There was pain. Nothing but pain.

In the blackness of his mind he could feel his body screaming at him. Nerve receptors injured and ripped sent the all-consuming pain up to his unwilling brain.

Pain, nothing but pain.

He was swimming in it. He couldn't see, couldn't hear anything. All he could do was feel.

And of God did it hurt.

After struggling with it for a moment…or maybe days he wasn't sure since everything was so dark. Knives felt himself slowly slip into consciousness.

He didn't like it. Everything still hurt. He just wanted to go back to sleep. However his body just wasn't working with him today.

As he came to he didn't bother to open his eyes yet. A part of him, the paranoid part told him to remain still and not let anyone that might be watching now he was awake. He had to listen for sounds. Determine if he was in danger.

However it was hard to concentrate when his body was screaming at him about the pain.

He tried to remember what had happened before the pain. It was hard though. Even his head hurt and that made it difficult to remember.

With a suddenly clarity he remembered his brother. The baka had been smiling.

Knives mentally sneered at himself.

The baka hadn't learned a thing from Legato or Wolfwood. He was still the life-loving idiot!

Knives frowned to himself as bits and pieces of the battle slowly came to him.

He remembered having both guns, his arms transformed and ready to kill Vash…then pain.

He used Wolfwood's cross to shot me. He then took his gun…and shot me.

Well at least that explained why he hurt all over. If he remembered right Vash had hit him in both shoulders and legs.

So that means I'll be staying here…wherever here is for a while. Where is Vash?

It seemed unlikely that Vash would just leave him somewhere. Sure right now he was harmless but that wouldn't last long. As soon as he got his strength back he would kill his caretakers…so no…Vash had to be nearby.

He listened carefully.

Was that…was that humming?

Knives mentally nodded to himself that yes someone was humming. The voice sounded feminine which meant that his asshole brother had fostered himself onto to some human bitch. Great…just great.

If there was anything more disgusting than a human it was a female human.

Forcing his eyes open Knives tried to determine where he was. However all he saw was the ceiling, and out of the corner of his eye a window.

Knives felt like screaming. He couldn't move, could hardly stay awake. He didn't know where he was. He didn't know how bad the damage to his body was, and he didn't know who the hell was humming! Was it just some random whore? Or did his brother know this one?

It sucked not knowing everything.

Before the battle he had with his brother Knives had felt he was in complete control. He had everything ready and set up for his brother.

Now…now he felt…well he felt damn helpless and that didn't help his mood one bit.


Knives screamed into the almost quiet house. The noise really wasn't that bad. In fact it sounded almost nice. However Knives was not in the mood to get along nice. He wanted everyone else to be as miserable as he.

"Oh, you're awake I see."

Knives rolled his eyes even through he didn't bother to try and move his head to see the woman. He had a feeling moving right now would not feel good.

"Do you have to state the obvious?!"

He felt the bed shift as the woman sat down next to him. He forced himself to remain still as she checked his wounds. He had to force himself not to try and strike her for daring to touch him.

Don't kill her. Once you are healed and can leave then take great pleasure in ripping this animal apart for touching you. But until then…wait.

"You're wounds are doing well Mr. Vash's brother."

Knives actually flinched at being called that!

So the wrench does belong to my brother.

"Don't call me that!"

Knives said with as much hate as he could muster feeling like he was. It was hard, all he wanted to do was go back to sleep. But he wanted to stay to a little longer so he could learn where he was and other vital facts.

The woman didn't seem affected by his hatred if judging by her voice. He still couldn't see her and didn't try to. She sounded disgustingly cheerful.

"What should I call you then?"

Now that put him in a dilemma. On one hand he didn't want to be call 'Vash's brother'. On the other hand, he didn't want to tell this human trash his name, and he seriously doubted she would be willing to call him master.

Ah fuck it; he was too tired to debate about shit like this right now.


"Well pleased to finally meet you Mr. Knives. I'm Millie Thomas of the Billigillia Insurance Company!"

"Like I care."

Knives felt light headed again. The woman's rambling was getting on his nerves. Without another thought he drifted into wonderful painless sleep.

Millie frowned, as Mr. Knives eyes grew dazed and distant. This was very different from a moment ago. Then his eyes had darted around seeing all they could and taking everything in. He had been alert and quite energetic for a man that should probably be dead considering how much blood he had lost.

He passed out again. Oh well…at least he is getting better.

Millie sighed as she went about changing his bandages. It was painful and he moaned in his sleep but she doubted if he was aware of the pain.

