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Location-Familiar forest ID. Final day.

I land in front of a massive cave entrance, the passive mana in the air is at its highest concentration in this precise spot in the entire ID, so I'm assuming that this is where Tiamat resides.

My theory is shortly proven correct as Tiamat in her dragon form (I couldn't find any pictures of descriptions of her dragon form) emerges from the cave entrance and into the clearing.

She seems ready to blast me into ash since I'm intruding on her land, or something… Fuckin bitch.

"Who are you and what do you want? Mortal?" Did she just call me a mORTAL?!

Calm thoughts make the bad thoughts go away… Breath… Shes right I am not a god just yet, she's only stating fact… no reason to get mad at a fact, a fact that I will rectify as fast as I can but still a fact.

Tiamat is still striding towards me and I'm reminded of one of my ideas after Im sufficiently calmed down.

'The quest for this place was to subdue Tiatmat… The definition of subdue is to bring under control, a person or object… However it never specifically mentioned if I have to do it by force or for how long, did it?' I smirk viciously, which goes unnoticed by Tiamat since she's an arrogant prick.

I muster my confidence and prepare for the most natural command that I can issue, something that you would follow out of force of habit, something that you don't even consider before doing, and pour all of my acting on it along with all my other skills that apply. "Can you stop for a second?"

Tiamat stops without even considering it, success! Hahahah! But did it work?

*User has used intellect and wisdom to find a unique solution to quest.*

*Quest completed: Subdue Tiamat.*

*Quest reward: Continued use of system, ability to store a living creature inside inventory if consent is acquired +5 Rare escape gasca.*

*Bonus quest completed:Subdue Tiamat without conflict*

*Bonus quest reward: Tier system for skills and stats unlocked*

*Secret quest failed: Kill Tiamat without her even realising it.*

"I asked you a question and you've been standing still for a while, am I right in assuming you have no answer?" She says while still standing still.

"Ah sorry, I got distracted by a thought, don't worry about it. Anyways, I have something very interesting to tell you." I smirk, dragons are very prideful creatures, so If I know something that she doesn't…

"I highly doubt you know anything that I don't." She growls.

"Ah, but I do. You see, You aren't real." I drop the bomb like USA back in ww2 on japan.

"Huh? Are you crazy? I guess you've gone insane by being in my mere presence, it's only to be expected." She says after a moment of disbelief. Then she starts to charge up a deadly inferno inside her chest.

"And If I could prove it?" She stops.

"How would you do that?" She thinks she's got me on the hook, but she doesn't realise… I AM THE HOOK! Wait no… Uh… Shes the fish? Or something…

"You don't remember how you got here, do you?"

"What? Of course I do! That's ridicul-..." Her scales go pale… how does that work?

"That's right. You were administering rating games and you ended up here, somehow? Of course you could assume that I kidnapped you or something, but then if I did that then I am stronger then you, no?" I say trying to lead her into my next trap.

"T-That's not-"

"Theres more proof. Follow me." I cast telekinesis on myself and fly into the air, smirking when she follows without trying to attack.

We reach the troposphere and I tell her "Now, look around. You can see a border, can you not?. That is the border surrounding this reality, this artificially created reality. A fake space."

She confirms that border and I smirk as her entire world comes crumbling down.

"Yes, that's right. You're merely a copy of yourself in the outside world, and once this space collapses you will be no more." I say

"Thi- This shouldn't be possible… No one has the power to just conjure a world out of nothing… Create souls out of nothing!" She exclaims in a hoarse voice, her entire world is falling apart, the laws of reality disappearing in front of her eyes. So I don't blame her.

While the big reptile is going through an existential crisis I prepare the next part of my plan and my contingency in case she doesn't take it well. My contingency consists of tossing a pod containing a swarm of mana disruptors into her nostril while she's zoned out. I can remotely activate them in case she tries anything and she won't be able to control her mana for a few seconds, which is more than enough for what I plan to do.

"I do have an offer for you however, you can continue to exist for a small price." I say,

Her focus snaps to me, I think she forgot that I was even here. Should I be offended?

