So I decided to write a Pokémon self insert after reading so many of them and thinking: Huh, I could do that too, right? So here I am!

It's not my first fanfiction ever but still kinda nervous.

Its been quite a while since I've played Pokémon so if I get things wrong please don't shoot me.

Also, I do not own Pokémon.

Well, let's get the journey started.

(future me edit: So this story will be dark, not overly but still darker than normal. Also, this story won't be a typical travel the world and beat the gyms story, it will focus more on the plot and action instead)

Disclaimer: All names, places and events are fictional. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This is not a story for kids, so kids who read this are really cool.

Arc 1: New World

Chapter 1:


I knew it was a possibility.

I've read too many self insert fanfictions and seen too many Isakei anime to be surprised.

It was just so cliché, someone gets dragged into a world and has to survive. I was too familiar with it, so familiar that I promised myself that I wouldn't be surprised if it happened to me.

Not that I expect it to actually happen but still, I refuse to be surprised by such a thing.

So when I woke up in a random forest after falling asleep in my own bed I was not surprised.

I didn't waste time freaking out like a lot of other would people do, I didn't waste time suspecting I was dreaming either.

A quick glance at my hand showed that this was all very real.

If it were a dream my hand would look weird, it was a neat trick I learned from a lucid dreaming website.

"So, another world huh?" I muttered, going over myself.

I was not in my own body, my current skin was a bit too pale and I felt smaller.

I pulled a strand of hair from my head and saw it was blue. If I needed any more evidence that I was in another body this was it.

I did not have any memories of dying or getting hit by a truck so I could at least assume I was not in the afterlife.

I was in another body, did I hijack it?

The lack of house and family seemed to disprove that theory, though it did not exclude it.

I hope it was a new body or I had to deal with family members who "remembered" me.

That would be quite hard, it would give a few advantages but I also had to fake amnesia.

My new body seemed to be around my age, maybe a few years younger, I estimated my current self at 17 years old.

I glanced around, knowing what world I was in was one of the most important things.

There was a chance I was pulled into a world that was unknown to me, that would be a pain to deal with, not impossible but troublesome.

I looked for some obvious landmarks, I hoped for something recognizable like Hyrule Castle or the Avengers Tower.

All I saw were trees.

No clues there.

Luckily I saw something on top of the trees. It looked like a bird but it was bigger than any bird I've ever seen, it had a combination of black and white feathers.

I immediately recognized it.

"Staravia?" I muttered, the bird that sat atop the tree glanced dismissively at my direction, then it flapped its wings and flew away.

Okay this was an important discovery, couldn't ask for a more obvious one.

It seemed like I was in the Pokémon world, not too bad.

I mean sure, the world of Pokémon was filled with creatures who could tear me to pieces with a mere thought but it was doable. It had its own set of rules and was to some degree fair.

It could've been way worse, at least I was not transported to a world with insane power levels like WORM or DragonBall Z.

I was familiar with the world of Pokémon, I had seen a few episodes of the anime and played some of the games.

Though I knew next to nothing about Sun and Moon, same for Sword and Shield.

Did this world even feature Galar?

I glanced over my body, I kinda wished for a mirror.

I couldn't remember any important Pokémon characters with blue hair but still, it would be nice to know how I looked.

So Pokémon it was, now the next question was: Did I have any powers?

Most Isakei heroes who get transported to another world had some kind of superpower, I did not feel super strong or anything else.

I tried to summon a game menu but nothing really happened, same for trying to summon aura.

I might have a hidden power but I suspected that I ended up powerless.


I checked my pockets, I wore some sleeveless blue shirt with a pokéball on it and some default looking pants.

Not even a backpack with items? That sucked.

I glanced around, I tried to decide where North was but quickly realized that it was futile.

In a world where there was a lion/sun pokemon the sky was no longer a reliable compass.

Did the sun even come up in the same place here?

Also, I had no idea where I was.

Like not at all.

A big forest meant not a lot of Pokémon, in fact I didn't even know in what region I was.

I just saw a Staravia, a gen4 Pokémon from the Sinnoh region if I was correct.

However this did not mean that I was in Sinnoh.

Pidgeys showed up in every region after Kanto even though they are from Generation 1.

If I remembered correctly, in the I choose you Pokémon movie they had all the later generations show up in the Kanto region.

Was I even in the anime? Was I in the game version?

I decided to leave those questions for later, there was no use to pondering about stuff I wouldn't get the answer to anytime soon.

Okay, first objective, escape the forest.

Seemed easy enough, unless I was stuck on one of those islands in Pokémon that were only meant to fill up the map.

No use in freaking out, I told myself and made a plan.