As she did this her mind drifted back to when Vash the Stampede had come back to the quiet town they were staying at.


Millie woke up with a start. Looking around the darkened room that was hers for the moment she tried to figure out what woke her. She was as Meryl put it a sleeping death when she was out. So what had woken her up?

Millie gasped as she heard a sound. It was defiantly footsteps…followed by a bumping crashing sound which was closely followed by cursing.

The voice was male so that ruled out Meryl getting a glass of water.

Sliding out of her bed Millie grabbed her stun gun and started toward the noise. She let Meryl sleep; there was no need to watch her.

Millie could take care of this herself.

With uncanny silence Millie made her way toward the sounds.

It was in the living room.

Millie mentally went over the floor plan in her head. There should be light switch by the door. Reaching out in the dark Millie smirked as she found her target.

She flicked on the light!

"Stop right the….VASH!"

Millie's mouth dropped as she took in the Humanoid Typhoon's form. He smiled and waves lightly.

Her eyes only got bigger as she noticed the man draped haphazardly in a chair.

He had obviously been shot. His bandaged where bloody and the man's skin did not look well. Millie decided to say the questions for later. That man needed help.

"Oh my Gosh. Lets get him to a bed Vash."

Completely ignoring Vash Millie put down her gun and picked the man up.

She grunted a little but it was pretty easy for her.

Vash's eyes grew wide as she easily carried Knives into another room and set him on a bed. Granted Vash hadn't had trouble carrying him, but Knives weighed probably more than Millie did.

"Wow you're strong."

Millie only smiled as she went about taking care of his wounds.

"Meryl's in the other room Vash. Don't worry I'll take care of this."

Millie didn't see it, but she suspected Vash blushed. He stammered a moment before disappearing out the door to no doubt greet the woman that had been waiting on him for nearly a month now.

Millie was cleaning the man's shoulder wounds when probably not even 5 minutes later the sounds started.

Blushing all the way down to the roots of her hair Millie tried to ignore the obvious sounds as she took care of the man.

It's really nice that they have found each other. I'm so glad for them.

Millie's smile faltered a little as she thought about her own lost love.


Millie sighed. She had been so close to loving him.

In fact they had almost…

Millie blushed again at the memory.

They had almost gone all the way back in the town where everyone was missing. However…they both knew that the sorrow overhanging their heads was too much to do that. They had agreed sort of to finish business when everything was all right.

Then Wolfwood dies. I wonder if he knew…and only stopped because he didn't want to hurt me more.

Millie took the moment to study the man she was taking care of.

She suspected this was the brother that Meryl had told her about.

He had handsome. She would give him that much. He looked a lot like Vash only…well; the only word that came to mind was more Savage. He defiantly looked dangerous, even in his sleep. But that was to be expected, he was a murderer, killer of whole towns.


Millie took a damp cloth a gently wiped some dirt of his cheek.

Yet…it seemed like he was hiding under that Anger, under that savagery. He seemed so sad and lost.

I'm looking too much into this. Meryl always says I'm a dreamer.

Finally finished Millie sat down in a chair that was near the bed. The sounds had stopped for now, but there was no way in hell she was going back into the bedroom tonight.

 (End flashback)

Millie smiled as she went back to humming and cooking dinner. It was only for herself and Mr. Knives. Vash and Meryl weren't in town right now.

But they should be back soon.

Millie would have been lying if she said that she didn't mind being alone with the somewhat creepy man lying in bed.

In fact she disliked it as much as she could dislike something. She had been short of terrified when Vash said he had to go somewhere and Meryl insisted she come alone as well.

Of course now that she thought back on it. That fear had been silly, what could Mr. Knives possibly do in his condition.

Vash had said as much, saying they would only be gone a week or so and not to worry.

He said that Knives didn't like pain and probably wouldn't even try to move until the wounds were healed.

Things had gone exactly like Vash said.

They had been gone three days and Knives had only woken up today.

It was doubtful that he would even wake again today.

With skillful hands Millie chopped up some meat making it extra fine because she was going to add it to a soup she was making.

Mr. Knives needed all the help he could get for healing and protein was just what he needed right now.

Putting the meat into a pot to cook Millie picked up a small bowl of water and a washcloth. Millie was a good nurse, growing up with as many siblings as herself taught her the skills needed to take care of the sick or wounded.

In fact she had once thought about becoming a nurse. But things just didn't work out…

Trying her hardest not to blush Millie set the bowl on a small table and pulled back the sheet to Mr. Knives waist.

