Pokémon List:

Luna (Kirlia)

Fay (Riolu)

Midna (Zorua)

Chapter 99:

To You, 1,000 Years From Now

The Eterna Eternal History Museum. Someone thought they were really clever with that name. Whoever chose that name was probably pissed they couldn't get the 'National Sinnoh History Museum' title because that was already claimed by Veilstone city. According to the guide, Eterna isn't just the name of this city and forest but an old name for the rough area between the seashore and the foot of Mount Coronet. The more you know, I guess.

"You know you don't have to read that entire thing?" Sabrina scowled.

"I know," I replied, "But come on, it's fun and there's some wild stuff inside this guide."

Besides, we still had 24 minutes until Lovesick showed up.

"Oh, and what did you find?" Sabrina asked. She pointed at an oddly shaped rock stalled behind glass. "Can you tell me something interesting about this?" she teased. Giving me a smile that could have been stolen from Midna.

Mmm, there wasn't much interesting about it besides being extremely old.

"It's a Silicon based structure, and just like something else, very, very hard." I grinned. Sabrina blushed while she tried to look undignified. She had it coming though. Ha!

After deciding that the joke had lasted long enough I pointed at an object across the hall. "Of course I am talking about the hardened glass shard."

I feigned innocence, "What else could I be talking about?"

Sabrina weakly punched me in the shoulder. "You are literally the most horrible person I know."

I shrugged, I wasn't really bothered by that.

Together we studied more stones and other geodes. It wasn't the most interesting thing to watch but some of them stood out.

Like a rock that had fossilized dragon spit, or ancient Aura crystals. Sabrina wasn't nearly as interested in Eterna's rock selection. Instead, she nervously kept fidgeting with her Pokéballs. I was glad no one was paying attention to us or they might have suspected that we were about to tear this place down.

"Can we move to another section?" Sabrina asked impatiently.

"Yeah, I'm done with rocks as well."

Sabrina didn't wait and took my hand to drag me to another section.

I didn't tell Sabrina but it was actually really pleasant to visit the museum with her. When I closed my eyes for a second I could almost pretend I was having a fun date with some odd but pretty hot girl I met.

That pleasant image was immediately shattered when we crossed into a hallway full of Pokémon statues.

The lighting in this room was atmospherically dark, causing some of the statues to look extremely sinister.

One look was enough to figure out that these statues were extremely old. Most of them had collapsed body parts or crack lines running through their dilapidated parts. The former colors of the statue were now replaced by a dull and ghostly white hue. "Wow," Sabrina came to a stop in front of a rather big statue.

The base of the sculpture resembled a lake or a pool. It had humans seemingly clawing out of it. They were desperate to get out of the water, their expressions indicated they were in some kind of agonizing pain.

The hands of the humans reached out to a Pokémon above them.

The eyes of the Pokémon seemed to be deliberately smashed in.

"Yeah, I agree. Wow." That was definitely Mesprit. I wonder who made it. The plaque read:

Humans reach out to unknown Pokémon.

Approximately 2300 years out.

Found inside Mount Coronet.

"This one is around 2,300 years old." I helpfully shared.

"Really?" She rolled her eyes.

We passed more statues. A half-decayed Eevee, a wingless Articuno, a severed Gyarados head. There were enough statues to scare even Medusa.

There were also smaller objects. For example, a Pikachu tail etched into flint and a doll painted blue with pins protruding from the paws and chest.

It was really crazy when you considered that even millennia ago people were intrigued with Pokémon. It actually led me to a theory that Pokémon weren't native to this world but instead they just appeared. Or maybe it was the other way around.

Maybe MatPat might have been able to figure it out, but scientists in this world were still in the dark about it.

"You think this might have been an early version of the Pokédex?" I asked.

"Plausible," Sabrina muttered, "But statues aren't the most useful things to carry around."

I imagined a caveman carrying several of those on his back while traveling, making new ones whenever he found a new species.

