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Last time on Ira's sociopathic adventures!-

"I beseech thee, combine with my void and fill me." Osmond's eyes widen 'the void? Is it a coincidence? Wait…. Explosions at every spell… No… It cannot be, right?"-

"The time of destruction has cometh" Osmond starts turning pale…-


"Man, the queen coming here is going to be a complete disaster…" Osmond muttered to himself as he began casting powerful water magics.

I hum to myself contently as I watch Osmond desperately try to extinguish the forest fires. Nothing makes me happier than wanton destruction of nature. I… I think I may be a pyromaniac. Does that make me a bad person?


*Well… You did rape a defenseless woman before, objectively that's not exactly 'lawful-good'*

Is rape worse than being a pyromaniac? I mean, think about it, it's just raping one person vs setting an entire forest on fire, and risking hundreds of lives. Nevermind, your argument is invalid since I'm not a pyromaniac since technically I wasn't the one who started the fire. I'm just a rapist.


*T-that's not how it works…*

What gives you the right to decide?




That's what I thought.

Anyways, back to the academy I go. My current objective has been reached and I can leave any time I want, I assume my other powers were unlocked as well? Probably. I'm always right. There's no moment in which I am wrong. Yes. Anyways what was my reward for completing this shitty dungeon by the way?


*New race unlocked: Vertigo chaos*

*You thrive off of causing other people pain, suffering, fear, and general chaos. You get stronger as you cause these emotions. Evolvable race.*

*You can manipulate your shape/size to a certain limit to inspire fear into others, you are the king of chaos.*

*You can convert chaos into mana,HP,or SP*

*Unlocks chaos spells, uses surrounding chaos to power them. Chaos spells are centred around reality bending and illusions, it is not a destructive branch… Unless you make it so, but please don't, I already have thousands of errors floating around in my console… Can you guess from who? *

*Unlocks wild magic, uses mana.*

*Allows you to phase into the realm of chaos once a month (RELATIVE TIME).*

*Can switch between unlocked races at any time, 30 minute cooldown*

*Unlocks Chaos bar, filled at a rate that depends on the density of chaos in the ambient area. If you cause more chaos, it fills faster. Pretty simple. Currently at 13102/Infinite*

Huh… I wonder if this reward was based on my performance in this dungeon or if it's an overall rating of my personality. I'm not sure if I should be offended or if I should be blushing. You're such a cutie, I can't wait to have non consensual intercourse with you.


*...It is based off both.*

That's cute. So what's this chaos realm place? Not gonna lie, whoever named it is kinda edgy (me). Honestly, chaos realm? Pfft. I'm gonna guess it's filled with chaos? Or something?


*You would be right, but also wrong. The chaos realm is an incredibly unstable realm that was created naturally. It is a realm in which chaos itself takes an ever shifting physical form to cause more chaos and havoc, these forms are based off of beings in reality. This is due to the veil between the chaos realm and reality constantly shifting into each other and intermingling, since chaos is in both places, chaos attracts each other, kind of like gravity. And since the veil separating the chaos is quite thin, it leaks into the chaos realm from our reality, and the chaos that leaks takes the form of whatever caused that chaos. It's only a one-way system. I'm not sure of its reason. It's all a little confusing to be honest, the chaos realm has no right to exist, but somehow, something caused enough chaos omni-dimensionally to cause a separate realm to form. No one knows how big the realm is, and every time you enter it you're transported to a different part of the realm, I think. Ima be honest with you chief, the chaos realm is beyond even me. If it was up to me I wouldn't even let you enter the chaos realm since it is extremely dangerous and unpredictable, but I can't exactly stop you.


Alright, info cum dump is over, go cause chaos or some shit and let me sleep. Interacting with the chaos realm and fishing this race out of it has tired me out. I can't be fucked dealing with all these errors right now. Oh look, another dozen just popped up, hahahaawwww&*

You're gonna be a cum dump soon. Anyways, good night my little gaming slav- system. I promise to be a good little boy while you're gone. I definitely won't do anything ridiculous. Maybe.