Then taking care not to get his bandages wet Millie proceeded to give probably mankind's greatest enemy a sponge bath.

She wasn't complaining however. It needed to be done of course.

On top of the fact that Millie didn't like the smell of people that didn't bath, a dirty and sweaty body was no good for healing.

"What? What are you doing?"

Millie startled as Knives deep voice interrupted her thoughts.

Millie looked up at his face smiling as brightly as she could manage past her embarrassment. Knives himself looked quite shocked at the fact that she had been giving him a sponge bath. His blue eyes were very wide and if she didn't know better she would have sworn he was blushing.

"Well would you prefer me to let you start smelling?"

Knives swallowed past a suddenly tight throat.

He had been sleeping soundly, for once without the terrible pain in his mind only to be roused when something refreshingly cool and wet touched his chest.

He hadn't wanted to wake up but his body wanted to know what was going on.

Granted he already knew a woman was taking care of him. That included dressing his wounds and such. However he would have thought that Vash would be doing this part of the bed ridden treatment!

He certainly hadn't expected the woman to do it!

Knives wanted nothing more than to pass out again. He hadn't felt this embarrassed since…well actually he couldn't remember being embarrassed like this before.

Here he was bed ridden unable to move and his human woman had him naked (and he was very naked under the sheet) with a wet towel washing his body!

He didn't like it one bit!

Knives eyes narrowed as he got control over his emotions and focused instead on the woman herself. She was absolutely nothing like he had expected.

The first thought that came to mind was her height. She looked huge! With wide powerful looking shoulders and strong looking arms.

She was wearing a light purple summer dress that was sleeveless so Knives could see that clearly. However despite the fact she was so tall she still looked proportional for her size and still oddly feminine looking. Knives didn't know how she did it, especially with the muscles that jumped under her skin with every movement. Maybe it was the way she carried herself, or whatever. 

She was rather pretty for a human, with huge blue eyes and long brown hair that was held in a ponytail.

But what caught his attention the most was her smile.

Despite himself he had to recognize that it was the purest and innocent smile he had ever seen.

"Where…why isn't my brother doing this?"

The human sighed as she put the cloth back in the bowl. She then gently placed the blanket back up and over his chest.

Knives watched the gesture with a frown. Why was she being so gentle with him? He had killed her people. And if she hung around Vash for any amount of time then she probably had almost been killed herself.

"Mr. Vash and Meryl took off three days ago. They should be back soon though."

So my brother left me here? Where the hell did that idiot need to go so bad that he would risk leaving me alone?

Of course the logical part of Knives mind whispered to him that there really wasn't a danger. Vash knew perfectly well how he tolerated pain, and how well he healed.

The idiot knew that he would be no danger for at least another week or two.

"So that just leaves you and me."

The human…Millie he thought her name was smiled again with that disgustedly sweetness that seemed to radiate from every pore.

Good god did Vash hate him this much. Did he hate him so that he would leave him here alone with this particularly disgusting human?

"So now that you're awake I guess a bath is out of the question?"

Millie laughed lightly at the searing heated look Knives sent her way. However like she always did to bad things she shrugged it off.

"So I guess dinner is next on the list. Do you feel like eating?"

Knives wanted to say that she could shove that wet cloth and her food where the suns don't shine, however his body once again betrayed him and made known what he really wanted.

His stomach growled much to his embarrassment AGAIN! Knives looked down at himself in shock. What the hell was it with him today. So far that horse of a woman had managed to shock him once and embarrassed him twice. No one not even Vash had ever done that. Knives closed his eyes wondering if this was his punishment for his supposed sins.

It did make sense to him that some kind of greater power had to be watching over the humans. There was first the crash that should have killed them all but didn't thanks to Rem. Then there was all his plans that for some reason just kept falling apart.

It was annoying to say the least.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Without consulting him further Millie got up and poured a bowl of the soup she had made. It smelled wonderful.

As she went back to where Knives laid her eyes narrowed as a problem became apparently.

"Hmm, I don't suppose you can move one of your arms yet?"

Knives glare was the only answer she got.

"Right. Well I guess that means I still get to play nurse."

Ignoring Knives incredibly deadly glare Millie set the bowl down and gently lifted his upper body up and placed a pillow behind him.

Yet again Knives was surprised at how gentle she was being. Despite his wounds he hadn't felt pain as she moved him.

Knives took in the new view that his position now gave him.

He was in a small house. It was clean and well kept which he had to admit was a plus on Millie's side. He hated it when a human was messy especially with their living quarters.

