Title: Needs of the Jagan Eye

Rating: PG-13 for cursing

Summary: Hiei's jagan eye has chosen a human to be his mate. Would he fulfill its wishes?

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Celeste stepped out of the bus, green eyes peering over the crowded streets and impatiently pushing loose strands of glistening black hair behind her ears and away from her line of vision. She secretly cursed herself for having long hair as they came tumbling back with reinforcements but took out a large hairclip and placed it under a collected bunch of strands, successfully maintaining control. With a rapid heartbeat and wandering eyes, she spotted her next victim and leaned into her jacket. Coming out of one of the buildings was a balding middle aged man wearing an expensive-looking suit and a leather-bound briefcase-exactly what she who looking for. Cautiously making note of the distance between her, she watched as he moved towards the company parking lot and towards a sleek black car.

'Now or never,' she thought and strutted towards the man calmly. As she neared the target, She began o slow down and lowered her head down even more. Seeing the man quickly getting out his car keys form the pockets of his coat, Celeste picked up speed in the final steps and crashed into the man. 'Oh, I'm so sorry," she said shyly as they both bended over to reach for the keys that had fallen out of his hand. The man simply smiled politely and waved his hand.

"That's okay, could've happened to anyone."

She moved in closer and reached for his keys. "I'm so clumsy. I'm terribly sorry." As she delivered the keys to his outreached hand, she started to dust at his suit. "Look. Now I've gotten you all dirty." The man felt uncomfortable as the girl's hand started going lower. But just as quickly as it had started, the girl stopped and smiled. "Well, goodbye. I really have to get going."

"Can I ask you for your na-?"

But before he could complete his question, the girl hastily walked towards the other end of the parking lot, leading to a park. She waved back, still smiling. As he went towards the seat of his car and placed his keys in the lock, a thought struck him. He urgently patted himself for his wallet and was surprised to see that it was gone. "Damn it! That girl-" Thinking quickly, he honked the horn and alerted the security guards. Two uniformed man came towards the CEO banging his fists in frustration on the hood of a black car.

"What's the matter, sir?"

To angry to say anything, he instead pointed to the direction of where the girl went and was surprised to still see her just beyond the gates of the park. "Get her! She's a thief!" Not wanting to upset their boss even more, the two security guards instantly made their way towards the young girl.

Celeste smirked as she took out the wallet and opened to find a few credit cards, driver's license, company card, and a few hundred dollar bills with a couple of twenties. She took out the money and stuffed it in her pants pocket. As she looked for a place to throw away the evidence when she heard solid footsteps behind her. Glancing back and seeing a couple of uniformed men, Celeste picked up her pace and started going deeper and deeper into the park, and passed the large playground and elegant water fountain.

"Stop thief!" she heard behind her but she quickened her steps to a light jog. Her mind calculated any hiding place she could possibly escape and elude her captors but there were only thin scrawny trees and benches. As she ventured deeper and deeper into the park, there were less and less things to hide behind and her captors were just behind her.

'Time for plan B.' she thought and quickly dodged through a group of dense trees. She quickly threw her jacket over a trunk and released her hairclip, revealing a long length of soft black hair. Celeste never stopped moving but her eyes quickly looked for anybody. She started to panic as she realized that few people ever go to this part of the park.

"There she is!"

Was this the end for her? After two years of mastering the techniques, she was finally caught? Things didn't look well for her though she desperately searched for any escape route. Celeste thought about running but that only made things worse. She was about to give up when she heard something a few meters from where she stood. She separated the shrubs and found a young men, shirt off, standing in the middle of a clearing between trees. 'Perfect', she thought and quickly made her way towards him. He was only a few inches taller then her wearing only a pair of loose black pants with white bandages on his arms and a bandana across his forehead. As she approached, the man jerked his head at her and growled. "What are you- ?"

But his question was interrupted by a sudden twist so that Celeste had her back pressed against a trunk of a tree and the man on top of her. "Shhh," she whispered and closed her lips over his.

******Hiei's Point of View******

This morning, I woke up with a bad aches, not unusual these days, and a weird sensation in my lower regions. It took me a while before I was able to identify what it was- my time has come yet again. Almost every month for a few days and around the same time, I've been having this feeling for a while that made my jagan very excited. Though I ignored it in the past, it seemed it had grown stronger over the months that I could not distant myself from the obvious anymore. Damn the instinct implanted in me. The doctor who had implanted my eye had mentioned something like this. It seems the jagan calls for a mate every now and then until it causes pain in the user. I had always thought I could shut it out but I never thought it could be so insistent. Who knew power had its needs too? Especially one as powerful as the jagan itself.