*Grr* "What do you want human? You just told me that I am a mere copy of myself, I've spent 14 years in this forest and you just came and told me that I am fake! How could you possibly have enough power to allow me continued existance?"

"I just want you to become my servant. That's all, or I can kill you and end your false existence." I say cockily. Honestly I wouldn't mind either choice, either I get a good cocksleeve and somewhat weak servant, or I get XP. Both are good.

"Me? A servant to a weak human!? HOW DARE YOU? Even if I am a mere copy I can still crush an ant like you!"

I haven't had a cocksleeve ever since I entered this place so I give her another chance, I release the full brunt of my aura and her eyes widen and body shivers. "Submit or die. It is your choice." I say in a cold tone. A cock sleeve would be nice but xp is also nice… But couldn't I have both? The body of a dragon would probably stay pretty warm for a few hours after death… Right? Would my dick even be big enough to fit with any kind of pressure? I feel like my entire body might fit in her pussy… Hmmm

"I would rather die as a warrior then submit to a human, even if you have a little bit of power!" Ah, I guess I can respect that sentiment… If I was forced to submit someone, even a god, I would tell them to fuck themselves. Unless she's hot I guess, then I'd pretend to submit and rape them in their sleep, probably. It'd be kinky.

"Very well, xp come to me." I activate the mana disruptors and she falters before her eyes widen "H-HOW!?"

I use my telekinesis and completely bypass her natural resistance to enemy magics, when mana is stable it's like a solid wall of iron, but when its disrupted its like an iron wall that is contorting and twisting randomly. So it offers no real protection to a skilled mage like myself.

I grip her admittedly massive brain stem and use my gravity affinity along with 90% of my mana and Pull. Her brain stem immediately disconnects from her brain and her eyes lose all life within them. Her brain still has activity in it but she became a vegetable, I think that counts as killing her.

Her wings immediately stop flapping and she plummets to the ground, that'll definitely kill her. Being a vegetable is my worst fear in the entire world. Wouldn't wish it upon anyone. Except my enemies. Definitely on my enemies.




Alright well time to get my dick we-

*Congratulations user, ID is no longer being fueled by dimensional energy. ID will collapse within 10minutes. Please prepare to leave*

Ah fuck… Get my dick wet for 10minutes or get a lot of xp… Pros of getting my dick wet: My dick gets wet, I cum, cons: I would officially cross the line of necrophilia, which isn't tooooo bad, and also no xp… My other plan, pros:Lots of xp, cons: no getting my dick wet….

The choice is truly difficult but after very lengthy contemplation and looking to my role model, sun tzu the great chinese general I decided on my plan of action.

Guess I won't be getting the 'dragon fucker' title today, how sad. But I might get another title or something.

With that I grip the atmosphere around myself with telekinesis and start flying out into space, once in space I search for the biggest asteroid that I can find, grab it with telekinesis. And push it towards the ID.


*Ummmmm… Im not sure if this is allowed…*

Shhhh, just ignore it baby girl. Just turn the other way for 600seconds ok? Ok cool.


*As much as I don't want to do this, I have to. Sorry Ira*

*Close ID Forcefully*

Don't you fucking DARE! YOU LITTLE FUCK I WILL D̴̢̞̫̯̣̝̞̒̈́̑̂̂̍̑͘͠É̶̡̜̣̖͕̹͔͇͔̯̳͔̯͈̤̹̓̍̋̕S̵̡̗̮͈̮̬̳̠͎̽͑̈̂͌͝T̵̻̭͉̝̬̲̝̠͔͌̓̒̽͘Ȓ̴̜͕̩͍͔̗̳̭̅̆̽͌́̂̄̚͘O̷̧̨̫̩̙͚̻̟̲͖̒̀́̚͜Ý̶̧̗̝̝̫̪͙̮̲̃̑̎̒͆̌̅͋͊̓́̔͘͝ͅ ̶̡̛̼̖̩̥͔͍̟̣̞̈ͅY̵̖̑Ó̸̡̥́Ṷ̶̿́ͅ