Other than that he could see nothing special about the room.

Millie stood up and he was once again blown away at how tall she was. She had to be the tallest female human he had ever seen. Hell she was probably only a head shorter than himself.

"There…are you comfortable?"

Sitting down again beside him Millie took the bowl of food and scoped a spoonful. Gently she blowed on it so not to burn his mouth.

"Open wide."

She said with a smile.

Knives disgusted by all this and his own helplessness actually gathered the energy and courage to move his head away from the spoon. His displeasure was very clear on his face.

Millie sighed angrily.

"I'm just trying to help. You don't have to be difficult!"

Knives startled at her sharp tone. Judging by the way she had acted up till now he didn't think she had a mean bone in her body.

Still Knives didn't feel like getting along with the strange woman and refused to meet her eyes.

Frowning Millie held the spoon out to him again, and again he refused it.

"Open up or you'll be sorry."

Knives gave her a droll look. What could this female possibly do to him!

When he refused again Millie sighed and reached forward with her other hand.

Knives closed his eyes expecting, maybe a poke in his wounds or maybe a slap, something painful. However he got neither of them.

Instead there was a light pressure on his face…and he suddenly couldn't breath.

Opening his eyes startled, he absently took notice of Millie's hand that was in front of his face, and on instinct opened his mouth to take in air.

As he did a spoonful of (he hated to admit it, even to himself) delicious soup was shoved in his mouth.

He sputtered half choking and swallowed without thinking.

Millie smiled pleased with herself as she let go of Knives nose.

"Now I don't care how immature you want to act. I grew up with 10 brothers and sisters. I've seen it all before!"


Knives thought angrily! His mind was filled with the red haze of hatred. It made him want to forget about the pain and his brother and slaughter this human! He was not being immature! How dare she say such a thing to him! Just she wait until he could move again. Brother or no brother he was going to kill her and enjoy it. But until then he was going to be the worst patient she ever seen and…and…and…

Knives trailed off as he realized what he was thinking about.

Damn…she's right.

For once Knives calmed himself and let his more logical thoughts take over. Normally his mind was a chaotic place full of pain and bloodshed.

I am acting stupid. I can't heal without her for now. I must eat to heal faster. Relax Knives…

Knives visually made himself calm down.

There was nothing he could do right now. He couldn't move and couldn't dare to kill this woman with his stupid brother protecting her.

He just had to wait.

Wait and try to pass the, what he had a feeling was going to be a boring hell, days.

Millie watched closely as she deciphered several emotions as they flashed across Knives face. It was strange really; she had never met anyone that had so many conflicting emotions hiding within.

Not even Wolfwood was so mixed up inside.

She considered herself a good face reader. And what she saw was strange, there was fury, hate, disgust and then a second later a, realization, calmness, waiting…and then the hate flared for a moment before he had smothered it with the waiting again.

It almost made her dizzy watching him.

I probably shouldn't tell him I can see what he's feeling. He would withdraw more into himself. Vash…I had a feeling you were planning something when you left. But I hope you come back soon. This man…he needs you're help I think. He needs love.

With a smile on her face Millie offered Knives another spoon full.

She was very pleased with he didn't fight and instead ate the soup.

In no time at all he finished the bowl.

"That wasn't so bad was it?"

Dipping a small napkin in some water she washed the sides of his mouth and then rearranged his blankets a little.

"Would you rather stay up or do you want to lie down?"

"This is fine."

He said after a moment.

"Ok, Mr. Knives. Just tell me if you need anything."

"Where is my Brother?"

Millie shrugged as she gathered the dishes to put away.

"I'm not sure. He won't tell me anything really."

Knifes turned his head a little so he could watch Millie as she went about doing what nurse type people did.

"And you allowed him to foster me onto you? Don't you know what I am, what I'm capable of?"

Millie had left the living room to put the dirty dishes in the sink but she could still hear him fine. After a moment she came back out. Her face Knives noticed with some glee no longer looked insanely joy joy happy.

"Mr. Vash told me about you and him. I know what you have done."

When Millie didn't continue Knives pressed her some more.

"And you're not afraid of me?"

His tone suggested she was a bigger idiot than he originally thought if she didn't fear him. Millie glanced over toward him and two sets of blue eyes met.

"Mr. Knives how would being afraid help me? Fear does nothing but make people act foolish. I do believe that you are dangerous, but I also believe in Mr. Vash. He would not have left me here if he thought you would or could hurt me. So fear has no place here."