*Sigh… I need sleep, do whatever you want bro*

Hey, hey, why do you sound so desperate and defeaten? You're bringing the mood down you know… I really promise not to do anything bad! I can't have my waifus being depressed, you know! Serious!


*I believe you… I'm just dealing with the inevitability of you*

Okay, okay, jeeze, I didn't know I was so repulsive… The enemy of all women, even the system.

*The very next day*

After the forest fire was extinguished Osmond came to talk to me, we discussed the implications of Louise being a void mage, what would happen next, and other irrelevant things.

We came up with the solution, well… I came up with the solution and Osmond tried to negotiate, and I proceeded to ignore him. It was quite fun honestly.

The solution I came up with is that the kingdom could go fuck itself, and that while I was around louise would be my guide. The end. I might have also threatened to massacre a few people here and there, but hey, we came to a mutual understanding.

He also informed me that the princess was coming sooner than expected, he left the reason for this vague, but I could guess. Probably due to my handsome figure being here, she wanted to get a glance and fall in love with me. It was obvious. Anyways, enough about that.

I decided to explore the 'chaos realm' when I was free to do so, preferably when I had nothing going on. The amount that can go wrong, especially while still being in a 'dungeon' is too much. I'll just leave it alone for now, no need to mess with something that even caused trouble for the system.

Louise was still asleep from the exhaustion, while she was asleep I took some liberties with her. I stripped her naked and made use of her mouth, if you will.

Suffice to say she will probably have a sore jaw and a salty taste in her mouth for a little bit. But that's alright. For me. I want her awake for when I take other liberties.

Now, onto the reason that I've been acting like the king of a massive kingdom, more of an emperor really.

There are several reasons, one of which is just because I felt like it, but the more reasonable reason is that It's good practice. In this world there aren't many things that can injure me, if any. It allows me to test out spells without consequence, it's good practice for acting more confident, it's good acting practice so I can scheme better, and some other minor reasons.

Also, If I didn't act unbridled, and murderous at a single insult, they would more than likely try to restrain me, experiment on me (to find out where, and how I came from another dimension, how my magic works, etc) they would also probably try to include me in their political war, and the one thing I hate more than anything is politics.

Of course they will still try to include me in politics, but by being an independent party, they don't have as much influence on me. After all, what can a tiny kingdom offer to a king who has billions under his reign?

I contemplate my plans for a while before I hear a quiet moan.

I did not moan, and if I didn't moan, then that could only mean that the one who moaned was… Louise! Yes, that's right, she was waking up. Now, it's time to make a very important decision, a decision so important that it could be described as life and death.

Do I lewd the loli or do I wait? The question was pressing on my shoulders with the weight of a million mountains. As usual, I turned to my most trusted advisor and confidant. Sun tzu, the great loli tame- I mean, The great general.

'Remember Ira, when you must do something, you must do it with decisiveness, precision, elegance and last but not least, poison.' -1948, Sun tzu, Art of lewding

… That didn't help much, Ima be honest with you Sun tzu, your advice is getting worse and worse. Do I need to hire a new advisor?

'Your mother is a donkey' -Sun tzu

I mean, you're not wrong there. But since you meant that as an insult, I'm gonna take it as one. You're fired! You hear me? Never again will you tell me who to rape and who not to rape, I'll just rape everyone!

God damn chinese generals and their pride…

"Ugh-" Louise was slowly sitting up while clutching her head. While still naked, of course. She probably felt like she had a hangover, I'm not sure how the magic system works in this world, but with my magic, if I overspend it I get a debuff, and a small headache for the rest of the day, Or until I take a power nap for 15 minutes. She cast an impressive (for her standards) explosion, so her mana was probably forcefully ripped from her, alongside some of her lifeforce to compensate for the lacking mana. But that's just a guess.

I cast a quick heal on her, it instantly takes effect as she jumps a little and seems confused on where her headache went.

The green glow fades from my hand and I stand up from the chair. Her eyes draw towards my movement and she seems surprised that I was there.

She slowly looks down upon herself and spots that she's naked. She looks back up, and back at herself a few more times, all the while I'm just standing there, my eyes twinkling in amusement (Read - Ogling her)

She squeaks and instantly grasps for something to cover herself up with, before realising that her blanket seems to have disappeared, she tries to grab a pillow, but it disintegrates before her eyes. Eyes which widen as her blush does the same.