I took a look at the sun and decided to head in that direction, sure it might not be North but atleast I wouldn't walk around in a circle.

Turns out, the forest is huge.

Not that I expected anything else of a world like Pokémon but still, kinda annoyed me.

It meant that my poor legs had to carry me, not that I was out of shape or anything, my old body and my new body were quite in shape. It was just annoying.

The scenery was beautiful though, the air was fresher than you would find on our earth and seeing Pokémon everywhere was also neat.

I came across a Weedle and Wurmple and a lot more arthropods.

Seriously, there were a lot of them.

I saw a few bird Pokémon in the sky and even spotted one herd of Sawsbuck with a Deerling.

Most pokémon stayed out of my way luckily, they were skittish like real animals so that was at least something.

It would be quite embarrassing to be killed by a Wurmple on my first day in this world. Not impossible mind you, just really embarrassing.

The thing with Pokémon was that almost every creature was as deadly as a machine gun, worst in most cases.

Even a Weedle you would run away from in the game has poison and a stinger that could kill you with just a headbutt.

Not all Pokémon were this peaceful, the aforementioned Sawbuck made it clear to me that I had to stay away from the small Deerling.

I encountered a few Beedrill which I definitely did not want to meet, I made sure to make a wide arc around them.

Foremost the forest was not that bad, as long as you are not retarded I can imagine a child could walk around here without getting harmed.

It still soured me that I hadn't encountered any signs of civilization, I was getting a bit hungry and the forest was starting to get a bit hot.

Was there even a civilization? For all I know I was transported to Pokémon Mystery dungeon.

Now, that would be a letdown, not that I hated those games but I barely knew anything about them.

Just as I was pondering about my place in this universe I heard some fighting going on.

I turned around and heard growling behind the bushes, though it was not directed at me but at something else.

A Pokémon fight?

I heard more growling, followed by a whimper.

Should I check it out? Should I stay away from it?

I quickly considered all the possibilities, checking it out might give me more information about wherever I was or anything else. It came however at the risk of exposing myself, being the meek unpowered human I was it was quite dangerous.

Playing it safe or fulfilling my curiosity?

Curiosity killed the cat...but satisfaction brought it back.

I decided to check it out, I sneaked towards the bushes and saw that they led to a clearing.

The bush hid me from sight yet allowed me to see what was going on, nice!

I peeked over the bush and saw three brownish racoons like Pokémon growling at a smaller white humanoid figure.

Zigzagoon I remembered.

The three Zigzagoon were looming over a Ralts, growling and mockingly tossing it around.

The Ralts looked like it did in the anime and games, a weird human looking thingy with thin arms and weird that looked similar to a dress.

On its head there was a weird helmet/hair thingy that hid a large part of its face.

I took in the situation, the Zigzagoon were obviously toying with the Ralts who seemed to be in pain.

It painfully whined out its own name like all Pokémon did while the Zigzagoon were growling and mock biting at it.

It reminded me of the scene in which Professor Birch was being chased by a Zigzagoon and you had to choose a Pokémon to save him.

I always loved to pick a Pokémon as slow as possible while he was being chased.

However this was the real world now and in front of me was a Pokémon being hurt.

I could just walk away, pretending I did not see it.

I mean, it's just Darwin at his finest right? The strong prey on the weak and I had nothing to do with it.

What could I even do? I did not have a Pokémon nor did I possess any powers.

Still, the Zigzagoon were mercilessly bullying the Ralts, it tried to fight back but it seemed to be helpless.

A purple ray shot out of its forehead but it was slow, the Zigzagoon closest to it dodged it with ease and it laughed, or as close as a racoon could get to laughing.

Did the Ralts just try to use confusion?

Whatever the Ralts did it took a lot of energy from it, its shoulders slumped and it fell to the ground again.

"I should walk away." I whispered to myself, trying to convince myself to do the wise thing.

Still, one glance at the Ralts and I knew I couldn't walk away.

I blame my bleeding heart.

Okay, so how to save the Ralts?

Nothing came to my mind, I had literally nothing on me except my clothes and I was not even in possession of a bug Pokémon.

Thanks whatever force brought me to this world!

Time to do something stupid.

I braced myself and focused on the scene before me.

Though I was a human I still had my own body, it wouldn't uphold in a Pokémon battle but maybe it could still function as a surprise attack.

Deciding it was now or never I charged forward.

A branch swung into my face but I ignored the sting and jumped out of the bushes, all three Zigzagoon turned to me.

No time to lose, knowing full well that they could take me out with a quick attack, I kicked away the first one closest to me before it could fully realize what was going on.

My foot met his side and he was kicked away like a football.

It was surprisingly heavy for such a small creature.

It crashed into a tree with a loud thud that even made the tree shake.