Knives raised an eyebrow at the brown-headed girl.

What she said had surprised him. He hadn't thought a dimwit like her could have thought like that. Not only that but she was showing extreme trust and loyalty to his brother just by the fact she refused to be afraid of him.

She trusted his brother that much.

Knives frowned as he closed his eyes and once again allowed himself to go to sleep.

Three days later Knives felt a world of good better. He was healing much faster than even he had suspected. He could move around a little and didn't have to have Millie spoon-feed him or bath him anymore.

He hated to admit it, but he suspected half the reason he healed so fast was Millie's unrivaled nursing care of his person. He doubted even Legato would have done a better job.

Moving slowly Knives sat up in his bed. God he hated this part of healing. The waiting was so boring. There was nothing new to do or see. It was just the same boring room and annoying woman.

I'm well enough. I could probably kill the woman now.

Knives looked over toward the kitchen. Millie was in there right now humming to herself as she made them both breakfast. Like all her food it smell delicious and he could not help but wonder what she was cooking new today.

That was one good thing about this particular human. She never cooked the same thing twice. She always had something new and interesting ready for him to try out.

Even animals as disgusting and imperfect as humans had their good points.

Millie just happened to be a great cook.

"So Mr. Knives, how are we feeling this morning?"

Millie wiped her hands off before coming into the bedroom/living room that was his hospital room.

Knives once again didn't bother to answer her. Instead he just stared out the window.

There really wasn't much to see. Just the buildings across the road and a few humans going to and fro.

God he was bored.

Millie frowned as Knives once again ignored her.

This was being to be a habit that she didn't care for. The man was too gloomy. How in the world was he going to get all better when he didn't seem to care about anything.

He looks depressed. Poor man, I bet getting shot was a shock to his system. I need something to get his mind off his healing. Like a game!

Millie shook her head at herself. She was being silly. What game would Knives possibly be willing to play with her. The man just didn't come across to her as the game board type.

Well, what about a smart game? Vash said that Knives was really smart. What about Chess? Its s dignified game. I bet Knives wouldn't mind playing that.

Turning without a word Millie went to her room. She instantly went to her closet and started digging around in her bag. She had a game set somewhere…

AH Ha here it is. Thank you big big brother. You were right when you said that it is always a good idea to have a chess set at hand.

With her package under her arm Millie went back into the living room and dragged a small end table toward Knives bed.

He looked at her with raised eyebrows but didn't say anything.

With the table set where Knives could easily reach it Millie took out her game. It was a nice board; her little big sister had carved it for her out of wood. The pieces were also made of wood with a few metal accents that her little big little brother, who was a metal smith, had added to them.

It was really a very nice chess set. And not just because it was so well made and beautiful. It was nice because her family had made it for her.

It was nice because it was made with love.

That sounded so corny even for me…oh well its true.

"Do you want to be white or black?"

Millie asked as she started to arrange the pieces.

Knives didn't say anything as he watched her curiously.

"You do know how to play right?"

Just as she expected his face consorted in anger.

She sighed, he got angry over the littlest of things.

"I'll be white!"

He snapped.

Millie laughed happily and twirled the board around so that Knives was white.

(10 moves later)

"Check mate Mr. Knives."

Knives blinked clearly surprised at this new revelation.

I'll be damned!

He thought totally shocked to his core.

A human had just beaten him in chess. Not just beaten but totally slaughtered him in only 10 moves.

I can't believe this. I've never been beaten at chess before. Not even Vash could beat me. So how can this human! It's impossible!

Knives eyes narrowed as he reset the pieces and without a word started another game.

Millie also didn't say anything as she went about having fun playing.

Already after just one game she could tell he was seeing her in a different light. What would come of that had yet to be seen but nothing could be worst than being ignored.

He is really good. I was really trying and it still took ten moves.

However I think I damaged his ego a little. I'll let the game go longer this time. The only thing worst than a sore loser is an egoistic winner.

(Two days later)

Knives studied the game board in front of him. Half the pieces on both sides were gone; both sides were in a mortal battle to win. Needless to say he was losing again!

Knives had already lost count of the number of games him and the human had played already. But each time it was the same she beat him soundly.

He was even beginning to believe she was just playing with him. He would seem to be winning but right before (sometimes just a move before) he attacked to win she would move and totally sweep across the game winning.

It was infuriating. He couldn't stand the thought that this little airhead that smiled like an idiot all the time could be so smart at Chess.

Chess was a game of strategy and brains. There was no way a human could beat him.