But, this time, I am prepared for it. I like by solitary life and wish to live it till the end. No matter how much pain it causes me, I would not bow down to it. That's why I've decided to train for the time it calls for a mate. Fighting and power has always been its main objective so I'll just keep it busy. I just hope Kurama, Yuske, and that idiot Kuwabara won't distract me.

Since its practically impossible for me to stay focused in the Demon World because of all the demons who are also in heat, I've decided to go to the human world and train in a park. Since Yukina was staying in the ugly fool's house, I'll be able to protect her when I'm needed yet have a safe distance so I'll be able to have some privacy. What could possibly go wrong?

I had finished with a few warm-ups on top of the treetops when my body was engulfed in a wave of pain. Foolishly, I stopped and tried to wait it out when a human girl stepped out of the shrub. I waited for her to move along, instead, she crept closer until I could almost feel her quick breaths. She must've been running. This didn't help my heat at all.

The pain inflicted upon me grew ten fold and I wasn't at all in a good mood. The human girl was coming close to being slashed in half by my sword I carried in my hand. "What are you-?"

But I didn't have a chance to complete my question. All I heard was a 'shhh' before the girl grabbed me and pressed her lips on mine. I was in shock but instantly felt the pain ebbing away until it was completely gone and I felt my heat heightening. I could just feel myself closing my hands around her head and sifting through her black locks almost instinctively.

Just then, two more humans came out of the trees. They were men this time and were short of breath, just like the girl was. She stopped kissing me for a moment and looked curiously over the shoulder at the men. I, too, turned to see, curious at what was happening. "Excuse...have....you...seen...a girl...?" one of the man panted. The other looked embarrassed at such a rude intrusion. The girl cocked her head to the side, forehead scrunched up.

"Sorry, me and my boyfriend was a little busy," she said, faking a giggle. "But I did hear something over there." She pointed to the west of us. The men thanked her and went off. As we watched the men disappear through the trees, the girl heaved out a heavy sigh. "Thanks," she said, finally letting go of me. So she was running away from them and this whole plan was to use me as an escape route? I wasn't wild about the idea. But that was pretty clever for a human.

It was then that she began to notice the details her green eyes had overlooked. Her eyes widened at the sight of my sword that I hid behind my back. The scars on my chest wasn't assuring either. I could see that she was about to scream because of my suspicious circumstance so I tore off my bandana and revealed my jagan eye to wipe out her memory. She gaped at the eye instead as I tried to awaken the power within it. Imagine my surprised when I found it wasn't cooperating.

The extra time allowed the girl's shock to wear out. She leaned in closer at the eye and fell back when it blinked at her. With a nervous laugh, she pinched herself and was amazed to find that it wasn't a dream. I looked at her at amusement before quickly covering myself with the bandana. Picking up the sword, I pointed it at her and said," Keep your mouth shut." The girl took one final look at me before fainting.

Okay, I admit. That wasn't the brightest of ideas. It would've been easier just to brainwash her into thinking it was all a dream but, like I stated, my jagan eye was revolting against me of sorts. Oh well, I'll just compromise. The girl looked peaceful as she lay between two tree trunks. I didn't have the heart to kill her. It would create an awful mess so I decided to bring her home and not risk anyone else to come across her in the park. Though my eye didn't succeed in doing what it was told, it allowed me to have a glimpse of her address and name. She lived in an apartment complex not far from here and her name was very strange yet beautiful-Celeste.

What the hell am I thinking? Damn, I'm getting too soft. It must be because I hang out with humans for too long. I tucked my sword in my sash and covered myself in my black cloak before cradling her in my arms, careful not to awaken her. Using my strength and speed, we quickly arrived in front of her balcony on the second floor. She shifted in my arms and held onto my clothing with a small mumble now and then. Good thing the sliding glass door already had a small puncture in it or I've blew it up out of annoyance.

The small apartment was sparsely decorated with a few furniture and some drawings on the walls to make the place look a little cheerier. I moved myself to the bedroom and laid her on the mattress. Her hand had a weak grip on my shirt as I pulled away from her and threw a blanket on top. The moonlight bounced out of her glossy hair as she curled up into a ball facing me. I gently caressed her cheek and found myself bending down and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

I could feel my heat rising again so I pulled away quickly. My jagan eye glowed and I realized with utter horror what it meant. My eye had found a mate for me. It wanted the girl to be my mate- a HUMAN girl. This is not possible. This is idiotic, humorous even. Why the hell would I want to be with a weakling like her? Damn! She shouldn't have kissed me. Now the Jagan eye would bother me constantly instead of only a few days a month. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Well, I refuse to obey it. It can hurt me all it wants, I would not go so low as to mate with a human girl. As in response, the jagan eye started to deliver stabs of pain throughout my body.

I retreated out of the bedroom and onto the streets. The pain was overwhelming but I still denied its needs. There is no way I would ever chose her as a companion.


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