"Then why make these?" I looked at a statue of Starly. It was almost in a perfect state.

Sabrina didn't have an answer.

We left the moody statues to explore the extraterrestrial section.

Now you might think that sounds cool but it basically came down to rocks from space.

There were Moonstones and Star pieces on display. More spacey stuff but no aliens, sadly.

The pinnacle of the collection was a meteor piece the size of a Voltorb embedded into the floor. It had red glowing cracks running across it, making it look really dangerous.

A sign next to it warned that kids weren't allowed to touch it.

"I bet it is an egg." I proclaimed.

"A what?"

"It's either an egg or the catalyst for an Eldritch being."

"It's a meteor." Sabrina deadpanned. "Also what's an Eldritch being?"

"You wouldn't understand." I turned to look up.

"Try me."

"No, you can't understand, that's their entire schtick. They are beings the human mind can not comprehend."

"Say Dust," Sabrina fixed her purple eyes on me. "You're doing that on purpose, right?"

"Doing what on purpose?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing," Sabrina said, having a smug smile on her face.

"Okay, now you're just shitting me, tell me what's the deal."

She looked awfully sure of herself.

"Oh nothing," Sabrina curled a hair lock around her finger. "I just figured out why you act the way you do."

"Uh what?" I asked, genuinely curious what the hell she was talking about. Sabrina gave me a dirty grin.


Now, that was mean, you can't just say such a thing and then leave me hanging.

I wanted to keep asking but Sabrina already decided to move on, ignoring my demand to elaborate. Fucking rude, I know but I couldn't exactly pull a gun on her.

Instead, I was left with the mystery of what the hell that was about, nothing really new.

I assumed for the sake of my curiosity that she was just gaslighting me.

The next session was placed in a big circular room which had several artifacts spiraling towards a big skeleton that stood in the middle of the spotlights.

The big words on the wall read: Bones of the Past.

That pretty much summarized the entirety of this room's theme.

There was an entire pile of Marowak skulls, some dating back to ages ago while the most recent one was barely a decade old.

That was pretty messed up in my opinion but neither Sabrina nor any of the other visitors seemed to be disturbed by it.

There were also human bones put on display. Femurs, joints and skulls.

Those weren't nearly as cool as the Pokémon ones and seeing 6,000 year old bones of another human stalled out like this was freaky. It reminded me of my own mortality, something I actively tried to avoid thinking about.

In the middle of the collection was a fully reconstructed Scyther exoskeleton. I stopped in front of it to gawk at the weird creature.

"Ugh, bugs." Sabrina complained. "I really don't get why some people specialize in bug Pokémon."

That was pretty cold of her. Luckily the bug Pokémon was long dead, or else Queen Meanie would have broken its heart.

Sabrina was right though, the carcass in front of us did look freaky.

It was about the same size as a Scyther and roughly looked the same but instead of the exoskeleton being made of Chitin, or anything like that, its shell was primarily made out of colorful rock and minerals. But the most absurd thing was its scythes, or lack thereof. Instead of scythes, it had two huge axes that appeared to be made of some kind of grey solid rock.

The plate read that it was the preserved and restored remains of a Scyther variant that lived in this region very long ago.

"Mmm, it still looks better than Kabutops." I complimented it. I wondered if Midna could copy that form, or extinct Pokémon in general. I would have to pay this a second visit so the Zorua could see it with her own eyes.

I checked the time on my Pokédex. About 16 minutes and 12 seconds remaining.

The next room of the museum was the Art section which was right up my alley.

I love art, I even considered myself an artist to some degree. Especially considering the games and stories I published in this world. But besides that, I also liked sketching and such.

Sabrina wasn't as cultured and only gave the paintings passing glances. That of course meant I had to fill the void made by her lack of interest.

"Sabrina, what do you think the artist wanted to convey when he made this work?"

The Psychic sighed. "It's a dot on a blank canvas. What could he possibly try to convey?"