*Skill revealed: InS̸̢̤̼̬̮̮͎̮̔͂̊̌̀̑͆͜͜a̸͓̰̼̎͒͑͛̕ņ̵̠͇̜̦̠͚͓̞̹̅̄̆̿̀̍͋͊͠Ỉ̵̡̡̧̢͍̹̼̙̞̳̙͓̦͇͍̰͕͍̙͋͑̍̆͐̎͐̃̉̓͒̉̈̕͝ͅŢ̴̡̺͇͚͓̖͔̩̖͈̞̟̺͚̈́̒̀͛̊̃̈́̓̉͒̎͑̆͗Ý̸̛̪͕͎̖̖͉͚̼͎̙̲̹̪͉̝̮̪̜͎̼̪͂́ͅ MAX*




*Fixing error*

*Fixing error failed*

*Attempting to contact main game system*


*Mass failure*

*ID Cannot be closed*

Huh? Nani the fuck? Did I just influence the game somehow? I mean… Works for me I guess? But what the fuck is this glitchy ass skill? 'Inspect'

*Insanity MAX/MAX*



Wow that was… helpful… I learned literally nothing, thanks you shitty fucking game. Anyways onto the important bit, the ID didn't close and I think this insanity is to thank. Even If I don't agree, I'm most definitely sane. Like 100% sane.

The asteroid turns into a meteor and starts to burn up in the atmosphere, half of it burns away before the meteor impacts the ID and everything turns to hell, the center of the ID is superheated into plasma and the expanding shockwave of death does exactly that, it causes death and destruction. In half a second ¼ of the ID is completely engulfed in flame and carnage. Actually that's a lie, 1/4th of the ID is just… Gone. Literally nothing is there, is this a glitch or some shit? Pretty sure craters aren't supposed to just make reality disappear after hitting stone layer, right?

The rest of the ID is on fire… And it's also raining fire… causing more fire, I doubt anything survived that honestly. Now for the results?

*Lvl up x69*

*Title gained: Genocide expert*

*Title effect: People who enjoy committing genocide will look upon you favourably. Commiting genocide is 10% easier*

Nice, also a really shit title. I probably won't commit genocide that much once Im out of here. Probably. Anyways, time to get out of this place before I end up getting erased out of existence or something because of this place falling apart, literally.

*ID exit*

I feel the familiar pull around my body as reality shatters around me and I'm suddenly no longer above a forest, Instead I'm in hell. What the fuck.


*What the fuck did you do? I just received the data from your little test and here it says 'Mass failure, please help my ass hurts'... I knew I shouldn't have sent an auxiliary backup game with you, and instead went by myself. Sigh*

"I mean, you can't really blame me, can you? Besides you probably had something really important to do or something, you had to have had a good reason not to come yourself ya know?"


*Negative, I just didn't wanna deal with your bullshit, now look where that's got me… Your forceful destruction of the ID interrupted the space allocation property of the entire place and you ended up in hell. Honestly I'd count you lucky, you could've ended up on top of trihexa or in the void or something*

I think my face just paled.. Did my face just pale? I think it did… Im not quite ready to fight trihexa just yet, but isn't he/she sealed? And asleep or some bullshit? I would've probably been fine… Probably.


*That isn't the point, you COULD'VE ended up in a really shit place, but you're lucky that you didn't, you only ended up in hell. Not sure where exactly in hell but you're somewhere in hell for sure.*

Any way for me to get out of here? Or… Im fairly certain even a weak ass devil can travel the dimensions so for me it should be really simple right?


*Well yes, but actually no. Here, try it.*

*Skill discovered: Dimensional travel. Rip open the thin veil between dimensions and travel through the vagina shaped slit.*

This description… Is kinda retarded. 'Dimension travel'


*Skill failed, failure due to heavy anti-teleportation wards*

Huh… That's weird, I didn't think dimension travel counts as teleportation, actually that reminds me, do I get to keep the skills I made inside the forest?


*Sure, I don't see why not.*

*Skill gained: hydrogen bomb.*

*By converting your mana into hydrogen and oxygen inside an isolated vacuum, you can achieve a result similar to a nuclear bomb, except without the added benefit of radioactive winds.*

*Cost depends on size of explosion.*

Nice. Also, can I convert my mana into antimatter? Because if I can…

*Your tier isn't high enough to achieve this*

Oh yeah, I unlocked the tier system didn't I? I have an idea but what exactly do tiers do?

