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Chapter 1.

Harry heaved a breath and staggered forwards, the weight of his cousin Dudley leaning against his side almost propelling him face first onto the curb. Gasping for air, Harry readjusted Dudley on his shoulder and slowly made his way up to number 4 private drive. As they made it to the door, Harry fumbled around in his pocket for his house keys, eventually managing to grip them he awkwardly pulled them out and inserted them into the lock, shoving the door open and pulling Dudley through into the house.

Harry and Dudley had just been attacked by dementors in little whining. It was only Harry's use of the patrons charm that saved the two of them

"Hello, aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon, I need some help, Dudley's been badly injured" Harry shouted as he settled an almost comatose Dudley down on the sofa. When Harry did not receive a response from either his aunt or uncle, he walked through to the brightly lit kitchen in search of some chocolate for Dudley, there he found a note pinned on the fridge.

"Dudders, we have had to leave as quickly as possible, your father has been offered a position at at the firm in Scarsborough like we told you, unfortunately the firm needed your father there by tomorrow morning so we had to leave, I have left you some emergency cash and a bank card which your father will deposit money into every week like we spoke about, it's on the kitchen counter, i've left our new number at the bottom of this page if you need anything darling. Please ring us as often as possible! We love you,

Mum and dad".

Harry stared at the note in shock, that was the first he'd heard about a move to Scarsborough, why hadn't anyone mentioned anything to him?

A quiet moan from Dudley in the other room got Harry's brain working again and he quickly rooted through the kitchen cupboards grabbing as many chocolate items as he could carry. He made his way back into the living room and deposited all of the chocolate onto the table and sat down in front of Dudley. He opened a mars bar and waved it in front of Dudley's face.

"Come on big D, mars bars are your favourite, you need chocolate if you want to feel better" Harry said in the most encouraging voice he could muster.

Dudley's eyes opened to slits and he weakly grabbed the chocolate bar before putting the whole thing in his mouth. Harry grabbed another bar and handed that over as well.

After 20 minutes of this routine Dudley could finally sit up straight although his arms and legs were shaking rather badly.

"What the hell did you do to me? I'm going to fucking kill you" He grunted. Harry rolled his eyes as he passed Dudley another Chocolate bar from the dwindling pile on the table.

"What I did, dudders" he said mockingly, " was save your life. Those things were dementors, they suck away your best memories and would have taken your soul if I didn't stop them" Harry slumped back against the chair he was perched on and rubbed his eyes. It had been a stressful evening and he was worried about the statue of secrecy, he had used underage magic, and in a Muggle town as well. He had no doubt that he would be expelled.

Harry felt Dudley's eyes boring into him and looked up at his cousin.

"Do you want more chocolate or something?"

Dudley stared at him for a few more moments before looking away and clenching his fat fists.

"Why did you save me then, I thought you hated me? I can't see why you'd do something like that for me. And yes, more chocolate please" he murmured.

Harry smirked as he grabbed a few more bars off the table and handed them over.

"How are you feeling now?" He inquired as he inspected Dudley's face.

"Better" Dudley shrugged as he spoke around a mouth full of chocolate.

"Not perfect but better than before, now why don't you answer the question?" Dudley asked.

Harry sighed and picked the hem of the hoodie he was wearing.

"I saved you because you're my cousin, and because, after all the bullying and pain you've put me, and others through, I still think that maybe there's some hope left for you" Harry flinched when he'd finished speaking, he'd never been this open with Dudley before and had absolutely no idea why he was being this open with him now, he shivered in anticipation and he waited for the punch that was surely coming, except Dudley gave a snort of laughter. Glancing up Harry saw an amused look on Dudley's face and instantly felt his face heat up in anger.

"Think that's funny do you big D?" He snarled.

"Yeah Harry, I do. It's just a bit unbelievable isn't it? I never would have imagined you saving me, or thinking that there's any hope left for me" Dudley snorted again and glanced down at his still shaking hands. Harry sat and waited for Dudley to continue, wondering what he could possibly be thinking about.

"Mum and dad don't really care what I get up, never really have, all they want is for me to turn out like dad, finish school, maybe go to college and get some sort of qualification, and then go work for dads drilling company instead of going to Uni. I don't bother putting any effort into anything because as soon as I turn 18 I'll be working for dad and that's what my life will be. It's nice to know that someone has some hope for me" Dudley muttered as he fiddled with an empty chocolate wrapper. Harry was astounded, he didn't think Dudley had one ounce of aspiration in his body, Harry didn't even think Dudley could feel anything other than smug satisfaction. As Harry moved forward to comfort his cousin, a large hook nosed owl flew through the window and deposited a formal looking letter into Harry's lap before flying back out again.

