, turning this into a very hard fight.

The ANBU was not the only one as his partner, Naruto, and the girls began to feel the increase in their enemies' strength making the battle more difficult.

"Something is happening to these guys!" said Yakumo as one of her clones was destroyed by an enemy.

"I know, what are these markings?!" asked Ino after she lost a clone.

"We need to regroup," said Hinata with Hanabi following her.

The group of enemies in front of them took a deep breath and they knew what that meant.

"They are going to use a fire jutsu," said Ino.

Naruto made use of his earth element to create an earth wall that stopped the attack, but those shinobi/monsters began to jump over the wall.

Naruto's clone jumped to intercept them, but they were too many, and soon his clones began to be taken down one by one.

The situation began to turn for the worse.

Soon they began to surround them. The ANBU with the purple hair also joined them, she had been killing them with her sword, but now things are getting out of hand.

Normally she would have already taken Naruto and escaped, even if the boy resisted her mission was to protect him, but with the two daughters of her captain she knew that she couldn't leave them.

Before she had the time to think of another plan, the leader of the group who was looking from the distance made a new series of hand signs and soon the result could be heard.


Every single one of the shinobi/monsters exploded at the same time taking everyone by surprise.

"What that hell?!" the person that said this was Mizuki who was in excruciating pain on the ground after he got caught in the explosion. He remained behind the monsters that were fighting against the ANBU enjoying the show, but when they exploded not only did they hurt and leave the ANBU unconscious, but he was also caught in the explosion as well.

"What is the meaning of this?! This wasn't part of the deal!"

"Fool, did you really believed that Orochimaru-sama would accept a pathetic loser like you? You were only a pawn, and a useless one. You couldn't even capture a group of kids; what a loser," said the leader with silver hair.

"What did you do?" asked Naruto as he struggled to stand up. Like the others, the explosion took him by surprise and he is now injured, but the worse part was that when he turned around to see the girls, he saw them also on the ground and hurt, he could even see them bleeding.

He didn't need to hear his answer after that because now he doesn't care; he would put an end to this and help his friends, one way or another.

Ignoring the pain that he was feeling, somehow, he managed to stand up and turn to face the silver-haired man who was walking towards him with four shinobi, but these were different from the others who just exploded. They just look rare. Hell, one even had four arms.

But that didn't matter, he needed to stop them. When he tried to cast his chakra the injuries in his body and the fatigue that he had ignored began to exact their price, and with a painful expression on his face he put a knee on the ground.

"Naruto-kun!" said the girls when they saw him in pain.

"You said that this boy was special, hell, even this useless fat pig is more impressive!" said the only girl in the group.

"Oh, shut up or I will do it for you!" said the fat man.

"Just try it!" was her answer.

"You two cut it out, we had orders; we will take them with us," said the silver-haired man in mask.

Naruto for his part stood with the last of his energy, scared not for him, but for what could happen to the girls. "Hey Kurama, a little help here would really be appreciated."

"You need my help for enemies of this level? What that hell have you been training for?" asked Kurama.

"It is not my fault that they made the other guys explode," answered Naruto.

"If you'd killed them all when you had the chance none of this would be happening; I hope you learn from this experience," said Kurama.

"Can you save the lecture for when we are safe?" said Naruto.

"They are not easy enemies; the level of chakra that I need to give you in order to survive will hurt you," said Kurama.

"Do we have any other options?" said Naruto.

"No, but I do not want to hear your complaints after this," as Kurama began to pour his chakra into Naruto's body.

"GRRRRRAAAAAAA!" screamed Naruto as red chakra began to form around his body.

The enemies who were getting closer stopped, getting worried about what they saw.

"Remember to focus!" said Kurama as he was getting worried that his chakra could hurt Naruto.

"What that hell is happening? What is that gaki doing?" asked the man with four arms.

"He is trying to use the Kyūbi's chakra, but he is too young to control it. This is bad; the other shinobi will feel this power and come here, we need to take him now," said the silver-haired one.

The red chakra that covered Naruto began to change and golden parts began to cover his body. (It looked like the chakra cloak).

Turning to see the enemies once more, in the blink of an eye he was right in front of them and punching the fat man in the stomach, sending him flying backwards.

"You damn brat!" said the red-haired woman who tried to take out a flute, but before she has the chance to use it, she receive a kick in her face.

"Amazing!" thought the girls from their position.

"Not bad gaki, but now your luck has run out," said the man with four arms, but this time the silver-haired one put a hand on his shoulder.

"We need to leave."

"Why? We can take that brat!" was the answer.

"All the shinobi in this village must have felt his chakra, and taking him down will take more time."

