Chapter 1

"A you ready to get So Random?" the announcer asked.

The audience cheered as the lights went down and the So Random theme music played. The screen came down and projected a video.

"Coming soon to the Royal Channel," the narrator said. "From the creators of The Real Princesses of New Jersey comes The Real Princes of Queens."

The audience laughed as the scene cut to Chad as Prince Carmine during a confessional.

"So Snowy calls it quits and throws me out," Chad said in his Carmine voice. "So then suddenly every princess in New Jersey doesn't want a prince who gets dumped! Can you believe that?"

The scene cut to Tawni as Cindy slamming the door in Chad's face, then to Zora as Beauty slamming the door in Chad's face. The scene then cut back to the confessional.

"So I decided to relocate to Queens to be near my cousin, Prince Lorenzo," Chad said.

The scene cut to Devon dressed as a prince on a penthouse living room set while Chad sat on the couch.

"Carmine!" Devon shouted in an accent similar to Chad's. "When you said you were moving to Queens, you didn't tell me you were moving in!"

The scene cut to Devon during a confessional.

"The last time Carmine moved in, he didn't leave for two years!" Devon exclaimed. "And he ate all my cannoli!"

The scene cut to Devon working behind a counter at a bakery while Chad laughed.

"I can't believe you own a bakery," Chad laughed. "Princes don't have to work."

"You expect me to just be stuck in a penthouse all day?" Devon asked.

Chad reached over for a piece of cannoli and Devon slapped his hand.

"Don't touch my cannoli!" Devon shouted.

Chad began to cry.

"I'm so alone in this world!" Chad sobbed.

"Oh, Carmine," Devon said. "Don't cry. You do have me."

"I do?" Chad asked.

"I get a little lonely in my giant penthouse alone with all my servants," Devon said. "Would you like to be my roommate?"

"Of course," Chad replied.

The scene cut to Chad laughing during a confessional.

"Works every time!" Chad laughed.

The scene cut to the title card where Chad and Devon stood.

"We're The Real Princes of Queens," Chad and Devon said.