*They are used to upgrade skills/stats. Your current stat tier is mortal. Once you reach a prerequisite it will upgrade. All your stats will be worth more.

Mortal:Normal stats(Except with added benefits from gaming system. More hp regen,etc.)

Ascended mortal:Stats are worth x2.

Demi-god:Stats are worth x5.

Lesser deity:Stats are worth x25

Deity:Stats are worth x100

Major deity:Stats are worth x250





(Please note, these stats only apply to gamers. Normally these figures are lower, gamers are OP.)

Okay, and skill tiers?

*It depends on the skill. I will use teleportation for reference.*

*A common teleportation skill at lvl 1 will allow you to teleport 5m within your vision. A common teleportation skill at lvl 100 will allow you to teleport 50km if you have a reference point. E.g a map, or picture.*

*An EXOTIC teleportation skill at lvl 1 will allow you to teleport 500m and you only need to imagine where you want to teleport. Even if you just randomly imagine 'Teleport me to somewhere with a lot of money' It'll happen. At lvl 100 you can teleport an near infinite distance, and it will be instant, instinctual, and requires little effort to get your destination in mind.*

*The tier system for skills is as follows*












Oh… wow. Upgrading skill tiers is the way to go! Holy shit. A lvl 100 common teleportation skill is practically useless compared to a lvl 1 exotic teleportation skill.. The difference is honestly broken. If anyone other than me had this power I would cry, being my enemy must suck huh?

What tier is my telekinesis currently at then? I can manipulate atoms and subatomic particles at this point, surely it's at least legendary?


*Tier system was not unlocked up until this point, so telekinesis is UnTiered. Along with all your other skills. User can choose to reset telekinesis and use the levels acquired to upgrade tiers. Currently telekinesis is 1000/1000 and Telekinesis lost Aspect of control is 1000/1000*

Okay, first of all can I just combine those two skills? Its kinda annoying. And second of all what tier would I get for sacrificing 1000 levels? Its probably gonna be pretty weak, also how hard would it be to re-level my telekinesis? Does the xp requirement reset to lvl 1 or will I need the same amount? Because if i do… Im gonna need to commit a lot more genocide.


*Tier gained depends on the level sacrificed and a dice roll. You can choose to re-roll once for 200 levels, and use the other 800 levels to 'weigh' the dice.*

*Or you can use all 1000 levels to 'weigh' the dice. And no reroll. Also before you ask, the reroll does not get a weighted dice.*

*Skills can be combined*

*Xp required will reset, however scaling will become exponential.*

*Dice roll works exactly like gasca roll. Except the number is limited to 100*

*Weighing dice adds +25 regardless of roll. Modifying final result by +25.*

Negative 0-2


Uncommon 80-90




Mythical:105 (Modifier applied)






(You are unable to get past exotic. Even if you roll a natural 100, you can only get 125. To reach transcended you will need to get exotic, and then upgrade once more. You cannot get below your current tier, which means you get a free+125 on your final roll if you got exotic. And +whatever weight you decide to use. )

This is… I really don't like depending on luck, I seriously hate this. My telekinesis is extremely strong already, so I don't really need to upgrade its tier. Alright, combine the skills but don't upgrade the tier.


*Affirmative. Combining skills*

*Error:Lost aspect of control and telekinesis combination has encountered a critical error. Skill tier is being forced to upgrade. Upgrade is selected as option 1. 200-800*



*New skill acquired*

*Telekinesis+Lost aspect of control= Telekinetic grasp over reality. Telekinesis for short.*


*Tier received:Common*

*Telekinetic grasp over reality 1/1000: Allows the user to lift objects up to 5kg x9(due to gravity affinity, but only if lifting up and down.*

*Uhm… I'm sorry?*



*T-There really isn't much that I can do… I-I mean youcanstillreroll!*

That's right… Isn't it… I can reroll. This is still salvageable… I'd be happy with a rare or epic at this point. But I swear to god… If I get a common again I will actually break you in half.