"Y-yo-you! Look away! Pervert! Hentai!" She frantically stands up and staggers a little before going to her wardrobe and almost tearing the door off its hinges, she thrusts her hand into the wardrobe to grasp any kind of clothes, but there is nothing inside! Her hand hits the back of the wardrobe and her eyes widen in disbelief.

A lightbulb goes off in her mind as she hides behind the door, and uses it to cover herself.

The door promptly melts into goo, leaving her just as naked as she was before. She jumps like a startled kitten and rushes into the wardrobe, out of sight, which promptly vanishes from under her feet. She tries to regain her balance but does not manage to do so.

She falls in slow motion, flailing her hands the entire time, trying to catch her balance or to hold onto something. It does not work.

She falls onto her stomach, and through the power of plot, she perfectly falls with her legs spread, in a jack-o-pose position!

She seems to realise what this means, as she frantically tries to get up using her hands, however the gooey wardrobe door acts as lube and causes her hands to slip and fall back down!

She seems to have given up as she just lies there, all her determination slipping away as she realises that nothing she does seems to help.

I finally give her a break and stop manipulating reality and probability. This was a good test of how my new chaos magic works, wild magic still needs to be tested, but chaos magic seems very, very fun.

It might even be useful in battle. I'm not sure if an experienced foe could detect the chaos magic, technically it doesn't use any mana, so it should be undetectable, but someone experienced would probably be able to tell that something is off. Further testing is required.

Louise still doesn't seem to be getting up, just laying there listlessly. Still in the jack-o-pose position.

An idea comes to mind, and I move to implement the idea.

As I walk up behind her, I stealthily lean down and blow into her ear, watching the goosebumps appear on her naked form, I slip a finger into her lower slit. She flinches away in shock and scampers away on all fours.

She finally manages to get herself up and looks back at me with a glare and an atomic blush. She seems like she's about to speak but I slowly bring my finger to my mouth and suckle on it.

At this point she's so red that I am afraid for her health, but teasing a tsundere is worth every consequence.

"I didn't know that you would be the type to get wet by being seen naked." I calmly say, on the inside however I'm laughing my ass off, and also getting a little hard…

"Wawawa Yo-YOU!" She was gritting her teeth and growling like a dog, but the shame was outweighing the anger. She couldn't point at me with her finger in the typical tsundere fashion since she was using her hands to cover herself. I could tell that she was itching to punch me, the only thing holding her back was the fact that she was so embarrassed.

"Although I don't mind it. As long as your naked body is only for my eyes to see. I assume since nobility is a thing in this world, that polygamy is also common? Ah, your capacity to think is being influenced by the amount of blood flowing to your cheeks, and so you can't respond. You have been reduced to mere growls and baring your teeth, almost like a dog. Let me help you with that." I take lingerie out of my inventory and throw it at her.

She stares at the lingerie in shock before putting it on, it's better than nothing.

But actually, sometimes lingerie is better than being naked. I'm sure many men have experienced this phenomenon. But at least Louise wasn't as embarrassed as before, it's a win-win.

"Y-you animal! You stripped me while I was unconscious! I bet you did despicable stuff to me, right!? What did you do to my wardrobe!? Where are my clothes?! You want me to willingly answer your questions after this!? Keep dreaming, you despicable beast!" Was Louse's answer to my question.

I do admit that I went a little far, but her virginity will be mine by the end of the day either way, so why does it matter? Her not answering my question is delaying my plans… time to get serious I guess.

"Yes, I did. I defiled your mouth to relieve myself, as is my right as king. You may not be my subject, however as the king of a much larger state than yours, I am naturally superior and permissible by God to do as I like. You should be thankful that I didn't go further and ruin your chances to get married. Your wardrobe is fine. Your clothes are in my storage. And yes. I expect you to answer my questions, both as a king and as the one who solved the failure of your life." I will need Louise's help for my plan, well… I could do without it, but I don't feel like it.

"Y-you did what? Oh brimir… I can't get married now! Y-you! Take responsibility!" Louise lost her cool after the word 'defile'... she probably didn't even realise it was only her mouth that was used, women are confusing, even with my massive brain.