Before the other two Zigzagoon could react I knelt down, grabbed the Ralts in one sweep and ran like hell.

I sprinted through the treeline and prayed to Arceus that the Zigzagoon would decide I was not worth the effort of chasing.

While running I took a quick glance behind me and knew that Arceus was not feeling benovelent today.

All three Zigzagoon were chasing me, a mad furry written on their faces.

I yelped and ran harder, ducking under tree branches and jumping over obstacles.

The little Ralts in my arms, who was surprisingly light, muttered its own name and looked up at me, red eyes met mine and confusion was written on its face.

"Ralts?" It asked.

"Hang on buddy!" I said, not having any idea what the Ralts just said, "We're almost to safety."

According to the Pokédex and anime they had empathetic powers.

I really hoped that it would understand that I'm not trying to harm it, or it would try to attack me.

"Ralts." The Ralts said, sounding like it doubted my statement. I decided to interpret it as encouragement.

Around me I saw Pokémon moving away from my path, making it clear none of them felt helpful.

One of the Zigzagoon came closer to my feet, I managed to kick it away without turning around.

A cry followed and I smiled.

At Least I could still kick things in my new body, though I doubted that it would be anything more than a minor setback.

"Ralts!" The Ralts in my arms yelled and pointed its tiny arm at my right side.

One of the Zigzagoon was running parallel to me through the treeline, it leaped towards me, opening its mouth and revealing a nice row of teeth I did not want to meet.

I ducked underneath it just in time and the Zigzagoon crashed into the ground having a giga impact.

Get it? Giga Impact?

Before I could cheer over my takedown the last Zigzagoon suddenly disappeared.

I only had time to wonder 'where did it go?' before he slammed right into my side.

Quick attack, that was just unfair.

It felt like someone had punched me in the gut and I almost tripped.

I cursed and brought my hand down on the Zigzagoon's head like a hammer.

It did lack the impact of a hammer, but it fell to the ground anyway.

I ran, I did not even attempt to fight that hacking freak of nature.

I made a wide turn left and disappeared into the bushes, hoping I could shake them off.

If I could get away alive I consider it a win.

After running for 10 minutes straight I decided that I was safe, or as safe as I could get in a world filled with Pokémon.

When I no longer saw or heard any of the Zigzagoon I slowed my pace and came to a halt.

"Ralts?" The Ralts said, sounding a bit better than before.

I let out a sigh of relief and gracefully fell to the ground of exhaustion,

I dropped the Ralts at my feet while I tried to catch my breath.

"Ralts?" Ralts repeated its question.

"Yeah, they're gone." I answered, glad that the Ralts did not immediately kill me.

"Ralts." It said again.

"No idea what you actually say," I told the Ralts, it was looking at me with a questioning gaze.

"Ralts." it repeated.

"Are you okay?" I asked, I was almost sure that it could understand me. The anime and the games showed that Pokémon were able to understand human language...which was quite unfair for humans but there's not a lot you can do about it.

"Ralts." The Ralts said, nodding its tiny head.

"I take that for a yes." I concluded satisfied.

Now, that was a good deed done for the day, although now I had no idea where I was or where to go.

Not that I knew before but the idea I did was nice.

Well, at least I had my first heroic moment in this new world.

Step 1 of becoming a generic self insert completed.

Next step, discover I have a broken power and become the most important person in the world.

I looked at the little creature in front of me, "So you have any idea where we are?"

"Ralts." It said, sounding a bit confused.

"Know any town nearby? A city?"

The Ralts shook its head.

"Well, that makes the two of us." I said and silently cursed. I was getting hungry and a bit tired.

Having someone show up conveniently now would be amazing.

I glanced at the sky, nothing.

"Seems like I'm still stuck here." I said out loud, I glanced at the Ralts who was still staring at me intensely.

I looked back into its red eyes...what to do?

I could pull an Ash, considering that I just saved a Pokémon.

If I were an anime protagonist the Ralts would join my team, all the clichés were there.

I blinked, it wouldn't be that easy right?

It can't be that easy.

"Hey," I said, the Ralt's face perked up, "Want to join me? Travel the world, become the very best and so on?"

Not my best speech but I rather wanted to be honest with the Ralts.

Especially since it was a psychic Pokémon who could later read minds if I was correct.

The Ralts tilted it head, and stared back at me.

It became an awkward staring contest and I considered telling it that it was okay to say no but to my surprise it gave me a firm nod along with a happy "Ralts!".

"You really want to go with the person you just met?" I asked a bit skeptical, however the Ralts nodded again showing no hesitation.

"God," I groaned, "This is so cliché."

"RALTS!" Ralts cheered.


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