I can feel the strain that my mind is being put under, even with gamers mind running at full capacity It's still managing to make me see darkness edging in my screen. My hot sticky rage is threatening to break the surface. It's been a long time since I've really been angry. And this is one of those times.


*R-right, reroll!*


*Tier received: Negative*

*Telekinesis 0/1000:Allows the user to lift objects up to 50grams x9 due to gravity affinity*

*... I-I-I swear to god I set a limiter to get at least 90… I have no idea how you managed to get 1… Please don't be mad?*

Every single time. Every single time. every single time. every signal time,every signlae time. Every time. Every time. Every time. EVERY TIME. EVERYTIME EVERYTIMEEVERYTIMEEVERYTIMEeeeeVERYTIMEeveRYTIMEEVERYTIME



*Į̶̧̝̳̖̲̠̭̟̗̼͕̩͌̽͊̑͐̐͋̔̍̈́͑͐͂̏̀͌̆͂̃̋̈́̓͑̈́̃̋̉̿͐̚͘̚̚͠͠͝n̸̳̥̟̺̬̺̺͔̯̮̗̦͖͔͚̩̮̒͛͑́͂́̈̊͊́̅͐̈́́̿̈́͒̈́̐̈́̋̆̇͂̑̔̽͐̚̕̚̚̚͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅS̵̡̛̛͕͙̲͙̞̺̗̣͉̠͈̘̥͙̦̜̭̙̲̭̯͙͖͔̗̠̺̖͎͎̼̯̈̈́͋̓͋̑̃̿͋̀̒͌̈͛̄͛̇͗̉̅̾̽̇͌̔̏̚̚͘̕̕ͅͅÄ̷̢̛̛̺͙͎̙̮̜͎̬́̒̔̿̏̀̑̃͑͗̅̒͆̒́̂͑̋̽͛̂͐̔̄̒̀́̾̉̈́͗̈́̑͒̔̃͗̅̆̓̔̈́͛̊̒͛̊̀͂̈̿͐͒̂̀́̔͆̇̍́͛͑͘̕̕̚͠͠ͅŇ̶̨̢̢̡̡̧̡͎̥̜̺̹̪̟͇̲͙͔̞͙͇̣͍̹͎̘̜͎̣̙̭͓̭͚̞͎̜̲̤̝͈̝̱͕̤̪͓̰̤͚͍̲̰͚͓̺̙̤̖̠͕̻͕̹̣͖̞̻͊̑̇͛̅̇̽͜͜͜͠͝ͅͅͅÍ̶̡̡̧̹̺͇̺̯͇̣̠͈̬̞̩̬͉̯̱͉͖̻̥̠̰͔̳̰̗̰̙̮̣̖͙͖̬͓͉̘̣̼͍̤̤̦̣͖̱̮͔̗̫̲͖̤̗̗̩̺̗̲̝̫͍̬̣͉̌̎̒̆͊͋̂͜͜͜͝͠͝ͅͅT̶̡̧̨̧̢̢̛̛̜͎̩̗̻̥͓̯̹͓̼̤̣͙̼͙͙̗̺̖̯̤͉̖̗̯̞̼̟͇̤̝͔̟̖̳̜͎̤̱̞̹̰̺͓̮̬̭̤̟͙̘̜͕͌̌̾̏͌̔̐̋̀̆͂̉̂͑̐̾̊͋̾̂͊̆͋́̿̂͌̎͊͂̑͋͑͗̓̑̌̈̍̑̒̿̒́̂͑͆͑͘̕͘͜͠͠͝͝͠ͅY̴̨̧̢̡̡̡͎̫̥̱̣̦͓̲̘̭̩͉̙̲͓̟̩̣̤͎̗̝̖̖̫͙͓̺̩̼̝̠̺̼̹̫̝͈̤̖̮̗̣̺̹̙͉̥̠̼͚͖̪̒̎ skill has activated**

*System failure due to overload of data*

-*Forceful reroll has been initiated*


*Tier:Exotic, Roll abundance forcefully converted to skill levels.+100 levels.*

*Telekinesis:Allows the user to lift objects up to 50000kg x9 due to gravity affinity* 100/1000*

*System restarttiting due to mass failure*



*Redirecting all available resources to gamers mind*

The white supernova that is my rage is leached away from me and I'm stuck grasping at straws, but once I read the notifications that I received I'm left in shock, and euphoria.