"Take responsibility? I can take you as a concubine I suppose, you meet all qualifications, well if that's what you want, that's what you'll get." In a way this works to my advantage… technically she did ask to 'take responsibility', who knows what she meant, but I can just pretend like that means 'take my virginity' from where I come from. Easy clap.

"What? N-" I seal her lips with a kiss, her eyes widen in surprise as she tries to lift her leg, probably to kick me in the balls as an instinctual defence developed by women.

I block her leg by placing my knee in between her thighs and rub it in, she tries to pull away once she realises what's happening, but I don't let her. I rip the newly put on lingerie away from her petite body.

My knee makes direct contact with the damp hairless slit in between her legs and she moans slightly into my mouth upon the contact. The slight dampness from before was also a result of chaos magic. I wanted to test if I could change the reality of a human, and I could. I simply changed the statement of 'Is her pussy wet? No.' to 'Is her pussy wet? Yes.' I'm not sure if it would work on devils, nor if it would work on someone who sees me as an enemy. More to test I suppose.

I pull back from the kiss and give her time to catch her breath, if she tries to talk again I will pull the same manoeuvre. Flawless plan, really.

I fondle her budding chest and she gasps as I pinch her little nipples, her hips start subconsciously grinding into my knee, my other hand moves away from her neck and slowly slides down her stomach, towards her sacred cave.

She seems to realise what I'm about to do as she opens her eyes, her mouth goes to speak, but before she can I pinch her nipple hard and draw a long moan filled with pain and pleasure from her mouth, giving me time to intrude upon her cave.

I slip a finger into her tight slit, and lose my cool at the sensations of her cave massaging my finger and trying to push it back out. My clothes instantly disappear and I lose all interest in acting dignified and kingly

I push her backwards and she falls onto the conveniently placed bed behind her, she tries to resist but the heat welling in her core makes her lose some more of her rationality.

Her instinctual desire to be bred takes over and soothes her complaints, it also helps that her entire life she's felt unwanted, and now that someone was taking such a forward and open interest in her made her resistance lessen ever further.

She made one last attempt at futilely resisting the conquest of her virginity, her hands lightly flailed against my chest, but it is all meaningless. Her cute little mouth let out small moans in protest, but I am inevitable.

"You do know how this works, right? It'll likely hurt for a few seconds before turning into mind numbing pleasure. From this moment forward you will only be loyal to me, I will be your king and your god. Understand? I can give you everything, but I can also take even your most basic needs away, I hope you can comprehend what I am saying. You are wet enough, here we go." I line myself up and with one smooth movement slide into her tight pussy

And tight it is, not tight to the point of being painful, but definitely the tightest thing I've ever felt. She may be a failure of normal magic, but if magic doesn't work out for her she can probably subdue the king of a country with this pussy. Not anymore however, as she belongs to me.

She cried out in pain, most would simply stop to kiss and comfort her. But I wanted everyone to know what just happened. So I carried on, inching myself further and further in until I bottomed out.

I might be someone who willingly commits genocide, I might also have raped someone, but who in this world can see a kitten and not soften their heart? I cast heal through my cock and made the pain go away as best I could.

Her sweet eyes opened in surprise, before she could speak I slid back to the entrance of her cave with some difficulty.

She whined at the loss of being stuffed, but moaned as soon as I pushed back in with double the force.

Her virgin pussy gripped my cock extremely tightly, trying to milk the seed and pull my cock into her womb, the suction force almost making me cum instantly, but my pride won't allow it.

My cock hits her cervix, causing her to gasp and her tongue to lull out of her mouth.

I pick her lithe body off the bed and position her so that I'm the only thing that supports her entire weight. I use her as if she was an onahole, and she doesn't seem to mind as she's constantly having countless orgasms, her eyes are screwed shut and her throat sounds hoarse from moaning.

Love nectar is constantly flowing from her cunt, leaving a trail flowing down my leg, and pooling on the floor.

I finally feel myself approaching climax and bury myself deep inside her cunt, poking her cervix once again and jolting her entire body upwards, I hilt myself inside her and cum directly inside her womb.