"Orochimaru-sama will not be pleased by this," said a pale purple-haired man.

"Maybe not, but the one who will carry the blame is that fool over there," said the silver-haired man as he pointed to Mizuki.

"Wait! You can't do this to me. That wasn't part of the deal!"

"That deal wasn't with us," was the four-armed man's reply as he turned around to help the red-haired girl stand up.

"Listen well brat, this isn't over; one day we will come after you and your friends," said the silver-haired one.

"I will never allow that to happen," – Naruto.

Naruto never got to hear if they replied, as they disappeared into the shadows.

"Wait! You can't leave me here!" said Mizuki, who was still trying to stand up.

That noise only made Naruto remember that the one responsible for all this was still within his range.

"You! All this is your doing!"

"Stay away monster!"

But Naruto didn't hear him as he needed someone to release his frustration and Mizuki won the prize.

"TAKE THIS!" said Naruto as he began to beat him into the ground.

Some moments later a group of shinobi arrived, and for a moment they believe that the Kyūbi took control over Naruto and was attacking his comrades, but one of the ANBU, the purple-haired one, who had recovered the consciousness managed to explain to them what had just happened.

"Wait, that Chūnin is a traitor; he sold us out to Orochimaru. He was planning to give him the Mokuton," and so she began to retell the recent events.

While she was talking to the others, Naruto began to walk toward the girls.

"Please don't move; I will cure you in a moment," said Naruto. He didn't bother to ask if they were okay, because it was evident that they weren't and that only made him feel worse.

Using his chakra he began to heal them one by one. The girls looked at his appearance with that golden layer covering his body one moment, and the next it was gone, allowing them to see his body.

One by one he began to healed their injures. Even when a medic ninja came, he said that he would do it himself, and only when the last of them was cured did he allow himself to fall unconscious.

"Naruto-kun!" said the girls with worry.

"It is okay; he just used too much chakra, and now he needs to rest," said the medic ninja who Naruto stopped earlier.

The other shinobi came after they had taken Mizuki to his unexpected meeting with Hibiki while others took Naruto to the hospital with the girls close behind.

Inside Naruto's mind.

"You know, you may be my little brother but you coming to visit like this each time that someone beats you is kind of pathetic,"-Kurama.

"Hey, that is not my fault; how I was supposed to know that stupid teacher was a traitor?"-Naruto.

"That may not be possible, but being ready in case the worst happens is something that I have told you before,"-Kurama

Over time, the relationship between Naruto and Kurama had evolved to a one like an older brother and younger brother. That also included the right the big brother had to bother the little one.

"Seriously, even with all the advice and training that I have given you over the years, you couldn't deal with this level of trouble,"- Kurama joked about the situation.

"You will see! I will kick their asses next time!" said Naruto with energy, but then the memory of the girls getting injured came back to his mind.

"What is wrong?"-Kurama.

"The girls, they got hurt, and I couldn't save them."

"Since the moment that they chose to become ninja, they were meant to get hurt at one moment or another,"-Kurama

"I know, but this is different; those guys came after me."

"Do you think that they will care about that? They will help you even if you don't want it."

"I know, and it is very frustrating to know that there is nothing that I can do to stop it,"-Naruto.

"There is something you can do; it will not completely stop them from getting hurt, but in case of emergency they will always have extra help."

"What are you talking about?" asked an interested Naruto.

"Tell me, just how badly do you want to protect the girls?" Kurama asked Naruto with a funny grin on his face.

Time skip. A couple days later.

Konoha council.

"As you know a couple days ago, Orochimaru sent a group of his men to capture Naruto and get both the Mokuton and the Kyūbi," said the Hokage.

That caused many of those present to talk between themselves, but the Hokage took control of the meeting again.

"As you know we kept the information related to the Mokuton a secret; a secret that very few knew about and given the connection with Orochimaru, that only gives us one suspect."

"Danzō," said Itachi who was standing next to the Hokage.

"This is troublesome, but we already suspected that the traitorous Sannin is the one who implant the Sharingan and the cells from Hashirama," said Shikaku. "So, the possibility that he went to him for help is something that we had expected, but this confirms it."

"We can no longer take a passive position before this matter; they have been plotting to destroy us for the last year, and we need to put an end to this," said Fugaku.

"I am ordering a complete search in order to find any information about them," said the Hokage.

"Then what? Will you finally do what you should have done years ago?" asked Hiashi.

This level of hostility would never have happened before, but Hiruzen had no other option but to accept that his past mistakes were causing others to lose confidence in his skill to lead the village. The worst part was that he couldn't blame them, because he still remembered how the First Hokage told him about his battle with Madara. He loved Madara like a brother, but in order to protect the village he was willing to kill him. Yet he allowed his student who killed members of this village, and his former teammate who betrayed the shinobi of this village to both run away. He did not know how he could face his sensei when he was to meet him in the afterlife, and those two were still alive trying to destroy Konoha.

