This is all before the gargoyles wake up. The castle is close to done, but not complete. This story won't go over the entire show.

Chapter 3

An average day

The Pack Hideout

Hyena and Jackal were playing cards. The back room was musty and dank. Only a few lightbulbs lit the room. This room was connected to the cave where they hid the loot. Jackal set down a pair of kings. Someone came in. They looked. It was Fox.

"Where's Wolf and Dingo? I got a new job for us." She waved a folder.

"They went out to get supplies." Hyena put down a royal flush.

"Cheater!" Jackal accused her.

"Am not!" She shouted back.

"Enough!" Fox scolded. "This is your own fault. If you hadn't killed the owner of biggest bar in the last town, you'd be able to leave the hideout more."

"He was asking for it." Hyena mumbled.

"Read the folder. I only came to drop this off." She threw it on the table.

"You going back to your daddy's ball? He's been throwing an awful lot of those lately-" Jackal asked, shuffling the deck.

Fox drew her gun and shot the cards out of his hands. They flew across the room. Jackal frowned.

"You better not talk like that about Daddy again." She left.

"Now, you done it." Hyena complained.

The Pack know a little bit about each other's lives, but not enough to tease. Fox still holds some fondness for her father.