*O-owie! That hurt you asshole… How the hell did you even do that? That skill is way too fucking overpowered*

*Skill remove:Insanity*


*Skill cannot be removed*

*'W-what the fuck dude? How do you already have a skill that overrides my authority?'*

*Admin remove:Insanity*


*B-bruh… I expected you to eventually be able to override me… But this soon? Dude you gotta realize, your insanity when unleashed can literally change the 6th dimension… That doesn't sound very healthy to me...*

Meh, It's fine. I've lived with it for all my life and I'm still sane, arent I?


*You literally have a skill called insanity… I don't think you are sane in any way shape or form... *

Deal with it, pussy. Also why the fuck did you try to remove it? If you try some shit like that ever again I'm gonna use this insanity skill and break the dimensional barrier between me and you and fuck you in the ass. Got it?

*'He's saying that as a joke… I think, but in reality Im pretty sure he could actually do that… Fuck. *Shudder**

I wasn't joking when I said that. But he doesn't know that. Wait, is this guy actually a guy? Oh fuck am I gay then? There are a bunch of devils coming towards me at high speed, but this is more important.

"System… What is your gender?"


*Uhm.. 'Shit what do I say?' I-I thought you knew? Obviously I'm uh-I -Have no gender!* That should deter him… Hopefully, I mean how do you fuck a genderless thing? Right?

Ah, alright good. If you were a male I'd be more reluctant but since you're genderless I guess I can just assign a gender to you. You are now female.


*W- thats not how it works! You cant just say I'm female and then I'm fe-*

*Gamer system has been assigned a gender:Female*


*Quest assigned*

*Once you become powerful enough, intrude upon the game's dimension and fuck it.*



Huh. Nice. I was gonna do it anyways but a reward is nice. Better be a good fucking reward. The devils are extremely close by now so I activate hyperfocus and gain some extra time for planning. I decide opening my 5 escape gasca's are the best thing I can do right now. (Why are the gasca's geared towards escaping? Is this a sign?)

*5x Rare gascas opened*

*Bloody reincarnation: Allows you to avoid death once by consuming your own body when you die, your body gets reincarnated from your own flesh and blood. Kind of like a fucked up phoenix, except without ashes. Also it hurts a lot.*

*Escape of the blood god: A single use skill that is consumed upon use. Destroys your body completely and reconstructs it in a random place in the same dimension. This could be 5meters from your current spot, a public bath,or in a pit of fire. Upon reconstruction you feel a lot of pain and your body is extremely weak. Effects last for 3.33 hours*

*Flash: A skill that forces your muscles to pull down your pants and underwear in 0.000001 seconds. The resulting wind pressure from this action will launch you up into the stratosphere or beyond. Skill requires you to have pants on. Pants will be shredded. Along with your legs and arms. Also it will hurt a lot.*

*Rescue of the century:One use talisman that summons a random entity from 1E28+E universes. Entity will be inclined to help you out of your situation, however some entities cannot be mind controlled.*

*Fallen down: Super tier spell that harms everyone except you. Can be instantly cast with no cost. Single use spell for distraction.*

Most of these are one use… The only skill that isn't one use is Flash, but it doesn't even do what it says it would do! This is bullshit. I expected Flash to at least show my dick and scar anyone that sees it, but nooo I get launched in to space in 0.00001 second. Not even me with my hyperfocus would be able to see even a glimpse of dick. Not that I would want to. But still. Also literally every single one of these skells except the last one inflicts pain upon me, or disadvantages me in some way. Is this for forcing the system to restart? Oh did I hwurt your wittle weelings? Awww


*No comment*

*Hyperfocus deactivated*

Cunt. My perception of reality returns to normal and the devils are instantly upon me. Upon closer inspection it seems that there are 3 devils. Namely Serafall, Sirzechs and Akuja. Ok. I'm probably close to their levels right?

