"Uh, Carm. I'm not to sure about this," Zack whined, looking at the bottles in her hands. It was a simple thing really. A new identity to keep people off their tail Especially considering that he was a red head. Granted, so was Carmen but hiding apparently wasn't quite possible with her. Not with what she was doing.

"Look, you need to lay low. A new hair color will hide your red hair."

"I get that, but do we have to? There are lots of red heads aren't there?"

"Sorry, but us red heads are a genetic minority. Now hold still,"

Zack whined as he felt Carmen's disposable gloves work the product through his hair. He mourned his red hair being bleached away to be dyed a common brown.

"I hate this. So much."

"Duly noted," Carmen said with slight amusement. "But I don't think you want to attract VILE's attention anymore do you?"


He allowed Carmen to hide his red hair with the hair dye, and over time, he grew used to it, as well as playing distraction and get away driver. He also got used to her steadfast stance on helping others and her slight obsession with the concept of family.

Carmen grew used to Zack's help, and his silly personality and sometimes worried stances on certain extra dangerous missions. As well as his ability to use just about anything as a weapon. Mostly bludgeoning but it worked to get locks off in a good chunk of cases. He also showed to know how to play the "woe is me" card to get locals to help out. Or the "tough it out because I'm a one legged guy making it work" card.

Player got used to having two pseudo criminals conquering criminals on a fairly regular basis. The small trio, despite never all being in the same place, made it work.

VILE hated it.

No one more so than Mockingbird. Sure it was hard to tell with the otherwise stoic appearing agent. But Mockingbird was always there to clean up the messes after the fact of Carmen Sandiego.

No one called Mockingbird to do it, but she would just appear. A few close calls had her see the duo, but never close enough to do anything about either of them.

She hid her obsession rather well, most assuming the simmering rage and any obsession was over Carmen Sandiego. No one assumed otherwise. No one ever doubted her commitment to VILE. So when a VILE vault had been broken into, there was no doubt that she would be canvassing the scene from the shadows.

She didn't so much as make a sound as she searched the area at a distance. There were officers surveying the damage and certainly, everything collected would now be a loss in VILE's books. She stuck around for a moment longer, deciding to tail one of the police officers. She wanted to see what clues may be found by the police, and if any of them were against VILE.

She followed the police car on a motorcycle she had gotten from her service to VILE. Nothing flashy, just a sturdy, black bike. With a quiet hum, she legally went down the same path as the police vehicle. She followed all the road rules and made sure she didn't stand out at all. She listened as the cops talked, completely unaware of the eavesdropper.

"Argent went after Devineaux again."

"You would think she would get tired of trailing him. Sure he's caught some people in the act, but he's more of an officer than a detective.

"According to Argent, he was chasing la femme rouge," one officer laughed.

Carmen Sandiego. What other person would know to raid a VILE hole wearing an iconic red?

At least this time, she had a lead. She looked forward to meeting this Devineaux person. She had some time before she would need to check in with the faculty.

She logged into the cleaner's line to hear that Crackle was caught and he would need a pick up. If Devineaux was worth any of her time, he would be at the facility Crackle was being held in. If only for questions about "la femme rouge".

She didn't hesitate to make her way for a long drive. So many options to take for one looking for Carmen Sandiego, she needed to decide how she was going to deal with the quick to chase man.

It was morning by the time she made it to the station. She didn't react to seeing the cleaners remove Crackle. She had no doubt he would be extracted. But she had a different target in mind. She waited patiently outside the building for someone who seemed out of place. It took the better part of an hour before a man barged out with an impressively thick French accent complaining about how their missing person could have been the clue to catching "la femme rogue". Behind the motorcycle helmet, a smirk grew.

Easy for her to find. But wild enough that he would no doubt try to find Sandiego no matter where she went.

"Well, Carm, I don't know who those weirdos were, but they weren't prepared for my racing skills! Up top!" Zack yelled excitedly. Carmen returned the high five with decidedly less enthusiasm than the Boston partner.

"And the barge captain player confused didn't have anything to do with that?"

"Oh come on Carm, my moves were slick. Feel bad for the sailor though. He didn't deserve to get yelled at for that."

"It had to be done. I don't think your one legged man stunt would work on them."

"Eh fair point. So, where to now Carm?"


"Indonesia," he said over Carmen's ear piece.

"You just ask Player because he's going to explain the details he has on his computer right?" Zack snarked.

"You know me well," Carmen joked.

"Course, we reds stick together after all. Hey Player? You dye your hair red yet?" Zack asked as Player was pulled up on a computer.

"Yeah, not happening."

"C'mon Player, I'm a natural, Red- she's a natural, now we just need you!"

"Zack, your hair is dyed brown."

"For my safety of course. C'mon, Player, be a red! Be a red!"

"Not happening Zack."

"Aw," Zack whined in a playful manner. It had been a conversation they had had before.