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Saiyians and High Schools

Chapter 1: The First Day's Always the Worst

It was nine a clock on Wednesday morning and the bell was ringing. Gohan walked along the endless corridors worrying about the day ahead. He saw a girl walking in the opposite direction so confidently. He felt lost and alone in this strange place. He looked ahead and there right in front of him was the head teacher's office. He fearfully knocked on the door. An unfamiliar woman with wavy ginger hair and big green dangling earrings opened the door and introduced herself as Miss Whitehouse. Gohan introduced himself and the lady led him in.

The room was warm and comfortable with medals and certificates lining the walls. In one corner was a large portrait of Hercule, [the man believed to have beaten the evil monster Cell,] standing in his favorite victory pose.

Miss Whitehouse gave Gohan a badge with an orange star printed on it, which he pinned to his t-shirt. She also gave him a timetable with his scheduled classes on. She then led Gohan out into the corridor and to another room.

This room was much bigger than the previous one and was filled with other teenagers sitting at the rows of desks, each desk progressively higher than the one in front. Once again, Gohan got that lost feeling inside of him. This is a lot scarier than Cell he thought.

Inside the classroom, the teacher announced Gohan's arrival to the class and he was ushered inside.

"Son Gohan here," stated the teacher, "got perfect test scores on all of the exams. You could all learn a thing or two from him."

Whispers of nerd boy and brains were heard from the class. Gohan was instructed to tell the class a little about himself.

"Hi," he nervously said, "My name is Son Gohan. I'm into fishing, reading, and martial arts."

Many people looked at him disbelieving the last comment.

"Please find a seat and sit down," said the teacher.

A blubbery blond wearing blue jeans and a green tank top called out, "up here cutie. There's an empty seat up here next to Videl."

Gohan walked up the steps to the seat and got his books out.

"Hi! I'm Eraser," said the girl, "and these are my friends Videl and Sharpener," she added pointing to each in turn.

"Nice to meet you," Gohan replies remembering that his mom told him to be polite.

He then buried his head in his textbook and listened to the teacher.

"Hey did you guys hear about the Goldfighter?" started one of the class.

"Yeah," said another, "they say he's really strong and stopped a car by just yelling at it. He was gone in a flash so no ones been able to talk with him. I wonder who he is."

Some of the other class members joined in on the conversation.

"Goldfighter?" Gohan questioned, "Who's that?"

"Where have you been for the past few days nerd boy?" taunted Sharpener, "Everyone knows the Goldfighter is the new hero in town. Looks like our Videl's got some competition."

"Oh," Gohan replied remembering the incident with the bank robbers that morning when he was on his way to school.

Not long after the bell rang signaling the end of class. Everyone packed away their stuff and rushed to the lunch hall. Gohan slowly made his way outside and sat beneath a tree where he pulled out the capsulated lunch his mom had made for him.

"You planning on eating all of that?" came a voice from behind him.

"Hi Videl," said Gohan realizing she was behind him; "Yeah I am gonna eat it all, why? You want some?"

"No Thanks. It just looks like a lot for one person that's all."

This is not even half what I usually have Gohan thought to himself, aloud all he said was, "I've got a big appetite."

Videl sat down opposite him and started on her own lunch.

"Swo." Gohan said with a mouthful of food, "ywour iwnto wartial arwts?"

"What did you say?" asked Videl not understanding what he was saying.

"I swaid," Gohan answered as he swallowed the food, "So your into martial Arts?"

"Yes, I sometimes help the police with there enquiries," Videl replied careful to not mention who her dad was. I do not want any more people-hanging round me just cause my dads famous.

'Ringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg' rang the bell. Gohan and Videl packed away their lunches and headed towards their next class which just happened to be PE.

The students got ready in the locker room then sat on the bench on the edge of the Baseball field.

Miss Whitehouse (the head teacher) approached the class. "OK today class you've got a brand new teacher due to Mr Brady's recent departure." She said.

From behind, her walked a short bald headed man.

"I'd like to introduce you to your new teacher…….... Krillen." The teacher said as Krillen appeared from behind her and studied the ki levels of everyone present.

Gohan carefully lowered his ki and stood towards the back of the class hoping Krillen wouldn't notice him. Unfortunately, luck was not on his side as Krillen recognized Gohan's ki. Gohan's here. This could be fun after all.

"Ok class," Krillen said to the class, "today we're gonna try something slightly different. We're gonna look at martial arts."

At that statement, Gohan gulped and paled slightly. Damn you Dende.

"So could everyone whose practiced some martial arts before stand over here," Krillen continues pointing to the spot, "and can everyone else stand in that corner over there."

Everyone grouped in the correct area awaiting further instructions. A few were surprised to see Gohan stand with the group that had practiced martial arts because he didn't look very strong (oh how wrong they were) but they remembered he said he liked martial arts when he introduced himself to the class.

Krillen paired everyone up with a partner of roughly equal strength according to his or her ki signatures. Sharpener was paired up with Eraser, which he wasn't too pleased about because he thought he was much stronger than she was. Gohan was paired up with Videl.

"Go easy on her," whispered Krillen in his ear, "she's the strongest here, but she's barely a fraction of your strength."

"I know," Gohan whispered back.

The class started practicing.

"I hope you're ready to go down," threatened Videl.

"Whatever you say Videl," said Gohan not in the least bit intimidated and concentrating on not hitting her too hard.

Soon the lesson was over and everyone went back to the locker room to get ready for his or her next lesson.

"I'll come see you later at your house bro," said Krillen to Gohan before he went off to his next class, which was maths.

When he arrived, Gohan sat down in his seat and waited for the lesson to begin. While waiting he looked through the textbook and nearly burst out laughing when he realized he had covered most of the topics when he was 10 years old.

"Today class we are going to continue our work on calculus from yesterday; so then who can tell me how to work out the differentiation of a number?"

Most of the class slumped down in their seats hoping the teacher wouldn't pick them. Gohan raised his hand.

"Ha, Son Gohan I it?" asked the teacher consulting the register for Gohan's name.

"Yes ma'am," said Gohan, "To find the differentiation of a number you multiply by the power and decrease the power by one."

The teacher checked the textbook before saying, "Very good. That's absolutely correct."

The lesson continued with the students taking notes on what the teacher wrote on the board.

Just before the bell rang for home time, the teacher called out, "For homework do all questions on exercise 5B. Anyone who doesn't hand it in tomorrow gets detention. No excuses."

Everyone races out of the classroom towards the exit to go home.

"Am I still cumin to your house tonight Videl?" asked Eraser, her best friend.

"Yeah sure. I'll see you later," Videl replied.

"Ok, see ya later Vi," shouted Eraser racing off.

Gohan made his way up to the roof and flew off before anyone saw him.