'Inspect' An undetectable wave of magic drifts off my body and lands on the three of them.


Name; Serafall leviathan

Level; 531

Class; Devil mage 100/100 (Grants devil magic) Ice devil 431/500 (Ice magic)

Tier:Demi-God (Stats are worth 3x, not 5x due to gamer system not boosting)

Race; Devil

Alignment; Chatoic-Neutral

Hp;23760 REGEN = 7920/5minutes

Mana;36900 REGEN = 15030/5minutes

SP;15840 REGEN = 5940/60seconds

STR; 111 (333)

END; 132 (396)

DEX; 130 (390)

INT; 492 (1476)

Wis; 501 (1503)

CHA; 131 (393)

LCK; 10 (30)

Thoughts on you: Confused on how you managed to get past their security seals and how you got into Akuja's testing grounds undetected until now. Wary.

Ultimate class Devil

[HP=END X 60]

[HP REGEN=END X 20] Every 5 minutes


[MANA REGEN=WIS X 10] Every 5 minutes

[SP=END X 40]

[SP REGEN= END X 15] Every 60seconds


Name; Sirzechs lucifer

Level; 634

Class; Devil mage 100/100 (Grants devil magic) Power of destruction 534/1000

Tier:Demi-God (Stats are worth 3x, not 5x due to gamer system not boosting)

Race; Devil

Alignment; Lawful-neutral

Hp;36000 REGEN = 12000/5minutes

Mana;46500 REGEN = 21900/5minutes

SP;24000 REGEN = 9000/60seconds

STR; 210 (720)

END; 200 (600)

DEX; 159 (477)

INT; 620 (1860)

Wis; 730 (2190)

CHA; 192 (393)

LCK; 10 (30)

Thoughts on you: Confused on how you got here undetected, wary. A little Hopeful(?)

Ultimate class Devil

[HP=END X 60]

[HP REGEN=END X 20] Every 5 minutes


[MANA REGEN=WIS X 10] Every 5 minutes

[SP=END X 40]

[SP REGEN= END X 15] Every 60seconds

Even without the fucking demi-god thing they're still stronger then me. This is bullshit, This is actually bullshit. I don't need to see Akuja's stats, lemme just see his thoughts on me, I already know he's stronger then me.

Thoughts on you: Angry, but at himself for letting you get in here undetected. Confused on how the wards didn't activate. Wary. Interested.

Okay. So, I have a few options here. Sirzechs has probably noticed that I'm mostly human, so he might be thinking that he can drag me into rias's peerage and help her against riser, playing on his emotions is one option, serafall is somewhat the same, I'm good peerage material and I'm only a human, so I would be 'grateful for the opportunity to join a strong peerage' Or something, Akuja is… Smart, so he might notice if I'm the one that suggests the idea. The siscon and the other siscon would be less likely, but I can't underestimate them.

Sirzechs stops a couple meters away from me and projects his voice"Identify yourself mortal human" Oi… You didn't have to call me a mortal :(

Akuja stares at sirzechs for a second before returning his eyes upon me 'How did he find out that he was human before I did?'

Serafall's eyes widen momentarily but she refocuses

"Yo. Name's Ira soulhearth, but you can just call me Ira. Im assuming you three are the satans right? Nice to meet you, I've heard a lot but to see how powerful you 3 are in person is another thing." Flattery can never go wrong.

"That would be correct. Do you realise where you happen to be?" Sirzechs asks after registering my name

"Err, no actually. I was messing around with teleportation and somehow my maths was wrong I guess? No clue how I jumped the dimensional veil honestly… If I'm trespassing I'd like to apologize." The only reason I'm not forcing Serafall to strip and genderbending Sirzechs and Akuja is because… I cant. How sad.

"I see. You are currently in Akuja's training/testing grounds. I'm gonna need you to come with us, and don't resist, it won't end well." He says, conjuring a ball of destruction for effect.

"Sure sure, I don't even have any weapons, you can search me if you'd like" I wink at serafall.

