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Draco felt he didn't need friends. Everyone he met as a child was either too polite or too scared of him. So it was no wonder the guests at his mansion always left in a rush whenever they came over. Still, Draco had Crabbe and Goyle, but they weren't his friends.

He knew he would probably never have real friends, the kind where they won't judge you, or talk behind your back, or the kind where they are scared of you and your father. But honestly, Draco didn't care.

Too bad he would have no choice about making a friend or not.

Draco was in the robe shop, standing as his size was recorded while his robe was going to be made. While waiting, he heard a ding as the door opened. A boy who was slightly shorter than Draco stood next to him, in awe as the measuring tapes recorded his measurements before speeding off. "So," the boy started, smiling wide. "My name's Steven Universe, but you can just call me Steven!" Draco looked at the boy, and noticed his pinkish red shirt with a star on it, his blue jeans, flip-flops, and his American accent.

'Clearly he's a mudblood, but maybe he's just some eccentric pureblood from the states who likes muggle clothing. Either way, I don't like him, and no one can actually have the last name Universe.'

"Hello there, my name is Draco Malfoy." he said haughtily, trying to give the poofy black-haired boy the signal that he didn't want him to be there. The only person Draco wanted to try to be 'friends' with was Harry Potter.

The boy's - Steven's - eyes filled with stars, which wasn't something physically possible. This slightly startled Draco as the boy talked quickly and excitedly. "Your name is Draco? Like a dragon? That's so cool!"

Those were words the blonde did not expect to hear. However, he just brushed it off with a scoff. "Anyways, I'm going to be a First Year at Hogwarts. Both my father and I hope that I get into Slytherin, though naturally I will."

Steven just blinked then remembered something. "Oh, I'll be a...what did you call it? First Year? Yeah, I'm going to be a First Year too. I don't know what a Slytherin is, but I hope you get into it!"

Draco didn't get to make a snide remark at the now clearly muggle-born boy, because just then his robes were finished and ready for pick-up. Quickly grabbing them, ignoring as Steven waved goodbye, he went outside and found his father outside of the robe shop, Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. "I heard you talking with another child. Did you make a friend?" Of course by friend, his father meant ally.

"No, but he didn't know what Slytherin was or recognize the name Malfoy, so I bet he's a stupid mudblood."

His father made a face. "Draco, what did we say about associating with their kind?" He asked calmly but with a hint of disapproval as they turned down Knockdown Alley.

The young wizard gave the answer that by then, he knew it by heart. "'Never do it under any circumstances', but father, I didn't realize he was a mudblood until after my robes were ready to be picked up."

Lucious Malfoy gave a thoughtful 'hmm'. "Alright, you will not be punished this time. However, if I see or hear that you are associating with those filthy mudbloods again, you will be in trouble."

"Yes, father." The two walked into a store with paintings that had men and women trying and failing to scream inside of them, banging against the front of the painting, trying to get out. Not paying attention to any to this, Lucious grabbed some green power - Floo Powder - from a pocket on his robe and threw it into a fireplace in the corner of the store.

The flames rose and turned a bright green. Not alarmed in the slightest, Draco walked through the flames. He said "Malfoy Manor," and was suddenly whisked away back to his mansion's living room fireplace. His father came in right after the boy, and silently went up to his room on the second floor, somewhere Draco was forbidden to go to.

Alone as usual, Draco walked to his own bedroom. Once there and sitting on his luxurious bed, he mulled over what the boy, Steven, had said earlier.

"Your name is Draco? Like a dragon? That's so cooll!" He had said. No one had ever said something so nice before, except his mother. People usually called his name strange, weird, funny, or just laughed when they heard it.

Draco hated mudbloods, of course. They were scum, trash, muggles who didn't deserve their magic, and many other horrible things. 'Steven Universe...', he thought. He may hate mudbloods, but for once, maybe he could hate this one just a little bit less. However, he still hated him nonetheless.