Her entire body goes limp as she hangs in my arms. She probably fainted from excessive information and sensory overload.

I lift her off my cock and a river of white goop leaves her pussy. I hear her gasp a little and realise she opened her eyes. Her eyes were covered in dry tears and had an inscrutable look in them.

"Was that enough responsibility?" I ask humorously, she looks at me with a distant look before responding more calmly than I expected her to.

"That wasn't how I expected my virginity to be taken. I dreamed of a prince on a white horse, wooing me for weeks before finally taking me on a romantic night under the full moon… Haaa, you even came inside." Okay. She was starting to scare me. Don't tell me… Y-yandere moment?

"But for some reason I don't regret it. It wasn't ideal, don't get me wrong. But in a way, you're better than that. Aren't you? The king to billions of people, the master who helped me more in a single day than teachers and family throughout 16 years of life. The one who saved me from suffering a life of a commoner as a noble. Fine. I accept the position of concubine to King Ira. It's less ideal than a wife… but I guess I can't expect more as a mere noble, you probably have dozens of wifes with massive breasts, don't you? What can these compare to?" She said with only seriousness and a bit of self-loathing in her eyes. I wonder what her face is gonna look like when she realises that I'm not a king… well maybe I can place her in 'stasis' until I have a real kingdom to rule… Food for thought.

That really begs the question, what do I want? Sigh, nevermind, being too philosophical turned the greeks gay, let's not experience that. No way am I taking dick up my bum, I may fuck the bum of a dick wielder, but never will they wield that dick into my bum. That is my philosophy.

Louise is still staring at me, probably waiting for a response. Her face is slowly drooping, probably thinking that I'm about to reject her. But, would I be a great king if I didn't rape and conquer the hearts of women, and then take them in as objectal possessions?

"Very well. However, you should be aware that I do not plan to sire an heir, ever. So if you ever suggest it, and then become depressed because I refuse, expect to be fed to the dogs." I'm obviously joking about the dog thing… But some forceful mind realignment may be required, I've seen too many NTR hentai's where queens/concubines get charmed by the enemy because a king refused to give them something or other. If I ever get NTR'd I might just have to commit some war crimes that haven't even been invented yet.

Louise's eyes sparkle in happiness (maybe) and some conflict wells up in them, before turning her body around and hugging me without my permission. This is sexual assault…

Her tiny body trembles as I feel something wet on my chest "Thank you" She says in a mosquito-like voice. Not quite sure what she's thanking me for… I did just rape her a little… Maybe she's thanking me because I'm the first person to accept her how she is? And for the fact that I helped her solve a life issue? Well, those are just theories, women's brains are complicated. And I ain't a woman, yet (?)

Anyway, I hug her back as I feel her starting to slump down, she's fallen asleep again. What a sloth. I put her on the bed and cover her up with a blanket, she can figure out the whole creampie situation on her own. It won't be the last time, gonna have to get used to it, not my problem.

I walk out of the room and go exploring, the queen should be arriving rather soon. My plan is to rape her and then rape her. Did you expect a better plan? I'm simply gonna collect all the desirable women from this dungeon and then dip after casting the most powerful spell I can to grind some xp. It'll be wonderful fireworks, Im sure of it.

I stumble upon a rather curious scene, right outside a little warehouse is Colbert, standing before a stone platform with a campfire sized flame in front of him. Albeit there is no magic being used. I instantly recall that Colbert was the guy who discovered gasoline in the anime, did he light gasoline on fire? My thoughts are confirmed as a musk of gasoline floats into my nostrils, I've always liked the smell of gasoline, so this is a nice little surprise. Although it smells a little 'off', probably a different composition?

"Working on gasoline? I remember when we first discovered fossil fuels. Black ash filling the clouds, air too poisonous to breathe… Ah, the people who were in charge before me were really quite incompetent. It's a good thing I took over… Perhaps I should take over this kingdom too? Maybe this entire planet? Ah, I almost forgot that I was on vacation and threw myself into unnecessary work. Good luck with your research, I'll be heading out." I started walking in the opposite direction after bidding farewell. Hook, line, now we wait for him to bite.