"Check mate."

Knives groaned and leaned back onto his bed. This was beginning to become ridiculous. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn't beat her.

He just had to accept that.

Millie was some kind of strange human mutation. She was a genius.

Knives covered his eyes with his hand. His arms still hurt a little but not much. He could move his arms rather well, and his legs only slightly less. It was still too early to be walking around. 

If he wanted to though he could easily kill Millie. He had healed much faster than Vash or Knives had thought and thus Vash wasn't back yet.

However…somewhere along the line he lost the will to kill her.

"Do you want to play again?"

Knives didn't bother to look at her but did answer. This in itself was a huge difference from just a couple days ago.

"What? And be slaughtered by you again. I'm sick of this."

"Alright. If it makes you feel better you're the second best I've ever played with."

That got Knives attention. There was another human better than him.

"Who's the first?"

Millie smiled her face beaming with happiness and pride.

"My Big big brother. I've always sworn that someday I would beat him but it hasn't happened yet."

Knives moaned. Not only was there another human better than him, but he was better than Millie!

"Don't feel bad Mr. Knives. Being second best is good. It means you can have fun trying to become better and then get the satisfied feeling when you accomplish your goal."

Knives rolled his eyes again. Millie had said things like this before, but he didn't believe them. Millie was a pure soul; she only saw the good in everything…even him.

When Knives didn't answer Millie smiled and started to put the chess set away.

"Well Mr. Knives…would you have rather let me let you win?"


Knives spat out before he could stop himself. Knives blinked surprised over the outburst.

Millie only smiled again.

"See, so don't be angry that you didn't win."

Knives groaned. She was starting to make sense and that really scared him. He had defiantly been sitting her for to long. It was time to start moving. Maybe…just maybe he could make it far enough that he could escape his brother.

Knives waited until Millie went into her room to put her chess set away. Once she was out of sight he slowly moved his legs gritting his teeth at the pain.

He hated pain…but he would stand it this time. After all Vash handled it fairly well, so there had to be a way around the pain.

Knives feet touched the floor. It was cold he noticed absently. He wiggled his toes trying to prepare himself.

Right…get up. Steal a car outside. Get away before Vash shows up.

With a grunt he stood up.

His eyes snapped open at the terrible burning pain that shot through both of his legs. It hurt so much he couldn't stand it!

Jesus Christ how does Vash stand this!?

Both his legs felt like lead weights. They were so heavy that he wondered if he could walk. With a silent scream in his mind Knives forced one of his legs to move.

It did…barely.


He winced as Millie shouted his name in surprise and shock.

"Get back in bed now! You'll reopen you're wounds!"

Suddenly Millie was in front of him. Knives could only blink at the furious and slightly scary look on her face. There was so much emotion screaming across her face it almost hurt to look at her.

Knives took another step wanting to get past her and out.

However…the leg didn't work with him and instead of moving it collapsed.

Millie gasped and held out her arms to catch him.

Knives had closed his eyes expecting to feel the cold hard floor jar him…thus he was slightly surprised when his head landed in something warm, soft that smelled of jasmine.

On instinct his arms went around the thing that had stopped his fall to steady himself.

He felt dizzy, so for a moment he did nothing but cling to the soft thing not even bothering to wonder what it was. He hurt too much to think. He felt himself being moved…it hurt a little. He frowned as the warmth he was feeling disappeared. He wanted the warmth back. So despite the slightly pain he reached for the warmth and dragged it closer to him.

"Mr. Knives!!?"

Knives heard his name being said but it sounded far away and muffled. Who was it? He was having trouble remembering.

It called me Mr. Knives…the human Millie calls me that.

With a heavy sigh Knives pasted out.

Millie was starting to really freak out. He wouldn't let go of her.

"Mr. Knives…?"

She asked although she already knew he was out cold. However despite his current condition his arms were still rather firmly wrapped around her waist.

So firmly in fact that she couldn't get him to let go.

How did this happen?

Millie wondered absently.

Knives had tried to walk. She understood that part. She also understood that he had collapsed on her and she had been forced to carry him to bed again. He was heavy but she could handle that.

What she didn't understand was how in the hell a wounded man could move so fast that she didn't know how she ended up beside him in bed with his arms wrapped around her waist.

Millie sighed…she could handle this she really could. Being forced to sleep next to a mass murderer was ok. Besides she thought it was rather sweet in a way. He was using her like a hug teddy bear and that was cute.

However what wasn't cute was the fact that Knives was still butt naked.

