Chapter 25: The Earth is Safe Once More

One week after Oblivorator was destroyed life on Earth returned to normal, or as normal as it could be before a certain teenage demi-saiyian and his friends and family set up residence there.

In the Son house everyone was sitting at the table eating breakfast. Orange Star High, was opening today for the first day since it was repaired after nearly being destroyed by Oblivorator, and the school's head teacher Miss Whitehouse, had a special day planned in honour of the cities heroes.

At the Satan mansion, Videl was getting herself ready for school, she wasn't feeling too well and was considering having the day off but decided against it because she wanted to talk to Gohan about Pan. "Hurry up sweet pea or you'll be late for school," called her father.

"I'm coming dad," she called flushing the toilet she had just emptied the contents of her stomach into and making her way downstairs. "Gotta run," she called giving each of her parents a kiss on the cheek before racing out the door to school.

At Capsule Corporation, Mirai was racing around getting ready for school, Vegeta was in the GR training, Chibi Trunks is still sleeping and Bulma is in the lab working on her latest experiment. As soon as he's ready for school, Mirai flies off in the direction of Satan City meeting Gohan halfway there.

20 minutes later they land on the roof of Orange Star High where Videl is standing waiting for them.

"Hey Videl," they both greet her, "are you ok?" asks Gohan, "You look sick."

"I'm fine," lies Videl, "We've all got to go to the auditorium for a special speech about Oblivorator," she says leading them inside.

Outside the auditorium they are met by Eraser, Sharpener and a new student. "This is Lime," Eraser introduces them all, "she just joined us today."

"Nice to meet you," say Mirai, Videl and Gohan taking it in turns to introduce themselves and shake her hand.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" Lime asks Gohan recognizing the name.

"I don't think so," responded Gohan.

They all step into the auditorium and sit down on some seats near the back.

"OK EVERYBODY QUIET," yells Miss Whitehouse from the front of the room, "As you all know, Oblivorator has been destroyed thanks to Videl and the Gold fighters from the Cell games and as a tribute to them we are going to have a fun day today and then next week as a special treat, Videl's class are going to spend the week at Capsule Corps with a one day trip to the site of the cell games, which is also where Oblivorator was destroyed."

A large cheer erupts from the class. "Mirai, did you know anything about this?" asks Gohan in desperation.

"No, actually I didn't."

"This is gonna be a disaster," moaned Gohan.

"Relax Gohan," joined in Videl, "What's the worst that could happen?"

"Vegeta could blow up the class for a start," he say's aloud, projecting mental images of other possible outcomes into her mind.

"I get the picture," Videl says simply.

They we're unable to discuss it anymore because Miss Whitehouse resumed her speech.

"Ok, for today's fun day, you will spend the rest of this morning preparing for the trip to Capsule Corps and then this afternoon you will be free to do the activity of your choice providing it's not dangerous of course. Now off you all go to your homeroom classes."

Everyone makes their way from the auditorium to their classrooms for the day's activities.

In Gohan and Videl's class the teacher divides everyone into groups of six. "The activities you do at Capsule Corps will need to be done in small groups of about six people, your group of six will also be the people you will be sharing a dorm room with for the trip so please choose people you get along with," explains their teacher before allowing everyone to choose their group members.

There ends up being about 5 groups in total with Videl, Gohan, Mirai, Sharpener, Eraser and Lime all forming one of the groups. Once the groups we're decided the teacher walked around the room handing each of the groups a brown envelope with the details of the trip and the special activities each of the groups would be doing stored inside.

"What activities have we got to do?" asks Lime interested.

"Make our own capsules, trip to Cell field, Paintball war, look after a child for the day and lots of other stuff," reads out Videl, "Sound's interesting."

"Has it got the number of the room we're staying in?" asks Mirai.

"Why should you care, you already live there don't you?" asks Eraser.

"Yeah, but I still want to know," he replies.

"845," Videl informs them all.

"That's one of the biggest isn't it Mirai?" asks Gohan, "With the extra large kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and a giant entertainment room."


Everyone's chatting quietly whilst all the paperwork and other information is handed out. "DON'T FORGET TO GET YOUR PERMISSION FORM'S SIGNED OR ELSE YOU'LL BE UNABLE TO GO," yells the teacher across the rapidly increasing noise in the room.

The rest of the morning turned out to be pretty uneventful with just the excited chatter of students preparing to go on a field trip. When the bell rang for lunch break everyone rushed out of the classroom and to the cafeteria for lunch. Gohan, Videl, Mirai, Sharpener, Eraser and Lime who had all bought packed lunches with them made their way straight outside to the picnic benches.

"I can't wait to go on this trip next week," says Sharpener, breaking the silence.

"Neither can I," add Lime and Eraser.

::: Hey Gohan, ::: says Videl in his mind, ::: Are you going to bring Pan to Capsule Corps with us next week? :::

"Hai," he answers out loud.

"What are you talking about?" asks Lime confused.

"I just said that out loud didn't I?" Gohan asks to no one in particular.

"Yep," replies Mirai.

"I thought so," Gohan replies rubbing the back of his head in the same way his father does.

"You never answered my question," complains Lime.

"I was just thinking about something someone said to me," Lied Gohan.

"Oh, ok then," Lime says sounding disappointed.

::: What if the class find out she's our daughter? :::

::: We'll just have to remind Bulma and everyone not to mention it in front of anyone from school. :::

::: Ok but is she gonna stay with us and the rest of the group or with your mom? :::

::: I'll let you decide. It would be nice to stay together but if you think she'll be better off mom for the trip then that's easily arranged as well. :::

::: I think she should stay with us. I don't get to see nearly as much of her as I'd like to. I know we've only just known her for 2 weeks but even so, it feels strange being apart. :::

"Gohan, Gohan," calls Eraser waving her hand in front of his face, "Mirai just asked you a question."

"Sorry, I was lost in thought, what was it you wanted to know?"

"Are you bringing Pan to Capsule Corps with you next week?" asks Mirai.

"Hai," Videl answers before anyone else has a chance to comment.

Mirai looks from one to the other, a knowing look in his eye. "What?" Gohan asks.

"Nothing it just seems Videl has answered the question for you."

"I'm bored," whines Eraser.

::: She always is when the conversation isn't about shopping or boys, ::: comments Videl in Gohan's mind.

::: That's not a nice thing to say. :::

::: Lighten up Gohan, I don't mean it nastily, just making an observation. Hey, you don't think the teacher would leave early today do you? :::

::: I doubt it. Why do you wanna leave school early anyway, am I that annoying? :::

::: No, it's not you Gohan, ... I guess I just want to see Pan again. :::

::: You can come over and see her whenever you want to. :::

::: Really? Thanks Gohan. :::

They are jarred from their silent conversation when the bell rings signalling it's time to head back to class. Inside the classroom the afternoon seems to drag on forever and they are all happy when the final bell of the day goes and they are all allowed to head home.


Author Notes: A short sequel about the classes' trip to Capsule Corps will follow shortly, but I thought this was a good place to end this. This was scribbled on paper a long time ago and so my styles have changed drastically since this was written. I've finally got around to typing it up. The short sequel will probably be the last you hear from me on this subject but I hate leaving things unfinished, so thought it time I actually posted this. Sorry for the super long delay.