"No, this time I will show no mercy and I will do what is necessary to protect this village," was Sarutobi answer.

"What about Naruto and the girls? I hear that he wasn't alone when the attack happened," said Tsume.

"He suffered from chakra exhaustion, but he is fine; he even cured the girls after the battle so they are also fine," said Itachi.

"That leads us to another problem; now that Orochimaru is after Naruto, his life is in more danger than we can imagine, especially if Danzō is joining forces with him," said Chōza.

"You cannot forget that if they targeted the girls the last time it's possible for them to do it again in order to get to Naruto," said Shikaku.

"This is an unexpected situation, but we need to do something," said Chōza.

"Of course, we will; I refuse to allow my daughter to face that level of danger without any way to protect her," said Inoichi.

"The same comes from me, especially because my two daughters are in danger," said Hiashi.

"Unfortunately, we have a situation. There are five of them; that means that we can't put all of them on the same team. We will need to place them on at least two teams, and those teams will need special protection," said Shikaku.

Everyone knew that he was right, and having two teams under special protection would reduce the effectiveness of this generation. Besides, that would reduce the experience they could get that would allow them to become stronger in the future.

"I have an idea that can resolve this situation, but not everyone is going to like it," said Itachi.

"Really? And what ideas is that?" asked Hiruzen.

"About that…"

Naruto and the girls were taking a walk in the forest on their way toward Naruto's home, Naruto was just released from the hospital, and the girls could see that something was bothering him.

They knew that it was the events that happened, and to be honest they can't blame him because they feel the same. For their parts it bothers them that when they couldn't move Naruto had to fight alone to protect them, even when they had promised that they would always fight together. Despite their promise, in the end, they failed in their goal.

The girls were talking about this while they were in the hospital, and while they felt bad about this, they knew that Naruto would feel even worse, and for that reason they agreed that the first thing they needed to do was cheering him up.

So far Naruto had remained silent the entire time, and when they asked him if he needed anything he just give a small smile and said that he was okay.

Halfway to his home, he stopped for a moment and looked at them.

"Sorry that I was a little distracted, I was just thinking about something, but before I can make a decision, I need to know your opinions."

"About what?" asked Hinata a little worried about Naruto's serious face.

"I can't tell you here; it hast to be in my home."-Naruto.

The girls understood; they knew that they were being observed by ANBU. Given the recent events that was something to be expected, so they headed towards Naruto's home.

Once they arrived, they saw Naruto activate a privacy seal.

"I am sorry for ignoring you when we were walking, but I was having a talk with Kurama." The girls knew that he meant the Kyūbi, as over the last year Naruto had shared with them that he had the Kyūbi sealed inside him.

He even told them about his dreams when they began to ask where he learned all the things that he knew and was teaching them. He also relayed to them how Kurama told him that these dreams seem to be the proof that he was the reincarnation of the First Hokage and another man who had a close relationship with Kurama, and that was the reason why he was helping him.

The girls understood that they could no longer be surprised by anything that Naruto did, and agreed when Naruto asked them to keep that information a secret.

"Did he say something about the attack?" asked Hinata.

"He offered me a way to help you get stronger so you could have a better chance if you ever faced a situation like the one that we just suffered,"-Naruto.

"Really? How?" asked Ino, very interested to hear that idea.

"He said that I can place a mark on you that will allow you not only to control the natural chakra that you are learning how to use, but it will also allow you to connect to his power and allow you to use it,"-Naruto.

"Really! That is great!"- said an excited Hanabi.

"There is something wrong about this, isn't there?" asked Yakumo.

"All my life the village has treated me like a monster for something that I have no control over. They didn't take the time to get to know me; they just decided that I am a demon. If I give you this mark and the others learn what it does, you may end up receiving the same treatment that I receive from the village."

When the girls heard this the got silent for a moment until Hinata broke the silence.

"So what?" when Hinata said those words the other girls turned to see her, so she continued. "I'd rather be with the people who supported me for who I am rather than being worried about what strangers think. If they do not like my choice that is their problem, but I will not stop living my life in the way that I want with the people that I want."

"I agree with Onē-sama!" said Hanabi.

"You are my friends, and I do not have any intentions to lose any of you so I am in" said Yakumo.

"If you believe that I will allow you to leave me behind you are sorely mistaken," said Ino.

When Naruto saw the reaction of the girls, a little laugh came from his chest, attracting the attention of the girls.