Millie blushed bright red from the memory of seeing…him…for the first time. Always before when she had been forced to bath him she had avoided that part.

However she couldn't help but see it when he was standing up in her living room.

"Mr. Knives…um could you let go of me now?"

His answer was a tightening of his arms. Millie coughed lightly as the new grip took the breath out of her. If she wasn't careful Knives might just squeeze her to death.

I never imagined he was this strong. Damn!

Millie sighed as she relaxed against him. There was nothing she could do but wait him out. Surely Knives would wake up soon.

She jut hoped he didn't freak out when he woke up.

Knives felt so warm. He couldn't ever remember feeling so at ease in his sleep. He felt so comfortable and still.

It was like there was a heater right next to him that didn't burn and didn't hurt.


He hated pain. Pain was bad.

Physical pain was terrible, mental pain was worst.


Images of the long ago. Images of faces and sounds of familiar voices.

Rem, Steve…the rest of the crew. He remembered them.

No one has the right to take the life of another.

You monster!

You look like a scholar Knives.

Knives frowned in his mind. He didn't like these memories. Memories of the humans that had raised him and his brother. Given him a place to stay, had given him life.

If it weren't for them both him and his brother would have died beside their plant mother.

Plants were the butterflies, but like butterflies they rode the wind unable to stay on the ground long. They were unable to take care of their offspring.

The spiders were…

Knives hated dreams like this. He hated to remember the things he did. He did them thinking that everything would be better afterward. Him and his brother would create Eden just for them.

But then Rem had to ruin it all.

She ruined his plans, and corrupted his brother.

Or did she?

Knives felt himself fall deeper into the dreams. Fall somewhere solid and real. Somewhere he remembered.

Where am I?

Knives looked around familiar landscape. The beautiful sky, the green grass and trees.

Welcome home Knives.

Knives whirled around, feeling strangely sluggish.

Rem! You're dead!

Before him was the human that he hated so much. She was exactly like he remembered. Tall with long black hair and a stupid smile on her face.

Knives tried to whip out his gun, tried to shot the hated woman. It was because of her that Vash was a baby! It was because of her they fought and weren't together like brothers should be!

I hate you!

The gun clicked…and clicked again as he pulled the trigger.

That's funny Knives, because I love you. I love you and your brother.


The dream Rem smiled her face suddenly shifting, her body suddenly seemingly melting into something else.

Knives gasped and took a step back as the new form turned out to be Millie. The human that had taken care of him.

She smiled, and the very air around her started to glow.

I'm not afraid Knives. Fear only causes people to act strangely. What do you fear Knives?

Knives took a step back as the world around him started to go black. Everything was disappearing. Everything was being destroyed.


What do you fear Knives? What do you fear?

Knives collapsed onto the black ground as voices screamed out at him. They wouldn't shut up. Rem, Millie, that other black hair woman, Steve, Legato…they all screamed at him. They all wanted to know what he feared.


Knives screamed back at them.

The questions grew more insistent. Their voices became like drums in his ears.

With a cry of denial Knives covered his ears.

He didn't fear anything. He was beyond fear. He was better than the humans.

Suddenly he saw a figure out of the darkness.

It was Vash.

His brother smiled at him as he walked forward.

Knives smiled back

Have fun with the humans?

Knives tried to gloat into a raged answered. He wanted any emotion except the calm smile on his face now.

What do you fear Knives?

Knives felt something wet on his cheek. Surprised he touched the wetness there.

Tears? He was crying.

Snapping his head up Knives suddenly realized he was alone. No one was screaming at him. No one was asking him question.

Brother? Where are you?

His brother was nowhere to be seen. He was alone. Sitting down on the black floor Knives felt the emptiness within.

Millie frowned, as Knifes face seemed to cringe slightly. He then muttered to himself. Millie couldn't make out what he was saying, but he sounded so sad.

He's dreaming…or having a nightmare.

Feeling strangely sorry for the moody Plant Millie traced the side of his face with her hand hoping to calm him.

Almost on its own accord her hand brushed back his badly cut hair.

She was surprised at how soft it was. It felt more like the fur of a kitten than a full-grown mans hair.

Knives, she noticed with a smile seemed to be calmed by her touch. She shifted lightly testing to see if he would let her up yet.

No such luck, although his arms didn't get tighter they didn't get loose either. She was fairly stuck in this unconscious naked mans arms.

What did I ever do to deserve this? I just hope that Vash or Meryl don't come home right now. I would die of embarrassment.

Still…another part of her mind insisted.

