Chapter 17

Teal'c and Mitchell wandered through the crowded carnival. Mitchell, unsure of himself, looked around nervously.

-So, uh, big fella, what exactly are we looking for?

Teal'c acknowledged the question with a raised eyebrow, and answered the question while still continuing to look around for the rhisocandria.

-You may call me Murray. We are looking for a dangerous creature known
as a rhisocandria. You may know it better as a koala.

-A koala?! Dang Murray, that just doesn't make any sense. Koalas are
so cute and fuzzy. They're not dangerous at all.

-On the contrary, you have been deceived.

Mitchell scratched his head in wonder.

-Deceived huh? Weird...wait a second! I had a dream last night about
those um...crazy koalas.


-Well, there were about three of four of the little buggers. And they
were wearing these cute little hats...


Teal'c tried not to sound surprised, but he was in fact very distressed by this revelation. It was possible that this man had had a vision revealing part of the rhisocandria's plan. Although, what kind of plan could they possibly have that involved hats?

-That is very intriguing.

Mitchell nodded in agreement.

-I thought so too. At first, I thought I was hallucinating because I
had chocolate after eight o'clock.


Mitchell laughed.

-Chocolate does things to my head. Makes me go crazy.

-I see.

-So uh, how many of these uh, rhiso things do you think there are by now?

-I have seen at least a dozen. Although that was many hours ago and
there could be a great many more by this time.

-What are we going to do when we find them?

-We must destroy them and hope that somehow we may escape with our


Jack and Jonas set out in the opposite direction of Sam and Katie. They searched the sea of faces for any sign of Teal'c, but found nothing. Jack sighed.

-20 minutes of wandering and there's still no Teal'c.

-Yeah, and I'm getting hungry.

Jack nodded in agreement.

-Me too.

-Hey Colonel, what do you say we leave it up to the girls to find
Teal'c and you and I go get something to eat?

-I don't know, Jonas. If somebody doesn't find him, we'll be in big

-So, we'll uh, find him by other means...have him come to us...

-How are we going to do that?

Jonas pointed to a sign up ahead that read 'Lost and Found: Missing Persons, Missing things." Jack smiled.

-Great idea. We'll have them page for uh, Murray to meet us at uh... the big red tent.

Jack looked at him quizzically.

-Why there?

-Because that is where the food eating contest is.