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Ah yes, Halloween. A day where kids dressed up as fairies, ghosts, princesses, and collected candy. Steven remembered how his dad told him about when he went to school, everyone would dress up; even the teachers. Steven personally believed Halloween was great. A night where everyone dressed up, ate candy, and watched scary movies that made him have nightmares for a week occasionally.

His dad's memories of school being the only reference he had for what people did at schools, he thought he would impress everyone with his costume. So Steven was confused on why some people were giving him weird looks. He thought his costume was pretty cool, after all.

"Universe, what are you wearing?" Draco asked his friend as the blonde sat down, sheer confusion written on his face. "And is that a dead bird on your shoulder?"

Steven stopped eating his lunch to give his friend a strange look of his own. "No? Why would I have a dead bird on my shoulder? That'd be horrible! It's just a toy parrot Dad bought last year."

Draco ran a hand through his neatly-combed hair. "Alright then, why do you have a toy parrot on your shoulder."

"It's part of my costume!" Steven chirped. "Pretty cool, right? I mean, I wasn't sure if I should do this, a werewolf, or a rock star, but the last two were planned for the Gems, dad, and me together, so I went with this one!"

"Yes, I get that, but what are you?"

"A pirate! You know, arrr!" Steven said, and swished his plastic hook for emphasis, which only elicited more stares from the pure-blood and some half-blood Hufflepuffs. They usually didn't mind the silly stuff Steven did, but even this was a bit weird for them. Most of the Muggle-borns didn't bat an eye, and some of them had even complimented Steven on his costume when he went from class to class earlier.

The blonde blinked at Steven with a look that was somehow a mixture of disgust, confusion, and disappointment. "Please, for the love of Merlin, never do that again."

"Okay…? Anyway, I'm confused on why everyone isn't wearing a costume. Dad said he did when he went to school," Steven said, tilting his head.

"I'm sure it's because your father's a Mudblood," Draco pointed out, before going back to eating his breakfast.

Steven let out an 'oh' of understanding, not noticing any of the Muggle-borns "in the know" give Draco a nasty look. "That makes sense. But on the bright side, the Great Hall looks super cool!"

Trying to give off an air of indifference, even if he thought it was pretty great too, Draco shrugged. "It's alright, I guess. Father throws much better Halloween balls, but this is certainly more… festive, than the ones at home."

With nothing else of interest to talk about, the two spent the rest lunch eating in silence, before each went to their respective classes. If only they knew what would happen later at the Halloween Feast.

Now, Draco wasn't one to admit to weakness. It was unbecoming of a Malfoy to do so. But, he had to admit to himself, he was scared at the fact a troll was in the dungeons. It just so happens, Draco's common room was in the dungeons. Sure, they were different dungeons, but the fact a troll was even in Hogwarts made Draco worry.

If a troll could get in, what else could?

'Also, why did Potter and Weasley run towards where the troll is? Are they mad?,' Draco thought to himself. He may hate those two, but he didn't want them to die.

As he made his way through the dungeons, he was constantly having to make sure he wasn't trampled by any of his Housemates. Eventually, they all made it to their common room, and Draco immediately went into his dorm.

He was thankful that no one else was in there just yet, and wished the adrenaline coursing through his body would die down as he slipped his shoes off and laid down on his bed, not bothering to change into pajamas.

Sure, he didn't do anything that would pump him full of adrenaline, or anxiety, it was one of those two. But being told by someone, who ran into the Great Hall, and a professor no less, that a troll broke into your school and then saId it's in the dungeons, would elicit at least some panic.

Then your idiot Headmaster sent everyone to their House, and no one decided to tell Draco that it's in the other dungeons until everyone in Slytherin is gathered up. This left Draco panicking for a couple of minutes, and he only had a confused and concerned half-human boy for comfort.

'That's a weird sentence,' Draco thought tiredly. Draco believed, in that moment, that he was allowed to feel as exhausted as he did, and he let himself drift off into a dreamless sleep.

Dear Dad, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl,

A troll just broke into the school, and I'm worried. First, I didn't know trolls existed. Second, me and the rest of my House are hiding in the common room right now.

It'll probably be fine, since Mr. Dumbledore is supposed to be really strong, but Draco says stuff like "He's a complete idiot and should be taken out of his position." or "Father should be the one running the school." and stuff like that.

Also, it's been great here! I still haven't figured out any Gem powers, but I know a few more spells! My favorite so far is the Color Changing Charm, but I also like this one (I can't remember it's name) where I can make stuff float! But that one's a bit harder.

I thought everyone would be wearing costumes today, but no one else besides me did. It was kind of disappointing, not seeing any other costumes, but the feast was still fun! They had real bats flying, and jack-o-lanterns, and pumpkins! And even a scarecrow that was in this dark corner, and it looked like it was staring at me the entire time I ate… I didn't like the scarecrow.

Draco's been his usual grumpy self, but I got him to not be mean to Harry today, so that's good! But he got super scared when our professor ran into the Great Hall and fainted, but I think he was more scared about the troll part than our professor. I hope he's okay, both of them, since our teacher did faint. I don't think he realized the troll was in the other dungeon and not his House's dungeon, though, so that's probably why he freaked out.

Love, Steven Universe.

Steven put his pen down, stamped the parchment closed, and put it on his nightstand. Tucking himself in for the night, Steven dreamed of Cookie Cats. He was starting to miss them.

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