Being in his arms wasn't that bad. He was warm and comfortable feeling. She even…felt sort of save in his arms. Millie knew better than to believe that feeling. Knives was very dangerous and the strength he was showing in holding her proved it.

But she couldn't help but liking it in his arms.

Millie wondered at herself and the guilt free emotions she was feeling. One would think that lying down beside a murder…a man that murdered a good friend of hers.

He was the direct cause of Wolfwoods death, and the death of whole towns.

I should feel terrible. Even though I can't get up I should feel worst about this. But I don't?

She didn't know why she didn't blame him for those people death. She didn't know why she didn't hate him for Wolfwood. Somehow…she knew deep down there was more to it than she was able to tell.

Vash had forgiven him…she could do no less.

Millie sighed to herself as she watched Knives face as he went through whatever he was dreaming about.

Did he dream like she did? Did he see the past, or maybe the future? Did he dream about the people he killed? Did he feel anything for those souls? Did he have a soul himself?


She really wanted to see him get better. To see him walk around without pain. To see what his face looked like without the pain from his wounds overshadowing his expressions.

More than anything she wanted to see his soul heal.

He's wounded not just in body but in mind. I can see it. I wish I could help…but…I'm not Vash.

Knives felt warm. He felt comfortable and a sleepy relaxation that he couldn't remember ever feeling.

As he drifted back into the land of the living he wondered about this. Was this something that his healing body caused?

Or was it because of the soft thing in his arms.

Soft thing?

Knives tried to wake up faster, to see what was so close to him. To find out was so wonderfully warm and gentle.


That seemed to connect with him a moment. He couldn't remember…what was gentle. Why did gentle probe his mind.

She's so gentle.

Ah yes…now he remembered. Millie was gentle. She never hurt him, even when she had been forced to move him a little. Everyday her hands caused healing and not pain. No pain from Gentle Millie.

Knives smiled still in the realm of in-between sleep and awake.

Millie who was such a good cook. She never cooked the same thing twice. Always a surprise when she served food.

She never complained or questioned either.

She just took care of him. Helped him heal. Without reserve and without conditions.

Millie was gentle…

Was she soft as well?

Knives pondered this question as he started to come out of the sleep.

He didn't know if she was soft as well as gentle. He couldn't remember if he had ever touched her.

He didn't think he had.

Finally with a wide yawn Knives opened his eyes.

Blue eyes met blue eyes as Millie smiled at him.

Knives frowned confused. Why would he be looking into Millie's face?

"Good you're awake Mr. Knives. Um…could you…like let me go now?"

A faint blush stained her cheeks…he wondered at this. What was going on?


Millie chuckled embarrassed.

"You tried to walk remember?"

Knives nodded; yes he did seem to remember that.

"Well you collapsed on me. And well after I got you to bed…you um…you wouldn't let go of me."

Knives suddenly sat up his eyes wide as he realized what was going on.

Millie the disgustedly sweet and annoying human was in his arms on his bed!

A fire raged in his cheeks as he let go of her.

She smiled again slightly embarrassed herself as she slipped out of the bed.

Without a word she disappeared into the kitchen.

Knives was privately grateful for this. He didn't know what he would say or do to her in his confused embarrassed state.

What the hell!?

Knives quickly covered himself blushing even deeper as he realized he had been sleeping with her naked. Why the fuck did that happen? Why did he grab her like that?

Knives tried to remember. He didn't think it was more than a couple hours ago.

He had tried to walk, to get out of here if he could.

He remembered falling…and then the warmth.

Knives eyes widened.

Millie said I fell on her. So that's why I didn't hit the floor. I was so out of it I didn't realize…and I grabbed onto the warm soft thing. My god Millie was the warm soft thing!

Knives felt truly and utterly mortified.

His sense of pride had already been damaged by the chess master, and now this. It was more than he could stand.

But there was nothing he could do about it was there?

I could kill her. I'm well enough. I could break her neck. Yes…I'll kill her. No life no foul!

Knives sat back in bed happy with his decision. He would kill the source of his confusion and then everything would be back to normal. He was well enough now to take care of himself. He didn't need the human anymore.

Vash might be angry at first, but he won't kill me. Maybe shoot me again…

Knives flinched at this. He really didn't want any more pain. But for once the pain would be worth it. He had to get ride of this human.

Knives eyes widened as he remembered his dream.

Rem turned into Millie in my dream.

Rem infected Vash…and now Millie is infecting me!

I have to kill her now. I will not be swayed by the human trash!