Serafall contemplates for a moment before grinning and twirling her wand"Sure! Milky milky spiral! Searching spell!" A wave of magic touches my skin and I let it past my first layer of defence after finding no malicious intent, the mana is ice cold and I shiver for a moment before sighing

"That wasn't what I meant" I say with a small frown

"Sorry! But I had no idea who you were so I had to! You forgive sera-tan right? Right?" She pleads, honestly she scares me. She'd probably be laughing happily as she slaughters people on a battle field.

"Sure. Next time maybe." I conceded. Wouldn't do to upset this magic girl. She'll magic me out of existence

"Very well, please follow us. You can fly right? Or do you need one of us to carry you?" Sirzechs asks

"I can fly, lead on."

We take off and after 5 minutes of flight we arrive at a heavily guarded border that is full of magic energy. Wards I assume.

"Do you mind if I ask you some questions… In a more private place?" Sirzechs asks with a mildly hopeful expression

"Sure, lead on."

Serafall pouts and says "Mou~ Sirzechs I wanted to do that! Fine, take the pretty boy away"

"You can ask him afterwards. If he's up for it." Sirzechs smirks

5 minutes later and we're in his office, who knew the underworld was so small?

"So, you've trespassed on Akuja's territory. I can calm Akuja but it'll cost you, he might even call for your execution you know." I see, we're entering negotiation. He clearly wants me to think that Akuja actually gives a shit.

"I see, He didn't seem very angry tho? He didn't say anything." Sirzechs falters.

"Well, thats because he has a good grip on his emotions in stressful situations." He bullshits

"Is that so? I heard that he likes to research things, I wonder if he'd be interested in how I crossed the dimensional veil with a simple teleport spell. I happen to have a comprehensive record of what I did that achieved this effect, surely he'll let me off if I offered him this? I did no harm after all." I smirk

"Ah- but you're a suspect, we don't know how long you were there for. And so we don't know what intentions you had, if this goes public you might really be executed!" Sirzechs thinks he has me by the balls, which he kinda does but I can turn this around for sure.

"Lets skip the word play, alright? I know that you want my help with Rias's marriage." I drop the bomb and Sirzechs seems shocked for a moment before asking

"How? Also how did you even know about it? It's not common knowledge"

"Please, Every single devil knows about it. That doesn't matter however, I saw greed and hope on your face when you set your eyes upon me. You saw me as a potentially powerful peerage member for your sister, isn't that right?" He nods

"Your perception is powerful. What's your answer then? Will you join my sister's peerage? I won't hold it against you if you refuse" He's trying to earn my pity and make it seem like it's a choice by adding that last part.

"No, I wont." The mood plummets and Sirzechs aura slowly starts to rise "But I do offer an alternate solution." Sirzechs looks confused and nods for me to continue.

"I read up on the rules a little and noticed a glaring weak spot, If a peerage has too many members versus a peerage with too little members then that peerage can choose to hire low-class devils, or humans. Temporarily for that single game. Which means I can help out in the battle and not join a peerage. It's a win win if you ask me." I say smoothly.

"The fact that you know that is a little suspicious, but I'll bite. What do you want for your hired help?"

"That's simple. I just want your alliance and a favor to call in whenever I want. I can make an oath that this favor wont harm devil kind or your sister if that makes you more comfortable." I say

Sirzechs contemplates for a moment before asking "What would the alliance consist of?"

"Simple. You help me and I help you. This is a personal alliance. Lets say hypothetically I accidently kill one of riser's peerage members during the game or something, you'd vouch for me a little. You don't need to be overly supportive of me or anything since that would be suspicious. If you agree I can guarantee that your sister won't have to marry Riser. I'll even add in a bonus, I won't tell Rias that you're the one arranging this whole thing, so she'll feel proud and won't feel any guilt. But she also probably won't feel any gratitude towards you. Or I can do the opposite and tell her that her cool big brother got her out of the marriage. That might cause some problems politically tho. Your choice" I spew the words before he has a chance to interrupt.

"I'll have to consider it, but my answer is likely going to be yes. But if you fail, not even God could save you. Understood?" He says while releasing some of his destruction aura, so scary.

"Sure, sure. Let's get to know each other a little bit yeah? I have many other deals that you can benefit from my friend." And that's how I established trade relations with the devils.

*Flashback end*

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