This story is not only my first foray into the Battletech Universe but also my first works published online. So, helpful feedback is truly appreciated! I've been involved in Battletech on and off since about 1988 and despite dalliances into Clan Tech I have a soft spot for the slug fest that was the Succession wars.


There is little recorded Canon on the World of Waunakee beyond it being colonized in or around 2317, then eventually becoming part of the Federated suns in 2571. It remained so until it was occupied by the Draconis Combine at some point between 2797 and 2806. The Armed Forces of the Federated Suns liberated it in 2807 during the first major AFFS counter-offensive of the First Succession War. At the point in time this story is set (3020) it is located three jumps from the Border with the Draconis Combine, normally considered beyond raiding range.

Non Canon

Waunakee was invaded by DCMS forces in early 2806 as what would turn out to be the final wave of invasions. The regional city of Halifax on the eastern coast of the Primary continent was home to a small production facility for Laser & PPC subsystems for GM on El Dorado with minerals sourced from other nearby mountainous islands. It was located on a flat coastal peninsula which made for rapid construction of a spaceport and factory in an otherwise mountainous area.

Draconis forces bombed the factory from orbit prior to invading the Capital Akee City over 5,000km away on the West coast. A token force occupied the town during the ten months of occupation before the planet was among the first to be liberated in 2807. With no hope of the facilities being rebuilt and the Company officially ceasing to exist, over half the residents left to find work in the Capital or off world. For a brief time between the first and second Succession wars the town recovered by building its Tourism industry based around its Beautiful Mountain Lakes and Fishing combined with a budding Heli-skiing industry flying out to the higher peaks further inland.

As the Second Succession war began and the Tourism Market dried up the Town Council made efforts to become more self-sufficient, clearing the old Factory ruins to create local small-scale agriculture. As the war progressed a demand for Gems and Minerals for Laser production returned as older existing Mines off-world ran dry. The Mines were easily reactivated, and the town became a waypoint for the export of the resources that were once processed locally.

Little changed until 3020, The Local Government grew complacent about the Military threat and corruption crept in to the local Militia forces. While a Kuritan offensive was underway closer to Terra a newly-formed Green Battalion was sent on a deep raid with the intent of taking the world for a few weeks and taking what resources they could. Beyond the financial benefits of the raid it would 'Blood' the unit, giving it combat experience while also acting as a distraction to stretch out Federated Suns Military resources.

After Takashi Kurita signed off on the overall plan a second Tactical review found it would be advantageous to hit both Akee City and Halifax at the same time. With the need for the whole Battalion to hit the Capital at once it was decided to hire on a Mercenary company to hold the outlying town and act as a reserve. Of course, being a diversionary raid with a very restrictive budget the quality of the forces the DCMS were willing to pay for was limited.

Due to unforeseen delays charging in the Sun Prairie system the Starlord Class Jumpship Takamora arrived at a Pirate point in the Waunakee system a few days later than planned. As the Pirate point was quite close to the only inhabited planet and only having limited Aerospace fighter support the Forces were forced to commit to the attack.