"You know, Kurama told me that I have no right to make the choice for you, and that the least I can do is ask for your opinions; it would seem that old fox was right," again Naruto remained silent for a moment before he spoke again.

"It seems that he does not like to be called old. He also told me I need to tell you that this will bond us together for the rest of our lives, that once it is done it cannot be undone, and for that you need to be sure about your choice," said Naruto.

"I already gave you my answer,"- said Hinata with the others nodding their heads in support.

"Now how are you going to put that mark on us?" asked Hanabi.

"I don't know, I forgot to ask him that," said Naruto with the girls almost falling on their backs.

Then he had another little talk with Kurama, this time when he looked at the girls, he was blushing a little.

"What did he say?" asked Ino.

"He said that I need to bite you on the shoulder while I put a little of our chakra into the bite," said Naruto looking at the ground.

Hinata and the others also blushed a little, but they had already made a choice and they would not go back on their words.

Therefore, with great determination Hinata removed her coat and exposed her shoulder. Naruto knew what she meant, and stepping in front of her, looking into her pearly eyes one more time for confirmation, he received a nod from her. Naruto bit her shoulder, and he began to pour chakra into the bite which also had some of Kurama's chakra.

What neither Kurama nor Naruto realized was that part of the energy of the mask that allowed Naruto to remember his past lives also got mixed with their chakra, and got into Hinata.

Hinata for her part, couldn't describe what she was feeling. She was expecting to feel pain, after all it was a bite they were talking about, but after the initial contact what she felt wasn't pain, it was something else; pleasure, euphoria, ecstasy? She didn't know but she knew that she wanted more.

Naruto for his part was worried that Hinata may be feeling a lot of pain because she had begun to breathe hard. He wanted to stop, but Kurama told him that he couldn't until they were done. A minute later, Naruto released her after Kurama told him they were finished.

"Hinata, are you okay?" asked a worried Naruto. The way her face was blushing coupled with her heavy breathing made him believe that the experience was painful for her.

"Oh yeah, I mean yes, I am fine," was Hinata's answer.

"I didn't hurt you too much?" asked Naruto.

"No, I didn't feel pain; it was just the surprise to have chakra put into my body this way, that is all" said Hinata, who for a moment considered offering her other shoulder so he could mark her again.

"Okay, if you say that you are okay, then who's next?"- Naruto

He hadn't finish saying those words when Hanabi stood up and right in front of him with her shoulder exposed so he could mark her as well.

When Naruto marked her sister Hanabi had her Byakugan active and she could see it, how that beautiful golden chakra came from Naruto's body and went into her sister's body, invading her chakra network. That was something that she wanted to feel as well.

Hanabi came back to the reality when she felt Naruto's hand touches her arms; once again he seemed to ask for permission, something that she gave. Then it came, the same sensations that her sister felt a moment ago were now traveling through her body in the form of that beautiful golden chakra.

When Naruto was done, she almost regretted that it was over so soon.

The next one was Kurama, and just like Hinata and Hanabi the sensations were very intense for her as she felt his chakra bathe her body as if it was water. Oh yeah, tonight she would make a painting that expressed what she was feeling right now, and then burn it because she would die of embarrassment if anyone were to see it.

The last one was Ino, but that didn't mean what she felt was less intense than the others. This was a feeling she had never felt before; she didn't know how to explain it, but she was sure she wanted more, and by the looks on the other girls' faces she was sure they felt the same.

When he was done with Ino, Naruto offered to make them something to eat so they could recover from the experience.

Meanwhile, inside Naruto's mind, Kurama seemed to remember something.

"Did I tell him that that mark worked like a mate mark, and that means that he and the girls are now a pack? Well who cares, I never understood human mating habits anyway; besides, I get the feeling that whatever happens will be fun, and I certainly need entertainment."

End of the chapter.

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Also, as you saw part of the energy that allowed Naruto to remember his past lives are now into the girls; that means that the girls will also began to have dreams and remember their past lives, but that leaves me with a problem. If there were just Hinata and Hanabi, I would just make one be the reincarnation of Kanna and the other Mito. But I have plans to include more in the future.

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Idea number 2.

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Kochugunshikan Boukensha ni Naru: This story has a manga and a novel. The plot line is about how a space marine in the middle of a war fell into a fantasy world.

Reversed Parallel World's Messiah: In another world, beautiful women are considered horrible and ugly women are considered beautiful, but one day a boy of this world arrive there, you can imagine what he will do. This story only has a novel.

IsekaiTensei Soudouki: This story has a novel and manga, while the art of the manga is not very good, the plot line is interesting. The souls of two men from Earth, help and guide a young boy, but they also cause him a lot of trouble.

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