Summary: Jack revisits Elsa Caplan to get additional information about Irina. Lots of angst. Post-Endgame. Follow-on story (Catch-47) will be posted later.

Rating: G

Disclaimer: All the characters belong to JJ.

Background: In Endgame, Elsa Caplan, wife of mathematician Neil Caplan, is revealed to be a Russian spy, placed to obtain information from her husband. She has implanted her husband with a transmitter and a cyanide capsule, which can be remotely detonated. Jack, perceiving the similarity between Elsa and Irina, doesn't trust her and threatens to remove her son. This fic takes place after Neil Caplan has been rescued and Elsa has been granted immunity *****************************************************

Chapter 1

"Hold still, sir. Just another few minutes."

Jack held himself motionless on the table. The cold metal surface chilled him through the thin gown. Ruthlessly he suppressed the thoughts that threatened to bubble to the surface. That had threatened his carefully constructed world since his conversation with Elsa Caplan in her cell.

"Thank you sir. We're done now. You can relax; the doctor will be in shortly."

With a sigh, Jack swung his legs around and sat up. His eyes flickered over the equipment which had just completed his full body scan without interest. He had spent far too much time in hospitals. He was anxious to leave.

The door swung open, and a white-coated doctor walked in. "Director Bristow?"


"You're clean. No transmitters. No capsules. No aliens waiting to climb out of your chest." The doctor looked over at Jack to see if he had gotten the joke. Jack's expression of irritation suggested he didn't get many jokes. "No implants of any kind," the doctor finished hastily.

"Thank you," said Jack dismissively. The doctor left the room and Jack stood up to put his clothes on. So she hadn't injected him. The protocol must have shifted sometime between the time Irina had returned to Russia and Elsa had been assigned. He wondered why.