I pretended to think over it really hard. Finally I said, "Maybe it's a reflection on minimalism of the human mind? An attempt to tell the viewer that there's both nothing and everything at the same time."

"It's a dot." her eyes narrowed. "Nothing more."

I wondered how far I could take this.

"Ah but Sabrina, what if the white portrays the void of our imagination while the black dot represents what is actually there. A duality between the seen and unseen."

Sabrina glared at me. "You are making shit up. It's a literal circle!"

"It's so much more..." I stopped when I saw her eyes crackle with energy. "But art is subjective so maybe you are right."

She smirked. "Indeed."

"But it might also be a form of Dadaism," I muttered in one breath.



We walked past the other paintings. They were actually not that interesting besides a few odd ones.

We finally reached the section with the Lustrous Orb. Legends and Tales.

This was so far the biggest room in the entire Museum. According to the map, all the sections formed a spiral with the Legends section in the middle.

Now, that means if someone wanted to steal something the traditional way they had to backtrack, or go to the exit on the other end of the spiral. Of course, I doubted our thief would do a hit and run but I did consider the option.

The room was big and had a glass roof, a bit like the Louvre in Paris but a lot smaller.

Artifacts of different shapes and sizes were proudly put on display across the room, though all of them were safely put behind glass this time.

"Okay, where's the oversized marble?" I asked.

Sabrina took a second to reorient herself before taking me towards a pedestal.

There were a few people taking pictures of it. I wondered why because it was just a big, admittedly shiny, pearl. It was only after they started giggling that I understood why. All the photos had been corrupted.

The pair moved away, giving us the full view of the object.

I tried to determine the size and weight of it. It was smaller than a bowling ball but not much.

Yup, about as uninteresting as it gets.

There was a legend attached to the pearl but it wasn't related to Palkia at all but involved two kingdoms using the orb as a cannonball, no joke.

"Hey," I said. "I just realized something, can't that other girl just teleport this object away?"

Actually, could human Psychics teleport?

"She can't," Sabrina tapped the glass. "The Orb is a temporal object."

"Uhuh, what's a temporal object?"

Sabrina narrowed her eyes, as if to focus. "Objects frozen in time. They can't be altered or affected by either physical or psychic force. Nope, if Lovesick wants this she'll have to physically carry it around."

New information! Actually, no. Wasn't this the thing Midna's previous owner worked on? Now I was getting curious.

You really do learn stuff at the museum.

I checked the time. 9 minutes and 34 seconds remaining. Yeah, I had time to spare.

"So how did this get frozen in time?" I looked at the orb, trying to wrap my head around the concept of being frozen in time.

Sabrina bit her lip. "Not frozen, more like locked."

That didn't clarify anything. She spotted my confusion. "Ugh, I don't really know much about it myself. It's just that if artifacts for some reason involve a Legendary Pokémon, they become completely invulnerable. As a psychic you'll learn about them."

Ah, still doesn't explain anything.

"Come on, let's stay away from the orb. Just in case she uses explosions again."


Sabrina pulled me to another object. Again, a smug smile on her face.

Turns out, the Lustrous Orb was the single most boring object in the room. Besides being a catalyst for the God of Time there wasn't much more about it.

There was a sword that 'supposedly' belonged to the Sinnoh Knight. The blade still looked sharp.

"It's called Heartbreaker." Sabrina read the text in front of it. "According to legends the Knight wielding the sword was unable to save the life most precious to him. Don't you think that's romantic Dust?"

I shrugged. "Nah. Besides, I don't think the Sinnoh Knight was real anyway. Legends tend to obscure facts and history doesn't leave much room for heroes."

At least knights in my world Historians now know these so-called Knights were basically dicks with status that owned land. No heroics involved. Not sure if this held true in this world.

"Well, the sword is a temporal object." Sabrina shrugged. "Who knows what could be true."

"Any more temporal objects in this room you want to tell me about?" I joked.

"Sure, that shard." Sabrina pointed at a blue crystal plate. "Oh, the claw and that feather over there."

