Chapter 5

Zora and Amber continued their intense game of ping-pong.

"You're going down, Algoode!" Zora shouted.

"No, you are, Lancaster!" Amber shouted.

"You have a bee on your shoulder," Zora said.

Amber screamed and Zora scored the winning point.

"I won!" Zora cheered. "Now you have to give Devon his brother back and leave him and Chad alone!"

Zora and Amber looked around to see the place empty.

"Where did everyone go?" Amber asked.

Zora looked at her phone.

"It's 3 AM and Devon just sent me a message," Zora said. "Hey, Z. We went ahead and took Scott home a long time ago. Good luck at the game."

"Best two out of three?" Amber asked.

"You're going down, Algoode!" Zora shouted.