Chapter 111:


Pokémon List:

Luna (Kirlia)

Fay (Riolu)

Midna (Zorua)

The dark spot in the middle of the garden vanished, swallowing inside its own darkness until the spot was cleansed by the rays of the sun. Leaving no trace of anything.

And just like that. It was as if nothing had happened.

No evidence of the fortified walls that surrounded the garden. No Darkrai phasing through the freaking ground. The sky was a glorious blue again, as if it had never been colored red in the first place.

The sound of the bells still rang inside my head. I looked at the distance where the Space and Time tower stood as if nothing had changed.

"What the hell?" My ex-opponent muttered, "Gods, I just had a crashing headache." She looked at Alicia and me. "You two felt that as well, right?"

Her newly evolved Sylveon slowly got up from the floor, scratching her head and glaring at her trainer.

I glanced at my team. We warrily exchanged glances but I avoided saying anything I wasn't supposed to know. However, I am sure they understood what the hell that shockwave just was.

Dialga and Palkia stirred. A shiver ran over my back as I felt the weight of that realization sink in.

Two primordial beings, gods from outside this reality that can alter the world with their own will. They were nearby. Or at least, as close as they could be, both physically, and in time.

"Y-yeah." Alicia said. Glancing warrily around her. "What was that?"

"Was it one of yours?" Sylvia asked.

I shook my head. "Not me," I glanced at the spires in the distance. "Did you guys also happen to hallucinate?"

"What?" Sylvia gave me an incredulous look. "I just got a headache, did you see something?" Alicia gave me the same lost look.
{What hallucination?} Luna asked. She looked around, as if trying to spot it. {You mean the shadow?}

I shook my head. "Nevermind that." I scratched my head.

"You need to see a doctor?"

"It's fine." I said.

Fay eyed me cautiously. Wordlessly, I told her not to worry that much.

"Okay, I'm going to look for my friends, see if they are okay." I lied. I pulled up my Pokédex and entered a few commands. Alicia's phone beeped twice. She took it out and turned it on.

Her eyes widened. "Wow, thanks for the tip."

"It was worth it," I smiled. It truly was. I wasn't certain whether Darkrai would show up if I came here all alone. But I assumed me being with Alicia might trigger it into revealing itself. And that was worth much more than I paid for her to guide me.

"Come on," I gestured at my Pokémon. "Let's head back." I turned my back to the gardens and began making my way back into town.

"So, you were tripping?" Midna asked when I made sure we were alone.

"I don't know exactly," I looked at Fay. "Did you see anything? Walls? The red sky?"

Fay pondered the thought for a second. "No, I saw nothing."

{I saw the Shadow!}

"Yes," I decided to drop the hallucination thing. "You think you can keep track of it?" I asked. I looked at all the shadows the early morning sun casted. If Darkrai truly could manipulate the shadows he could be anywhere, watching me and waiting to drag me inside the dark.

{I memorized the Shadow's psychic signature,} Kirlia nodded. Her eyes glowed faintly purple. {If it comes close I am certain I can sense it.}

"M-me too!" Fay spoke.

"Good job." I praised the two. They beamed with happiness.

As we got closer to the festival again I started hearing people talk and discuss in hushed tones the shockwave. No one was panicking yet, but they were very much alarmed.

"So, I just felt a minor headache." Midna told Fay. "But you two had it worse?"

"It hurt, a lot." Fay answered.

{It was the most painful attack I've encountered so far, as if my being and my mind were severed.} Luna's eyes glowed. She gave me a determined look. {I want to learn that move.}

"Please don't teach her that," Midna shot me a serious look.

"Agree." Fay added.

Luna pouted.

"I don't think it was a Pokémon move in the first place," I said. "It was like when Lovesick dropped the Lustrous Orb. Space and time convulsing and stretching. This felt eerily similar. If you ask me, it's Dialga and Palkia's presence brushing past our reality. Just a tiny sliver of their power." It felt uncanny to look at the sky and realize that there are creatures from outside reality. That operated on a whole other set of rules, completely detached from our conceptual reality and able to squash our world like a bug.

"Dialga and Palkia," Fay looked at the sky. "Wow, they must be so powerful."

"That's creepy as hell." Midna said.