"What's that" Dudley wondered, his eyes lighting up slightly as he inspected the letter.

"Well, I'm guessing it's my letter from the ministry telling me that I'm going to be expelled from Hogwarts" Harry answered nervously, his hands shaking as he gingerly grasped the envelope.

Dudley blinked up at him in confusion,

" Why would they expel you from Hogwarts? You've done nothing wrong have you? I thought you were a good boy" Dudley smirked at him, trying and failing to lighten the now sombre mood.

"They would expel me because I used underage magic in front of a Muggle. And there's a lot of things you don't know about me Dudley" Harry sighed.

"But that's not fair, you didn't do anything wrong you were saving both of our lives!" Dudley exclaimed jumping up off the couch in anger before falling back onto it as his legs gave out on him.

Harry opened the letter and quickly scanned it's contents, his worries were correct. He had been expelled from Hogwarts and he would go to court in a few days, there they would decide if his wand was to be snapped or if he would be allowed to keep it. He knew if he needed to, he could home study for his owls, if he passed them he could get himself emancipated. Harry silently passed Dudley another chocolate bar as he pondered his options. He had to get in touch with Dumbledore, and Sirius as quickly as possible, they'd know what to do, they'd help him surely. As he was readying himself to get up and write a note to Dumbledore he remembered the letter his aunt and uncle had left Dudley on the fridge.

"Ah shit, Dudley, I have to get in touch with my godfather and my headmaster, your mum left you a note on the fridge I completely forgot, go and read that, I'm going to send off my letter I'll be back down in 10 minutes" He said before rushing off upstairs.

When Harry got to his bedroom, he quickly grabbed some parchment and ink and scribbled a quick note to Dumbledore.

"Dementors attacked little whining, I used the patrons charm to save myself and Dudley, but I've just received a letter from the ministry telling me that I have been expelled and that I am to be at the ministry for a court appearance in 3 days time. What should I do sir? Please send a letter as soon as possible.

Sincerely Harry Potter.

Harry signed the letter and fetched Hedwig from her cage,

"Take this straight to Dumbledore please, and then come straight back" Harry asked. Hedwig gave him an affectionate nip on his ear before flying out of the window in the direction of Hogwarts. After sending off his letter to Dumbledore, Harry hunted around in his trunk until he found the mirror Sirius had given to him the previous Christmas.

"Padfoot" he whispered urgently, He had to repeat himself several times until finally his godfathers haggard face appeared in the mirror.

"Harry! Thank God I've been worried ever since I found out what happened, Dumbledore came by to tell us the news, he's just left to visit the ministry, he's trying to get your court order overturned and get you a place back in the school" Harry slumped in relief on hearing this and let out a shaky breath.

"Thank fuck for that, I was worried I was going to have my wand snapped". Sirius gave him a reassuring smile.

"I doubt it'll come to that prongslet, and if it does I'm always here for you kiddo" Sirius reassured him.

Harry and Sirius spoke on the mirror for several more minutes before Harry broke the connection and headed back down stairs to find Dudley. He found him still on the sofa, clutching the note in one hand and a large black duffel bag in the other. Dudley looked up at Harry with a massive smile on his face as he waved the letter around.

"I think my prayers have been answered, I can finally get away from mum and dad, and if you do get expelled at least we'll have money to live on" Dudley gave out a joyous yell as he crumpled up the piece of paper and threw on the floor. Harry blinked in shock as he thought over Dudley's words.

"What do you mean we Dudley..."

"Well, you saved my life, and were cousins, just think, it would be so fun, travelling the world together, doing anything we wanted, whenever we wanted! You could even tell me more about your magic!"

When have you ever been interested in magic" Harry stuttered out.

"Well, I've kind of always been interested in it, I never said anything about it or tried to make it obvious because I didn't want to disappoint mum and dad and well, Ive always wanted magic too, and think I might actually have a little bit..." Dudley rambled as he scuffed his shoe against the carpeted floor.

"What makes you say that?" Harry inquired.

Dudley looked back at him with a small glare.

"Promise you won't take the piss Harry?"

Harry nodded his agreement and sat back down in his chair.