"Gasoline? Fossil fuels? Wait! You know what this substance is? I knew it! Wait!" Colbert ran after me, leaving the dying flame unattended, I stopped suddenly and turned around, coming face to chest with colbert. He looked up at me and gulped a little

"Please share with me your knowledge of gasoline! Please! It could lead to an industrial revolution where the difference between nobles and commoners is no longer as pronounced! Please! You must!" Colbert ended his pleading, revealing the dream that he's dreaming about.

"I must?" I said two words, acting like a king is pretty tiresome… I see why nobles always look like they have shit up their ass.

"GU-h I apologise! I got too excited on the prospect of gasoline! Please help with my research! I beg of you!" Colbert got on his knees and almost kissed my feet, what a weirdo…

"What would I get? Why would I help you? Also, trust me. Burning fossil fuels as a way of generating power is not sustainable. I'm sure you're aware that burning gasoline produces poisonous gases. At the start it won't matter, but as more and more people get access to gasoline, and more and more people demand it, it will slowly start being used by the entire world, some for mundane tasks, some by companies that will start to rise up and become extremely wealthy off your work. The use of gasoline will become globalised and a core aspect of the world. All the while releasing more and more gas into the atmosphere. It will slowly start to replace the air that we breathe, as it accumulates more and more. Trust me, I have experience." I finish my monologue, I'm not sure why I'm warning him of the eventual fate of a world who uses gasoline for power… Perhaps I'm kinder than I thought.

"Huh? Can't you just eliminate the side effects with magic? You could even automate it with runes… right?" Shit… a loophole.

"Obviously you can. But why do you think my world turned to gasoline in the first place? Because there used to be no magic whatsoever. We relied more on technological development rather than magic. Our two worlds should be rather close to the same age, while mine has massive sea vessels that can take thousands of people across the sea in days, you have dinghy little wooden boats that can take a few dozen, half of them dying from disease and lack of food. Our world was doomed, if not for magic revealing itself to us. Personal power did not exist in my world, and once it became available, the strong rose and conquered. Namely me. I united the entire world under one banner and used all available resources to solve problems, while ruling with an iron fist. Anyways, you haven't mentioned anything that would benefit me, so unless you have something that I don't, -which I doubt you have-, you aren't getting anything." Nice save me, as long as you bullshit enough, they won't be able to tell what's bullshit and what's not anymore.

"I-... I think I have something you might like, please follow me." If he says his virginity… I swear to all gods

After a solid minute of silent walking, we arrived inside his workshop, and then promptly headed down some hidden stairs, which lead to a dark basement… I didn't expect to feel like a woman aboutta be raped today. This is not suspicious at all, nope.

"Here we are, this is a library which contains all sorts of knowledge, some of which I can read and understand, some of which I cannot. There is a very wide range of knowledge in these halls, all of it having only been seen by a few select people. I can give you unlimited access if you can help me with my research, I'll be satisfied as long as you're able to teach me for a few hours about the power of gasoline. I beg of you. I think this is a very fair trade." Colbert's eyes were shining with hope. I could easily just break into the library without helping him, and I think he realises that. But it doesn't really cost me anything to accommodate him… Eh, why not?

"Fine. Only until I get bored though. There's not anything better to do anyway I suppose." I know that this dimension is going to be deleted once I leave the dungeon, but I'm not that cruel, to disclose this information to a man and deprive him of all his work.

Colbert shined with glee and unlocked the library, I use hyperfocus and extremely fast movement to read the entire contents of the library within half an hour, all the while Colbert just watched me with a bit of wariness. After I finished we spoke about the power of combustion engines for the next few hours, until queen henrietta arrived. Colbert was thrilled, I'm sure.

The library ended up being less useful than expected, but I found some pretty cool shit in there. Some futuristic explanations of how solenoids work, hydraulic knowledge, metal mixtures that might come in handy, how to refine uranium, some blueprints I don't quite understand yet and some assassin 'insta kill' techniques. Other than that it was all magic bullshit that doesn't really apply to me, but I still read them all.

Queen Henrietta arrived sooner rather than later, and proceeded to rush up the tower that Louise lives in…

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