I grinned. "I know, can't wait for the real deal."

As before, the closer we got to the center of town, the more the place came to life . Although it was still relatively early in the morning, a lot of trainers and stores were already open and active.

Trainers had to get up early to participate in the Festival, and the vendors supplied them with food. However, there was a quiet undertone. People were definitely shaken up. I could see it in their eyes. They didn't say it but they all wanted answers.

A message on my Pokédex told me that all participants who had passed the elimination battles were told to gather at the Town Square.

People were slowly driven towards the city square. Everything still stood, the stage, all the screens and lights. I saw a few Pokémon working on fixing the showlights. Although it was quite calm compared to last night, there was still a large crowd there. Around the edges people sat down to heal, wait or drink, like me, watching whatever was going on. However, in front of the stage trainers, reporters and security personnel were circling around a certain woman in a purple dress.

The bodyguards tried to calm down the people. What didn't help with that was Flamera actively seeking out people to talk to them.

As I got closer I could hear what she was saying.

"Yes, the event will continue as planned-"

"No, battles lost during the shock won't be reset. I'm sorry-"

"Please, I can not answer that question right now-"

But the questions were like Hydra heads. For every question she answered, two took their place. However, she patiently answered every question while maintaining a smile. Pretty damn respectable because I had the idea she could murder the entire crowd right there on the spot.

Flamera this morning wore a short purple dress, a combination of short puffy skirt and a top with the same deep purple color. Her bright colored hair fell down on her back in a long fiery waterfall.

She had 3 bodyguards. 2 guys who looked like they spent their free time in the sporthall and Charizard. The Charizard in question used its big body and wing span to create some space around Flamera.

I wondered why she even bothered to answer the questions herself. I'd delegate such tasks to anyone else. Talking about tasks, considering there wasn't much to do yet besides waiting for other competitors to finish their battles, I opened up my Pokédex and began to clean up my inbox while I was at it.

Time passed relatively quickly. The shock of what happened calmed down and slowly Flamera was running out of questions to answer at last. I sat down somewhere shady while nabbing on some left over breakfast with my companions.

I got through my mailbox rather quickly. Mostly just approving design sketches and commenting on the progress.

One of the mails, directly sent by the publisher, was an invitation for an award show called: Checkmate, an international event to promote games of all kinds. I never heard of it of course, but multiple of 'my' games were nominated and apparently had a big chance to win.

Checkmate wanted me to be present and the company asked whether I wanted to go. They strongly encouraged me to go because of PR reasons.

I was inclined to immediately reject the offer. It was coming up real soon, and the convention was held in Unova. But more importantly, I didn't want the name Blank to be attached to my other name.

I sent an email back saying I was going to think about it. Depending on how things go, I might need an alibi at some point.

An hour after starting, I closed the Pokédex and stretched out my arms, feeling quite lazy. Around me a similar mood had settled in. The discussion around the simultaneous headache had been watered down to quips and jokes. Instead the conversation had shifted to I'm bored of waiting and when will we finally start with the next game?.

I wondered if it was intentional. Let the people grow bored 'till the anxiety dies down, or if the people in this world were that used to this kind of shit. Maybe there is something in the water.

I bought a couple of sandwiches and returned to the shady spot I had claimed. Music was being played on stage and some people were having mock battles. Still, the message on the Pokédex remained. Waiting for other competitors to finish their match.

When 3 o'clock rolled around I started wishing Dialga and Palkia came in a little bit earlier. Nothing of note had happened. I was just waiting. No shadows, no more explosions or anything. The most newsworthy thing was someone mistaking a Vanillite for an actual ice cream. Beyond that it was more of the same waiting game.

I barely even reacted when the Pokédex suddenly announced. Game 1 is about to start. Please pick a Tattletail. I blinked, wondering what the hell a Tattletail was. Before realizing that the next game was about to start and I had practically dozed off.

"Tattletail?" Midna asked sleeplily. "Whassthat?"

"It's a tail that tattles!" Fay answered. "Duh."

"Oh, stupid me." Midna closed her eyes again.

{No idea either,} Luna said when I looked at her. {Maybe a new Pokémon?}

The answer made itself known when a bright teleport suddenly dumped three boxes full of bright colored ribbons. I couldn't make out the exact details from afar but so far all the colors of the rainbow were present.