The claw and feather didn't seem that interesting but the shard Sabrina pointed to was really big. So of course I decided to check that one out.

I took a look at the shard. The shard itself was still embedded into a carved out mural or something. The crystal shard had a ghostly translucent blue color. It was around the size of my own body; its shape vaguely reminded me of something but I couldn't exactly recall what.

The shard also had this weird after-image effect going on. Every time I pulled my eyes away from the object it trailed behind in my vision. A neat party trick, I suppose.

Again, the object itself wasn't that special but the context surrounding it was.

The mural surrounding the shard closely resembled an old altar, with the shard itself positioned like a mirror.

There was something written above it, inscribed in the stone. Without giving it too much thought I read it out.

"'Tis when the light shines in the Broken sky,

And under an unending twilight our gods finally meet,

And we all can finally put down our angel disguises,

And reveal the devils we are underneath,"

The text seemed to be broken off from both above and below it. Marking it as a verse of a bigger piece. Also, the rhyme wasn't perfect and it irked me.

Sabrina stared at me, gaze frozen.

"What?" I asked.

"You can read that?"

I frowned, wondering if she was pulling my leg. "No, I can't read, I've been pretending for my entire life. You got me."

Seeing Sabrina's scowl, I deduced that wasn't the response she expected.

"Of course I can read that." I stared at the inscription. Maybe it was hard to read because of its age and being inscribed in stone but that was about it.

'Wait,' A sudden thought hit me, 'why is a crappy poem written over 7000 years ago written in Modern English?'

I slowly turned to face Sabrina.

The realization that I made a mistake happened before she even spoke. It was almost as if I experienced it in slow motion. Slowly, and with caution Sabrina said. "Dust, that's impossible. No one has been able to decipher that language in recorded history."

Yup, I somehow fucked up. I considered pretending to be faking it. Sweep it under a rug as a joke.

I was really tempted to do that but it wouldn't work. Sabrina was naturally suspicious of me and my aura. And my initial shock was too genuine for me to have been faking it.

Since there was no benefit to lying I decided to be honest.

"What? But it just looks like plain English to me."

"What's English?" Sabrina asked, her mouth contorting as if it was unfamiliar with the word.

A cold shiver ran up my skin. That funny feeling that you've been by a truck blindsided. How did I not think about this before?

"Sabrina, what's the language we are speaking right now?"

Sabrina used a word, or name, I had never heard before, nor knew how to pronounce.

"The fuck." I mumbled, feeling slightly dizzy by the sudden revelation.

"Wait, you thought you were speaking in another language?" Sabrina bit her lip. "How?"

"Good question," I rubbed my temples. Okay this was a really bad moment to discuss this. God, I wished Luna was here.

I stared Sabrina dead in the eyes. "Look, I am serious Sabrina, before you're gonna ask me. No, I have no fucking clue what's going on. Don't bother, I'm just as confused as you are."

Sabrina looked like she wanted to elaborate on the subject but solemnly agreed to keep her mouth shut.

"Okay, so that's something new." I took a deep breath. "But don't forget we're here for the marble-"

"Lustrous Orb." Sabrina corrected me.

"Yeah that," I shifted my gaze to the object in question. Luckily it was still there.

"10 seconds remaining," the Pokédex announced from out of my backpack.

Two seconds of silence.

"I sense her!" Sabrina suddenly announced.


I checked all of the entrances and people in the room.

"Argh," Sabrina glutched her head. "All these stupid artifacts mess with my senses."

"1!" Pokédex Lady announced.

"There!" Sabrina pointed to the middle of the room where...there was no one at all. Just a dark shadow-

I pushed the button on the Pokéball and yelled, "Shield!"

Fay materialized at my feet.

As Fay's Aura was mended into a sphere, I grinned.

Here, we, go!

I faintly heard several explosions go off in quick succession. My eyes shot upwards.

A thousand glass shards rained down on me.

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