"Well, in my first year of high school, this stupid maths teacher pissed me off because I got something wrong, he kept making fun of me and the rest of the class laughed. The next thing I knew he flew back and fell over a table. That's the only thing that's happened that made me think that maybe I have magic to, do you think it's possible" Dudley questioned bouncing up and down on the sofa as he stared at Harry.

"I'm not sure Dudley, but we could find out? I'll take you to diagon alley, I know of somewhere that might be able to do a test on you" Harry murmured.

Suddenly, Dudley looked up and pointed out the window.

"I think you've got more mail".

Harry turned around to see another owl approaching the house, it flew in and circled the room once before dropping the note and flying back out.

Harry unfolded it to see a page of Dumbledores handwriting.

"Dear Harry,

I have spoken to the ministry and I cannot say it is all good news, you court hearing has been overturned and you wand will not be snapped, but unfortunately you no longer have a place within Hogwarts walls. I do hope you figure something out m'boy, I have the upmost faith in you. Unfortunately, our correspondence must end here, I am not allowed contact you anymore. I wish you the best of look for your future Harry.

Sincerely, Albus, Percival, wulfric, Brian, Dumbledore.

Harry started at the letter in shock, and no small amount of anger. He was happy that Dumbledore had gotten the trial overturned, but couldn't the man give him at least a shred of advice or assistance?

"well, what does it say then?" Dudley questioned.

"My court hearing has been overturned, but I have been expelled from Hogwarts" Harry said emotionlessly and he stared at the piece of paper in his hands. He folded it up and tucked it into his picked before looking at Dudley despondently.

"What do I do now Dud?"

Dudley got a constipated look on his face and stuck his tongue out slightly as he thought.

"Well, I have an idea for tonight, I know dads got a couple of bottles of vodka stashed in his room, why don't we have a few drinks and you tell me all about that school, and then tomorrow we can go to that diagonal place you mentioned?". Harry smirked,

"You mean diagon alley?" Dudley rolled his eyes for slowly getting up off the sofa, he grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him upstairs.

"Come on, let's get pissed it'll make you feel better".

Two hours later found the boys sat in Dudley's room on some pillows, a litre bottle of vodka next to each boy.

"And then, and then" Harry hiccupped,

"Fred and George gave him a potion that dyed all of his hair red and gold and gave him purple spots" Harry exclaimed before the both of them once again dissolved into roars of laughter. Once they had both calmed down they sat in a companionable silence for several minutes before Dudley began to speak.

"I can't believe half of the things that happened to you in that school, is that normal for a magic school?" he enquired. Harry chuckled and shook his head.

"No, most magic schools, are normal, go to lessons, see you friends, the usual, I just seem to have bad luck".

"That seems a bit coincidental don't you think? I don't know, that Dumbledore fellow seems a bit suspicious. I mean, he's the headmaster and from what you've said about him, I think he'd know about a teach being possessed". Dudley murmured thoughtfully. Harry paused for moment to think. Dumbledore wouldn't possibly do that would he? Dumbledore was the leader of the light, the defeater of Grindelwald, Dumbledore was amazing and he cared about Harry.

"Dumbledore wouldn't do that to me Dudley, he's a great man, he's only trying to do what's best for the wizarding world" Harry slurred.

Dudley shrugged,

"You said he's like, a judge though right?" Dudley questioned.

"Chief of the wizenagamot, that's sort of like a judge, what's that got to do with anything?"

"Well, wouldn't he know your godfather didn't have a trial then? In fact, when your godfather got out of prison and you found him, he would have been able to get him a trial wouldn't he? Instead of making him go into hiding". Dudley shrugged again,

"If he's as powerful as you say, he probably would have been able to more".

This statement stopped Harry short. Was he seriously considering that Dumbledore could have kept Sirius from having a trial. Surely not? But, if he had done that, what else could he have done?. Harry leant back on the floor and stared up the ceiling, he needed answers, they were definitely taking a trip to diagon alley tomorrow.

"That's a good point, Dud, were going to need some answers. We better head to sleep soon, were taking that trip into diagon alley tomorrow". Dudley grinned at him happily before clearing away the vodka bottle and climbing into bed, Harry made a make shift bed on the floor out of some extra pillows and grabbed a duvet. Now that he and Dudley weren't fighting, they had actually become pretty decent friends, it was surprising how well they got along with his aunt and uncles influence. That was Harry's last thought before he fell into a deep sleep.

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