"Midna," I poked the fox in her belly. "Please be a dear and get me one of a Tattletail.

Midna got up and yawned. "Any color you'd prefer?"


Midna shrugged before shifting into a Staraptor. She stretched her wings and like a hawk dove towards the pile. No one really gave her a second glance. She took a red colored ribbon out of the box and flew back. "Here you go."

She said, dropping the ribbon in my hands.

Fay and Luna inched closer, curiosity written on their faces.

The ribbon was a piece of cloth about the size of my arm and half as thick. It looked very sturdy but also quite unremarkable. The only thing that stood out was the hard piece of plastic attached at the end of the ribbon. It vaguely looked like one of those tags clothing stores use to prevent theft.

A rough image of the next game began to form in my head. "Tattletail eh?" I murmured as new instructions appeared on the screen of the Pokédex.

Tattletail successfully assigned to Player Dust.

Please attach the Tattletail to a Pokémon of your choosing. It can be attached to an arm, head tail or any other limb you desire.

Important: Contestants may only have one Pokémon out during this round.

I looked up from the Pokédex. Two pairs of puppy eyes immediately assaulted me. Both Fay and Luna tried to look as cute as they could. Midna was the only one who didn't offer herself.

I muttered something under my breath. I did not like the fact only one of my Pokémon could be out during this game. If any of the Legendaries made their move, one second could save my life.

"Fay, you are up." I said. Luna pouted while Fay did a little jump. Her tail was happily wagging behind her back.

"Midna," I looked at the Zorua. "You're on Stranger duty. Monitor us and hide yourself. Don't interfere with the game or show yourself unless the world is ending."

"Got it captain!" She frowned. "Wait, I mean, I've never seen you before."

With a smirk the fox Pokémon casted herself into a bright light, before running away from me.

I glanced around, everywhere people were too busy with themselves to really pay any attention.

I turned back to Luna. "Don't worry, you'll get to play the next round."

Luna shot a serious look at Fay. "You better win this."

"O-ofcourse!" Fay created an Aura sword in the most dramatic way possible. "We'll be the Sinnoh Knight alright? Losing is not an option."

Luna nodded before voluntarily sucking herself back into her Pokéball. Something that rarely happens.

I wrapped the ribbon around Fay's head as if it was a headband. It looked really cute.

Everywhere people did similar things. Flashes of Pokémon being summoned and recalled flashed in and out like a christmas tree. People had attached their Tattletails in various ways. Some people did it like me, others Pokémon wore it like a necklace, around their arm or tail. I saw one man struggling with getting the Tattletail to wrap around his Gengar. It fell phased through its body, which the Pokémon in question found hilarious.

In the end, it looked as if the most colorful street gang had just raided the My Little Pony store.

"Hello?" A soft voice came from the speakers. All eyes were drawn to the main stage. Flamera politely waited for the noise to die down. "Thank you."

She straightened her back. "1000 years ago Sinnoh was a different place. Beasts and warlords ruled the country. Outlaws and bandits made the law." She scanned the crowd, looking each and every contestant in the eyes. "The Sinnoh Knight hunted down the most ferocious beasts and took them down. However, the Knight was also hunted at times. There were many enemies who wanted the hero dead and at times, the Knight had to fear for his life."

She paused.

"Every person here has an enemy. Right now, you've been assigned a random opponent. Neither you nor your opponent know each other's name or face. All you know is that you two are mortal enemies during this game." Murmurs came from the crowd. "You are either a Hunter or Prey. If you are a Hunter, it's your job to track down who your Prey is and take their Tattletail. If you are Prey, you have to protect your Tattletail until sundown. Or identify your Hunter and take their Tattletail first."

More murmurs rose. People in the crowd started eyeing each other suspiciously. "Hunters, do note that taking the wrong tail will mean an instant loss. And Prey, be wary because every five minutes the Tattletail will send the Prey's location to the Hunter."

Flamera smiled.

"Let's see who amongst you is the true Sinnoh Knight."


A new message opened on my Pokédex.

You are Prey.

Watch out, Your Hunter is Looking for You.

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